Did You Know The Food Stamp Capital in the U.S is a Town That’s 99% White?

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Black people in America are often stereotyped as being lazy,welfare recipients who are constantly looking for ways to mooch off of the government. And this narrative is a common talking point for many conservatives.

But when it comes to who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in New Orleans, Chicago or any other city that has become synonymous with poverty. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky.


Owsley County has the distinction of being the poorest county in America,but this fact is conveniently swept under the rug when discussing areas where poverty is prevalent.

Why is it that residents in areas like Owsley County are never told to “pull themselves up by their boot straps” like Black people who have had a history of systematic economic deprivation, are told to do?







157 thoughts on “Did You Know The Food Stamp Capital in the U.S is a Town That’s 99% White?

  1. Geechiedan says:

    Great Info

    1. Robert says:

      Well, whites are 65% of US population and blacks are only 13% so blacks shouldn’t be using welfare equally as much.

      1. emory says:

        That is a lor that white supremacist tell because they think no one knows about them allowing Hispanics, Arabs,Asians and even DARK SKINNED AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS TO CLAIM WHITE STATUS, which bloated their population numbers. The moors also holds a class on how to claim white status legally. Pale skinned police are only 8% though

        1. Steve Sparks says:

          We don’t want muzzies or anyone else claiming White status because it makes our crime numbers go sky high.

          1. Ariesone3221 says:

            And why are you on this site…go on shoo…

          2. Regina says:

            Who’s our…get over it… the world is the way it is..why not leave well enough alone…live your life and move on…

          3. Natalie Bruce says:

            No need to your race does it all by themselves…it’s just swept underneath the rug and jumbled in false

          4. soldr3968 says:

            Whites have never needed help with their crime numbers. You’ve always been MASTERS and murder, rape, theft, paedophilia, necrophilia, and the like. You’re world class murderers and thieves, in fact, you’re in a class by yourselves. No nation of people who’ve ever come in contact with ‘whites’ can say it was a good experience.

          5. Black Queen says:

            FBI statistics show that whites commit more crimes than blacks. Whites make up the prison population also. If your doubtful about the dangers whites present, just ask the slaves who were kidnapped, raped, robbed & beaten or the Indians. White sellers gave them gifts of blankets wrapped in small pox. Clearly whites (KKK included) present more danger to public safety than blacks.

          6. T Toney says:

            The AFDC ( or welfare, though it does not exist as it was structured up to the 90’s when Clinton made massive changes and cuts to the programs) rates of usage are majority white, single mothers who use it as a short term emergency measure. Avg time is 18-20 months, usually after death of spouse, while looking for work, training for better jobs or recovering from major illness. Your stereotypes may reinforce your personal view of the world, however – they are patently false.

          7. BRO FREEDOM says:

            Moore? And how old and ignorant are we, amoretz?

          8. Climbin in says:

            @black queen
            “FBI statistics show that whites commit more crimes than blacks. Whites make up the prison population also.”

            Because there’s nearly 5x as many whites as blacks in the USA. Adjust for population size and the black crime rate is far higher. Adjusted for population size, a white person is equally likely to be killed by a white or black person, but a black person is 50 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a white.

            “If your doubtful about the dangers whites present, just ask the slaves who were kidnapped, raped, robbed & beaten.”

            Purchased from African slave traders. Also, do you know anyone who’s good at talking to dead people?

            “Clearly whites (KKK included) present more danger to public safety than blacks.”

            Black-on-black murder each year exceeds the KKK’s total kill count since its Democrat founding. Black on black murders every two years exceed the KKK’s national membership numbers.

            You maybe partly right, but the biggest dangers to the black community in America come from that same community.

        2. Queen Annes Revenge says:

          Totally correct matie… Melanated peoples over populate and dominate the planet. So called whites are a small % – They always distort that truth with forms, polls, media etc… We have strength in numbers, we need to use it, arrggghhh!

          1. Amanda Tennant says:

            For Queen Annes Revenge, Evolution, history, geology, all prove that we had a common ancestor in Africa, Homo Erectus, we are Homo Sapiens, and originally we were black every single one of us. Africa was the cradle of Civilization. As black people migrated North their complexions became whiter and whiter. We have all shades and it’s beautiful. Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley have African American Heritage. If white people did their DNA they would be shocked to see how un-white they are.

        3. N/A says:

          Define “WHITE STATUS”

        4. Carol Kyrias says:

          You’re nuts.

        5. Mar says:

          Darling – you are only fooling yourself and exposing your racism and prejudice.

        6. TxAnne says:

          Hispanics are Caucasian.

          1. ed says:

            hispaNICS ISNTa race we are indegenious anglo and spanish and arent located in kentucky we work any where even digging ditches or join the military

          2. Maxcina Gadsden says:

            The Major Divisions of the Human Race

            Most anthropologists recognize 3 or 4 basic races of man in existence today. These races can be further subdivided into as many as 30 subgroups.

            Ethnographic division into races from Meyers Konversationslexikon of 1885-90 is listing:

            1. Caucasian races (Aryans, Hamites, Semites) The Caucasian race occupies all of Europe, Western Asia, Australia, and the greater part of America

            2. Mongolian races (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, American Indian)

            3. Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese)

          3. A.D. says:

            No they’re not!!!! Who told you that dumb shit!!!!!

