Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?


There is a closely guarded secret that has been deliberately buried by mainstream media and historians: After the Civil War (and during the war) , millions of freed Black people were funneled into concentration camps in America and killed through forced starvation, and other means.

Many of these locations were called “contraband camps”, and they were hastily built internment camps that were generally in proximity to Union army camps.









One gruesome camp in particular was located in Natchez ,Ms. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a place located in Natchez, where during the Civil War, authorities forced tens of thousands of freed slaves to live in these American death camps. Researcher Paula Westbrook said that, “The union army did not allow them to remove the bodies from the camp. They just gave ’em shovels and said bury ’em where they drop.”

“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran Natchez. And the population went from about 10,000 to 120,000 overnight,” Westbrook said.

“So they decided to build an encampment for ’em at Devil’s Punchbowl which they walled off and wouldn’t let ’em out,” Don Estes, former director of the Natchez City Cemetery, said.




In Natchez Mississipi alone, official estimate that in the time span of just one year, over 20,000 free Black people were killed in the concentration camp called The Devil’s Punchbowl.


Here is a news story about these death camps for Black people.



President Obama recently earmarked millions of dollars in reparations to Jewish survivors of the Nazi Germany holocaust.  When are Melanoid Americans going to received reparations for antebellum slavery, the contraband camps after slavery, the Jim Crow era terrorism, 100 years of ritualistic lynchings, and other state sanctioned terrorism aimed at Black people today still?

132 thoughts on “Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?

  1. minkpink says:

    How sad the the melonoid race is subjugated to filth that walks around upright on 2 legs and call themselves human. I’m sure that’s one more lie they have tricked the world with.

    1. AM says:

      European Scientist Concede White People are Inbred Mutant Albinos

  2. lisa says:

    tariq nasheed for president!!

    1. ebi says:

      HECK NAW!!!!!!!
      That man needs to hide! And continue empowering everyone to be their own leader.

  3. PAMELA says:

    WOW!! The thought that some of the offspring’s of these Neanderthal Beast are still reaping the benefits off bloodshed of a Race of ppl is a Tragedy in itself.

  4. Tammy Khazali says:

    What a hellish nightmare that we as a people have been made to endure… Then and now the nightmare continues. Is there an end in sight?
    When will justice prevail?

    1. Allie says:

      When Jesus returns

      1. Jeff says:

        Amen. Come Jesus!!!

        1. Nunyadamnbiz says:

          Fuck Jesus and Obama!! Both of those motherfuckers have sat back and watched Black people suffer at the hands of these pale demonic sons of bitches and have done absolutely nothing. I’m sick of this shit!!! There is no God to let a people die in such an animalistic way and still allow their kind to walk the earth.

          1. Jay says:

            I laugh at fools like you.

          2. Arthur says:

            Wow, I live in Mississippi and oddly enough “currently ” work for a trucking company based in Natchez….smh. I had no ideal this went on there. blown away.

          3. Adrienne says:

            I agree.

          4. MindMuscle says:

            That’s all you can do in your spineless existence is laugh.

          5. MindMuscle says:

            Yea I’m talking to you Jay.

          6. Nunya business says:

            Tell them the truth!!!Black Holocaust reparations long overdue Ballot or The Bullet I’m giving away free guns

          7. tramaine hardnett says:

            Say dat

          8. Sham says:

            Yes, Yes, Yes – no GOD of LOVE would do such a thing!

          9. NEVER says:


          10. Danman33 says:

            I pray for you there is a God his name is Jesus and everyone from every race are all Gods children you must be born again and I love everyone from all over the world the devil is at work to destroy lives if the is anyone to blame for all this blame Satan

          11. deauna says:

            True ..he can give them Reparations But not the blacks wow I can’t with this place

          12. Sarah Lee says:

            We are our OWN saviors. WE are the dream our ancestors had. If we keep
            Brainwashing ourselves to believe someone will save us, we will parish as well.

