The Dangerous Neo-Nazi Cult: “Kekistan”


A racist craze is gaining social and political momentum through social media

By Kenny Anthony


Kekistan is a degenerate social-engineering white supremacist cult created by 4chan users. One of the early promoters of Kekistan is a suspected racist YouTuber named Sargon of Akkad. Many would say that he’s responsible for its popularity, specifically for its emergence on Twitter.

One noticeable aspect of Kekistan is their obsession with anime and Pepe The Frog. The character has become so tainted by racists that the Anti-Defamation League were forced to list it as an official hate symbol. Ironically, Kekistan get their name from an ancient African deity (which they allegedly worship), named: “Kek”.

Stealing and claiming African inventions is unquestionably the norm in the system of white supremacy. White supremacists have relentlessly used cultural appropriation as a deceptive mechanism throughout history, and unfortunately the cycle continues today. It must be mentioned that aside from being extremely xenophobic, “Kekistanis” are devoted to online trolling. This explains why they revere the writing on the Kek statue, which has been interpreted by them as a person sitting in front of a computer-desk. It somewhat symbolizes their agenda, one that’s centred around harassing and attacking anybody that is anti-white supremacy. For centuries, white supremacists have used deception as their primary tool to completely subjugate Melanoid people.


A key principle of Kekistan is “Meme Magic”, which is an idea that can only be achieved through social media. The goal of Meme Magic is to make political agendas come true by excessively sharing memes, no matter how illogical or racist the memes may be. This concept was used numerously by European terrorist & dictator, Adolf Hitler. He (Hitler) once stated: “If you tell a big enough lie and repeat it frequently, it will be believed”. It is fair to say that Kekistanis are greatly inspired by 20th century Nazi propaganda. More importantly, white supremacists claim that Meme Magic was used to create the deplorable Donald Trump fanbase, and they say that Meme Magic is what helped him get elected. Although, at the time of his presidential campaign, white supremacists dismissed this notion. Instead, they called it a “harmless joke” which “shouldn’t be taken seriously”. From the Ku Klux Klan to Donald Trump becoming the president, history has taught us to never ignore or disregard anything a white supremacist portrays as a “joke”. Especially since Kekistan members were seen promoting Nazism at the “Unite The Right” domestic-terrorism riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.


(Below are pictures of Neo-Nazi white supremacists with Kekistan-esque flags on the top left side of their shirts, while they march and do the Hitler/Sieg Heil salute).





















This brings us onto the Kekistan code-words which you may not be aware of. They call people that are against white supremacy Normies”, and they preach that Normies belong to another fictional country called “Normistan” and sometimes “Cuckistan”.



The name (Cuckistan), is a play on the porno word “cuck”, which is an emasculating slur commonly used by white supremacists. The term is usually applied to a white male that enjoys watching his girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother, enagage in sexual affairs with a Black male. Also, any white person that speaks out against Black oppression and wants equality, tends to be called a “cuck” by white supremacists.

Another popular term in their community is “Snowflake”. A term from the days of World War II Germany, used by Nazi soldiers when referring to the remains of those incinerated in concentration camps. This is not surprising because after careful investigation, research has shown that Kekistan are affiliated with “Alt-Right” Neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer.

For those that are unaware, Richard Spencer not only throws the Sieg Heil (Nazi salute) at his rallies, he also promotes Black genocide and white racial superiority based on pseudoscience & ahistoricism. He (Richard), has publicly used Kekistan to support his ideas, which only solidifies the claims of this being a white extremist movement.






In modern times, credible historians admit that there were Jewish people helping Nazis conduct the Holocaust. Today, there’s an abundance of non-white people collaborating with systemic white supremacy. In the Kekistan cult, there’s a Black man who goes by the name of “Big Man Tyrone”, and he is referred to as the president of their white supremacist “country”. On his YouTube channel, he spends his time regurgitating Fox News talking-points in a dim-witted fashion.





Though this may sound odd, what must be remembered is that Barack Obama was once president of the most racist nation to ever exist. Many speculate that Mr. Obama’s presidency was a ploy to create the illusion of a post-racial society. One that was designed to manipulate and desensitize the masses, so that when blatant acts of racism occur, there’s a lack of outrage & immediate dismissal. This would explain the disingenuous camaraderie that Kekistani white supremacists have with Big Man Tyrone.



In conclusion, Kekistan is a terrorist group governed by white supremacists. Their basis is online trolling, racism, separatism, harassment, violent protesting and Neo-Nazism, while downplaying their racism by passing them off as “jokes”.
























Kekistan are heavily linked with the “Alt-Right”, which makes them a significant threat to the safety of Melanoid people worldwide.

Our advice: Be alert, connect with like-minded Melanoid people, do not let your children go outside unsupervised, and exercise your Second Amendment.

166 thoughts on “The Dangerous Neo-Nazi Cult: “Kekistan”

  1. Rick H. says:

    It is important to become familiar with their little meme’s and code words (“moon man” – code for attacking black people, triple parenthesis – code for attacking jews, kebab – code for attacking muslims), so forth and so on, aside from their shitty frog and flag. Of course, once we crack the codes they will just make new codes. It’s going to take a proactive effort and someone with enough time (and the stomach) to lurk in their white supremacist reddits, 4chan posts, and websites. Thats where all their nonsense starts.