          4. Amanda Tennant says:

            Often they are a mixed race TxAnne more often than not. When Columbus sailed to the New World and ended up in the West Indies, South America, Central America, the whites, from Europe, many of them were not true whites themselves, raped thousands upon thousand of indigenous Indians. This is especially true for Brazil and Mexico. The Mexicans from Mexico, are considered Hispanic but there DNA is Spanish and Indian, primarily, Aztec and Mayan. There were the true indigenous people. Hispanic is not considered Caucasian. We also have to take into consideration, that many Hispanics are part African American and that is especially true for Brazil, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and to a lesser degree Cuba. African black people were abducted by the Spanish and shipped to the West Indies and America where the Slave Auctions were held. Sex between the Spanish Masters (Castillian) and black slaves was very commonplace.

        7. chevy says:

          what is wrong with you did you have a stroke

        8. Rodney says:

          All black people are Moors ! The word Moor = means Black !

          1. Trish says:

            Yes Rodney, I was waiting for that answer. Watch Hidden Colors, very educational for Blacks.

        9. BRO FREEDOM says:

          Moore? And how old and ignorant are we, amoretz?

        10. Jessica Sparks says:

          The only people that claim European are Europeans and some Hispanics, who identify as Europeans. All the rest of those races you name is BS. But one thing we do know, the majority of you guys are pedophiles and monsters. History has proven that.

      2. james says:

        Black people constitute 30% of the American population not 13%. That means 90,000,000 vs. 39,000,000. Being one third of the total should equal more structured power.

        1. Frank says:

          James, you mentioned that black people are 30% not 13%, could you please email me more info about that? frankie12_ohio_us@yahoo.com

        2. soldr3968 says:

          Wrong. The African-American population is almost 14% of the U.S. population.

          1. Ruebensharpe says:

            it’s 30% or more , do the research,, probably more, the do not account for uncounted blacks and the mixed..

      3. MR Roberts says:

        When you say whites make up 65% of America’s population, which group of whites are you referring to? Whites use numbers to suit their need. If they want to be the majority, they include All Europeans, most Hispanics, most Asians, and all islanders of the pacific . When they want to talk about being supreme, they only include Europeans. So just who is white people?

        1. Davido Vose says:

          Right you are man!

        2. Natalie Bruce says:


      4. JR says:

        30 % is a wrong number the national Census say blacks only make up 13% of the population, because you have other dark skin races that are classified as white.

        1. Regina says:

          Who’s our…get over it… the world is the way it is..why not leave well enough alone…live your life and move on…

          1. Pernell Parham says:

            Please crawl back into your cave! You and all the other racists that come on sites like this spew your stupid ideas on race. You don’t know anything about us, except your asinine stereotypes. You make me sick!

        2. WANGUI says:

          You are VERY Simple Minded And Uneducated, Sorry.. But dark skin people considered White, REALLY ?

          1. Joyce says:

            I worked for an immigration lawyer several years ago and, paperwork presented by Indians – those from India were classified as white based on that little box on the forms that you checked for your race. Now, I’ve never seen someone from India who was fair enough to “pass” for white (there may be some). I thought as I processed their papers how can they claim to be white? There are brown people, some even darker, like me, but, I could never claim to be white. So, I’m guessing when census time came, their status boosted the number of whites counted. Interesting.

        3. The 13% is a number that reflects those of us who came here on slave ships out of West Africa, where we ran to after our homeland was taken down in 70 AD; we are the true Hebrews and the fake Jews who ran the slave trade knew who we were and are,,,/deut 28,Think:how can a Rabbi confess to killing white children and drinking their blood on the world wide net and not a word fRom the vociferous jeWISH dEFENSE lEAGUE

          1. Nadia says:

            That blood libel was an anti Semitic fiction. Jewish law required that slaves be treated as members of household, nothing like Deep South slavery. Plenty Arabic n Muslim slavers back then and today they are the only demographic allowing it…unless we consider sex trafficking of course. A lot of changes need making yet. Calling each other names and refusing to take the high road aren’t leading to progress as fast as nonviolence and diplomacy.

        4. Winj says:

          African Americans historically under report to the census as do other black people and undocumented immigrants in this country, if every person in this nation were actually be counted, I believe whites would now be the minoriry. In Kansas City we have a strong movement where all people of color and allies are uniting. It’s powerful.

        5. Rodney says:

          What other dark skin race is there ?

      5. Sigrid says:

        Here is a statistic that is troubling. 75 percent of all convicted child molesters are white males. That is very alarming. Single poor women and disabled folks trying to feed their families…not so much.

      6. japhya says:

        White are not 65%of the population. Middle Easterners and Asians are included in with your count. White people will do anything, and I do mean anything to appear superior. No one is falling for your lies any longer. There’s nothing more dangerous than an inferior white man. That’s why for centuries, they have killed black men and cut off their penises. Penis envy is very dangerous for the black man……

      7. Yasmin says:

        What does the percentage of the population have to do with the usage? Not a damn thing because when you factor in systematic racism there’s a double standard of who has what. Whites can be poor and still have more ‘wealth’ than the average black person. But let a black person not have shit then it has to be because he is lazy. But if that is the case these shit people have the same opportunity to pull them selves out of it but the don’t… So what’s their excuse… Oh yeah right I forgot they are just “unfortunate”

      8. Mike says:

        No, whites shouldn’t say that all the entitles ar black when clearly it’s a majority of whites that are on public assistance.