          13. Dianna says:

            1st you blame President Obama and he had nothing to do with it and then you make a statement to allow their kind to walk on this Earth. Either I’m confused or you’re confused and I’m going to go with the latter you’re confused

          14. Leah says:

            The more people that give their life to the Lord and start walking in His commandments then we can be on one accord and stand against the enemy. God’s word says Steve we tread our freer we shall posses the land. Problem is don’t have enough faith, trust and belief in God. If people would get in the spirit you would get More wisdom and discernment. God is real just like the devil is real and people need to realize that

          15. Msjenn says:

            People perish for a lack of knowledge. If there is no God. Where did you come from? Oh, that’s right evolution. Not the case but lest just say evolution who created evolution…dumb ass.

          16. Mary J Goode says:

            Thank you

          17. Brenda Calhoun says:

            Be careful what you say about God we have freedom of choice that is why we are in such bad shape this country as a whole has made bad choices how we treated our people of color

          18. Fred says:

            So the same shit is happening in some countries in Africa, compton & Chicago blacks being slautherd. What does that mean ? Money & power is the issue not race .

          19. Nic Fury says:

            Exactly brother. The only God is US – The Black Man. And we have to do what is necessary to overpower these Devils.

          20. andre djetkare says:

            I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!!

          21. Crystal says:

            Read Duetoronomy chapter 28. It’s not about the color of our skin, it never has been. It’s about our bloodline and the promises attached to them.

          22. John Penn says:

            Stop being a part of the problem. Black people need to stop crying, get saved, and start doing more for self. Number one issue: Black men need to be committed to their families.

      2. Adrienne says:

        That’s what’s wrong with black people they keep waiting on Jesus who was told he existed by the same people who enslaved them. They seem to be contend with waiting forever. Why don’t you get off your but and do for yourself instead of waiting for someone to do it for yourself. In the meantime you keep waiting and being treated like a subhuman.

        1. deauna says:

          We have our own God and it’s not the white Jesus was a plane to keep people in slaved to this day

        2. Leah says:

          The problem with doing it yourself is it’s getting people nowhere. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are real and if more people would get on one accord with Him they would see a difference. We aren’t fighting against flesh and blood but principalities and the rulers of this world. If more people would begin to look at things in the spirit you’ll see things differently

          1. Tell me where dem come from and where are they living. I know I am African because I am called Afro- Caribbean. I was told my Ancestor’s were slave, dam lies. My Ancestor’s were prisoners of war and was turned into slave.
            Ask yourself this why if are so intend with God do they keep us down. In my opinion I have to first know myself and for I to know and understand , yes I first have to find myself and myself beginning was with my Ancestor’s and my Culture, not the one which was forced on I and my generation of Black African by a people who want to dominate the world.

          2. Hadshad says:

            You black people make me sick with that god, and jesus shit! This isn’t about church and religion, but about a race of people being dehumanized and slaughtered. White people gave you that god and jesus so that you wouldn’t do anything to help yourself, but only to rely on a figment of your imagination? Go to hell you impuissant, bible thumping followers.

          3. Rhondayes says:

            Your ignorant arrogance in believing they are sitting on their asses doing nothing as they worship. They worship and work and keep moving forward. They’re not waiting for a handout or depending on one.

          4. Monnika says:

            Thank You

        3. Gwendolyn F Johnson says:

          There is a God and and his name is JEHOVAH. If u want to understand the why’s and how can this happen then u must study his word the bible. Then u will be able to understand the true meaning of life and what JEHOVAH intends to do concerning the injustices committed against our race. We are not the only race of people who have suffered injustice. Read about the holocaust. This is why JEHOVAH sent his son JESUS as a ransom sacrifice to save us all. God bless and keep us all. No matter what our race is we all belong to him. His will be done. AMEN.

        4. andre djetkare says:

          Msjenn stop kidding yourself, you don’t even know where the fuck you came from! Give up That up the slave and brainwashed mentality

        5. andre djetkare says:

          ALL of you brainwashed slave minded self-hating ‘negros’ who believes in that stringy dog haired jesus image and always preaching love the world and hypocritically hate your own people are damned from the get go!!! love being a BLACK AFRICAN AND LOVE YOUR BLACK AFRICAN Brothers/Sister for we are the beginning of the human race,, damn it!, WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE!!!

        6. Truth says:

          Thank you Adrienne. ..I wish some of them would hold their breath and wait. We live in a world of information it’s too much facts out here to be believing in myths. Do your research instead of reading the same book your entire life this is why were still slaves.

