Black Muslim Teen Found Lynched in A Tree in Washington State


In this age of anti-muslim and anti-Black rhetoric coming from the Trump administration, we are now seeing the deadly results of this propaganda. In Washington state, the body of an 18 year old Black teen, Ben Keita was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area of Lake Stevens in January after he went missing two months before.

Initially the medical examiner determined his death was a suicide, a ruling that Keita’s family disagreed with.

“Ben was very happy young man,” dad Ibrahimi Keita told KOMO News. “He was already in the running start program going to Everett Community College. No history of depression or anxiety.”

It is common for authorities to lie and cover up these types of anti-Black lynchings by claiming the victims “committed suicide.” But the medical examiner in Keita’s case would later change the cause of death to undetermined because the rope used to hang the teen was tied 50 feet high in the tree. Also a search in that same area where the lynching occurred did not turn up anything.

So the questions that the Melanoid community must ask, is will these Jim Crow style lynchings continue to increase under this re-energized, openly white supremacist system? And what should Melanoid people do about it?

17 thoughts on “Black Muslim Teen Found Lynched in A Tree in Washington State

  1. What says:

    On time, in time!!!
    Real News!!!!!
    If this is advertised in any other news, they will leave out all the details and say it was a suicide and that’s it…..

  2. Kill em All says:

    If he won’t get out of town by sundown, we kill everything white that ain’t right that’s in sight in the South. We kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies. We kill the blind, we kill the crippled, we kill them all … and kill them a-god-damn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough.

    1. lol – did you right that after you beat off on your moms tits or before?

      1. Kill em All says:

        I meant the Whites, Dulled.

    2. omer says:

      You are not an ounce better than those who did this lynching. Sicko.

    3. Mr.X says:

      khalid abdul muhammed

  3. ALBERT ERVIN says:

    Another coward Racist killing” lol!

  4. deandre fuentes says:

    What we must do is extinguish ALL WHITE SUPREMACIST by going on offense to find where they live
    And giving them the bloody justice they deserve.

  5. GOD DOES NOT like your Religion says:

    I hate reading stories and not seeing the name of the Authors. Who the F wrote this?

  6. Brionna says:

    Man, they know they killed that boy. We must protect our own. We all we got

  7. Bossalinie says:

    I’m from Seattle and i’ve been to Lake Stevens a few times and that city is for sure a sundown town
    white people look at you like your from another planet. So I can almost he was guarantee you he was murdered for messing white one of those cave bitches because there is no black people in Lake Stevens.

  8. JOJO says:

    This makes me embarrassed to be an American! What is wrong with people? Are we regressing into caveman mentality and getting stupider as the years go by?

    1. Vett Carnes says:

      Not a regression, there’s always been this hatred ingrained into white Amerikkka. There’s towns all over this country that have a antiblack after sundown kill policy. We have the Internet now to expose them for what they are, domestic terrorist employed and utililized by the US. GOVERNMENT.

  9. Vett Carnes says:

    It’s always that no one knows what happened. We all know what happened. #ShutItDown #NoSundown

  10. Michael says:

    Unfortunately, this is not the fault of anyone but the fearful. Things that are meant to instill Fear and Trepidation are from an unevolved soul. Bin Laden thought of as a Martyr but was a fool. In his elevated State of Arrogance, he failed to consider the unyielding spirit of some of us that have evolved beyond terror control to a level of understanding about the essence of Evil these human pretenders hope to be. The rest of us responded at the same level of Evolution as All who create Terror by creating More Terror Only we do It Droned up… That’s much better Right
    They are afraid that is why they cover their faces, or come in the night or lull you into a sense of security. By all means protect yourself, after all not to do so would be an Eternal Sin not to protect what the universe created…You!
    The problem is that when White Supremacy get what it wants it will turn on itself because the sickness they are infected with, which is (Greed & Gluten) will only grow stronger than their mediocre minds will be able to fathom. The flaw in White Supremacy theory… If they are superior, then they could lead us all into the greatness they think they had 100 years ago.
    True Leaders move forward because they understand the failures of the Past. This means the White Supremacist is actually the failure of the European Continent that can only be superior because of superior Fire Power… Hell any Idiot can do that, nothing Supreme about them only better armed with the Guns God Gave them… “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”, And I’m a Buddhist. If we all live according to what is innate in your souls (Cause and Effect) then you will live in Happiness. Extinguish Evil in Thought, Word, and Deed. Join Me My Muslim, Hebrew and Christian Brothers and Sisters. Show no fear in the face of Evil but do the right thing whenever the Universe gives you the opportunity because that is the very moment you define yourselves Not the momentary adrenaline that comes from evil doers. Don’t get mad get Enlightened…Iam…. Iam…. Live Well by Crushing Evil from our environment.
    Respectfully Brah Buddha.

  11. Leo says:

    The white supremacist here in Europe are just dying to do the same thing here it is sick but white supremacy is as sick as pedophilia.

  12. Silent says:

    Peace peace my lovely people. When we start to behave like the tribes we are and take things personally then we will get our rights. If I found out that my son was hung from a tree. I would take it personally. Why would I seek justice from a court. We are not a nation, we are tribes. The other tribe can seek justice and protest. Who are you protesting to. I do not understand why they protest. Everything is personal, everything. Especially tribes that are not crime based. Our blood is sacred. The law is for people to sort out land and business disputes.

    Finally remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.
    Peace and love

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