      9. BLACK LIBERATION says:

        Black people do not equally use the same amount of welfare, as white people you fucking idiot. Shut up!

      10. Ankh Life says:

        Stop fucking lying. Black people are not equally on welfare as much as white people. That’s a big fucking lie. Do some damn research you fucking liar. Motherfuckers always looking for a reason to take the attention off the main issue and putting it on the smaller ones. Anyways who gives a fuck, welfare only takes up 1% of the economy’s money. We get mad that poor people who can’t find employment in their own country, because the U.S.C (United States of Corporations) purposely send jobs overseas to other countries for cheap labor, so they won’t have to pay American people full wages for work. We should be talking about the bigger issues. Not the small ones, it’s a reason people are getting poorer everyday and receive government assistance. Hell it’s people who work and have college degrees and have to apply for food stamps, so what the fuck? Look deeper into that and ask real fucking questions people. Don’t ignore real issues. It’s a reason a lot of Black people are living in poverty though making up 14% of the population, think about it, they don’t call those areas projects for no reason, it obvious Black people were redlined into those areas for control. Get it? A project needs a control section. That’s a whole another topic I’m reaching, that’s how deep all this shit runs in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Our tax money don’t necessarily go to welfare, it goes to wars, and to Israel, real shit. Look it up. Israel bag our ASSES for maybe 80 + Billion dollars a year, (I.R.S. big time hustlers, slick motherfuckers.) and they send their children to college for free, while ours in the U.S.C. suffer from poverty, little to no education, broken home’s or have to join their fucking military A.K.A. (The Hitman Services), which do not take care of them when they come home. You know what else happens some of them have to apply for gov’t assistance, or they’re homeless living on the streets, that should never even happen. Think about what is really going on around this globe, everything is happening for a reason and those who are so called elite’s have an agenda. Better wake our ASSES up! RS! This shit is way deep.

        1. Shenia says:

          Real shit!

        2. Your right on the money. And so refreshing to hear from some one who can think for himself.

        3. FUNKSTARR says:


        4. Nadia says:

          Corporate welfare are the biggest welfare queens! Stop picking on the jews. The only sane country in the Middle East. And not the middle east’s biggest problem either. Let’s start with treatment of women in Arab lands, and why don’t any of them take in refugees and allow foreigners to own property. Double standards. Peace now. Study history. Create something besides bombs. Wretched of earth just making themselves wretcheder. Nonviolence allows for growth. All this racial tension is fomented to keep the 99% from noticing where the 1% is hiding their money !

      11. david: little says:

        You don’t make any sense.

      12. Spicee222 says:

        I wish I had the patience to debate this with you but that would only bring me down. It’s amazing how some people can make excuses.

      13. Steven says:

        White folks have 99 percent of the inherited WEALTH created on the labor of black,brown,yellow,etc folks erase white privilege and you guys are nothing.

      14. Leon says:

        You would be correct (if I buy your % statistics) IF there wasn’t such a wide divergence of racism, opportunity, education, police actions etc. All things are not equal in our society, in fact it’s far from it. If you think it’s not true I suggest looking up stop and frisk stats in NYC for example.

      15. Marianne says:

        The majority of those on Snap are white. It is stats taken in proportion to population.. .

      16. Liz says:

        what an utterly stupid comment

      17. Brittaney says:

        You aren’t seriously using ratio of people to justify food stamp usage….are you? I remind you: there is a large variance in white sand blacks in America because we arrived here under different circumstances. Whites conquered, immigrated, etc. Blacks were enslaved and dragged. Hence, better logic would be: whites don’t need it because they didn’t pull themselves out of slavery. Something was either passed down or given (such as opportunity). Blacks need it because ALL their history in America consists of is struggle.

        Now– how is your logic better than mine? It isn’t but it’s equally offensive. So let’s leave percentage of who “should” receive it out of the discussion Robert.

      18. Glen Johnson says:

        Can you possibly come up with a bigger pile of crap for a comment? Talk about being clueless, you must be from this KY county.

      19. Ray says:

        The fact is that the Native American was the majority he did not get welfare they gave him farewell

      20. It doesn’t matter, nobody should use if not necessary. But the point is that they try to make it seem as if blacks are the only race that use government assistants. Wake up call whites use more food stamps than anybody but you’ll never heat that on the news, social media and any where else

      21. Dwight Muhammad says:

        Excuses are Mental Deflectios.

      22. barrack Obama says:

        BS article did NOT give actual # of recipients. While it may be 99% of the town on welfare, that’s nothing if the town is 2500 people compared to Cicago that has only 10% ( mostly blacks)on welfare /…but that 10% equals 260,000.
        This is how democrats & black racists twist the truth to perpetuate their welfare mentality of entitlements.