        7. John Penn says:

          You and many posting here are doing the bidding of the Antichrist. All men are created evil.

      3. Keep waiting for Jesus. Turn instead to your Ancestor’s and embrace your Culture that is the only way out.

        1. Amos analy says:

          Religion was used before education to keep the masses under control,without religion your mind is free .religion is nonsense,aliens are the ones watching us and Jesus was a alien.

          1. Rodney Grayson says:

            A friend once told me you will never understand yourself or the world around you until you understand white supremacy.We live among the most hateful, eviless people on the planet. They have done everything in there power to destroy us but they can’t because we are God’s chosen people.

        2. Brenda Calhoun says:

          Jesus is the only true Savior

        3. adisha says:

          you are correct, in your statement. no body is coming back to save you. You are all you have save your self.

      4. Bernadette says:

        Amen! And its sooner than later!🇺🇸👍

      5. Allen Gray says:

        Ain’t no damn Jesus. That’s the #1 problem with black people. Living by a book a white man wrote. Massa taught Christianity to slaves to civilize them. That means the first preachers was massa teaching his slaves that god wants them to be slaves and that they will reap their rewards in the after life and be a good slave and look to the sky because he will come one day?????? It’s the greatest fairy tale ever told. It’s not true. Black people gotta do our research in these things we’ve been taught to believe in. The deception is apart of our existence that we have to pull ourselves out of. Praying and waiting for Jesus never have and never will solve anything. We gotta pull it together ourselves or things will never change.

    2. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      justice will prevail when we stop acting like victims and start fighting back even at the risk of losing our comfortable life they have tricked us into

      1. Nene says:


      1. Elias says:

        Fuck that piece of shit Jesus! & that Puppet Obama! Nunyadamnbiz said it best! Wake up Nubian, Melanated people! Stop relying on these people to value who you are! They don’t care about you, make money off of you, buy their products & they’ll sleep with you & throw you out! Wake Up!!!!

        1. Kay says:

          You know what. Fuck you. Obama did nothing to you. And don’t blame Jesus for your shit… Get your own damn religion… Why be pissed off over shit that happened two hundred years ago?? You have every right we have. Go to college, get a decent job. Are you American? Then act like an American.. This is bullshit.. Jesus doesn’t answery prayers either!!!!?

          1. Gwendolyn F Johnson says:

            I feel sorry for people who dont know God. The reason being thru your lack of accurate knowledge of our saviour you are committing the only unforgivable sin of blasphemy against him. Read your bible it is the only real truth in this world. If mankind were able to rule themselves then there would be no suffering. This book is centuries old and tells the story of the world from beginning to end. Accurate knowledge is the true POWER. GOD BLESS US ALL. EVEN THOSE OF YOU WHO WILL HAVE NASTY THINGS TO SAY. I FORGIVE YOU. AMEN

          2. Joseph says:

            There is no statue of limitations for murder Kay!!!

        2. Rodney Grayson says:

          The secret is out the bag, we are the Israelites God’s chosen people. Now it’s just a matter of coming together. God is really on our side

    3. Yahkanon AbakiYah Ysrayl says:

      When the MasiYah Yahoshua comes. True World Revolution. Biblical .Revelation

    4. Clareatha says:

      When our people return to the commandments. They suffered the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 due to there ancestors being disobeying the laws statutes and commandments. Once our people turn back to them they will be blessed.

  5. Yungworldz says:

    The Jewish holocaust isn’t even an America issue so why is that coon Obama giving them money..

    1. Wyeth says:

      Because that’s what America does,smh.

    2. Geoyce411 says:

      Exactly. What about the ten million Africans killed by Nazis on Shark Island before they had concentration camps in Germany?

      1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

        wont be mentioned….the world waited for all the black jews to be killed then launched ww2

        1. Tarvoris says:

          So African Americans are the real Jews. Do your research.

      2. Nene says:

        Yeah, I just most recently found out about that. Yeah, when will justice be served for that Shark Island crap too? Sad

      3. Muddy says:

        Goodness! I forget about shark island. I’ll be up all night digging again!

