Black Man Killed By Race Soldier In Florida While Waiting On Tow Truck

corey jones palm beach gardens

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL — A person should never expect to have their life taken away while seeking emergency assistance. In the case of 31-year-old Corey Jones, that’s exactly what happened to him.

Mr. Jones, who awaited a tow truck on the side of Interstate 95 after his vehicle stopped working in the wee hours of yesterday morning (Oct. 18), was shot and killed by a race soldier cop. The slain Jones was identified by his brother, who says that he was contacted by Corey (stating that he was in need of a tow truck) shortly before he (Corey) was murdered.

Corey Jones was a drummer who played in many bands and churches in the area.

The investigation of this case has been turned over to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO). As usual in the event of race soldiers killing Melanoid people, the officer in question has been placed on paid administrative leave.

B. Clark

17 thoughts on “Black Man Killed By Race Soldier In Florida While Waiting On Tow Truck

  1. TheKing_65 says:

    It should really be considered a conflict of interest to have the police investigate themselves.

    1. Michael Hudson Jr. says:

      I agree

    2. A.Young says:

      Police investigating themselves has to be a big damn joke.It feels like open season on black men no matter how law abiding they are.The response is always the same,he had a gun.

  2. Rob says:

    FAMILY! We all need the app Periscope on our phones. I ment to call in and mention this to Tariq on Ustream last night but lost track of time due to work. Periscope is a live streaming service that allows us to record from our mobile device. As soon as you go live, everyone that is following you will get a notification on their phone that your recording and can see what’s going on instantaneously. So for example, if you have 1000 people following you, that’s 1000 potential witnesses. The best part though is when the broadcast is over that footage uploads to the server. So if the police realizes that he is being recorded he can’t delete the footage or remove your memory card! Just a thought Family. Rob

    1. MindMuscle says:

      Good idea thanks brother.

  3. Yungworldz says:

    The police are trying to come up with so kind of excuse for killing this man..Their follow up story will be something about his jail record if he has one or if he’s on drugs..smh

    1. Jerome Hill says:

      Why was he shot?

      1. dc1969 says:

        White supremacy is why he was shot. These race soldiers eventually will have to be dealt with what they only know. Up close and definitely personal. Cut and dry. No negotiating with savages.

    2. dj says:

      you beat me to the punch on that one…they are stalling to get their story straight…

      to cover their tracks the other officers just may beat up the race soldier who shot Jones and say that the officer got into a fight with Jones and feared for his life after suffering from injuries from the confrontation….

      all I know is that they better be creative with this story, it better have some aliens in it, and I am not talking about the ones they call “illegal”…smh

  4. I have gotten into the habit of telling the police that I don’t want their “help” and to please leave. Maybe we need signs on on vehicles to state “I didn’t call you and I am not breaking the law, leave me alone”.

  5. Wyeth says:

    Same old story though,they “claim”he was trying to attack the officer with a weapon,smh.

  6. These investigations are hilarious. Nothing will happen to the officer. He’ll be quietly put back on duty or transferred to another department. He’ll be fine. I bet he’s rolling in donations right now. I live very close to that area and cops shoot first and don’t ask questions later. I had race soldiers roll up on me with their hand on the guns while I was sitting in my car in a public park working on my laptop. In their diseased racist mind, I was hiding them when I saw the car enter the park (which of course was not the case). They saw a dark brown face and instantly concluded that I must be doing something wrong.

  7. GQ Rugged says:

    How many more cases of injustice is there going to be?

  8. Appalachite says:

    You think this is bad, look at the crime statistics. Black on non-black crime is far higher then any other combition of two race involved crimes. Black racist groups, and websites out number all other races… Black America, you are the racist of today, and you are being manipulated by the media. You are being used to destroy the country by the same group of elites that profited off of slavery and backed a eugenics program that considered most of you a human weed.

    1. Kay says:

      Still jerking off to porn sites and checking on blacks sites to see if we’re stil awakening our people about your bs? Guess what Whiteboy, you got yourself a lifelong duty because we won’t stop calling you out. Ohh now that hurts!

    2. dj says:

      Appalachite”trolling through your hood up to no good…insane redneck, straight peckerwood…”

      white on white crime is at an all time high of about 85%…troll on back to your hood stormfront and stop worrying about what black people are saying and doing…

      thanks in advance…

  9. Ted says:

    This is so wrong. Cops that kill innocent people have to pay a high price. Tear the whole institution down and start over.

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