Black Girl Survives Brutal Assault From Cop, Files Lawsuit

TACOMA, WA — Nearly two years ago to this day, a young and innocent Black girl nearly witnessed her life being taken from her by a race soldier cop.

Monique Tillman was 15 years old on the fateful day of May 24, 2014, when her and her brother were stopped by a white cop by the name of Jared Williams. The cop, who served double duty as an officer for both the Tacoma Police Department and as mall security, approached the siblings at the Tacoma Mall (working as mall security on that particular day), and warned them that they weren’t allowed to ride their bicycles to cut through the parking lot as a shortcut.

After pleading her case to the officer that she and her brother were only attempting to be on their way peacefully, Tillman appeared to disregard and elude the harassing mall security guard’s demands, most likely in fear for her safety. The officer (Williams) then proceeded to snatch the 15-year-old girl from her bike, choking her and grabbing her hair in the process. The assault continued with Williams applying over 50.000 volts of electricity (through a taser) to the young female.

According to The Free Thought ProjectTillman’s attorney Vito de la Cruz has filed a lawsuit, seeking damages from the race soldier cop, and several other entities that have neglected this attack on the Melanoid girl. Watch the video below to witness the turn of events on that day.


B. Clark

7 thoughts on “Black Girl Survives Brutal Assault From Cop, Files Lawsuit

  1. What says:

    Head Line: Another Race Soldier destroys 15 year old girl!
    News at 11…..

  2. Gary says:

    This is old Bull conner Jim Crow tactics! This awful country permitted racism continues. We as black men and I mean really strong brothas not coons,oreos or passives need to get together exercise our rights to conceal and practice our self defense skills and be noticeable out in public on the look out for blatant racist white cops who are allowed to do this and make this stop by any sacrifice necessary.

  3. D0mW1te says:

    Should be harassing and arresting the coons on the corner slinging drugs. Too afraid to get your hands dirty and arrest the real threats to society. Typical pig getting a paycheck for not doing their job they should be doing. Only good cop is a dead cop

  4. Gayle Gee says:

    Hey, Mister, thar. You is in one of da stupidest states thar is thar!! Texass is pathetic and you thar is pathetic too. Wouldn’t soil my feet by touching the ground in Texas. See you in the Supreme Court thar!!! Yee haw!!!

  5. Gayle Gee says:

    Sorry. I posted the previous comment in the wrong place. Intended for the Texas Supt. of Schools who is ignoring the President’s mandate on following equal rights laws.

    This cop is just a douche with a power issue. I know a lot of cops who are total douches with power issues. I hope this little girl (who was probably mouthing off like a lot of stupid teenagers do) gets millions. No kid deserves to be the target of some little dee power hungry loser with a badge.

  6. brotherdre says:

    Heather and Becky would have never received such harsh treatment for riding a bike through a parking lot.
    She probably just said something that ticked the pig off!

  7. Ebi says:

    so… this is where my tax dollars is going to, eh ?
    Alright america, y’all done done it.

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