Chinese Restaurant In Kenya Africa Does Not Accept Blacks After 5pm

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A Chinese restaurant in Nairobi Kenya is the talk of town after it became apparent that the management of the upmarket restaurant has enforced a policy barring Black Africans from coming into the facility after 5pm. The reason they claim, it is impossible to tell which Black person is a criminal and who is not. Watch the video below:

18 thoughts on “Chinese Restaurant In Kenya Africa Does Not Accept Blacks After 5pm

  1. Mrs.Rice says:

    Wow! No blacks should spend their money with that business at anytime, before or after 5p.

  2. anthony mcc says:

    I’m sorry, what?
    No Black people, IN AFRICA?
    In Kenya where they made the first ones???
    Shut em down. No respect.

    1. Dawan says:

      Burn the place down that Africa not China

  3. Reginald Holloway says:

    They Should be Banned to do .Business.In Africa You can’t tell a criminal no where in the world.this is and “OUTRAGE”

  4. Tadesse says:


  5. Chadog KInyeri says:

    This is so stupid, the Chinese discriminate us in our own country
    And the government don’t have nothing to say

  6. Derek says:

    In Kenya? In your own country? BURN IT DOWN!

  7. kevin scaife says:

    In order to have the restaurant, they are told to treat kenyan people like that but they can close it down buy not doing business there this is sad really sad,

  8. Mia says:

    I would not eat there before 5 pm on any day.


    Hotep Family:

    I am sure this restaurant is no longer open!! If it is still open then the colonialist mentality is still well and alive. This is what happens when we borrow money from foreign governments, USA included.

    The victories continue but the struggle is certain. Hotep

  10. This is a wonderful example of flaming racism. Can you imagine going to China, opening a business, and not allowing Chinese to patronize it? How about somebody coming to the USA and denying service to whites or other USA residents!? This is repugnant and they should be put out of business.

  11. Cmybeloved says:

    Open a juke joint next door and barbecue!
    Be sure to have patio concerts and comedians. Once a week dress like Shaka Zulu warriors and dance like David danced.

    1. Jam says:

      I heart u!!!! 😂

    2. Diane Diggs says:

      Sounds far more entertaining than a Chinese restaurant where the owner has a stick up his @$$!!

  12. Shelly Powell says:

    Ok let me get this straight: his business is still operating?? SHUT THIS DISRESPECTFUL FOOL DOWN!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  13. Angie B says:

    Let then leave Kenya. Revoke their passports.

    You’re in a black country how the hell you want to ban the black man from a part of his own country. Pack your bags shop and all, take the rats dog as well and get a fast boat back to China. FEISTY!!!

  14. Charlie says:


    Let a black man try doing that in China ?

    Unbelievable just how easy it is to oppress some black africans

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