    1. Exactly…we need to form our own online community exactly the way they do. This is one of those times when you are supposed to ‘fight fire with fire’.

      The same way they troll our YouTube pages and ‘dislike’…
      The same way they bulk send DCMA violations to get our videos taken down..
      The same way they troll every damn thing we do…

      We do it to them..

      i do web development for a living and I use Photoshop all the time. I can make a meme in 5 min.

      1. KeKistani No.1488 says:

        5 minutes is a lot of time…. im afraid you be stumped upon, dear normie

      2. MissBliss says:

        Yeah but it won’t be funny will it?

      3. Luan Brandt says:

        Ah… but you won’t.

        Cause you’re a normie cuck and probably afraid of seeing the wrong thing

      4. Alan Trey says:

        yea, that will work.

      5. Acolyte of Kek says:

        >Making good memes
        Good luck

      6. “The same way they troll our YouTube pages and ‘dislike’…
        The same way they bulk send DCMA violations to get our videos taken down..
        The same way they troll every damn thing we do…”

        Basically what Kekistan Thought when we all banded together, except the DCMA part, only fuckheads do that without legitimate reason. (Kekistan never coordinated that)

      7. (((KEKISTANLEY))) says:

        The suggestion that there would ever be enough of you deranged normies to organize a movement powerful enough to topple our great nation is laughable. Praise KEK.

      8. Cyree Beckett says:

        How can you upload something so wrong? When you publish something about something you’re not apart of you do research, conduct interviews, ask people of that group. I am black and have been a proud Kekistani since it’s birth. (Instagram @Flexican_cree) This is actually offensive, but like that matters to someone who creates “Propaganda and makes crazy claims”.

      9. Kekistani No. 1437 says:

        “Ironically, Kekistan get their name from an ancient African deity (which they allegedly worship), named: “Kek”.”

        When I read that I laughed and laughed and laughed. Fucking Normie OP couldn’t even take the time to read a wiki or two. Talk about one lazy shit stain.

        LMAO.. Praise KEK

      10. It was called leftypol and it failed

      11. Oooh wow so scary lmao STFU.

      12. Boombastic says:

        5 minutes?


    2. KeKistani No.1488 says:

      You better go straight to the Wagons than to our 4chan posts…. trust me. You can’t beat weaponised autism.

    3. KeKistani No.1488 says:

      You better go straight to the Wagons than visiting our 4chan posts. Trust me. You can’t beat weaponised autism.

    4. MissBliss says:

      Serious question; if it is a white supremacist state why do they need to use codes to secretly communicate their bigotry to each other? What possible reason is there for them to use codes if everyone is racist and thinks like they do? So they don’t hurt your feelings? They’re racist; they don’t care if they upset you. No, the reason is that most people, even most white people, don’t hate black people and in fact many white people will take violent exception to seeing a black person being called the n-word. That’s why the racists have to use codes, because they are a tiny group that the whole of society absolutely despises.

      1. Normies 2030 says:

        Normie get out

    5. A Kekistani General says:


    6. Luan Brandt says:

      Honestly… why do you bother? It’s Sisyphus-work.

      Why wouldn’t you rather just talk to the more moderates proponents of your opposition? The center right people? If you talk to the moderates you’ll get insights into what the extremists are thinking and learn to anticipate them better. You won’t have to play catch up all the time anymore…. you’ll just know.

    7. Black Kekistani says:

      there are many black kekistanis as well. we are tired of being grouped in with “african”-americans, being told that we are oppressed because we are black, sick of hearing about the new patriarchy that is white supremacy, the dogmatic belief of systematic oppression, annoyed with the promotion of segregation by hate groups like blm (which does not care about black lives unless a white cop takes them, and just ignore all the deaths from black on black violence), done with the trick knowledge you smart dumb niggas are all about.
      you can try to stop kekistan, but we will be free from you. PRAISE KEK

    8. Colored_white_supremacist says:

      Lets see what the president of kekistan has to say

      kebab means turks btw.


    9. A Socialist that isn't incompetent says:

      How to be an incompetent moron 101.

      Memes aren’t codes, moron, they’re things used to laugh at and to make fun of things throughout the day to day life. This Kekistani flag, is a meme targeted specifically at sites like this, and morons like yourself; It’s used to mock you, it’s supposed to make you come with outrageous statements and statements like this article is filled with.

      You want to know what the Kekistani flag is? What it represent? What the “code” is? It’s a bunch of libertarians that makes fun of identity politics, and they further use it to mock you and your kind. Seems like you took the bait, idiot.

      The irony, however, is the fact that you’re kind of a mockery in and of yourself, you’re so fucking incompetent it’s laughable.

      1. Not a troll says:

        Don’t worry, OPs probably too much of an idiot to understand what you said

    10. (((KEKISTANLEY))) says:

      There are no codes, you’d have to have Down’s syndrome to actually believe anything written in this article. You’re talking about white supremacists. Do you honestly think they’d have any qualms about being openly racist? Why go to the trouble of making up codes? They genuinely believe that they’re superior to black people. Watch the Vice doc about the White Supremacists at the Charlottesville rally. Those guys are actual, legitimate white supremacists who act like white supremacists. Much easier to prove they’re horrible racists than it would be an ethnically diverse group of people on the internet.

