Black Woman Wins In Court After Experiencing Racial Discrimination By Sports Bar

redline sports bar

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Back in December of 2010, Briggitta Hardin was an employee of Redline sports bar in the nation’s capital, and was fired for…being Black.

Her firing took place after Mick Dadlani, owner of the sports bar, brushed off Ms. Hardin upon meeting her. Within an hour of their first encounter, Ms. Hardin discovered she was fired. As it turned out later, it was discovered that Dadlani expressed a desire to hire ‘white blonde chicks or girls’, as it was stated by Megan Cacace, the lead attorney for Hardin’s racial discrimination lawsuit.

Mick Dadlani’s suspected white supremacist views didn’t just stop at his encounter with Briggitta Hardin. Cacace also goes on to reveal that back in 2011, Dadlani closed Redline earlier on one particular night because a few Black men showed up at the establishment wearing baggy clothing and allegedly displayed a “ganglike” appearance. The next day, Dadlani was spotted singling out Black customers at the door, and turning them away.

As a result of her pain and suffering, Ms. Hardin has been awarded $175,000 in compensatory damages and $510,000 in punitive damages, plus an additional $2,000 in punitive damages.

Here is a link to the story.

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