Black Man & His Son Were Treated Rudely By Owner Of Dry Cleaning Business

Ben HIll Custom Cleaners Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA — For well over a year now, we here at Melanoid Nation have gone to great lengths to provide you with information on a plethora of Black businesses, regardless of whether they’re small business, mid-size business, or large businesses. We have constantly ‘beat the drum’ by informing  (and encouraging) you on how and where to patronize Black-owned businesses, and the following story is yet another example of why we in Black Society don’t have a choice but to support those who support us.

Ben Hill Custom Cleaners is a dry cleaning service located in the Metro Atlanta area, and it is owned by a non-Melanoid person. A Black man and his son pulled up to the drive-thru to pick up his dry cleaned clothes, and was met with an extremely rude reception by the business’s owner. Check out the video below to see the the whole scenario unfold for yourself.


There is an old saying that goes, “Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated”. In this case, the owner of Ben Hill Custom Cleaners did not even display the slightest inkling of tolerance for his Black customer(s). Black Society, are THESE the types of people who you trust to give you exemplary customer service?

B. Clark

20 thoughts on “Black Man & His Son Were Treated Rudely By Owner Of Dry Cleaning Business

  1. chico says:

    Stop funding racism

  2. R8sing A Nation says:

    Dang…..he really messed up now. ATL going to shut him down…oh well…one good turn deserves another..

  3. R8sing A Nation says:

    Can I add one final thought. I just realized that this mans tactic to justify his racist behavior was to say ” black people are the most racist” . That’s not true and he knows it, just by him being in a black community proves that. Because true racist don’t allow people they do not like to profit in their communities.I’ve heard other racist use that as their talking point to shift the conversation. Jedi Mind Tricks….

    1. Black2TheFuture says:

      Excellent point.

  4. ziggy ras tafari says:

    go to yelp to give him a bad review, so many of us melenated people has done so.

  5. Slimbo5 says:

    I can’t stand them mfs. I don’t know why black folks Fuck with chink spots anyway. The get them rich and they shit on us.

  6. Slimbo5 says:

    Aww shit it’s a sand Nigga. Bet if he slapped his ass in the mouth with that metal coat hanger he’d chill the Fuck out.

    1. dc1969 says:

      This asshole’s store should be shut down immediately.and those of Melanoid black brothers and sisters should stop the playing nice shit with morons like that motherfucker out of town!

      1. dj says:

        I agree…but blacks only act aggressive against their own…smh…

        I’m just saying, if a riot was to happen in that part of the town…that store should be the first to be gone by the next morning…

        Ain’t no way any other race would allow that guy to disrespect them, camera or no camera…smh…he don’t respect blacks and don’t fear the potential consequences of his actions towards blacks…that was crazy…

    2. Nofool says:

      Nah it’s a curry monster.

  7. Black2TheFuture says:

    Notice that fucker didn’t start talking shit until AFTER the brother had already had his clothes cleaned. He knew that the brother had to pay to get his clothes out, so he waited until then to show his racist fat toad looking ass. That’s a dirty snake ass coward move. We have no choice but to economically squeeze these bastards out of our areas and replace them with our own. As long as we keep relying on them, they do not have to respect us. We have no friends, we have no choice.

  8. jdean says:

    He paid him his money. Though I would of not paid him a dime and took my clothes.

  9. R8sing A Nation says:

    I would have called the police for a hate crime and say he threatened to beat my ass,and was refusing to give me my paid for items.One thing immigrants don’t like is the police….Id stay on the phone with dispatch so they could record him talking all that mess.Report this business owner to the B.B.B and the Chamber Of Commerce finally I’m pretty sure his building is leased. I would do a property records search(very easy you can look online through the county recorders office) find out who the owner is as saturate the owner with letters notifying him/her of this racist Tennant in his building. Money trumps all(even if the owner himself is racist) commercial real estate owners primary concern is if there tenants can make the monthly payment. If they feel in any way that won’t happen they act real fast…

  10. Vampire Hunter G says:

    Boycott is the best weapon to get results fast.

  11. Nick says:

    These fucking Pakistanis, Indians, Hindus whatever…they are here by the grace of racist elites who have allowed them to establish businesses in the US. We need African-backed, black-owned businesses to put these god-forsaken scumbags out of business. At the end of the day, they have a nationality and a flag to hide behind. We need African-backed business for the same reasons-the US Department of State would not tolerate an African-owned business to be targeted by racist elites. Damn I would love to open a dry-cleaning business across the street from that sandbag MF and put his ass out of business….

  12. Deandre fuentes says:

    This sould be the address

    Fairburn Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331, United States

    Phone 404-344-6045

  13. Truth101 says:

    but we’ll be there arguing with these shop owners for the right to use their store and turn around and look at another brother like hes crazy for suggesting to start his own store.. Saddest part was at the end when his son was like “yeah ive heard stuff like that before” this world is fucked man

  14. Tomtom says:

    This video is hilarious!!!! I actually laughed out loud. So funny. I am going to show it to some of my friends at work and family. The truth is that we should have been supporting black businesses A LONG TIME AGO. For many of the ideas I have had on black empowerment I came to twenty years ago when I was in my early twenties. I find it disheartening that nothing has changed for black people in America. Claude Anderson was right when he said that there is not one black COMMUNITY in America. If we had a collective spirit, we would have wanted to start and operate businesses in our neighborhoods. This Indian man never could have bought and ran a business in our “community” for over twenty years (he said it in the video). There would have been a black owned dry cleaners already there and thriving. Secondly, because of the competition from that black owned cleaners, he never would have been able to survive. Community minded blacks never would have gone to a business run by an outsider to began with (unless, as is reality, they have no other place to go). Look at other ethic groups. They don’t patronize “foreigners” who come into their communities. Blacks need to get into business and stop just wanting a job. Businesses are a backbone of a community.

  15. Jason says:

    We should no spend our money with these outsiders in our community when they can give two shits about Melanoid people. The only thing they want is your ignorance to keep spending your money. As long as ignorant people keep patronizing their business they will continue to disrespect you your in your own community.

    This would not happen if it were in reverse, go to any races community talking to them this way you would be shut down and if your in there country you might not make it out alive. But with black people they know we’ll keep coming back spending our money. That business should have been burned down that night and his car destroyed. Sad most people wont do that but we ready to throw down with each other at the drop of a dime.

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