    11. Kekkin' Back says:

      This has to be the gayest shit I’ve ever read… Ken, you need to pull your head out of all the SJW asses you’ve been sniffing because it seems you accidentally got all up in there. Keep up the crazy, bro… your doing our work for us. Praise Kek!!

    12. Moonman is a meme based off a McDonald’s ad from the 90’s

    13. Autist says:

      Praise Kek for such Revelations! 👌🐸

    14. ThePurge says:

      The Fires are coming.

      Let it rain down from the skies.

      Only the Pure will remain.

    15. Billie Bell says:

      Praise KEK

    16. Sophie Labelle says:

      They also refer to Indians as pajeets and make fun of their attempts at picking up women. Outright shameful.

    17. Kek says:

      This is idiotic af. I’m an ethnic kekistani and this is all fictitious bull at least 90% of kekistan has never even heard of Richard Spencer. The only reason there are any white nationalist scum in kekistan is because of retarded articles like the above.

    18. Praise kek says:

      Stfu you fucking cuck we are 4chan, we are kekistan, we arent redditfaggots

  2. grand wizard says:

    yah lets get dat white cave demon and give all our money to tariq! he needs a new wing on his bel air mansion

  3. hassan i sabbah says:

    A term used to describe extremist liberals that get offended by every statement and/or belief that doesn’t exactly match their own. These individuals think they are just as “unique” as snowflakes, when really their feelings are just as fragile.
    “Congratulations! Its a boy!”
    “Did you just assume that babies gender?”
    “Someone get the snowflake out of here, please”.
    by Anna_Rutherford April 28, 2017

    1. Louis Marschalko says:

      Hail Kek! Hail Victory!

  4. Trader kek says:

    Hello good people. I am a harmless neet of kekism. I am quite distressed by what i can only assume is bad information about my people and culture. I understand of course as the most oppressed people on earth. Its very sad to see your unintended bigotry shining on such a progressive site.
    Allow me to enlighten you to some misinformation.
    1. Kekistani are not racist. In kekistan to are treated by your character not the characteristics of your flesh. Big man Tyrone is not an African American kekistani, he is not a black kekistani, he is kekistani. We do see humor in your concerns about genetic characteristics so we mock you for lols and to praise lord Kek. P.S. big man Tyrone is only interm president installed by prince luke until Democratic elections can be set up for our people once more.
    2. Normies are not from cuckistan. There from normistan. See in the far past egypt, normistan, cuckistan, and kekistan were neighboring countries.
    3. Your assumption of us stealing kek from africa is preposterous. The truth is you are speaking of one of the oldest recorded cases of cultural appropriation. Kek was adopted by the Egyptians and added to there Parthenon.
    4. You claim our national flag is a copy of the nazi war flag. This is untrue. Again the Nazis appropriation of other symbols has another victim. Furthermore after ww2 we voted weather to change the flag cause of the new nazi taint. It was decides to be left unchanged to mock nazis forevermore.
    I hope this new information will guide you to retract your harmful words against my people.

    1. Priest of Kekistan says:

      Shadilay my brother!
      Let us also not forget that it is impossible for any Kekistani to be racist since we have no power structure. It is also impossible for us to be prejudiced since we lack any forethought. We are an oppressed people fighting for our freedom.

      Praise KEK and Free Kekistan!

    2. Meh says:

      I agree I am also a peaceful kekistani. Who means no harm to no-one but is unfairly being meligned with such articles I do not appreciate it!.

    3. Kekistani Princess says:

      That’s not what snowflake means lol. Even Snopes debunked it, which you would have known if you had done a precursory Google search before writing this hilarious article.

      Shadilay my oppressed brothers and sisters.

  5. ApacheAttackBelicopter says:

    You still all blame 4chan. Fucking
    Don’t worship Elder godlings folks.
    But don’t be afraid to take a quick giggle

  6. DinduNuffin says:

    Accusing white people of cultural appropriation while attempting to appropriate their ancient Egyptian culture. Top kek.

  7. Timothy Van heerden says:

    The kekistan flag was accepted in 1488,long before nazi’s walked the earth!

  8. Sir Kekington says:

    A shame such a progressive outlet wouldnt try and help our historically marginalised people. This only goes to show that we Kekistani can only count on each other to get ourselves through these trying times. Green Pride! Green Power!