    3. Timothy says:

      Exactly makes no sense

    4. Brenda Calhoun says:

      My president is not a coon you are not nice

  6. dc1969 says:

    We as african,black,melanoid people have,and still are told,to forgive and forget about the past. Fuck that. Every other group does not do that silly nonsense. Karma is real. Payback will come to those who have and still oppress us to this day. Just waiting. And real talk: obama hates black males,but loves everyone else so what else do we expect from this puppet? I don’t expect anything from this character.

    1. slotking says:

      lets not forget that it was Africans who captured us and sold us to the so called whites!
      do not forget that we had good number of black slave owners.

      slavery is still going on in Africa, and as part of the religion of Islam.

      History can tell you a lot

      1. Curtis Sherrod says:

        That is true but don’t get it twisted African Slavery and American Slavery were two different things!!! For instance a former Slave by the name of Gabal Tariq (General Tariq) conquered Spain!!! That’s why the old History books called it the “peculiar institution of American Slavery”! Only in America the land of the free were we categorized as 3/5 of a human being!!!

    2. Leah says:

      There are so many people in high laces that are just that….puppets but their time is coming

  7. Michael says:

    40 acres and a mule…..just give us THAT in equivalent US dollars today and I’ll shut the hell up. BTW, i hate the holocaust action by the German’s but damn…what about the 200 years of building the wealth of THIS country on free labor. And I’m not forgetting about Sh*t…..

    1. ebi says:

      dollars run out bro, and when they give us that, we’ll turn right back around and spend it in THEIR economy. What we need as bro Claude Anderson states (or is it Neely Fuller) is something that is long term and doesnt run out for hundreds of years , which will ensure that we can pass that down to our next generation.

      1. Adrienne says:

        That’s why you build your own and buy from each other. Those who come from other countries have carved their own space here in the states and stay to themselves. Segregation was good for our race but being treated equally was just as important.

        1. Cj says:

          Instead of reperation,allow all decendents of slaves free college education,and low interest or interst free business loans

  8. Allie says:

    I agree just give us something for building this country invention that master took credit for I could go on and on some day justice must be served

    1. Your Daddy says:

      Lol. Ignorance

  9. Abdul-Muid Battle says:

    WTF! Crisis on!

  10. I had no idea of this torture to my people and ancestors, when are they going to give the black American money for the abuse we have insured all those years and the camps that thousands were starved and killed in

  11. I had no idea of a concentration camp where they starved, tortured, and killed thousands of freed black slaves and it is now a broad site, when are they going to give them money like they have done the American Indians, and Jews, we can’t even find our ancestors because of slavery and the name changing and don’t forget the trading , it brings tears to my eyes to think about it

  12. ebi says:

    our ancestors’s body remains have grown amazing vegetation that THEY (these beasts) are benefiting from. Eugh!!!

    1. Sunny says:

      No one will go down there to get the peaches because they now know what happened in that area..

      1. Muddy says:

        Lawd! That’s a heavy statement. So so sad . they were treating like house flies.

  13. baba says:

    This makes our responsibility as Scholars greater, so much information yet to uncover and its foolish to leave the scholarship in the hands of an irresponsible Stewart

  14. Lisa Smith says:

    No wonder I find it hard to have a relationship with a white man. I am from that area. There are so many things that we don’t know about the past. Are we ready to learn them? I do agree that we should get some kind of compensation for our accomplishments towards the advancement of the USA. He’ll we built this country and reaped nothing. When Cain killed Abel, God took the pigmentation from his skin which made him white. We are the chosen children of GOD. I AM A CHILD OF ABEL. A MELANIN CHILD. GIVE US OUR DUE.

  15. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

    it will happen again unless we put our lives on the line now and say fuck living good…they give niggas free cars and phones and now nobody is willing to fight.

    1. Leah says:

      People from every race after getting the free phones

  16. This is my first time ever reading anything like this, this the same thing planned today for us socalled Negroes. It’s time we socalled Negroes but our cases in on the crimes against humanity case, forget these Damn black leaders we didn’t vote for them, they and their families are living off our backs not doing or saying anything about the crimes against humanity case. It’s going to take moving them and their organization out of our way. Socalled Negroes and white folks are suffering of the horrors of these people who are my relatives that are the real people put in bondage by the Pope and their papal bulls…

    1. some how, this is true !!! when more atrocities come to the light, we may have to run for our lives to distant free-zones in other countries !!!

