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By Andrew Johnson


“Now it’s my time to talk. Of course you took in your son. My son. Our son. And you taught him what he needed to be a man. I give you that. Because most men ain’t man enough to do what you did. But that gives you no reason, do you hear me? No reason to tell me that I cant be a mother to my son. What you did is no different from what mothers have been doing from the beginning of time. Its just too bad more brothers wouldn’t do the same. But don’t think you’re special. You may be cute, but not special” – Boyz in the Hood, 1991

This quote is what black feminism is—A backhanded compliment to black men. In the scene where this quote is taken from, Furious Styles (Lawrence Fishbourne) tried to tell Reva( Angella Bassett) that Tre is a grown man now and doesn’t need “babying up”. It had nothing to do with her continuing to being a mother or thinking that he is more  “special” than other brothers. But Reva took it upon herself to put herself on a pedestal as a woman and boasted about single mothers compared to single fathers in everyday life. And she egotistically did this while appreciating Furious was there for their son.

From its evil inception in the late 1960’s tIll today, that backhandedness of black feminism is still being seen. We see messages like “BLACK MEN WE LOVE YOU, SO STOP ABUSING US” or “BLACK MEN ARE FIGHTING OPESSION BUT THEY ARE OPPRESSING US”. All of this is a deceitful way of saying  black women are “Holier than thou” compared to black men, which is disingenuous and egotistical. Every one talks about the male ego, but its time to highlight the nasty fat female ego that pushes its way around the western world. For years dirt has been thrown on black men. Now its time to throw dirt on black women until they are covered in it. Then when they brush the dirt away from their eyes, they will see that they are just as dirty as black men. Time to start shoveling.


Gloria Steinem and The Perfect Excuse

How black feminism truly started was a perfect set up for black women who were in black activist groups, to jump ship to the feminist movement. White supremacist Gloria Steinem, headed a mission by the CIA to pull black women away from the black movement in the early 70’s.  Basically, her argument was: “ Yes your man is the black man, but he’s still a man”. Many black women caught the bait. Some women who were having conflict with black men in activist groups such as the Black Panther Party saw it as a perfect excuse. There were some claims of male sexism within the ranks,  so they left these groups and joined with Steinem on a false errand to unite white and black women for female rights only. So the black feminism began in full force. Using the faults and some cases of sexual unruly behavior of black men especially in the BBP, to join white women which was part of the plan of white supremacy. This was were black feminists like Elaine Brown and Angela Davis were talking about some of male chauvinism in the BBP and put black males as the problem. Now, what these feminists will downplay is how selfish and deceptive black women can be. There were other ways that could have been effective to improve harmony within the party. These women could have fought out the issues or form a sub group if the sexism was even that bad. Yes, the black men who were chauvinists shouldn’t have been, but it was very idiotic to completely disengage from all of the men in the black movement. After all, most male panthers were from the street ghettos raised in different households. Sometimes tragic. So there would be issues that needed handling.

One must understand the sexism that some females may have faced within the group does not reflect 1970’s black America. In that society it was still black women who were hired for white collar jobs over black men and were still heading the households. Yes there were violent men, but black woman were free to be just as cruel and domineering in their own way. In the 70’s, black women were not exactly silent and timid. Just like in the ghettos today, black women could disrespect and manipulate black men when they wanted. Especially men who appeared to be “soft” or “weak”. And one more thing about the mistakes and failures of the BBP is the manipulative women in the group. If the group brought out some of the worse in men, it also brought out the worst in black women. Besides being selfish enough to leave the black men like discarded rubbish, it was said there were lazy and devious women who preferred to flirt or sleep around rather than work hard to gain their ranks. This left other female panthers cheated who were honestly grafting to earn their way up the ranks.   This is not to say both wrong doings from the men and women are equal to each other.  It’s just to show both genders display their own brand of disrespect and corruption within the group. Furthermore, the whoring  around  in some interactions encourages men to ask women to prostitute themselves for  favors. Now we see, what may be true for the Black Panther Party is true for life in general. Male sins are easy to be displayed for the world to see, but female sins goes under the radar.


