Does Patriarchy Really Exist In Black Society?

Written by B. Clark

One of the most vicious civil wars in human history are being fought with little to no bloodshed, and has reached a crescendo over the past 40+ years. This is the best way to describe the continual struggle between the Black man and woman.

In light of the well-publicized women’s march on Washington that occurred almost immediately after the presidential inauguration, it’s no secret that some of the most ardent supporters of this movement were Black women. It was quite an easy feat to gather legions of disgruntled Black women across the United States after the highly-heralded Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, because she represented what many Black women have deemed to be a symbol of a renegade woman who goes toe-to-toe with the “old boys’ club” — the boogeyman of an establishment better known as patriarchy here in the States.

The fanfare that Clinton received during this most recent presidential race from Sisters is merely a byproduct of the axe that they’ve had to grind with Black men for decades now. In many (not all) schools of thought throughout Black female society, the long-running narrative is that Black men have only served to be the bane of their existence, acting as this proverbial monster who breathes fire under the guise of harsh words for Black women, and whose immense stature represents a mechanism of immovable oppression that bans them from any upwardly mobile progress.

However, much evidence exists that proves otherwise. In a story that was featured on Black Enterprise last year, Black female business ownership has grown exponentially more than many other groups of people who own businesses. Sisters also sit among the most educated demographic in this country. To further elaborate on the topic at hand, the very term “patriarchy” was originally intended to define the man’s traditional role in the familial construct. It was not meant to be used as a term to be categorized with other words, such as white supremacy, racism, ageism, etc.

Although the aforementioned term served a neutral purpose to merely describe a gender role, it has been taken out of context, and has been misconstrued to portray men–in this case Black men–to be the oppressors of their women. In Black society, nothing could be further from the truth. For the sake of this topic, “patriarchy” as it is referenced by some women in today’s time could very well be used to describe the longstanding devices of neglect and oppression that white supremacist males have not only used against their women (look up the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, or King James’s disdain for women), but to all people on a global scale. This very reference of ‘oppressive patriarchy’ by Black women should be left with women in other racial groups, because it is clearly not a Black female plight.

With the large number of households led by Black women with no man in sight, key supervisory roles in corporate America occupied by Black women, and the super influential mainstream media’s hand in ensuring that the Black man is virtually useless in this society, we’d be hard pressed to conclude that the Black man has the wherewithal to keep his woman down in this country.

Black women are our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and our best friends…our slaves and stepping stools they are not.

28 thoughts on “Does Patriarchy Really Exist In Black Society?

  1. nuna yur buz says:

    in a word…yes. dumb article. let’s not act like black men have no power over black women. y’all really gotta stop whining and stop blaming black women and white men for everything. this is exactly why black people will never get anywhere…our black men don’t know how to be men. be GROWN men and take responsibility for yourselves.


    From a black woman tired of weak-ass whiny black men

    1. Magnus says:

      What power, and how do we hold it if we blame black women and white men for everything ? What actually sounds “dumb” and contradictory is your comment.

    2. Name your reasons why black men have control over black women..

      I’ll name my reasons why they do not.

      1. Black women are routinely given key roles in corporate society by the dominant society, those black women in positions of power are usually weak mentally and carry out the dominant society’s orders which include disdain for the black male.
      2. Black men’s only “power” comes in the form of low level black men seducing low level black women to sleep with them, and then having the so called “power” to disown the child.. ( hence you get the absent father epidemic) edit: oh wait… the court system will look for and jail the man who does that when they are found, ok scratch that…
      3. Black women have the option of having children and getting free money and a free housing for it, there is no equivalent system for black men…
      4. As stated above black men aren’t handed anything for free.. with money on top..
      5. Those black women who have kids and get free money and home now have the “power” to kick men that they date out of that home.
      6. A black women can call the cops on a black men and lie and say she was hit by him and the police will hand cuff the black men and nearly drag them to jail within minutes without proof.
      7. A black man can lie and say a black woman hit him and the police will ask questions and leave the scene without cuffing anyone.

      Need more? I was just bored.

      1. Trickydix2000 says:


      2. Totally agree with TheSmackaDown!! Here we go AGAIN listening to bullshittt about the black man/ black woman. We have to many REAL problems to be dealing with this bullshit here!! No time to buy into THAT narrative!

        Blackwoman respect your blackman! The world is against us. We MUST stand together.

    3. Ty says:

      Ehat black man has deprived black fair housing, equal access to education, equal protection under the law and due process, personal or business loans? Calling black women a bitch is not oppression, you ignoramus. Fact is, a black woman can accuse a black man that she has never met of being the father of her child, and even after DNA test shows he’s not the father, he still has to pay child support for some low life’s child.

      1. Trickydix2000 says:


    4. Lo says:

      What are you talking about? You only think the article is dumb because clearly you didn’t read it. I’m a black woman and you sound crazy as hell.