  17. It’s time the house of Israel takes it rightful place, these people are the copper colored of this land found here when the European Caucasian people came here. They trick our people into enslavement. Did it ever accrue to anyone, why our ancestors weren’t allowed to read the languages of the Spanish and Portuguese people, plus the English at that time. They planned to destroy us mentally and spiritually but implementing their beliefs in our people, when that was done, our ancestors weren’t allowed to worship the one and only Most High, I AM that I AM, think about the Name you’ve been calling on, it’s not the one our ancestors called on, ever since this happened look at our conditions as a people. The horrors our ancestors and our people today still suffer under these Pope’s papal bulls, you call on Jesus =’s (Zeus) a Greek God, you call on Christ =’s (Christian) a Roman god, these are false gods. People of Israel, yes you people in America who look like Africans and Ethiopians but you are not these people at all, stop worshipping these false gods. Our Most High, said, have No other gods (before me) I AM that I AM =’s (AHAYAH), we’ve been mis guided thru these two false names. Call upon our ancient name that our forefathers were told to call, useing this name A-HA-YAH, not by any other false names all other names are false names our Creator has only one name not many for those my people are false. Call on AHAYAH, let’s see the enemies of our people scream, anti Christ, anti Semitic, anti Allah, anti Jesus. The souls of those who have been slain are crying from the valley’s a cross this vast hemisphere because of the terrorism carried out by the Religious orders of the Pope’s orders in the names of Jesus, Christ and Allah. The Negroes God is AHAYAH, the true and only Most High. Theirs No amount of money, Gold or Silver that can pay for the crimes committed against the non English, Spanish, French, Portuguese speaking people, my ancestors our forefathers and mother’s of that day, but you speak this language’s today, let’s file the crimes against humanity case. Ain’t no stopping us know we’re on the move in the name of the Most High (AHAYAH)..

    1. Lc says:

      Do you mean Yahweh?

    2. Ipriama says:

      Yes-I! Iyah! Ahayah!

    3. Uziel says:

      The I am present within agree lets call on the universal
      lets call on Archangel Micheal , Archangel Gaberial , Archangel Rapheal.we have Angeles to work for us. Read Psalm 91:11 FOR HE HAS GIVEN HIS ANGELES OVER YOU…I am is God name.

  18. Zianna says:

    Never have I ever heard about this knowledge about this in school. I was only taught about what happened to the Jews. This hurts my heart bc now I’m 28 yrs n Ive been find out information that I never knew. This should be taught in school.

  19. we must run for our lives !!! due to the facts that there are white groups who have built even more deadlier concentration camps !!! lets see if we can find them, for real !!! real locations in america and in other lands !!!

    1. Larraline Adams says:

      Fema camps

  20. Larraline Adams says:

    I live in Natchez and I was always told that the devil’s punch bowl was where Pirates sailed up the Mississippi and dropped off treasure. Smh I think they should clean the site and make a Memorial

  21. Your Daddy says:

    Stupid ass groids

  22. Rickey Parker says:


  23. Yahkanon AbakiYah Ysrayl says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We must never forget how our people was and are being treated here and around the world. All of this can be summed up is the Book of Deuterocromy chapter 28. Also Read psalms chapter 83. These are Prophecies of the plight of the people of Israel. Read ,and see if the Bible doesn’t match up EXACTLY, precisely as Black History .I have only come for the Lost sheeps of the tribes of Ysrayl.

  24. Todd Stadtmueller says:

    What about all the Indians before that that were murdered for this country originally. They were fed bad food too when they were put on reservations it all started back then and they still have reservations for them to live on today. Look at all them also. All the battles with the Indians plus the other confrontations like wounded knee when they were disarming them. The history of this country has had slaves from the origin on and not just black slaves there were other races all thru history that were slaves. But thats all suppose to be in everyones history we are all for the most part Amercans then we all should act that way. Because none of us living today were born then.