    2. Jenn says:

      I’m so mad at this article I finish high school in this town! First of all majority of people in this area are farmers! It is literally in the middle of nowhere 45 minute drive just to Walmart! There is only 5000 people in this town! And the people in the town that do have money run it. There is literally no jobs! Tons of children here go hungry and yes some to take advantage of the food stamps but for many families it’s not enough to survive, they have to “pull up their bootstraps” just to be able to survive the winner by any means necessary. How about four people judge a place they visit it! It’s a small community with very loving people The only issue is that a good oh buddy system that keep the poor poor in the middle class right where they are. The goal of owsley County growing up is to get out of Owsley county and many just don’t have that luxury. Considering the school curriculum itself is six years behind.

      1. michal6 says:

        I would agree Jenn. I’m not from the area, but my dad’s family is from West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The mountain people have it quite rough up there…and before judging people need to take a visit. And that goes for everybody! Before judging one group, put your feet in their shoes for awhile and think about how it feels to be judged!!!!

        1. Nadia says:

          They have shoes ?

        2. T Toney says:

          Amen brother! I’ll never understand how the poor or struggling have been so demonized in this ‘Christian?’ nation. And the rank racism is just sickening and based on lies! The majority of users of aid are single mothers, majority white and usually 18-20 months, till they’re back on their feet. Those are the facts! Yet, hateful people just refuse to listen as it would force them to have to actually learn and think anew about their predjuduces.

      2. robin says:

        Jenn, I’m African American, but I prefer to be called ‘American’. My heart goes out to you, and all in your county. Education is the key. Go for it! Good luck.
        Best Regards

        1. Dee says:

          I see Raven Sammone started a (distance yourself from being black) movement, stop coonin and trying to play captain save’a whoever you are fake ass ms. America. Melanoid nation means that we are proud of who we are as black /afrikan decendant people.

      3. Regina says:

        Well move…make it better.for yourself then give back to that area for improvement so no excuses will be made or explanations as to.why.. or just simply no one.judge any one regardless of race or environment..or means of.living…

  2. timsomor says:

    This place was also the inspiration for the “Hills have eye,” and “wrong turn.” Not sure about those points but as Melanoid has pointed out places like this would never have their “welfare queen” (real ones) ran in a 2 week loop in every story on fox or as I call it ‘fixed’ news. It just goes to show you if u want bills past just use fear and put a black face on it.

  3. pharohnaj says:

    Wow thats amazing information hidden in plain site.. great article.. meloniod nation..

  4. Cynthia Johnson says:

    I realize that this is clean image, but if this image reflects a real person or people in the town that this article is being commented on, the first thing that strikes out to me is you don’t have to be poor to be be neat and clean. Not one piece of trash anywhere and the little that is shown in this image is neat and clean.

  5. Winston says:

    Cmon people, get real! The total number of white welfare recipients in the entire state of KY probably don’t even compare with the number of black individuals on welfare in Chicago or NY alone. Nice try though at distraction from the truth

    1. jadee says:

      Duh, and your point is?! Fact is you never hear about y’all trashiness which is massive!

    2. emory says:

      I like how you white supremacist get on here and argue statistical information with nice try and your opinion smh its great how you think saying things like COME ON AND GET REAL is some how a response that discredit this information

    3. Sandra says:

      not true

    4. Leon Stiles says:

      Genius, don’t you understand the point??? It’s the percentage!!! Time to teach you: if 10 out of 10 people ate apples in Annapolis, that’s 100%. But if 1,000 people in Chicago ate apples within a population of a several million, the percentage wouldn’t be greater for Chicago! Maybe you should put down your confederate flag, and vomit up all the bigotry inside you and maybe then your math skills will improve! That will be $250.00 for my services!

      1. Leon Stiles says:

        That reply was for Winston “The Genius”!

    5. JR says:

      Ok here we go again, that’s a two sided sword, there are just as many or more whites on welfare in Chicago and New York as in Kentucky, so it works both ways the white population are much larger and all individual are out of work.

    6. Ericca says:

      Maine. Vermont. Montana. Wyoming. Utah. Alabama. Kansas. Idaho. Mississippi. Tennessee. West Virginia. The Dakotas. Arkansas. Georgia. Florida. These states have a low BLACK population, that means they SHOULD have less residents on welfare, right? I mean…by your view.

    7. Regina says:

      Why look at it as a distraction verses the truth for knowledge if only to say don’t judge anyone black or white or other regardless of where they live

  6. Hors Sfier says:

    This is true at a local and world level. People like to point to Africa as poor but there are places in eastern EUROPE that are 100% white and are just horrific. Outside of the US, once you get past the major capitals and cities, it gets sketchy really quickly.

    1. JayBay says:

      Yep. But when white people are poor it’s because of conditions out of their control like the economy or a dictator leader. When blacks are poor it’s because we didn’t try hard enough.

      1. Carol Kyrias says:

        Jay. You summarized it perfectly.

  7. Tim says:

    Owsley County, population 4500. This statistic really says nothing. If I was the only person in my county, and I received snap benefits, my county would be 100% white and 100% on snap.

    This “amazing information” doesn’t receive much publicity because it.means nothing. Looking at outliers in statistics can make the overall picture appear to be whatever you want it to be when you select only certain outliers to look at. There is no real information in this story.

    1. emory says:

      But when it comes to who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in New Orleans, Chicago or any other city that has become synonymous with poverty. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky.

