Black Women Profiled at Airport Because of Hair


The TSA has been eyeing Black women….for the wrong reasons.

Earlier this week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agreed to stop profiling Black women because of the diverse hairstyles that Black women are known to wear, particularly those hairstyles of the natural persuasion. Complaints surfaced from Northern California, when Novella Coleman–a staff lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)–filed one in 2012, after reported cases of searches executed on her by TSA agents.

Coleman stated that she was being searched by the TSA due to them being required to check passengers with hair that appeared to have “extensions” or “abnormalities”. Another woman by the name of Malaika Singleton experienced the same caliber of harassment from TSA agents. Singleton, a Sacramento, CA based neuroscientist, was in the process of departing for a business trip in London, England at the time she experienced the same harassment as Coleman.

As a result of the inconveniences the women experiences, the TSA is making claims that it will implement “anti-discrimination training” for its employees to follow to prevent this from happening again.

Here  is an older video clip of Black women giving commentary on how they were violated at the airports by TSA agents because of their hair.


by B. Clark

3 thoughts on “Black Women Profiled at Airport Because of Hair

  1. Shavon Blue says:

    I wonder if they checked the Arab women who are covered up to their eyes.

  2. Tanesia North says:

    I have locs and my hair was searched by TSA because of the “pin” in it…supposedly.

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