  25. michael padilla says:

    the curse of the hebrew israelites,Deut:28

  26. AJ James says:

    I was raised in Natchez during the 60 & 70, lived near the bluff and cemetery . As a youth 3 other guys and myself call ourselves exploring the Devil Punch Bowl. We started at Linden Hill behind the old pecan factory and for 8 LONG hours of prayers and fears of not knowing if we were going to come out ALIVE, we experience it all. Never told our parents BUT did not know the part of history we were witnessing or about to come a part of. Thank God we survive and now 60 year old I can revisit that experience. She wanted to share. ITS REAL!!!!!!!

  27. Richard says:

    Even knowing all this it does not change the stance between the Democrat and Rebublican party. The Democrats have constantly voted agents key issues. One being the abolishment of slavery. Not one democrats in congress voted to abolish slaver. History is history and yes this story needed to be told but again is is history to learn from and to help change the future.

  28. Uziel says:

    I am a being of the Violet fire I am purity of God desire. there are 13 goddesses we need to get to know 1.goddess Purity, Charity faith hope. Harmony Justice music joy …get to know ur accended family pur people all destroyed for lack of knowledge. St. Germain of Violet flame. You have to call on them.Yeshua let u the way when he said I AM the way I am is the most high name. I AM,THAT I AM. A commar goes after I am
    the MOSES CODE go on ur computet type in the Moses.

    1. Uziel says:

      I am a being of the Violet fire I am purity of God desire. there are 13 goddesses we need to get to know 1.goddess Purity, Charity faith hope. Harmony Justice music joy …get to know ur accended family pur people all destroyed for lack of knowledge. St. Germain of Violet flame. You have to call on them.Yeshua let u the way when he said I AM the way I am is the most high name. I AM,THAT I AM. A commar goes after I am
      the MOSES CODE go on ur computet type in the Moses.check this out they have uncovered a concentration camp in Natchez Mississippi called the “peach bowel “. Checkit out. Allof us didn’t come here on slabe ship finance by the so call Jews . Check out Washitae Nation. just go in line.

  29. WallaceTheNoble says:

    Speechless,, What a shame. I pray for all those souls.

  30. Chaun77 says:

    It’s sad but not surprising. Black people are going through this because of the covenant that our ancestors broke with the Most High. Deuteronomy 28 explains what will happen to God’s people (Hebrews) if they broke that covenant. Deuteronomy 28:1-15 are the blessings and Deuteronomy 28:15-68 talks about the curses that will fall upon us. And because the Most High loved us and because He is true to His word, He had to give a sacrifice in our place to save us because according to His word the wages of sin is death and He knew that we would be born under sin because of the covenant that our ancestors broke. So He can’t and won’t go against His word, which is why He provided a way out (Jesus Christ). Therefore if you believe then you can be saved under grace. Now grace isn’t a free pass to just go and do anything against the Most High because there are still consequences for one’s actions. He just gave us free-will to choose. But I believe that if you believe in Jesus then you won’t have to pay that ultimate price (death) until the Most High says it’s time for you to come home. But once you realize the sacrifice that He made for you, He will change your heart and you won’t want to sin. I also believe that all the Most High is trying to do is get us back to where we were in the beginning, under His grace.

    And for those who are still confused about who the Most High’s people are, I urge you to read Deut. 28 and start at the curses (15th verse) because it will show you who His people are and what they will experience. Then go back and read the blessings. There is a people that fit what is being foretold. Then I urge you to keep researching, keep looking things up. What happened here is an ugly truth that was hidden for so long. What else have they hidden from the Most High’s people. He says it Himself, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

