Black Man Killed By White Man Who Used Excessive Force

JJ Montgomery

WALKER COUNTY, GA — This past Monday, a 31-year-old Melanoid man had his life taken away for no reason other than the fact that the shooter likely subscribed to the oft-used narrative that he ‘feared for his life’.

Johnny “JJ” Montgomery and two other men were invited to a social gathering at the mobile home of Nicole Carroll, a white female whose stepfather Michael James Gobert (the killer of Montgomery) lived in a home next door with her (Carroll’s) mother.

According to varying reports, an argument ensued late Monday evening, which stemmed from a disagreement between Carroll and one of the other two Black men who accompanied Montgomery on the visit to the “party”.

After hearing their daughter’s screams, Gobert and his wife both came outside with guns, with Carroll’s mother firing warning shots into the ground, and Gobert shooting 14 shots into the vehicle driven by Montgomery as he and the two other men attempted to escape the barrage of bullets fired.

As a result of the shooting, JJ Montgomery was hit in the head, killing him . Edrius Jamel Putman–the man involved with the dispute with Nicole Carroll–suffered mild damage, with a keychain preventing him from being severely injured. The third man, Deisman Harrison, was not hurt.

Gobert has been charged with murder and is currently in a Walker County jail.

Montgomery was well-known throughout Northwest Georgia and the Chattanooga, TN areas as he was not only a native there (Ringgold, GA), but he was also an aspiring singer and musician who frequented many of the local venues to perform under the stage name “J-Mont“.

In an interview with Chattanooga NBC affiliate WRCBtvMontgomery’s mother says she spoke with Nicole Carroll, who even admitted to Montgomery’s innocence in the incident, even going further to mention that he (Montgomery) had attempted to diffuse the disagreement between she and Harrison. This would explain the late Montgomery’s reasoning for also attempting to flee the property.

JJ’s mother, Ruth, discussed the emotional, legal, and financial aspects of this entire ordeal. A Go Fund Me page has been created to assist Mr. Montgomery’s family with the burial costs and the support of his four children that he left behind.

B. Clark

10 thoughts on “Black Man Killed By White Man Who Used Excessive Force

  1. JayBay says:

    It’s incidents like this that have made me stop hanging out with white people over the past few years. I used to have a majority of white friends but after Trayvon Martin and the dozens of other racial incidents over the years and seeing how white people reacted, i realized its better safe than sorry.

    1. Kevin Lavaughn says:

      I hear u. The hostility is real. I was living in a predominantly white area and didn’t even want to walk down the street unless I had to. It’s like they’re looking for reasons to target blacks. Time to start circling our wagons and protecting ourselves.

    2. Ray ray says:

      I feel you. I literally cut off and keep white ppl I know at bay and use them for info. I do not trust them at all. IDC how friendly they are.

  2. The Airmen says:

    I feel the same with you an i go to a community college with blacks an whites… an i don’t avoid people because i go were the hell i please but i defiantly keep my distance

    1. dc1969 says:

      Once again,and unfortunately,these youngsters of ours still living in la la land when it comes to socializing with these hateful pale beasts. They actually think that these caucasians are friends to them. A wink and a smile is all it seems to take. This young brother paid for shit and lost his life and his 2 friends ,i am quite sure, are shook and shocked . Well,thank your caucasian,white “homegirl” for inviting you over for that “social gathering”. Know their fucked up history and then you will think twice before you say “white friends”.

  3. Reverend Linda Stampley says:

    There are way too many of my black brothers and sisters being killed, that is why I am a peaceful protestor. Groovy Grannies of Springfield, Ohio

  4. GQRugged says:

    How may more are there going to be?

  5. GQRugged says:

    At least the dude who shot him is serving time for murder. This is unfair.

  6. Sabrina Morgan says:

    I am the girlfriend and babymomma of JJ the man that was killed and I myself am white… All 3 of the mothers of his children are white… The man that killed my love I think is racist and I hate that there are so many people like him in this world…. But if my family was to be killed by a black man I would not turn against them all… Not everybody is the same…

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