Intersectionality Nonsense

The biggest stupid concept of black feminism is the offensive term intersectionality. This as always with black  feminists, their problems are directly or indirectly, black men. The idea of intersectionality is telling black men: “Oh we both face racism but give me special attention because I am woman.” This totally undermines the deep strife and struggles of black men and shifts the focus on the black women’s thoughts and struggles instead. This also implies black men are normally in their own world and forget how black women are treated under white supremacy. Which is not true. Black men who fight against racism know exactly how black women feel.  Anyone with common sense will see that white supremacy affects all of us.

To demonstrate how stupid feminist intersectionality is, lets imagine a group of blacks protesting outside against a shop that racially discriminates against them. Now imagine a bunch of protesters separated themselves from group and said: “Well, we are over 5’9 and bigger than the rest of you. So even though the shop might think you would sneak around and shoplift, they would think we might rush in and rob the place. That’s  intersectionality. You don’t know what its like to be big and black”. 

See how ridiculous this is? In a logical world if you have a common problem, you solve the problem. Not listen to how it makes each individual feel. In western society, it does not matter what type of black person you are, white supremacy will you meet you where you are at and dominate you. Are you a black man? White supremacy will deal with you accordingly. Are you a black woman? White supremacy will deal with you accordingly. Are you rich? Poor? White supremacy will deal with you accordingly. Are you a black Emo? Same thing. Are you a black nudist? Guess what? White supremacy will deal you accordingly. Bitten by a radioactive spider? You get the idea.


 Black feminists ideologies destroyed black communities too

Here we go. So because the responsibility and law and order of a community is naturally rested on the man, black feminists have seen it convenient to dump at least most of the blame on black men for the sorry state of the “hoods” in America. Yes, black men  need to take hold of the community but they have been conditioned and hoodwinked by white supremacy and western society. But feminists  and others brush these aside as “just excuses”. So lets brush aside the social and psychological conditioning of black women and focus on the sins they have committed. Let’s begin where the state of black America became worse. In the 60’s America introduced the welfare system for women with children who needed funds. Black women naturally saw this as a benefit because of poverty.  But here is where the disrespect comes in. Many black women had a clear choice to try and make it through the struggle and defy the odds with their husbands or get money from system for themselves. They chose the selfish route. 

“What were women suppose to do, starve with their children?” Not exactly. Black mothers could’ve still received the money and fiercely campaigned against the rate of unemployment of black men. See, many black women knew there were no jobs for black men because of racial discrimination, but left the men to deal with it alone. What black women at that time did not want to say out loud is they did not believe in  black men’s abilities and resourcefulness had they rejected the government assistance. Another idea they could’ve done is arranged a circle of women to pool some of their wages and welfare money to help serious black men to at least create a business or start a nationwide campaign for  black male employment.

Many black women did not have that much compassion for black men in general.  And what black feminists don’t want to mention is black women who use black men as  tools to get pregnant on purpose just to get welfare and not to mention a lot of greedy single mothers who thought “they have it made” by unnecessarily squeezing more child support money from decent hard working fathers. This was all counter productive in impoverished black communities.

Granted, there were relationships that did not work out and children had to grow up with separated parents. But from the past 40 years, a lot of black mothers have underestimated the father’s authority over their children. Doubting many decisions he makes.  Being condescending when he makes mistakes. Gleefully embarrassing him in front of his own family. All of  this (and more) causes friction and of course leads the father to leave the relationship. Then when these stubborn mothers were left behind they tell their friends and family and even their own children “things didn’t work out” or “He just left”. This was a contributing factor of poor black areas being lead by female households which in some cases brought up the menaces to black society we see today. How so? Well, there were a lot of ignorant single mothers who displayed erratic, harsh and over emotional behavior. Not to mention the sexual habits some children had witnessed. This allowed black children in the ghettos to engage in delinquent behavior which lead to criminal activity. So because a lot of mothers had pushed good fathers out of the home in favor of welfare on the tail end of the 60’s and onwards, generations of sons became the no good thugs we see in  documentaries and news alerts on TV. And the daughters became ignorant, criminally minded and self entitled. This really became apparent after the crack era when a lot of black mothers in the 80’s should have known better than to take cocaine while having babies. Not to mention there were a lot of black females that were willingly engaged in drug activities too. Even trying to get in the street game because the fast money was attractive. Some mothers even sent their young sons out to “sling” out on the turf endangering these boys’ lives.  Black men may have killed people in the community, but black women have killed the spirit of the community. After all, don’t black feminists and the like say the black woman is the backbone of the black community? As you can see, its easy to highlight one’s flaws while ignoring the reasons behind them.