  31. Crystal says:

    Knowledge is power. I have taken the time to find out who I am and where I’ve come from. My findings have awakened me and left me with an identity which was once stolen. All bloodlines originate from people of color. All skin tones derive from the color black. Albinos are the defective products originating from people of color. Albinos have various shades of hair and eye colors and due to this generic defect they migrated where they were able to survive, the caucus mountains. Today they are distinctive known as the pure lineage of the Arians. Different shades erupted through them, masking the illusion that they are the creators of those who created them. But back to the so called Negro. After the great flood 12 tribes came into existence. These 12 tribes separated us by bloodline. The tribes were scattered across the earth. The 1st 5 books of the bible KJV bible tells people of different shades their history. According to Duetoronomy 28 our fate was predicted based on our actions. Google the 1747 & 1771 maps of Negroland. What you see will amaze you. The tribe Judah (Yahuda) came from the area of the slave coast. The tribe of Judah are migrants from Juruselem. We are decendants of the original Hebrews from the bloodline of Jesus the Christ. The one you claim does not exist. The bible has been told is a book of religion so our identities would be securely hidden. And when you read it, it does not deplict those who understand to simply pray, it tells us to pray before battles and to give thanks to our Creator, the one and only true God for being present on our behalf. Read, research and become I lightened. Know who you are and stop speaking out of ignorance. We have been given the instruction to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Become informed so what you say will not only be spoken in truth but will hopefully fall on the ears of others to inspire them to follow suite. We, people of color, are not, neither have we ever been people of violence by nature without provocation. And the promises of our Creator speaks to us today in the the book we run from. The older the bible the closer you are to the words spoken in truth. The 1611 KJV bible with the apocrypha, was translated by a Hebrew for Hebrews. I could expound upon this but then it would only cause you to regurgitate rather than to research for yourself. They even have scientific DNA proof along with other historical documents. In closing I only ask that you research so you to may “Know thyself”.

  32. South Afrikan Zef Side says:

    Obama didn’t give reparations for African Americans bc he knows Africa is broke and can’t pay for the crimes African chiefs committed against other Africans by serving them up as slaves to muslims, whites and blacks. In South Africa years ago they passed laws to take back all the huge amounts of farm lands owned by white ppl. Africans would often slaughter the white farmers and their families including infants. Now over 90% of that land is a wasteland and the South African leaders are begging the white ppl to come back and have their farmlands back but the white ppl aren’t coming back. Now thousands upon thousands of Africans are dying of starvation and at the hands of other Africans due to the awful conditions and being unable to run farms to support the people and the non existent economy. Begging the white man to come back and bring knowledge of running farms, business and economy back to South Africa. Its an awful sight. They used to sing Kill The Boer. Now they sing Please Save Us Boer. We are very sorry for our crimes against you so please come back and run farms to feed us! We have tried and fail to be successful without the White Man. Save us White man please we beg of you!

  33. Mohammed_Isuli says:

    Zef Side is correct. When I was younger male we wait in bush for end of day. When white farmee we call boer come home then we run into house and take control. It is African custom to rape man over and over sometime for days. It break his spirit. We also take woman and childs and do same. White man destroy us in apartheid so we take revenge. Many times childs and infants kill after jus few hours. We keep rape dead baby in front the farmer and woman. Woman cry like baby at these sights. Then we take bush machete and chop baby in parts and stick up woman’s insides. Both farmer and womans be cut but no kill yet. We rape and rape every whole. Some times we have 15 or 20 males constant rape family. Woman’s is killed before man farmer. We cut de head off and stick hard penus up neck. It is very pleasurable when still warm from life. White farmer have insides coming out of rear by this time. We cut some but not kill. We take man soul by 36 hour of constant rape of ass. White man cry and is very pleasure for us. We leave and then send medicine to farmer so he live. He broken man for dis time on. Usually it take years for man to walk if arms an legs broke between knee and rear. We mark boer rear with hot iron. This still goes on til this day many times by police in jail. African man is very much like to stick up white farmer rear. It is so sweet like sugar cane. Much better than African man rear. White man don’t be a gay so it much smaller rear than African man rear. Fun making hard penis in white man mouth. Him cry with tree or four hard African penus in him mouth. In Africa gay is often place. Many African man like root in mouth. White man no! Before leave we cut white man penus and put in his mouth. It so fun but now we know white farmer need to come back but white farmer don’t come. Now African lands do nothing. African not know how to run equipment of farm so farm die long time ago. Now African need food from American and sit all day hope food come from air or truck. We do need farmer back no moneies without. No think he will come. Save the boer in south Africa. We will not put penus in f armer family no again. We put in Africa man for funs and no problem because Africa man like hard penus in mouth and rear and really like hard penus in rear for long time real hard in out in out very rough an hard until penus must jerk and trob then turn around and put in mouth and suck very good, put hard penus all the way in throat to bottom until it shoot. Black man love sucking juice.

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