      So you have no argument.

      1. Caitlin says:

        oh yes, a city of 4500 people is what we should base statistics off of. I’m sorry, who were you saying has no point?

      2. Steve Sparks says:

        there are 4500 black on SNAP in any neighborhood in Cleveland.

        1. T Toney says:

          WRONG! Top 7 states of food stamp usage , many are heavily white and republican : Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky, either Arizona or New Mexico – look it up. And two places with larger black populations Mississippi and D.C. No, ohio’s not on the list nor is Illinois or Michigan. Sucks to have your predjudices wrecked by facts, eh?

          1. T Toney says:

            Oh, don’t forget West Virginia-a very white state.

    2. PAULA says:

      Why is it when someone is pointing out a statistic about white people in a negative light mean nothing, no real information comes up….but white people put us in a negative light as much and as often as possible.

    3. Jenn says:

      Thank you so much for looking out more information about this county! The problem is there isn’t a lot of people there so there is not many jobs there, it’s mostly farmers! It’s where I grew up and where I met my husband

  8. Temi Abimbola says:

    Well it’s a county with a population size less than 5,000
    Which means it would be “considered” a less significant statistic once it’s widely highlighted.
    But then again I fully agree with the motive behind this article and it does shed light on the issue of demographic stereotypes.

    It’s interesting how this county could be majority Republican yet majority welfare recipients, which is just a political contradiction, this proves how white supremacy has become more of religious affiliation rather than a necessity

  9. Theresa says:

    Population definition and source info Population, 2013 estimate 4,654 4,395,295
    Population definition and source info Population, 2010 (April 1) estimates base 4,755 4,339,357
    Population, percent change, April 1, 2010 to July 1 definition and source info Population, percent change, April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2013 -2.1% 1.3%
    Population definition and source info Population, 2010 4,755 4,339,367
    Persons under 5 years, percent definition and source info Persons under 5 years, percent, 2013 6.1% 6.3%
    Persons under 18 years, percent definition and source info Persons under 18 years, percent, 2013 21.5% 23.1%
    Persons 65 years and over, percent definition and source info Persons 65 years and over, percent, 2013 16.8% 14.4%
    Female persons, percent definition and source info Female persons, percent, 2013 50.7% 50.8%

    White alone, percent definition and source info White alone, percent, 2013 (a) 98.5% 88.5%
    Black or African American alone, percent definition and source info Black or African American alone, percent, 2013 (a) 0.5% 8.2%
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent definition and source info American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, 2013 (a) 0.3% 0.3%
    Asian alone, percent definition and source info Asian alone, percent, 2013 (a) 0.1% 1.3%
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    Two or More Races, percent definition and source info Two or More Races, percent, 2013 0.6% 1.7%
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    Business QuickFacts

  10. JayBay says:

    Adding on to that, the most recent stats I read are that white people on the whole are roughly on the same amount of welfare percentage wise. Remember that the next time some white supremacist pulls some stat about how 75% of blacks are on welfare or some BS.

    1. Caitlin says:

      I wonder why they show the percentage on welfare vs. the percentage not on welfare; a poor attempt to force the buyer/client to make a cut/dry decision.

  11. CCG says:

    EXCELLENT!!! THIS is the news that we can use, BUTT; will never ever hear!!!

  12. Darnell M Thomas says:

    This goes to show you how racist this country is by giving every thing that’s deemed negative in America a black face

  13. Larry N. says:

    Excellent Information! This is just one piece of the capstone in combating systematic white supremacy and the negative, social economic stereotypes placed on melanated (HUmans) people.

  14. tabF says:

    In my circle I don’t know of anyone using public assistance. I usually scratch my head when I hear these white supremecist n their obvious race baits

  15. pjazz says:

    thattownis very good to know. But his figures that white people will always try to hide their problems and blame everything on black people. I bet that these are some redneck backwood country Bama ass trailer trash. But because they are white it’s alright. The town is 99.22% white, the only black person must be mixed!

  16. pjazz says:

    That is very good to know. But his figures that white people will always try to hide their problems and blame everything on black people. I bet that these are some redneck backwood country Bama ass trailer trash. But because they are white it’s alright. The town is 99.22% white, the only black person must be mixed!

  17. johnnyboy says:

    Well.. Even if 100% of the White folks in this county were on food stamps that would only be less 5000 people. A small drop in the bucket if you ask me.

  18. olie says:

    OK so maybe one county but c’mon you know for a fact even though the USA black population is so much smaller please keep in mind that PROPORTIONALLY blacks still make up more than whites in food stamp/section 8/public housing usage of these services. Here is an example: if a group of whites is 100 people, and a group of blacks is 50 people you could say, “well there are 50 people from the white group (which would be 50 percent) but if there were 32 people from the black group even though that number is less the percentage is 80 percent which is overall a larger share than the other group.

    1. Monique Thornton says:

      The percentage of whites and blacks are actually even. So that means factually there are still more whites than blacks on welfare. Also surprising statistic 20% more whites as drug users than blacks as well.

    2. J says:

      32 of 50 is 64%

  19. JayBay says:

    OK so maybe one county but c’mon you know for a fact even though the USA black population is so much smaller please keep in mind that PROPORTIONALLY blacks still make up more than whites in food stamp/section 8/public housing usage of these services.

