Black Woman Creates Black Doll With Natural Hair to Give Her Daughters Positive Imagery to Follow


For years, Melanoid children, especially Melanoid girls, have been shown images that aim to make them feel inferior, hence the disheartening “doll experiment that our children have been involved in. One Melanoid woman from Miami, Florida has sought out to reshape the inferiority complex that many of our children suffer from.

Angelica Sweeting, and her husband Jason, started to observe how their daughters “wanted to have yellow hair and white skin (according to Angelica)”, which moved Mrs. Sweeting to create Naturally Perfecta doll that exhibits the natural beauty of Black females. With its kinky hair that was actually tested for 8 months to ensure that it could withstand the various natural hair styling methods, the Naturally Perfect doll also boasts the classical African/Melanoid facial features and skin tone, which is a far cry from the synthetic look of the Black dolls created by manufacturers of the dominant society.

This is only the beginning for the Naturally Perfect doll, as Mrs. Sweeting’s Kickstarter campaign actually exceeded its funding goal of $25,000 earlier this week. We can boost our young girls perception of beauty and self-esteem by continuing to support Mrs. Sweeting’s movement.

Check out this video below that shows the Sweeting family explaining the Naturally Perfect doll.



by B. Clark

12 thoughts on “Black Woman Creates Black Doll With Natural Hair to Give Her Daughters Positive Imagery to Follow

  1. Kiara Cherry says:

    This is fantastic!

  2. Ramon Calvin says:

    Pls email me information on how to donate and purchases a doll for my 6 year old daughter

  3. Nijel says:

    Great Work Angelica. Have you ever considered staring a business selling good looking dolls like this online or at a retail space somewhere? I’d be one of many people to support you.

  4. reba Hartfield says:

    please email me Information on how to purchase that doll please.

  5. Arika says:

    I love this! Good looking out for our daughters desires to play with dolls that like them. When I was coming up there were no dolls that looked like me it was bizarre.

  6. hmmmm says:

    Wow!!! I really love this!

  7. Crotti says:

    This is awsome but I am just wondering, if this was really to give a positivy imager to follow why the hell have all this dolls light ayes (green; hazel, etc…)
    Ok there are black and bi-racial person with light eyes but its a minority!
    I would like to see black or mixed doll with naural hair and fucking brown eyes!!!!

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  9. Henrietta Johnson says:

    How can I purchase one of your dolls?

  10. Betty Horton says:

    I have a idea for a doll I would like to have it made. To sale on my sale booth. If this can be possible please contact me. I will tell you the details by phone or email as to what I need.

  11. Addy says:

    Please email me on how to purchase a doll

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