Black Filmmaker Creates Sequel to Critically Acclaimed Film That Focuses on Black Youth

eg2_DVD_SIDE 2

Filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz exposed many of the evils that affect the education and overall well being of our Black youths as they advance through their most formative years.

Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration will guarantee to deliver on its advertised promises of speaking truth to power. The film will feature Black educators who will deliver their expertise in the form of commentary in regards to the broken educational system for Black youths. The prequel, Elementary Genocide: From Primary to Penitentary peeled back the layers of institutional racism/white supremacy that subjugates our youth, which often sees them railroaded into the Prison Industrial Complex. The sequel will provide more critical information that could not fit into just one film.

Here are what notables in the Black community have to say about Elementary Genocide 2:

At this point, our most precious investments are our children. Learn more about how you can do right by your children by supporting a hard hitting project such as Elementary Genocide 2. The next generation of Africans are depending on us to counter the injustices that they have suffered at the hands of the educational system.

To ensure that Elementary Genocide 2 becomes a reality, go here.

by B. Clark

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