    True. But the issue that a lot of conservatives etc. bring up about welfare is that it wastes so much money on “lazy” people (nevermind the fact that I know white people who had good jobs but had to go on welfare after the US economy went to hell). Shouldn’t we be worried about the larger NUMBER of people that are on welfare? Proportion doesn’t mean shit when we talk about raw numbers. Let’s say I’m trying to reduce these programs because we spend so much on them. If 50 percent of 100 million white people and 60 percent of 1 million black people are using the programs. Yeah the blacks are on a higher proportion but where most of our money is being spent is on WHITE people. Why shouldn’t I point my finger at the people who in terms of raw numbers are causing us to spend the most money? The same white people that burned down black towns when we did make something of ourselves (look up Black Wallstreet), the same white people that enforced Jim Crow laws that were the equivalent of economic sanctions that we enforce on other countries. I’m not saying that every black person on welfare is there because of white people and not poor decisions. But we can’t ignore the fact that the US government has done it’s damnedest to make sure that blacks either stay broke or locked up in prison. The fact that the government didn’t give blacks jack shit in terms of reparations or any other form of help during Jim Crow pretty much tells you everything.

    1. GregT says:

      I’ve taken the time to read most of these post and of all the one’s that I’ve read urs stands out the most. Thank u for highlighting the underhanded tactics perpetrated by the government to derail black establishments that were doing well
      …ie(Rosewood, FL)(1923)

  20. olie says:

    Jay – appreciate the response but will not even go any further when you bring up the absurd r word – that is REPARATIONS – ya got your reparations and they are called Affimative Action, SNAP, Section 8 to name a few. Good luck with the blog.

    1. JayBay says:

      Affirmative Action is a joke. All it does is make white racists find a different reason not to hire or promote you. I saw a story of a black guy at Fox news who got passed up for a promotion 16 times. Each time they changed the requirements just enough that he didn’t qualify. White people are eligible for SNAP too so that doesn’t count. Section 8 housing was designed to keep blacks quarantined to one area. I don’t give a damn about any of these programs. I want to EMPOWER black people. Not give them bread crumbs. Reparations is what should’ve been given to blacks so they could get the start they needed to build their own economy. That’s what this all comes down to. Blacks need to own and control their own things. The only problem is (once again, look up Black Wallstreet) we were never intended to get that in America.

      1. JayBay says:

        And before anyone thinks I’m just going after whitey, black people need to wake up and understand that the white America isn’t for us. The sooner we start to create our own economy and stop looking at hoodrat shit like it’s the best we can do as a people, the sooner we can rise to our true greatness.

      2. Caitlin says:

        Affirmative action is a joke?!?!? Excuse me if I cant detect the sarcasm dripping off your ridiculously written text.

    2. Dj says:

      Last time I checked AA benefited white women and other non black ethnic groups more than black people so you can miss me with that.

  21. Michael says:

    I think the number of white people on welfare is peanuts compared to the number of them running that disability scam.I’ve been meeting a whole helluva lot of them that has nothing physically wrong with them but who are receiving disability payments.these are not old people either, theyre white guys in their thirties and forties.

  22. Johnny Black says:

    We have 400 years of documented laws that kept blacks as an underclass in the form of slavery and Jim Crow. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that 400 years of affirmative action for whites would make their numbers look better.

    1. Robert says:

      400 years? You must have went through the common core math at your school. Our country is not 400 years old by far. So if you are talking about the laws of USA, then you are app. 175 years off. and if you are talking about laws in another country then that doesn’t concern the citizens of the USA!

      1. No our nation as a nation is not 400 years old. But the discovery and elimination of Native people did start as soon as old Columbus landed in South America. Figure 2016 minus 1492 and you get 542 years. It would appear that we have been putting people of color down for that long. I am white from a fairly conservative family. Imagine some of the surprise when my cousin had her DNA checked and we turned out to be 94% Irish/English and 6% African. It tickled me. All of our blood runs red. Leave it alone, unless you actually have some ideas on how to fix things.

      2. Nadia says:

        White settling started around 1620 so almost 400 years Now.

        I am believer in nonviolence per mlk n ghandi but our revolutionary patriots of 1776 were not. They felt the lack of habeas corpus n illegal search n seizure and other abuses perpetuated by the ruling classes in Britain were enough to declare their independence and take it by force if need be …. as it turned out it was.

        It seems the underclasses could make similar arguments today unless we start treating them more fairly.

        Again a lot of the arguments (poor whites v poor blacks etc) over the bones miss the people eating the steak. The oligarchy.

        Personally I think everyone should get $200/month for food. Then struggling lower middle class would not need to envy the poor their food stamps.

  23. Rebecca Smith says:

    But poor whites are not really poor. They are only temporarily embarrassed millionaires. So, it makes sense that they vote Republican because they are looking out for their future.

  24. CeeCeeMD says:

    Quick question….why does it matter which races are on Welfare?

    1. Theseventhone says:

      Because white people are always talking about how blacks are lazy and all on welfare, meanwhile forgetting that tons of white people use these benefits as well…..You really should ask white people about this race thing though, they started it.

