Different Camera Angle of Suspected Race Soldiers Executing Alton Sterling

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A brutal execution of an innocent Black man at the hands of two suspected race soldiers acting as police officers has sparked international outrage.

Alton Sterling, 37, was shot executed at point blank range by white suspects Howie Lake and Blaine Salamoni . The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is leading an investigation into what happened. And the president of the NAACP’s local branch is calling for the city’s police chief and mayor to resign.

Howie Lake has a history of shooting Black males, because in 2014 he was one of the officers suspended for shooting a Black man named Kevin Knight.

An initial video of these two suspected race soldiers killing Alton Sterling went viral. Now a second video has emerged from another angle showing that Sterling was not resisting arrest nor was he reaching for a weapon, as the officers claimed.

Watch the video below of Sterling’s Constitutional rights being explicitly violated.


52 thoughts on “Different Camera Angle of Suspected Race Soldiers Executing Alton Sterling


    1. Cathey says:

      Amen african americans are under seige ,jobs,healthcare, prison,drugs and each other, but always the cops .It was always the cops sent out too do the dirty work of the white masses.Money is all they understand lets start boycotting their products their stores their brands.African Americans are the largest consumers over a trillion dollars .The political parties cant win without our votes, we deserve a seat at the table make them work for our business our votes.Black folks are an economic force its time we know that, ask that bus company back in the day.

      1. Mike says:


      2. Wardy says:

        You need to correct your statement as it is not done in the name of the white masses but in a corrupt minority regardless of colour or creed. This is how a hate campaign is created to divide common people’s of the world

        1. Adelene says:

          SOOOOOOO True!!!!! If we the races are fighting each other… we don’t notice what the rich elite is doing to us!!!!!! Wake up people.. they WANT race wars!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. dc1969 says:

            A race war has been in effect since the mid 1700’s. This is not new.

      3. Larry says:

        Do you know your doing exactly what they want. You have allowed racisim to make you a racist… Skin color doesnt make you good or evil, hate and fear does that… Im pleading for your soul, please dont let them make you hate me too. I could be considered white and I was once law enforcement that treated all men and women of all colors with respect, even when they were not respectful to me… God bless the soul of Martin Luther King Jr for he is the only man I know of since Jesus to fight evil and hate with love. Lets honor him and disappoint those in control by loving and not hating. I hope you hear me and know Im not your enemy and I really care… May peace be your guide my brother

    2. Tim more says:

      Not sure if it’s about race but more that these cops are killing anyone and everyone. They are not held for there actions these two should be charged for what they did.

      1. dc1969 says:

        They are not killing any and every one.only blacks.particularly males like me.and it is about race.has been for at least 400-500 years.people have to stop being in denial.this shit is very real.

    3. Carolyn Adams says:

      Why is the Murder Squad with Badges & License To Kill so freakin SCARED STILL WHEN THEY HAVE THEM DOWN. Their hands aren’t where they can get ur weapon or theirs if they had one so y not just handcuff them. For get turning them over if two cops to damn weak to turn someone over, handcuff them from the front. STOP KILLING OUR PEOPLE

  2. Earl says:

    This is why we have to arm ourselves because race war is coming and they are preparing themselves why our people sleep.

  3. Jean terrell says:

    They shouted about the gun because dispatcher said it was in his pocket

    1. Myster says:

      Wrong. They shouted about the gun because it looks and sounds better that way when they shoot you so they can get off.

      1. ANDREW says:


      2. Mystical poet says:

        You are so right and it’s in his pocket his hands are nowhere near his pocket and you have him pinned to the ground

      3. NIKKI says:

        Say that again, my view exactly…

      4. Dee says:

        Bullshit lol there was a gun so they mentioned it lol now if there wasn’t a gun and they shouted out there was one then planted then yeah I would agree with you but when there’s actually one there they are doing what they have to do and shouting out theres a gun.

    2. Mike says:

      Smh. Ain’t no dispatcher tell him it was a gun in the pocket.

