Black Society Express Disgust Over Disrespectful Ebony Magazine Cover


Many people in Black society have expressed their outrage and disgust over the new Ebony magazine cover that shows the Cosby Show family with an image of a broken glass. This image is interpreted to imply that the rape accusations by several white women (and a few token Black women thrown in by suspected white supremacists so that the accusations won’t look like the racial lynch mob many people speculate it to be) against Bill Cosby should be used to tarnish not just the image of the Cosby Show family, but the Black family in general.

This is the type of guilty-by-association propaganda we are used to seeing from white owned media outlets. But to see a so-called Black publication be used as the mouthpiece for white supremacy is viewed by many as blasphemy.

For years many people have called out much of the non progressive stigma that has seemed to have crept into the Ebony magazine agenda.

Much of this started in 2011 when Ebony was bought out by white owned company JP Morgan Chase. Since that time,the Ebony magazine readership and their influence has gone downhill. Many people speculate the reason for this is the non-Black input on the overall editorial of the magazine, since it is now co-owned by a white corporation.

A once respectible entity among Black society, Ebony magazine in the eyes of many, has now been reduced to being another second-rate gossip rag, that can be used as the mouthpiece for white supremacist agendas.

Furthermore, Ebony magazine has seemingly been flooded by writers who many accuse of being “pretend” Black feminist. This way, when the questionable endeavors of the magazine gets scrutinized by people within Black society, the writers can take on a faux-pro woman stance, and use shaming tactics against their critics who call out their disingenuous agendas.

The person assigned to write the current Ebony magazine article about Bill Cosby is a Black woman named Goldie Taylor (who allegedly has two children by a white man). Some people have speculated in the past that Goldie Taylor has somewhat of an anti-Black male disposition based on her writings and tweets.

So one shouldn’t be surprised that she was selected to write an article of this nature.

And social media has spoken. Many Black people on Facebook, instagram and twitter are extremely vocal about their disappointment with Ebony magazine.


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21 thoughts on “Black Society Express Disgust Over Disrespectful Ebony Magazine Cover

  1. Gw says:

    Start you’re own magazine and stop bitching

    1. M.Garvey says:

      And the word is YOUR not start you’re (you are)business STUPID!

    2. Nigg.Newton says:

      Why are some BLACKS so stupid. Sir you sound like a JACKASS!!!

      1. minkpink says:

        So, you made your way from Bossip!

  2. Black says:

    Start you’re own magazine and stop complaining

    1. Stop Trolling says:

      The word is your.

    2. M.Garvey says:

      The only one bitching is you!Anytime someone points out something dealing with white supremacist and their actions,you belligerently ignorant bafoons come into OUR FORUM because you don’t like the topic of our discussion and claim we are bitching…fucking troll!

  3. dj says:

    well, what do y’all really expect…

  4. sam says:

    What you expect from a bedwench?? lol

    1. JayBay says:

      Exactly. A lot of these negro bed wenches are real quick to talk shit about black men but when you ask them about solutions for the future and how to bring the community back together, they got nothin’. These bedwenches are just attention whores who will gladly take money, no matter how little, to talk shit about their own people.

  5. Nigg.Newton says:

    The simple thing is to — NOT BUY this EDITION!

    This BLACK WRITERS — that acquiesce, for money, need to be FIRED. Goldie Taylor, should not be at EBONY, and if she is…then WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT EBONY…

    Let Goldie Taylor support EBONY!

  6. Thinker X says:

    I say we condemn the assholes who write this type of shit and hold them accountable by finding out who they are and asking them to explain themselves, so we can critique their views…we need to stop letting these assholes hide behind screen and pen names because I’d be willing to bet many of them aren’t even black and the ones who are need to be put in the spotlight so we can examine their level of “coonetry”

  7. Ronnie Baker says:

    To be honest all “black media” has gone down the tubes if you ask me.People,especially black,are obsessed with gossip,images with self decepricating messages and just tearing one another down all together.I remember the days of Vibe,Ebony,The Source,Jet, all reputable,factual based,well written publications but now all ppl want is TheShaderoom and BallerAlert,its actually rather disgusting. This cover doesn’t surprise me,once again a divide a conquer ploy to make one of the few elder,intellectual,accomplished,black men out to be a mysoginist and adulterer who’s ruined his family.Why not a picture of his wife Camille who hasn’t even flinched at tge allegations or the ppl from the show(minus malcolm jamal) coming to his defense.I would love to say this surprises me but it doesnt.All we can do is try to start our own publications and take this platform back

  8. Chris40 says:

    Well, Ebony ain’t Black owned anymore. So I’m not surprised at all.

  9. Jamiel says:

    Great article! Can always count on Melanoid Nation to be a REAL SOURCE for black news, speaking our perspective and in this case, highlighting people and platforms that are not acting in our best interests.

  10. ebi says:

    This is a lesson for us black folks!!! LETS START OUR OWN PUBLICATION!!!!
    they dont want to feature beautiful black sistas in their “all-white” magazines anyway without using an out of shape crusty looking hair hatted chick in there.
    And we to learn how to NOT have the dominant society own a part of the pie. (yeah, im talking to you sheamoisture)

    1. ebi says:

      *we need to

      1. dc1969 says:

        Sad,but we as a people, have to really just separate from this society ran by anyone who hates us for no real reasons, i.e,white supremacists,those who support them,etc. There is really no other choice.

  11. LUVstats says:

    That’s 8 twitter post and 7 responses! This article fails logic as 7 isn’t statistically representative of NO group of people.

    WHO cares about the cover, read the story and come to your own conclusions!!!! WAKE UP…

  12. Nicole says:

    Ebony will never EVER get a dime out of me again. This is so repulsive and beyond the pail! I know the founders of Ebony are rolling in their graves at this coonery!

  13. recordtwist says:

    The bigger issue is that we don’t own enough media outlets. Ebony has been white owned for a while.

    Sites like this are a good start in the right direction. We just have to take it further.

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