Enough about “Becky” what about “Brent”?

This is a big one. Black feminists, mainly Americans, love to shout out that black men had always  abandoned black women and betrayed them. They scream out deadbeat dads and run away husbands. Even some black “conscious sistas” take joy in placing blame on black men. These fake “queens” say things like: “ Oh In ancient Africa You sold your women to the white devils!” Well everyone got sold off. Man, woman and child. “You stood there and ALLOWED  black women to be carried off to the slaveowners bedroom!” Well, is that so Miss shea butter goddess? If the male slaves ALLOWED female slaves to be taken advantage of, then female slaves “stood there”  and ALLOWED their children to be carried off to that same bedroom too.

Now lets get to one of the most favorite  arguments made by black feminists: Black men having a special affection for white women while having little or none for black women. Yes, there are a lot of black men who are self hating coons who worship white women. But there are a lot of black women who have bedwench tendencies towards white men. The difference between treacherous black men and women is, black men are more forthright about it and black women are more secretive. This is only exclusive to America, as black women in other western countries like the UK and France do not mind talking openly about dating out to black men. Of course, there are serious heated discussions behind close doors about interracial dating in these countries, but at least a woman of African descent in Europe are more honest of being a bedwench If she is one.

 So why  are  African American women the more secretive compared to other black women over overseas? Well, there are three main reasons:

  1. They are embarrassed of how they act around white men, which is worse then how a coon acts around white women. For a lot of black men who caught black women engaged with white men, it looks pathetic. These women actually act like desperate little Disney girls begging for acceptance.
  2.  They want to keep the narrative going that African American males  have less desire for African American females than the other way around.
  3.  Simply put. White men who get involved with black women just want their flings, for the most part, to be kept secret.

“Yeah but the statistics say black men marry out of their race double that of black women” Some might say. Yes, thats true. Statistics are important, but the funny thing about statistics is, information as to be recorded. And what a lot of black females get up to with white males is not going to be surveyed and recorded honestly because of the three reasons mentioned. People can say there’s no proof but the difference between truth and hearsay is when people see the truth for themselves and are told the truth from other trust worthy people.

So here is the truth without the statistics.  In America, black women have been having frequent sexual flings with white men in the corporate offices, government service jobs, business trips and even annual holidays. It got so common that white men discretely spread the word. Some white men brag about it to their black co workers. One is said to have boasted: “I can get more black women than you and you’re supposed to be a black man!”  And not all of these bedwenches having affairs with “white daddy” are single either. Some of them are married to black men. Talk about betrayal.

This secret special affection for white men extends to places  of higher education. Young black female students would have also have sexual adventures with white male students in the same campus or another. Some would even pretend these white males they are talking to in public are just acquaintances. This goes for white male teachers too even through it doesn’t happen often and obliviously an offence against educational policy. All of this happens in secrecy. See, black feminists and other black women can point their fingers all they want at black men running off with “Becky” but these women know that if “Brent” comes to them with a deep voice like a “brotha” and a chilled out attitude, they would be no more loyal to the race then black men are.

 There is another truth on why US Interracial marriage statistics they are the way they are.  It’s white people in general. The ball has always been in their court in terms of marrying blacks. Black men could do all the buck dancing they want, but if white women are not open to it, its not happening. Same goes for white men. If they are not interested in marrying black women there’s nothing a black woman can do.  That’s why some black women have been trying and not getting results. Thing is, a lot of “sistas” are quietly open to marrying out, but a majority of white men are not interested. Why white men are not interested? There are other reasons, but for the most part its to continue their European genes.  Its not racist. They just want to continue with who they are. And its not because they have not seen what black women “have to offer”. They know very well, its just black women are not high on the preference list for creating a real family. They want to see their face in their children. Men in general are very serious and particular about family legacy.  

Now lets deal with history. Black feminists love to ignore the long, long, long history of interracial marriages and relationships between African women and European men. Not all intimate encounters were by force. Before slavery, there was history of European merchants and sailors having relationships with African women when they arrived on African shores. Even after slavery Caribbean and African women were married to white men and naval officers.