    5. Smitty Roc says:

      You provided no evidence in this comment, therefore it’s bullshit. Feminism in the white community was constructed to combat white make patriarchy. Black men have no power to deprive black women of anything tangible. Your issue with SOME black men is emotional, limited to name calling and disrespect. Stop lying bitch.

      1. Smitty Roc says:


    6. mark says:

      what power do we have over black women be specific.

    7. Mark says:

      So you attribute that type of trait to black men only? Your statement was no doubt generated from your personal experience ,therefore it is bias . Your ideas will only perpetuate hatred toward’s black men. Please keep them to yourself.

    8. Lina says:

      Haha! Thwe was actually a Black male commenter on YouTube who expressed his satisfaction in instigated a matriarchy in hopes of leeching off of the women. And another who so fervently expressed an interest in polygamy to combat the growing difficulties that Black women face in finding suitable husbands.

    9. Culturefreedom says:

      These black feminists who hate black men should just date white men . Then they won’t have anything to complain about……

  2. Levert Caldwell says:

    I have always said, the two most entitled groups are white men and black women. Black men have no power over production or media to be able to operate in mass and oppress black women. Most of what black women have has been provided by this white supremacist structure. From welfare to corporate token positions, it seems like this has been done deliberately to breed resentment between the black man and the black woman. Also it is statistically true that women disproportionately have babies with non productive males that are in and out of prison, these are about twenty five percent of black men, not the majority.

    1. Mark says:

      The end was a nice point. (Also…majority)..I’ll look that up

    2. Lina says:

      Yes. I have always been an admirer of welfare. The systemsl that has so easily perpetuated abuse of both Black males and females. It is the most beautiful slaver that anyone can imagine. Let us revel in the destruction that it has caused.

  3. Ty says:

    I meant what black man has deprived?You sound like another negroe bedwinch,that defaults to running interference for white daddy and the bastard making ghetto sluts, that fuel the prison industrial complex. 80% of black women have bastard babies with only 20% of the bottom tier of black men.This according to the same agencies you people use to collect child support from men.Meaning a lot of you cows are having children with the same guy.

    1. Lina says:

      Oooh, nice! Bedwench this, bedwench that! No wonder Black women hate White people. They are surrounded by racially charged men who ensure in them that all of the evils committed against them xan be attributed to the White man…

  4. Ty says:

    The thing is a black guy could be the worst guy on the planet. He could have HIV,hepatitis, 30 children, the clap,he beats women and has horns. But if you don’t sleep with that son of a bitch he can’t harm you.The same way if chitlins are full of worms and boogers, they can’t effect me because I don’t eat chitlins. Personal accountability is your kryptonite. It’s always someone else’s fault no matter what you do.You poor choices in men is what oppresses you.All your fault.

    1. SuperDuperBootsAndSuch says:

      “You poor choices in men is what oppresses you” someone give Ty a medal!

    2. Dooner says:

      Stay clear of black mouldy sausages

  5. Wodesan says:

    Black Male Patriarchy is a joke. Black men can’t deprive black women of anything, and all the blood Black men have shed for racial justice has always benefitted BW just as much as BM.

    It’s just another smokescreen from spiteful Black Feminists trying undermine Black men.

    1. Lina says:

      Sure it has… This war is for Black men, and only them! Black women need to get a clue.

  6. stimulusmaximus says:

    In todays social structure, the woman seems to have supreme authority over the family; and that is mainly by systematic design; via government agencies such as child support and DHS and other forms of government assistance; where the father is excluded from receiving shared benefits; and is not regarded as an important figure in the child’s life.

    Moreover, women can legally, and without any repercussion, have as many abortions as they please, with as little a excuse as not wanting to care for that unborn child.

    Yet, when the father does not want to care for that child, they are considered a dead beat; they are scorned; and they are thrown in the judicial system to face legal repercussions.

    Moreover, men are oppressed in the employment and judicial systems; which prevent many from achieving a comfortable emotional and financial lifestyle.

    This systematic destruction of the Black family is the reason patriarchy no longer exists in many Black communities.

    Racial oppression is the eggshell of poor Black communities in Amerikkka.


  7. Conscious Black Man says:

    despite all the comments, this article is horribly written. That’s why i stopped reading the articles posted here until about a month ago. Do better, Tariq

  8. Trickydix2000 says:

    Agreed and that is some BS with that DNA shit, yet I didn’t see any Black women stepping forward to protest this shit. The Black man is hated by everyone out of pure envy, countless hurdles are placed in front of us at every level and in every situation I guess we can add Black women as another barrier.

  9. ricoh says:

    We shouldn’t fall into the trap, the writer has set. Black woman are the most educated woman in the United States. We must stop calling people names and send love to are brothers and sisters. We should give all are people struggling the good word of encouragement and empowerment to continue

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