  25. io says:

    Great Article, it’s good to see this information out there.

    1. Caitlin says:

      Please explain…. how is this good

  26. Frank says:

    Now look at this. A site that’s not bashing white people or anyone for that matter, even though there are white supremacist sites that do this like stormfront among others. YET! YET! YET! White supremacists somehow some way find their way here. Fellow Moors don’t you see the power you have over them? Why would they care so much about what a bunch of “inferior” people have to say if that’s all we were? This is an awesome site. Kudos to Tariq and all those responsible!

  27. MindMuscle says:

    This is a public service announcement to all white supremacist and suspected ones. Now,I must warn you there will be some strong language in this post so if you are sensitive or have small children please bypass….So here we go:If you do not like the messages being presented by theses articles specifically given to MELANOID people, than I suggest you simply do this….Take your Mayberry bitch made pedophile faggot asses to another white supremacist website that will support your sick, psychotic and demonic fuckery or get up off your wet dog kissin in mouth asses and make your own shit and leave our shit alone. This site is not for you ,its not by you,nor was it created FOR YOU. This site was created to inform and empower people who are classified as Black. If you are a non black person,hey do us a solid….Take your feet off our damn table and get the fuck out of our house. You are not invited, you are not welcomed here. That goes for you tap dancing self hating,boot lickin coons and bed wenches too. Come back when you scrape your lips off the enemy’s ass, act like a real man and woman and stand for something and we might,just might let you in.We are not going to let you corrupt this forum with disinformation. Melanoid Nation is a united front and if you get in our way we will crush your heads with our heel like the filthy slithering serpents you are….You better fucking believe it.

    Just had to vent…..

  28. EG says:

    I live 10 miles from this county. It is as bad as you can imagine. Great people there just no good way to get there other than driving a small cat

  29. Daisy Terry says:

    Excellent information; let’s not be deceived that our people are on welfare, we’re only 13% of the population, with probably 2% on public assistance. They’ll never put the spotlight on themselves because it’ll only expose their ignorance, dependability, and jealously.

  30. LogicalMind says:

    Well look at that, looks like a post that disproves white privilege!

    Welfare as a total number is around 50/50 black/white. But guess what, that 50% of the white includes arabs and hispanics. Also considering whites outnumber blacks significantly, on a per capita basis the stereotype is true. How about that. It’s funny how people will take exceptions to a rule, claim it disproves the real rule, and make their own rule out of thin air. STOP MAKING SHIT UP AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Black culture needs to change, not blame the false existence of white supremacy.

  31. J says:

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    i hope this goes a long way, these are biz we blacks should all be informed about

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    7. board game made by a black woman – http://www.upliftinc.org/fluke.aspx
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    1. I came across this article on a Google search. Many of the information that you listed is true. Blacks are not the majority of the people on welfare. Caucasians are. I also took note of the fact that many of the resources on your list charge blacks a listing fee. This is unacceptable, as many black businesses are already struggling. At http://blackspeaks.com Black Businesses can list their businesses (yes, more than 1) for free, including links to their website(s)

  32. Jess says:

    You need to participate in a contest for probably the greatest blogs on the web. I’ll advocate this web site!

  33. Str8 Talk says:

    Don’t waste your time with these white supremacists cave maggots!. All this lying misleading crap about welfare is to prevent you from demanding the wealth that these white people stole from us from slavery to Jim Crow to Black Wall Street to Black Farmers to Red Lining to STEALING! the wealth generated by black college athletes. I’m surprised how black folks aren’t up in arms over such a blatant crime in the College system. These delusional arrogant degenerate trash that was dumped on us from Europe were so despicable the other criminals running Europe couldn’t put up with them carted them off to Australia and America. These white people NEVER! like doing hard work hence slavery. Now these Imbeciles have the nerve to come on here and talk about welfare and food stamps?. Everywhere they go death and destruction follows – Indians wiped out, Millions killed in the Congo alone by King Leopold II, Island of Tasmania completely wiped out and the black holocaust in the middle passage. That is why up to this day the experience of living with these savages has been destructive to our minds that was torn away from our customs and culture. You are not welcome here feces of humanity this is for the strengthening and upliftment of Melanoid people to combat your white supremacist system in the ancient African way of “man know thy self” through our unity and self empowerment. But, if you persist on oppressing us you will reap what you sow.

  34. Lorita says:

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  35. iamhewho says:

    Great post! Thanks for dropping this knowledge!

  36. john says:

    Owsley County is a county located in the Eastern Coalfield region of the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 4,755.

    The town has a population of only 4755 lol.
    A big city like chicago has a population of ab out 2 700 000. Owsley county practically doesn’t exist in terms of population.

  37. BlackandProud says:

    It’s funny how African Americans are chosen to represent welfare abusers while White Americans Make Up 42% of the Poor, But Take in Whopping 69% of Government Benefits and African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive a mere 14 percent of government benefits. African Americans aren’t the ones abusing the system. When all else fails, blame the minority, right?