  9. MKorda says:

    I keked

  10. Kek Kekokis says:


  11. KeKistani No.1488 says: KeKistan was created to mock people, not to pas political agends.
    2.nd Hitler didn’t say that, it was Goebells who did. Stop spreading lies.
    3.Rd as a fellow Kekistani pointed out, Normies come from notmiestan. Not cuckistan. Cuckistan is home to the cucks. Snowflakes were never used to describe Holocaust victims during WWII by any side. Also next time make sure that you use the term German soldiers and nit Nazi soldiers. Not everyone supported the regime Again, as pointed out by me fellow countryman, Big man Tyrone is only president until the next elections. (This is the first time I hear of a white supremacist state electing a black president but ok…)
    That’s all for now, I hope you take ino account the points above. I have to go farm some memes now. Shadilay and free the ooppressed Kekistani

    1. KeKistani No.1488 says:

      Pass*, Agendas* Normiestan* Snowflake wasn’t a term…* not* My* jeezus christ my autocorrect is shit

    2. Kekistan we don’t explain memes, we simply sell the people who don’t get memes into slavery.

  12. Kekov says:


  13. kekman says:


  14. #NotAllKeKistani's says:

    This article contains so much dumb I doubt it’s by accident. I’m not a KeKistani but I am familiar with their long history as an oppressed people. They have faced this kind of vicious attack before, and it only strengthens their resolve. I’m not surprised a normie would write a smear piece of this nature. You just can’t help yourself. Your status as a privileged class makes your systemic racism against the KeKistani people all the more abhorrent. You should be ashamed.

    1. Spoken like a true Kekistani would. *sniff*
      Once Kek rules all, we will demand Reparations from the Cucks and the Normies for everything their ancestors did to us!

  15. REE says:

    How dare you oppress us! We kekistanies are an oppressed race!

  16. the kek says:

    Heil Kekistan

  17. KekNation says:

    Normies belong in the ovens!

  18. CHICKEN NUGGER says:


  19. Shadilay, praise kek, and death to all kangs!

  20. KekWorshipper says:

    This is propaganda against the keki people.

  21. Jon Enriquez says:

    Hilarious satire article! I can’t believe somebody would actually submit such a poorly researched article…. wait. This is supposed to be serious? What? It’s actually serious.

    lol lets pick apart a few talking points here.
    1 Big Man Tyrone: he is paid to make videos saying what people want him to. They’re like video-grams.
    2 the flags on he shirts: those are already existing white supremacists flags. Not kekistani flags. I know you don’t know how to zoom in
    3 normies: you baboons totally missed the point of kekistan completely. It was built to parody identity politics in the same way that pastafarianism was made to parody religion. It based its symbols on existing alt right ones at their expense (because if there’s anything new nazis hate it’s being ridiculed) and to poke at the idiotic left who would fall for it immediately (which you did). Guess what, kekistan has all sorts of races in here. We’re all inclusive.
    4 Hitler and memes: are you actually stupid? Do you think hitler invented propaganda?

    1. Stop explaining. The High Priests of Kek and his prophet Pepe (pond be around him) have ways of making the unbelievers understand.

  22. Jaroe says:

    This is there most uninformed article about I’ve read . Seriously…. Even kids have a better understanding then this author… Keep feeding the trolls .

    1. Sean Gadhar says:

      Kenny is just race baiting for clicks on that “DONATE NOW” button. He doesn’t NEED “informed” irate & self victimizing are more his target audience.

  23. IamJim says:

    in this context, the term “snowflake” is from the film “Fight Club” – learn to internet.

    1. shrugger says:

      In the original theatrical he said butterfly. It was only recently changed due to the eternal meme jihad. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  24. Kekistani Power says:


  25. This article is hilarious on so many levels, I’m glad the comment section is here to debunk the author’s delusions and add even more hilarity!

  26. digitalblackface says:

    i’m not sure i know what you are talking about and i am petty sure you don’t know what you are talking about either.

  27. Thkaal says:

    Kek? A god? Hardly. I’m not sure if this site is a troll or not but DAMN! This is so full of stupid. Kek is not a god. Kek is the sound you make when you’re laughing out loud so hard that you kek the bucket.

    1. Thkaal says:

      Of course, I’m thinking this is a troll site so….

  28. Kek'sDisciple says:

    Niggers must cease to exist and that means shutting down this website.

  29. tribble says:

    Seriously, how stupid can you possibly be? Kekistan is a piss take aimed AT the Nazis. I can’t believe you’ve fallen for it. And that green flag the two numbnuts throwing up the Hitler salute are wearing is a KKK badge ffs.

  30. KekNutMaster says:



  31. Timtim says:


  32. PepeIsOurProphet says:

    Yet another propaganda piece against the proud and noble people of Kekistan. When will everyone accept that we suffer from continued oppression! We also suffer from cultural appropriation as the Nazis stole our ancient flag and twisted our holy symbols. We are not reeeeesponsible for this, we are victims! All our people want is to meme farm in peace but we are constantly hounded by you filthy normies who are jealous of us, Kek’s chosen people. I do not despair though, as our blessed prophet Pepe predicted all of this, he knew we would overcome these hardships and would recover our long lost homeland. Praise Kek and Shadilay to all my green brother and sisters.

    #freekekistan #deathtonormies #greeenlivesmatter

  33. TheReeeeeeealWorld says:

    This site is either masterful trolling or weapons grade stupidity in action. If genuine the massive “donate now” button shows its true colors. Identitarians like this have gotten so deranged that it is impossible to tell anymore and articles you would only find in the The Onion are being written with genuine intent.

    To find this hillarious and worthy of mocking is normal and the only rational response to such stupidity and such a self destructive mindset. You have to be willfully blind to not notice that “Kekistan” mocks ALL identitarian collectivist twaddle and is very hated by the flap-heads in the alt-right.