      1. Carolyn Adams says:

        & he didn’t try to grab it either

  4. tee says:

    an ugly truth is coming…vengeance of his swift sword..

  5. Sherry says:

    What the HELL they didn’t have to kill him they had him pinned down it was two cops it wasn’t one.

  6. wanting peace says:

    It’s so sad that so many of our black men are being killed by the ones that suppose to protect us,it’s bad enough that we are killing each other.when Will it stop enough is enough,innocent black men are killed for nothing the white men that do worse things are treated so different race shouldn’t matter we all bleed the same color blood and we all are God’s children.please stop the madness

    1. Siki says:

      It is simple but you refuse to see. How many black people want to know Africa. How many care when they kill one of us. We decide to pray instead of challenging the reality in front of us.
      Do you think Police can try this on Arab?? I do not think so because they will retaliate.
      We are the goat. We are the only people we respond to peace when they attaque us. Black can only hit black brothers. Thank you.

    2. Angel says:

      Not true at all. You only see what the media allows us to see. It is to divide our nation. White gets killed and treated just as bad as the blacks do. It’s all the Same. I had to visit my brother in prison there are more white guys there than black and you’re gonna sit here and tell me black get treated worse get in trouble more? White ppl are killed by cops everyday just the same. It’s just not showed on the media outlets because they want this racial out roar. And they are doing a great job causing a racial war.

      1. Carolyn Adams says:

        So who fault is that we don’t see it not ours. & if U don’t see it it don’t happen really. & they will talk down the whites but kill the shit out of blacks. That’s what we talking about that’s the difference whites R not getting shot by them at a blink of an eye. They stand down with shooting the whites or talk to calm most of them down but blacks as U see don’t have a chance. Killing blacks like no tomorrow & for the dead it’s not

    3. Nancy says:

      That’s true we all do bleed the same color and I don’t care. What color you are ever one should be treated equal no different from black or white one is no better than the other that man did not deserve that

    4. Dee says:

      You do realise white ppl get killed by cops too lol its not just black ppl, to hear most of you talk anyone would think the police are just arresting and shooting black ppl which simply isn’t true. I’m not defending the cops I think they are given way to much power and alot think they are untouchable but please stop making it about race. Everything that happens to a black person there’s always thousands that wanna make it about race j just cuz they are black, now forgive me if I’m wrong but black ppl just like white ppl commit crime get arrested or shot so why is it when a white person gets shot nothing is said but a black person gets shot then straight away it’s about race without even looking into why and what happened. So what’s the police ment to do when they show up to a crime not arrest them cuz they are black, only arrest the white ppl lol wouldn’t that then be racist but all the black ppl wouldn’t say shit about that you, would you think it’s fair that no black person ever gets in trouble with the law? the police do go over the top at times with all races and yeah there’s prob some cops out there that go to far just cuz they can and do prob have issues with different races but you really have to stop saying its about race every single time a black person gets arrested /shot as yours is not the only race this happens to.

      1. Z says:

        Because white people are guilty at that very moment of being arrested or shot. Usually armed or highly combative. Numbers don’t lie check your statistics. Plenty of races die by the hands of police but what’s the reason for them being shot is the question. Tell me how many whites have been killed by cops an were unarmed or jus in the wrong place wrong time.

  7. Jason says:

    Those so called “Police Officers” should be sentenced to death.

  8. Shantine says:

    The cop said, “U fucking move again, I swear to God”

  9. Ashante Carter says:

    This is really upsetting

  10. Regg says:

    They should convict, and send them to regular population in Angola prison.

  11. Rich kalonji martin says:

    Even watching through sad and increasingly angered eyes….I find myself thinking…..why can’t we as a race….black and black origin people’s come together and fight back…..I see these murders every day on social media….and yet even with a million shares…..next to nothing is being done to call for solidarity….we need to stop killing each other first before we can rise up into a coherent fighting force and stop these senseless murders!!!…..I’m not advocating violence….I just wanna see our leaders both here in the UK and the US…..start banging on the doors of the powers that be …..at least till we start seeing the murders stop…..

