Did You Know That Witness 40 From The Darren Wilson Grand Jury Is An Extreme White Supremacists?


“They need to kill the f*****g niggers. It is like an ape fest.” ~Witness #40 from the Ferguson Grand Jury


Many conservative media outlets are quoting the testimony of a person only known as “witness #40” to justify the murder of unarmed Black teen Mike Brown by white officer Darren Wilson. Witness #40,who we now know is a white woman, was one of the only witnesses who’s story came close to corroborating the testimony of  Darren Wilson.

MSNBC did some closer examinations of the witness testimonies,and they discovered that witness #40 is an extreme white supremacist. Her views about Black people are so racist,the story has to be seen to be believed.

The night of the first Ferguson riots, Witness #40 was posting racist rants online, including: “They need to kill the f****g  niggers. It is like an ape fest.”

She formed an organization to raise money for Darren Wilson and to get schools to send him Christmas cards.

For more proof of her racist rants,watch the video below:

23 thoughts on “Did You Know That Witness 40 From The Darren Wilson Grand Jury Is An Extreme White Supremacists?

  1. Kongo says:

    Mannnnnn i’m starting to believe that these motherfucka are just inherently evil… the sad part is i’m not even shocked by this article

  2. larry P says:

    what can be done about this, this is clearly evidence that the trial was not fair and justice was not served.

    1. WTWarrior says:

      This Grand Jury process is to decide if the officer should be brought to trial. This was not the trial.

  3. JaccTrippa says:

    this is the craziest sh^t i seen in my life this week.
    but tomorrow im gonna take a trip to hell to try to understand why white people are devils.

    1. Lukester says:

      You call us Devils. And yet you slaughter each other in record numbers. You impregnate your women and then abandon them and your children (73% of all Black kids are now born out-of-wedlock). Your women curse, yell, and carry on in a way that only reinforces the sassy, angry, in your face Black woman stereotype. Your communities like Detroit and Birmingham and Camden and Baltimore lie in ruins, yards filled with trash and refuse, and houses falling down. Your race has become the butt of jokes around the world, and yet you continue to try to claim victim status to explain all of your dysfunctions. So sad.

      1. Leo says:

        Lukester, that’s the best you can do, champ? Lol, you’re just mad because you cannot be in the sun without wearing sunscreen. Just stop and think about that: You cannot endure something as natural as the sun… I’m starting to think those leprosy theories may have some validity to them… A race of people who cannot endure the natural sun? Nah, you’re not devils 😉

  4. JayBay says:

    2 sides of the same coin as far as I’m concerned. The Republicans talk shit, the liberals pretend to care and show it on the news.

  5. Hunting_Jin says:

    Don’t fall for Chris Hayes…but as far as I’m concerned..Love it!!!!

    I refer you all to Tariq Nasheed’s explanation of Jury nullification during the super nigga fantasy podcast.

    1. Lukester says:

      Yea, well at least you admit it. Why do you think prosecutors don’t want negroes on their juries? Because of this type of entitled thinking. We don’t care if he stole the car or shot at that house….he’s a Black man, he has been oppressed all his life by the White man, I ain’t gonna convict him no matter what he did. And you wonder why we think: well you know what they say…a nigger is never “innocent”, he was just convicted early for a crime that he hasn’t committed yet.

  6. KJ says:

    The war has begun arm yourself

  7. michig911 says:

    This is the typical mindset of many white people. I can not find many who believe Michael Brown was murdered by a form of systematic white supremacy that allows white supremacist cops to murder brothers and sisters with impunity.

    1. Danny says:

      I found out the hard way you are right. I had a white friend who honestly was like my brother I mean best man at each others weddings, Godfather to each others kids to the point of putting them in my will and all that but Zimmerman, Donald Sterling, Riley Cooper and all of these newer killings by cops of unarmed innocent men and kids has ended our friendship forever. He considers himself a liberal democrat but honestly he is completely on the side of the Zimmerman’s of the world on these topics. He suddenly is always saying letter of the law and stuff like that when in reality we see the laws are in favor of whites and other laws are ignored to justify these killings. It really broke my heart to lose my friend but its better to know this now and find out the truth about who he really is. I cant trust that man with my life now and that is not a real friend if you cant trust them.

  8. nene2424 says:

    SOMEONE NEED TO Kill that bitch or hang her in her yard if I know who she was I would

  9. Hassan Jones says:

    It is truly a travesty . This is something we need to take to Switzerland to the world court’s , because as Mr Nasheed said the courts and the police are in cahoots with each other here in America. I wonder if 50 or 60 years are they going offer up some type of apology .

  10. Daniel says:

    This doesn’t surprise me…but it does need to be exposed so folks can’t hide behind bullshit smoke screens

  11. Garrett cole says:

    white people are socially engineered to be white supremacists, period. They generally are white supremacists but they don’t comprehend or understand the system of white supremacy. All the white mass are pretty dumb down.

    1. MindMuscle says:

      True… Alot of them think they got where they’re at because they just “worked hard”.

  12. Mrs.Rice says:


  13. recordtwist says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore.

  14. Aaron D says:

    Un-fucking-believable. Literally. I salute all my brother’s and sister’s for burning Ferguson down and if I had right amount of money for bail and a good lawyer, I would highly consider doing that too. They mad a mockery out of the jury process with this case. And you’ll have some white people who defend this.

  15. Jay says:

    I don’t know why we don’t seem to get it: there is a GLOBAL system of apartheid at work. It’s GLOBAL. And it’s entrenched. They may change tactics but the objective is and always will be the same: to keep white people alive & the ONLY way in their calcified pineal glands they can achieve that is thru the artificial & manufactured zoo called white supremacy. If they teach everybody from birth to hate & fear each other & whites in particular, that they are inherently superior & that superiority should be protected at all costs–because GOD meant it that way; then they can keep their recessive, mutant gene pool alive. If the world were egalitarian and equal–whites wouldn’t last a generation. They’d go extinct. Hell, they have the lowest global birth rates NOW so imagine if their gene pool wasn’t protected by white supremacist ideology. So us asking them to get rid of this system is like asking them to commit genetic suicide–do YOU REALLY expect them to do that? Think about it? So WE need to either find a work around or resign ourselves to the idea that this zoo is worth protecting. I, for one, say let em sink or swim..let’s put Darwinism to the damn test. lol..

  16. Joyce Washingtoin says:

    That DA need to be brought up on charges for this!

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