  38. Bruce says:

    The problem is that the United States Government that was supposed to have corrected issues that were holding this country down have failed. We all are very frustrated because our Government allowed just about everything that would have helped the people of this country grow and be healthy and educated, leave this country. Most of our major industries for employing us are gone. Even food, cars, car parts, housing supplies including appliances, medical supplies, including or medicines, our telecommunications supplies, computers, cell phones and electronic entertainment, all of which the people of the United States consume on a large scale, are not manufactured here. Industry is what causes jobs and allows a person (of any skin tone and eye color) to pick what they desire and are are good at, to educating themselves to pursue a livelyhood in. For your children to have fare opportunities to develop requires this country to correct the corruption in Washington DC, state and local governments, and allow affordable government programs to allow industry (manufacturing) to rebuild in all aspects. This also would require bring back the occupational courses that schools no longer offer. Plastic shop, wood shop, metal shop, mechanic shop, electric shop,
    home economists, after school reading and math tutors ………. Remember these classes that the educational system has dropped from most schools. The only way to correct this now is to paint your hand held sign and peacefully march in the next Occupy gathering or civil rights gathering. Even your kids that are frustrated and out doing bad things to survive are being asked to peacefully help by carrying a sign that has a message for change. United we will correct for the future of our children’s children’s children. We also need to teach birth control and responsibility. If you do not participate in the next Occupy march or civil rights march in your area, then please quit giving your couch potato opinion . Couch potatos are part of the problem. Also, there are some great political musical artists that we should support that reach a lot of people with their messages in their songs. When you have time, look for them online and support them by sharing their songs and videos. This link is to a political recording artist that just came out that is exactly what I am talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IfsDUH5dNc

  39. Miguel Cafe says:

    This Article is meant to conquer and divide. We now have a bunch of poor people wasting time about who is what. Time that would be better spent somewhere else.

    1. Impoortoo says:

      I agree with this guy welfare is help when Times are tough which happens to all races and walks of life these types of stories only serves to divide and conquer and it appears to be working

  40. Joyce Washingtoin says:

    This is sad…Like my husband always says the majority of whites can’t even afford to be republican.

  41. Roosevelt Starks says:

    So much for your “white privilege” theories, huh?

  42. Bca says:

    The Whites are coming on here and saying that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge without understanding their situation . Why are they so quick to judge Baltimore and Chicago?

  43. Arnold says:

    Yeah, but there are 60x as many blacks on welfare in chicago as whites in this tiny pop 5000 town. What they call a statistical outlier.
    By contrast chicago has 17x as many whites on welfare as this story’s town

  44. Carl says:

    The county has a population of about 4,700 people. Detroit Michigan has over 40,000 people on welfare. I did the math in my head and have to call bull on this story. Maybe I should get the calculator out????

  45. XaurreauX says:

    Welfare was designed and created for white people. And whites have overall always been the majority of recipients.

  46. ellen e.causey says:

    NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE REAL UNJUST RECIPIENTS OF FOOD STAMPS….Contractors/war, and mercenaries are given extremely liberal monthly allotments when they come back to the states…any where from $300-$3,000.00 per month!!!!!I know of a guy who uses his 3,000 to send food to his home,an entire village in south America.Also, at least in Florida, when you go to work at Walmart and complain about the lack of hours…they remind you that working at Walmart you’re given AUTOMATIC, expedited, food stamps.After 3 years, I was hit by a car(riding my bike to work when buses didnt run) and spent 10 days in hospital,being fired for exceeding the 7day/year limit(“we don’t do roll-over time”).Homeless/60 years old,I get $6.00/month,and starting in April2016,those payments will be split in half,$3.00 at the beginnig of the month,and $3.oo at the end of the month, due to” a shortage of food available by vendors”?

  47. Mark says:

    What are they gonna do when republicans finally cut off! Keep voting for them?

  48. Dick B. says:

    What I don’t understand is why the citizens of this county don’t vote for a candidate who’ll make some effort for them. We all know that a GOP mantra is “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. That’s the easy excuse for not tackling the real problems. Someone there needs to step up and challenge this embedded mentality. Those folks seem to have had all the initiative knocked out of them.

  49. Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez says:

    I am a white male who lives in Tennessee, which is one of the most conservative states in the county, and I believe fully in white privilege, and it is so sad. Not many people know what I am about to say besides close family members, but since I can make up whatever name I want, I will say it. My family had food stamps. Well when I say my family, I mean my mom, and me and my sister were on them as well. Without her doing that, we may have starved to death. My mom was struggling to pay the bills after my dad and her divorced. The bad thing is, I am embarrassed about it, which is why I am not using my real name. But the sad thing is, nobody should feel embarrassed that they need assistance. For people to get back up on their feet, they at first must have basic needs so they can focus on getting in a better situation.

  50. T Toney says:

    T Toney
    February 24, 2017 at 9:52 am
    The AFDC ( or welfare, though it does not exist as it was structured up to the 90’s when Clinton made massive changes and cuts to the programs) rates of usage are majority white, single mothers who use it as a short term emergency measure. Avg time is 18-20 months, usually after death of spouse, while looking for work, training for better jobs or recovering from major illness. Your stereotypes may reinforce your personal view of the world, however – they are patently false. The top seven states are Oregon, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico , one of the dakotas,( look it up) and D.C. That’s a lot of white people.

  51. Jake Lopez says:

    Did you know blacks make up 18% of the population and commit more than 50% or the crimes

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