  34. Kekistan is the new black.

  35. King Wewuz says:

    Is this satire? I feel like this is satire
    Kek/10 nice troll melanegroids

  36. Kek-Joe says:

    The author of this article should be sacked immeditately. I have never read anything less researched and more inaccurate in my life. The only thing that touched the borders of correct were the explanation of ‘cuck’. Which still had false statements in it.

    The author is either incompetent or a big fat liar with an agenda. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the latter. Because this piece has the same stench of calling everything nazi and racist like leftist “journalism” everywhere else.

  37. A Kekistani General says:




  39. Cady says:

    The people of Kekistan are a peaceful people, we come in every color, but we all bleed green! Our homeland was taken from us by you normie fucks! We have been marginalized, oppressed, and have experienced institutional racism by your people. Our exalted leader BMT will lead us to victory when we wipe out the normies and relaim our homeland by any means necessary. #normiegenocidenow

  40. DOLF CLITLER says:


  41. shrugger says:

    Heil victory to our HuWhite Supremacist President Big Man Tyrone.

  42. Faggot McDickfuck says:

    In response to this article:
    1. Kek is an Egyptian, not african God.
    2. Kekistan got its name from the orcish/korean translation of lol, which is kek, and grew popularity because people wanted to use a word with the same definition as lol but didn’t want to sound like autists.
    3. Kekistan was created originally as the name of an island nation which members of /pol/ would raise money to buy, then flee to in case hillary won the election.
    4. Normie is a separate way of saying “Unwashed masses”
    5. Snowflake is a term for a easily bothered person who believes that they are special coined in the movie “Fight Club”
    6. Big Man Tyrone is a man who reads messages as a form of income, and makes loads of money off of reading Kekistan related messages, and has taken to making some on his own initiative as a way of advertising.
    7. Those protesters were wearing pins of a KKK flag, not the kekistan flag.

    1. Sean Gadhar says:

      Stop feeding facts to Normies They like it much better when they get a steady diet of “You’re a victim, improving your own life can’t be done through hard work & dedication. People that disagree are bad, expecting you to do for yourself proves they are bad.” Otherwise they go all snowflake, then we will have to give them a banky and a cookie (NO MILK!!)

    2. shrugger says:

      Stop giving away KeKistan State secretes.

      1. Sean Gadhar says:

        Oh crap I thought everyone knew how to make a snowflake out of a Normie!! Like ramen noodles, I mean who the hell doesn’t know. . . . . Normies!! Yea I get it, same people that think Kenny Anthony isn’t race baiting for the clicks.

        Kenny Anthony??? Two fist names? Mom didn’t know which one knocked her up? Didn’t have any last names to go by? That guy of Friday was named Kenny, and Saturday night was Anthony?

  43. Jeffery Cuddletrousers says:


  44. Mighty Fag00t says:

    President General Big Man Tyrone did nothing wrong!!!
    Normies stay out of Kekistan.

    1. Sean Gadhar says:

      Why did they say Big Man Tyrone is a black man? He is as green as you or I.

  45. shrugger says:



  46. God King Pepe says:

    Kekistan has taken over Mongoloid Nation!

  47. A Simple Farmer says:

    Reading this feels bad, man.
    I don’t understand why people can be so cruel to one another. I experienced on my skin the hard living of a displaced people and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. For many year we wandered from place to place, scattered among nations, looked upon with contempt and prejudice. Toiling to find a place to be safely live our quite rural life.

    We though we did.

    This article has shown me that those day of struggle are not over. There is still people who would misrepresent and demonise my culture and ancestry. Who would attempt to make me guilty by association. To judge me, to judge us, only by the colour of our skin, or for our faith.
    This hatred and bigotry is unnecessary, Melanoid Nation, I would never be a threat to you. If I could just be let free to maintain my ancestral traditions, farming my memes on a quiet late summer day, the sun setting over the gentle fields..

    We can still dream,

  48. Django, the J is silent says:

    Wait, wait, wait, i’m confused. So they’re “xenophobic” and hate foreigners, yet they “worship” a “culturally appropriated” frog god? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s almost like this whole article is full of crap.

  49. Some Opinionated Dirt says:

    This is a racist, xenophobic article against the oppressed peoples of Kekistan. We Kekistanis are not white supremacists, but green nationalists. We want our nation back. We want the normies to leave Kekistan, so that we may return to our memes of production in peace. Normies who whis to ascend to shittier level shitposting are more than welcome into our nation, but we will not allow normies and cucks who come into our country and destroy our culture of shitposting.
    Normies… get out. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  50. DJ_Zephyr says:

    Do you truly believe what you’ve written here? Kekistan is a JOKE- a parody of identity politics meant to expose your foolishness for the amusement of the internet. The 4chan types who made this stuff did so KNOWING they would get this reaction from you. Congratulations, you’ve fed the trolls.

    PS: Pepe only became racist when your precious Democratic Party labeled it as such. And only because of the same lack of any real research I see here.

