Cause And Effect: The Dilemma Of The Black Athlete

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Cause and Effect: The Dilemma Of The Black Athlete

The answers have been shown to be one that is not absolutely clear, according to Kenny Smith. Former NBA player Kenny Smith declared that this week, he would conduct a call to action for NBA players to do something about the problems that has persisted in the United States that effect Black Americans, in particular murders conducted by police. He appeared on an ESPN Radio hosted by Dan Le Batard to speak about what he plans to do with NBA players. During the interview, he was asked repeatedly what he plans to do, but his answers were either vague or non-tangible–which has come to be expected with Black figures that have something to lose. Murders committed by race soldiers pretending to be police officers—by committing acts of genocide–in the United States against black people have been going on for over 100 years. However, in today’s climate, you can Facebook live stream these crimes, while justice remains to be unserved.

There is no consequence for the actions of race soldiers pretending to be police who murder citizens of the United States. Kenny Smith claimed that what he plans to do could be done in six months. The NBA in particular has a high rate of players who have no interest in doing anything tangible. We are bombarded with players engaging in less than delightful behavior. After the NBA finals, it was discovered that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving had a party on a yacht that seemed to feature women in bikinis, but none of the women in attendance were Melanoid women. It has been labeled the “white girl only” party on social media. Over the weekend, a few power players in the NBA made Facebook post and tweets about what should be done (in response to the police killings of innocent Black people). While they gained a lot of retweets and likes, there have been no solutions that would pose a direct strike to the system of white supremacy and how that system is affecting the African American community. Also, the vast majority of these tweets and Facebook post showed they were quick to apologize for actions that have nothing to do with the empowerment of Black Americans collectively.

Why are they called “race soldiers? The term “race soldier” was a term coined by Neely Fuller Jr to describe white supremacists who are ALLOWED to get jobs as police officers. These race soldiers’ main objectives are to harm people of color, and most importantly, Black people. To further solidify the case that these are race soldiers, in 2006 the FBI sent out a memo warning city officials that their police departments have been infiltrated by white nationalists around the country.

One has to wonder how were these white supremacist allowed to become police officers? And how far down the line does this exist. If white supremacists are allowed to become police officers and they are allowed to get away with these crimes against humanity, then that means the police unions, the mayor, and other elected officials support them. This fact is blatantly obvious when race soldiers such as Daniel Pantaleo, Darren Wilson, and Asian police officer Peter Liang (who murdered Akai Gurley in New York City) are not charged. For professional athletes who want to do something, I would not suggest they boycott the NBA by not playing. I would not suggest they become shadow investors for empowering causes throughout Black Society. Find someone they can trust and help that person infiltrate the system to change the current conditions. We have enough basketball camps for kids; we have enough non-tangible ideas to last a lifetime. If professional athletes would like to do something, creating a mechanism of protection for Black people would help a lot. They could connect with grass roots organizations that are PRO BLACK, and collaborate with organizations in the inner cities who are trying to help Black people become economically sustainable with employment options and educational opportunities. The Black economy needs to be boosted as far as the access to sufficient employment opportunities. I do not believe in giving away money, I believe creating an option of access, which is something that the Black community needs.

If this becomes a circular instance of nothing being done, I would suggest that the general population of Black Americans end their support of the NBA or any other league dominated by black athletes. The black male professional athlete is 6% of the population, but makes almost 40% of the wealth in the United States collectively. If players are afraid that speaking out will get them black balled from the NBA or any other league, then it’s a safe bet to conclude that they are more than willing to work for white supremacists. No human being should be angry or worried about the loss of finances for helping other human beings who are in need. The idea that Black athletes supporting the communities from which they came is a bad thing gives credence to the notion that they are part of a slave system that has been created to ALLOW a small group of Black people enjoy wealth and empowerment but are not allowed to let that wealth and empowerment trickle down to the communities that brought them up. That is not something that is promoted or discussed with any other race of people’s wealthy class. Being that these things are not being persuaded in other communities shows you that there is a system of technical oppression that is being infiltrated amongst the African, Black American, and throughout the African Diaspora as a whole.

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10 thoughts on “Cause And Effect: The Dilemma Of The Black Athlete

  1. Kay says:

    I do agree, our bk NBA ethletes must put their black bro and sisters first.

  2. Kay says:

    I do agree, our bk NBA athletes must put their black bro and sisters first.

  3. B says:

    Coon ass negros keep signing these large shoe contracts. How about shuck and jive on the first contract Lebron, but on your renewal, don’t renew and create your own shoe where you control and operate the production of it. Furthermore, they’ll say Muhammad Ali paved the way, but they are quiet on white supremacy. Most don’t even have a heart to call out white daddy and momma.

  4. mike conner says:

    this is similar to another article on the nfl athlete and politics that was in sports illustrated. Here’s the link to that

  5. Sweet Tea says:

    I’m a professional athlete. I’m too fucking stupid to do anything about this. But I do know one thing. Black on black crime needs to be stopped. I need a clear cut sign that blacks are angels that are being demonized. It needs to be black and white just like the Hollywood movies. I can’t ruin my career standing up for you dysfunctional niggas. If it’s not that clear, I can’t do shit about it.

    1. coon killer says:

      Sweet tea shut your coon ass up you know damn well you’re not a professional athlete.

    2. R8sing A Nation says:

      The mere fact you brought up B on B crime says enough…your just a racist troll and be goneth like yesterday.

  6. Ricky Jones says:

    Good article family. To add on, I think the average person doesnt relize that so called blacks in the NBA come from alot of other places now. Kobe born in Italy, Kyrie was born in Austrailia. These dudes have played select ball and have been surrounded by white handlers their whole lives. We know the effort the dominant society makes to seperate the paid blacks from the poor. In reality though most of these negroes talk down on they own extended families. I come across more black men in college today that enjoy dealing with the dominate society as long as they can get a middle management gig later on. They pander to these people behind our back and talk empowerment in our face. Suburbs full from The Woodlands to Peachtree. This DeBois syndrom.

  7. CJ Hooks says:

    So uh. Maybe it’s a good idea to not broadcast the war strategy, yuh dig.

  8. Markus Territore says:

    Been knew that bitch Kenny Smith was a goddam Sambo coon.

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