Black NBA Player Racially Profiled At Jewelry Store

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For starters, John Henson is a 6’11” young Black male who chose to shop at an upscale jewelry store in the Greater Milwaukee area. Based on the demographics of the area where his shopping trip took place on Monday (Whitefish Bay), it would be a safe bet to conclude that there aren’t many Melanoid people in the vicinity ost would automatically assume that he was either a professional athlete and/or a man of means. Contrary to conventional belief, the employees of Schwanke-Kasten had an opposing perception of Henson.

“They (workers of Schwanke-Kasten) locked the door and told me to go away. After I rang the doorbell twice everyone went to the back. No one answered the door or told me what was going on,” Henson wrote on his Instagram account that was later removed for some reason. Henson was followed by two police cars, which parked across the street and watched him for approximately 5 minutes.

After being interrogated about his reasons for being outside of the jewelry store, cops eventually explained to the store’s employees that “it was safe” for him to come into the store to look at a watch that he (Henson) wanted to see. “The employees finally came out of the back and proceeded to conduct business like they previously were as we walked up,” Henson wrote on the now deleted Instagram post.

The cops ran his license plates, and eventually the Milwaukee Bucks power forward was escorted inside the store by the officers.

According to a statement written by the store owner on Monday night, Henson’s vehicle was deemed “suspicious” because of the license plate, which was issued by the dealer.

Henson also wrote in the Instagram post that “This was one of the most degrading and racially prejudice things I’ve ever experienced in life and wouldn’t wish this on anyone. This store needs to be called out, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Here’s John Henson’s reaction to the situation.

B. Clark

21 thoughts on “Black NBA Player Racially Profiled At Jewelry Store

  1. Moe414 says:

    Smh I live in Milwaukee and this is not a good look for us we always get a bad rep and people don’t think blacks live here and we are one of the most segregated cities in the US so this isn’t new we need to have our own with everything. I hope he stay with the bucks to make a change we new more black role models

  2. M. Sammons says:

    Why would he say the owner isn’t a bad guy. Of course he is!!!

  3. What says:

    After all that, he went back in there and demanded them to take his money????

    1. dc1969 says:

      Welcome to white supremacy,youngster. I really don’ t have any sympathy for him,though. If he thinks that just because he is an nba player and people should know who he is in milwaukee,wisconsin,he should have by now,had his wake up call. Too many of these youngsters feel that racism is a thing of the past,but it is not.until the so called domiinant society changes,which i do not see happening anytime anytime soon,shit like this will continue because this is inbred in them. Separation is the best thing for everyone.

  4. John Scott says:

    I don’t feel sympathy for him for the simple fact that he STILL was willing to give his money to those white supremacists despite what happened. He’s not the first & most definitely won’t be the last one cooning in front of the cameras.

    1. janeyre says:

      Did he still spend money there?

  5. Nick says:

    And I’ll bet my left nut that he still made a purchase at that store.

  6. Nik says:

    This negro still gave his money to these white supremacist after all that disrespecting. Black men are laughing stock of societt so no suprise there

  7. minkpink says:

    He’s as dumb as Lamar O, Lamar need to find out what papers have been shuffled by Kho-ie and her attorneys while he was out of it. that byotch guarding her paperwork now . She can get Lamar coin quicker than J.H.

  8. recordtwist says:

    Do we know for a fact whether or not he bought anything?

    Regardless, the bigger issue is that we need to have our own jewelry stores, and other places we own where we can do business with our people. We have to stop being surprised at snakes acting like snakes and insulate ourselves accordingly.

    1. KolossusNUPE_7 says:

      I think its very possible that he bought it. Because after the police escorted him in to store, they explained to the owner that he was a star athlete. Then the Owner asked the police to stay until Benson left. I dont think owner wouldve asked them to stay if Benson wasnt browsing for a purchase after they finally let him. Im sure he bought the watch. But we really dont know for sure.

  9. Abdul-Muid Battle says:

    Well, we know where he’ll be on Black Friday, smh.

  10. ebi says:

    yet, you STILL went up in there and spent your hard earned money with those beasts? Are you aware that they’ll use that SAME money to fund your lynching ?
    bro man….. wake up. …
    In spite of all this, I’ll give you a shout out for calling them out.

  11. The Airmen says:

    I wouldn’t of accepted his apology i would of mad him get on his knees an beg that i don’t cave his face in an i would of requested a free watch. For him to say that he “he is not a bad guy” is a disgrace an niggas always getting soft when the white man come to apologize an give hugs i hate that shit

  12. mark says:

    My question is “why, after being publicly humiliated and racially profiled, would you spend your hard-earned money in such a racist establishment?” Black Man Rule #1: NEVER give away your money to your oppressor…

    Big Dummy

  13. KolossusNUPE_7 says:

    One of the reasons why I sometimes despise fearful ass Athletes and their silly ass slave minds. The owner of the store not only racially profiled your Black ass and locked the doors so you couldnt get in to patronize his jewelry store. EVEN after the 2 police officers told the owner that he was a star athlete, the owner still asked the 2 cops to stay in the store “just in case”.

    And now that his Jewelry store is all over the news, he walks his silly racist ass down to the Bucks practice to apologize. And what does this athlete say? “Well He’s not a bad guy. Its just a bad situation.” Silly little negro. He’s a white supremacist. And what happen wasn’t a “bad situation”. White Supremacy is what happened! Typical “40 Million Dollar Slave” man. smfh. And this fool still bought the Rolex from that store too.

    1. dj says:

      that’s what happens when we are not constantly taught our history from the time we are born. Henson was not taught who are his real enemies. Had he known his history and is fully aware of the current state of black people as a collective whole, the last thing he would want to do is go into a jewelry store to purchase anything. That store probably have a whole bunch blood diamonds along with a gang of gory gold straight from Africa.

      However, I must add that if his parents did teach him all those things and he still chooses to go against the interest of his own people then he is a lost cause waiting to be sucked dry by his enemies. smh

      1. dj says:

        My mother taught me at a very young age that you do not fight people to take your money…you boycott them forever and find another place that offers the same product without the prejudice or simply do without it…

  14. GQRugged says:

    NO ONE should shop at this store.

  15. Shameful says:

    What lesson was learned by the owner? That he can disrespect Blacks and still get their money? Obviously, the b-baller bought the watch, prompting a visit an apology by the owner. How many times had this jeweler turned down Blacks in the past. Had it been an “everyday Joe” it wouldn’t have been prudent of the owner to visit and offer any apology.

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