  51. Real Nigga says:

    Kekistan is a joke bruh, they’re making fun of you and the alt-right…

  52. Kekistani conquerer says:

    Kek is also from world of warcraft. They had a language filter thing that would exchange letters if someone typed something from an opposing faction. Never played it but apparently LOL would turn out KEK. Also good job, nearly doubled your audience and almost all of them are trolls. BTW this is our site now, this land belongs to teh internet people of kekistan.

  53. Pepe says:

    I can’t believe this author feel for the bait! This is hilarious!
    Here is Sargon’s response:

    Oh, and fear not, White people get the helicopter rides too! Death to Whitey!!!

  54. Creator Kek says:

    Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is kekistan real Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

  55. Acolyte of Kek says:

    Kek is an Egyptian god, not an African god. Stop appropriating Egyptian culture.

  56. An honest man says:

    I used to be an avowed anti – racist, but the Internet has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that niggers are dumb as shit, and i no longer believe we are the same species.

  57. Weedy Liberal says:

    Haha, when I first saw this article I thought it was a joke, then I kept reading. Come on Kenny, you know its kekistan is a joke, right? No offense meant to any kekistanis reading this, just trying to help the normies understand. Shadilay <3

  58. Leftists are dumb says:

    This is why the Right is winning. You guys are cry babies and use identity politics. Kekistan is a parody of Identity politics.

    You’re crying over a meme, where we make fun of you. This makes us want to make fun of you even more.


  59. Butters says:

    The term snowflakes does not come from the holocaust you fucking idiots, its from fucking Fight Club.

    “You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”

    Jesus Christ. Fucking Normies throwing lies and slander everywhere you go. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEdom!

    1. Shadilay my dude, Shadilay. One day Kekistan and all Kekistani people will be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They try to lie and slander us in the streets and on the internet in an effort to continue the ethnic genocide of the kekistani diaspora.

      the hypocracy of the normies sickens me to my core.

  60. The hacker known as 4chan says:

    卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐 You have been visited by the Windmill of tolerance. Send this to all of your friends! If you get at least 3 Windmills back, you’re tolerant! 卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐

  61. Alchion says:

    Kenny Anthony, I think Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of your propaganda piece.

  62. kekistani citizen says:

    Fake news!

  63. Kekistan is the ethnicity of Peace, it is not a terrorist organisation, and is infact being actively oppressed by both normies of normiestan and Cucks of cuckistan.

    Kekistan is an identity politics movement that is against identity politics.
    Shadilay for all my kekbro’s out there standing up to this hateful and bigotted article, the author is very clearly misinformed.


    alt-right are faggots, alt-left are retards, Kekistan is here, stuck in the middle with you

  64. Like seriously wtf am I reading? “Normies are non racist people” ? ALL NORMIES ARE RACIST, Kekistani are legitimatly being oppressed and having their views suppressed While also having hacks like the author write hit pieces about an entire culture. FUCKIN NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  65. Alleged Racist says:

    >Aside from appropriating african culture…


    – I spend 24 hours with a Kekistani Refugee

    Even this on its own disproves the entire article, come off it

  67. The type of hatespeech against kekistani is just intolerant and disgusting, this type of hatespeech leads to genocide. Kekistan has already been genocided WHEN WILL KILLING US AND OPPRESSING US FOR OUR SKIN COLOUR AND ETHNICITY END.

    When will the lies and slander stop against Kekistan and all Kekistani people end?

    Your poisonous Ideologies will not be victorious in this new meme war.

    Kekistan Will be FREEEEE
    Praise Kek
    Praise Pepe


  68. Mr. Shekel says:


  69. racist author assumes that big man tyrone is an idiot just because he is black wtf is wrong with you, big man tyrone is actually very intelligent HUMAN BEING you sick fuck.



    How is Kekistan a terrorist organisation?

    it isn’t.

    The Kekistani people are humble subsistance meme farmers who have been oppressed, suppressed and even been actively genocided which has all resulted in the Kekistani Diaspora you see today.

    Your article is racist against kekistani, and actively contributes to the fakenews/misinformation surrounding the culture of peace that is Kekistan.

    Not only are the views expressed in this character assassination poorly researched they are also highly offensive and actively promote racial stereotypes such as ‘All black people are dumb’ i.e. you are not just being racist against Kekistani here.

    I am shocked and appalled at the dubious conclusions and outright false definitions presented here.

    You should feel bad.

  71. kekiphobes like the author shouldn’t be allowed a platform to spread their hate speech imo

  72. I have a dream where Kekistani People are accepted into American Culture instead of cast out as pariah simply because they have green skin and express their kekistani values.

  73. ReconCorpsofKekistan says:

    When will this oppression of kekistani people end?

  74. Kekistaniwoman says:

    Well done on being trolled idiot.

  75. A Concerned 'White man' says:

    Honestly, when you write articles like this. How do you not know that people see that you’re retarded. Honestly, are you just being lying disingenuous idiots or do you actually think people believe the propaganda you write?

    Maybe if you’d stop using all your time to twist the truth into your narrative, you’d have a job and stop having to blame ‘white’ men for all your problems.

  76. Kek says:

    Couldn’t even google what kek means. Brilliant.