  12. D reaga says:

    I mean in this video compared to the other. He tried to get that gun and overpowered tge cop in the back. Im soeaking reality. The other video llooked lije shameless police this looks like a shameless thug. For real though. On top stoo SAYING RACE WAR!ITS NOT BKACK OR WHITE ITS HUMAN RIGHT YOU PREJUDICE DEMONS!

  13. mark says:

    The “Purge” continues

  14. Holland jones says:

    Exodus 9:22-26

  15. Holland jones says:


  16. Honesty says:

    You have two camera angles and few facts… once again people are assuming racial intent WITH NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Unless you were there you don’t know anything about what happened.
    I am deeply saddened this event occurred, and should it turn out that this was racially motivated and not caused by this man threatening the cops in some way, then prosciut them to the full extent of the law.

    1. Cynthia Jackson says:

      Forget the race card …

      And you see nothing wrong on the film?

      1. NIKKI says:

        That’s what I’m saying….

    2. truth of america says:

      Fact of the matter is, if it was in fact a racially motivated killing. We already kno what will happen. We have other examples. Tamir rice, Micheal brown, & Travon Martin, being the piller of what to expexct for the corrupt. Racist justice system. One of the officerems has already been suspended for shooting an unarmed black man. The extent of their punishment, is the equivalent of smacking a child on the hand for misbehavior.

  17. Cynthia Jackson says:

    This was Murder they were in the Wring Period.

    Alter NEVER REACH FOR HIS WEAPON. He could not have ..

    Both officers had him pinned down .

    Both officers should be RELEASED FROM DUTY WITHOUT PAY.

    This was Murder and it was no mistake.

    Murder I

    1. NIKKI says:

      I think that they are just too ashamed of the job that the officers did that they are trying to find anyway to say they were justified in what they did to Mr. Alton Sterling. There will not be a CHANGE until they admit that there is a PROBLEM!!!

  18. MagnumBoom says:

    Yet another race soldier murder caught on camera.

    They hide behind the sanctity of law enforcement, on the shoulders of real police, but they themselves are not. They are predators, sanctioned by a supremacist-sympathizing government-supported mayhem and terror apparatus. The spin on the victim is pure misdirection and typical.

    The race soldiers, under the auspices of the government, are speaking loud and clear about what their intentions are and how they intend to proceed. Are we listening.

    1. clay clay says:

      Those officers are murderers! That’s all I’m saying.

  19. Baker says:

    Anyone that says there is irrefutable evidence of anything from this video is delusional. I don’t see the suspects hands at all. And without that, what can you conclude? Nothing.

  20. Ike says:

    Shame ! Shame to American , where is Obama ? Come to Germany and see how German forces work with respect.

  21. Eddie says:

    There needs to be some new procedures, policies, strategy, new training on how the “POLICE” do their Jobs… when is it OK to draw a gun? What are the repercussions of them not doing their jobs accordingly or correctly! Bad choices, by Police, should encounter/merit ramifications!

  22. Melanoid Scholar says:

    No more marching! No more protesting! It does no good whatsoever. You don’t beg a murderous bully nor a rabid wild animal for mercy or justice.
    They didn’t get what they have stolen non-violently, why do we think that we can get what we deserve non-violently?

  23. Judy says:


  24. Alex says:

    Evil is smart don’t let it win!!! It’s hard times we are going through but don’t keep spreading more hate and violence, spread love and kindness to one another otherwise we are just doing exactly what they want and that’s to fight against each other we are one and united we can make more than separated :)

  25. Arnold s says:

    I’m not sorry about slavery at all because i wasn’t alive and I won’t take responsibility just because I’m white,I’ve never hurt or upset a black person in my life and take each person as I meet them and most black people these days have never had it so good and are just slave tourists feeding off the bones of people who genuinely suffered and had tragic lives.

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