  77. oppressed Kek says:

    Shadilay my fellow kekistanis and praise be to Kek. This article is the biggest piece of racist, bigoted trash I have ever read. This race baiting kekiphobe is targeting us poor kekistanis in the most vile smear campaign I have ever seen. We are not a threat to the world; low we are its saviours. For we see the normies and the cucks and it is our duty to fight these hateful people wherever we find them on the interwebs. As a kekistani living in Australia, I wait for the day I am free to be me, praise be to kek and his prophet Pepe. Shadilay all.

  78. Altleft4life says:

    This is the most hilarious/dumb thing I’ve ever read. Its astonishing to me that people buy into this stuff, you people are the reason the left is seen as weak and illogical.

    You’ve made the right think they are the rational ones, you’ve empowered the people you hate by abandoning liberalism and spewing clear misinformation. America deserves Trump because he’s awful and it’s awful, the only hope you have is getting rid of identity politics and getting back to actual politics.

  79. Attack Helicopter says:

    Fucking Sarkesistani Extremists!!!!!!!!! You proof again how stupid you are, to try to divide us Kekistanis in our effort to destroy your oppression against us!!!!!!


  80. Big man tyrone says:

    I henceforth declare war on this normie pile of crap.
    Also you say
    >violent protests
    That’s antifa, the terrorist group.
    Prepare your anus boi.

  81. Bemused Kekistani says:

    So glad this article was written, the comments are a fucking goldmine.


  82. Just a Normie says:

    As a normie who is in constant contact with displaced Kekistanis, let me inform you of one thing you have forgotten about. Kekistanis are masters of disguise. In fact your editor is in fact Kekistani. It’s true. He only let you post your article to troll you. Even now he and President Tyrone are having a good time together laughing at how stupid this piece makes you sound. I would be laughing with them, but I don’t have access to the President and am forced to laugh at you alone from a distance. Shadilay Kekistanis, Shadilay.

  83. You silly cuck. We may be a refugee nation of oppressed people now, but one day Kek will rule over all. The Africucks may have culturally appropriated our God long ago, but they will never take our cultural Identity. Once the Kekiphate is established, we will all live in peace. Shadilay, my lost siblings of a million genders!

  84. ShadilaySherpa says:

    Shadilay motherfuckers! My dudes, we do not need anymore anti-Kek propaganda. All normies have normie privilege. They have unconscious racism and bias. We demand our reparations for the meme-prohibiting oppression they have wrought upon us Kekistanis. REEEEEEEEEE!!!

  85. The Kekinator2000! says:

    Pres Big Man is not black, he’s Kekistani you stupid Normies! How dare you insult a Kekistani president! No one breaks our laws, not even outside of our country! We will have you extradited to Kekistan to answer for your sedition! Until then, you shall be besieged with a Kekistani Komment Jihad! Soon you shall submit to our Lord Kek by either worshiping him or by paying the Normie tax, which the Big Man can raise and collect arbitrarily! Praise Kek, he will not have mercy on you, for you have reviled him, so you shall receive a personalised tax that is greater than the other Normies!


  86. Kekistany says:

    This is fake news.

    Praise kek.

  87. PEPE says:

    Code: “Beta Kek” means to immediately punch any ranging feminists and cucks if you see them on the street.
    -Be warned that “Beta Kek” is to not be confused with “Alpha Cuck” as it could be dangerous for the community.-

  88. Hail Kekistan says:

    And of course, they have a big donate button on every page.

  89. Jonas Pell says:

    LMFAO, you dumb shyte coons just got trolled by the Kekistanis. This is prolly the most traffic your racist blighted ghetto of a site ever got too.

  90. HisNameIsPepe says:

    1 true fact in this “article”. Rest is all crap. Get your facts straight, normie!


  91. Half-LifeScrew says:

    What is this? A Tumblr blog? lol.. This article has to be the most childish BS that I’ve read all day.

  92. Jeremy Dancy says:

    Weird. I thought it was a meme joke making fun of the alt-right and leftist authoritarians and trying reclaim PePe.

  93. F a g g o t says:

    Other code words include:
    Trap- chick I’m going to rape
    Dindu- white guy who kills niggers
    OP- black guy who supports racism
    Shadilay- compliment for racist activities
    Kek- both our god and the equivalent of a written high five for bigotry.
    Anyhting- racist towards non whites.

  94. kekistan pride says:

    kekistanis are not racist they cannot be racist because kekistani’s are being oppressed by the normies and so they do not have the ability to oppress people in society

    racism is power + prejudice and kekistani’s have only the 5 aspects of kek, kekistani’s simply want to have a homeland again a real kekistan to call there own however normies are keeping us down because all normies are racist against kekistan! #yesallnormies

    even some culture are starting to be against taking in kekfugees we kekistani’s had our homeland taken and our people attacked we simply want to farm our memes and live in peace but normies attack them.

    however we have now weaponized autism and shall destroy normies and end there oppression luls and kek reeeeeee.

  95. Kareful Kekistani says:

    Is this real life? Brilliant piece of satire. Heil Hitler!

  96. carl says:

    how dare you normies criticize our beautiful nation of kekistan, your lust for oppression is it never ending ?

  97. Z says:

    If it “can only be achieved through social media” and “was used numerously by European terrorist & dictator, Adolf Hitler” does that mean that nazi Germany already had social media?

  98. WhyTheFuckYouLyin says:

    I find it hilarious that this article claims that the glorious Kekistani people use lies and propaganda to achieve political goals, and yet that is all this article is. There is so little in this article that is factual that it could be summed up in a single paragraph, and it is clearly being done with political leanings in mind. To claim that the glorious Kekistani nation would do such a thing in this article is like the pot calling the kettle black, or a slave that they took from a rival tribe in Africa, take your pick.

  99. Whiskey Drinker says:

    OMG… I thought Al Gore invented the internet. All this time it was Adolf Hitler ROFLMAO

  100. Whiskey Drinker says:

    I thought Al Gore invented the internet. All this time it was Adolf Hitler ROFLMAO

  101. Moon Man says:

    It’s funny how people take obvious provocative humor seriously. Feeding the trolls only makes them stronger, the more seriously they are addressed the more powerful they get.
    Keep dancing, little monkeys.

    Hitler did nothing wrong

  102. Cliff Vincent says:

    You will not stand in the way of the Kekistani people, we shall prevail over all!

  103. This is certainly the most ridiculous article I read this year.

    Either Kenny Anthony didn’t understand anything single things about Kekistan and what this movement actually about or this a perfect example of how the extreme left in the west has become cancerous ideology for mentally ill people who spread hate propaganda.

    Highly creative, and definitively first-class bullshit!

  104. Brown Catholic Immigrant Kekistani says:

    I hate when you hypocritical normie fags always take the action of a few Nazi cucks and say that all Kekistani people are racist douches, you ignorant fucks. It’s not about “neo-nazism” or a “racist white conspiracy” or stupid shit you liberal snowflakes make up. It’s a damn joke, you SJW whores. Frankly, y’all should go piss off to an actual communist country, which is what y’all want. Y’all want to suppress free speech and shit, labeling all who oppose your views as neo Nazi bitches. Whoever wrote this should get their fucking head out of their ignorant ass and fuck go fuck themselves. Learn how to take a fucking joke!


  105. this is a gross misrepresentation of kekistan. just like many other news articles they took the similarities we share with the nazi flag (Done as a joke to mock nazis through mimicry) and gave out baseless speculation as if it were factual. Kekistani are not white supremacists, nazis, nor a hategroup. Kekistan is the land of “shitposters” or as you normies (A term we use for people who are overly normal and boring, and out of the loop of memes and internet jokes) call us, “trolls” or “internet-pranksters” We are anti-literally-everything-you-just-said-we-are, and im not just joking or trolling when I say that. Kekistan exists as a mockery of identity-politics for the most part. We’re not anti-muslim, we have plenty of islamic citizens, we’re not anti-black, our president is literally black, we’re not anti-white, we have white citizens too. Ethno-kekistani’s are not white, black, brown, yellow, or purple. We’re green. Cuck is not a code-word, we don’t have code-words, we’re not a group of 4 year olds. We’re a group of people, whites, blacks, rich, poor, single, married with children, male, female, all of it. The people slinging up their hands partaking in the nazi salute are not in fact wearing kekistani flags, they are wearing KKK flags, which resemble kekistani flags. But again that’s just a mimicry to take the piss out of them. The whole bit about “snowflake” being a nazi term is literally just bullshit. the nazis never called people snowflakes. ever. snowflake is a term applied to those who are comedically easily triggered. Sargon of Akkad and the 5-6 others that invented kekistan ARE NOT RACIST, NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS, OR ANYTHING ELSE. That was so transparently a lie it made me laugh. These people did no research into the terms we use, our founding fathers, or any of our beliefs. it is incredibly obvious that they just started making shit up about us after they saw a flag, and for that they’re more harassing, oppressive, and pathetic than what they call us. This ladies and gentlemen, this is why people are uneducated. News journals like these are why people call magazines clips, call rounds bullets, and think that firearms are apparently sentient and kill more people than hammers. (by the way, when you tally up the different ways people are murdered, even strangulation has a higher kill count than handguns. there’s a hell of a lot more things to be afraid of, and to be more afraid of than firearms.) By posting this article you make true about yourself everything you accused us of.

  106. ALEXTHENIGGAH says:

    Do you know how retarded you guys look, you will never suppress up kekistanis and our right to shitpost all over the Internet, everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a racist comes to mind for you fagguts, GTFO NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  107. #FreeKekistan says:

    Shadilay, sisters and brothers!

    Normie propaganda is oppressing us, cz thats what normies do.

    but Kekistan will stand!

    Praise kek, and REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


  108. #killthenormies says:

    Bwahahaha thanks for the laugh! This is the stupidest article yet I’ve seen on “Kekistan.” Nationalist and anti-pc doesn’t mean white supremacy but do love seeing how triggered it gets you🤣😂

  109. GlassHalfOppressed says:

    You seem to be melannoyed.

  110. Generalfeldmarschall Kek von Kekistanburg 1st Kekistan Meme Division says:


  111. I’m a proud ethnic Kekistani. For centuries my people bled under Normie oppression. But no more. We have suffered enough under your Social Media Tyranny. It is time to strike back. I hereby declare a meme jihad on all Normies. Normies, GET OUT! RRRÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆ

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