Anyway, back to America. Black feminists love to point out black men in America went “crazy” marrying white women since the pro miscegenation law was passed in 1967, but there are two issues about time period which needs to be highlighted.

First, black men were allowed to go “crazy” because of the male female dynamic where the woman normally take on the man’s pathology. So black men do not mind having white women. Black women on the other hand were not stupid. They knew the deal. Because white supremacist male dominance was still fresh after Jim Crow, many black women knew had they try go off and marry white men, there is a big risk of being controlled in the relationship and even abused. So it was best for them to stay put and marry black men. Certain black women today even think similarly why they still want to be with black men. You know the saying “black men go with  white women because they get away with crap”? Well some black women stay with black men because they get away with crap (Be honest).   

Lastly, Feminists don’t focus on the case that made it all possible for every state in America to accept interracial relationships in the first place. The 1967 Loving vs. Virginia case.  Not only this changed America, but it’s a perfect symbol of how the male run white supremacy treats  black men verses how it treats black women. Yes, black women has been through hell just like black men, but now and again white supremacy shows a little “soft spot” for  black women. Of course, not like a real care for a human being. Its more like a care for a cute pet. But nevertheless the black man is treated with much less tolerance. In other words, had the Loving vs Virginia case had been a black man trying to challenge Virginia state’s anti-miscegenation laws with his  white wife, these individuals would have been probably killed or ended up missing. To hell with being arrested. Some may disagree with this but those miscegenation laws were really meant for black men.

This “soft spot” for the American black woman also has a deadly and nasty secret. A secret that certain blacks wouldn’t talk about. That is, roughly from the 1930’s onwards, some black women in the south were willingly sleeping with the KKK. Yes, they were mistresses the Klu Klux Klan. And what’s worse some of these women were married to black men. That’s not even the evil part. Spiteful wives would call on the Klan to deal with their husbands after an argument. Of course, some husbands ended up dead or the whole family would have had to move up North. If  in doubt, one should go and ask their elder relatives especially the grandmothers who used to live in the south if such a thing happened. Oh and some of us should know by now, black women who were bedwenches used to willingly volunteer to lay down and let 10-13 year old white boys have sex  with them as a rights of passage ritual to become a man. which most probably peaked in the 50’s. Of course, back in day black men have married and had secret affairs with white women before Loving vs Virginia. But the recurring theme out there is black men always betray black women for “Becky” isn’t it?

                          BLACK SOCIAL FEMIMEDIA

Now with the presence of social media, black feminists and others with the same mindset can now spread their nonsense to an international audience in an instant. What makes these feminists dangerous is the corporate funding and backing from questionable companies to push their evil agenda almost exclusively against black men.  Fortunately, social media has an even playing field for black men and sensible minded black women to shut down these black feminist orcs, witches and hobgoblins.

Lets now deal with the hypocrisy and sexism against black men on social media.  First the farce that having a black man as a leader AKA patriarchy is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with patriarchy as a practice.  Great advancements in philosophy and society were achieved through patriarchy. What black feminists and feminists in general are really against is unfair dictatorship which can be forced by both patriarchy and matriarchy. And furthermore, patriarchy and matriarchy used by white Europeans tend to lead to authoritarianism and sometimes sadism.

The lie these black feminists are trying to put out for decades and now on social media is black men in leadership will be like under the white supremacist patriarchy. In other words, through slavery and living under white supremacy, black men will only copy white male dictatorship because that’s the only example they have seen. And what’s more insulting, black feminists are saying black women, in their angelic glory, need to shake black men out of the white male dictatorship mindset. This is all clearly bogus. Many black men who have assumed the role of leaders in whatever situation have always valued women and their input. Its actually incredible that despite being oppressed by male lead white supremacy black men still can demonstrate a balanced pathology when practicing patriarchy. Obviously, this is not to excuse black patriarchs who were selfish and cruel, but black feminists love to point out the flaws of these men as an example of black patriarchy. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with matriarchy, but for the advancement of  disenfranchised black communities, it needs patriarchy. And within that patriarchy certain matriarchal practices in certain areas of the community would be allowed. If anyone looks closely, Its funny how  modern black feminism can be so chaotic. You have one bunch of black feminists who don’t want black male leadership and another group telling black men to “step up” and take charge of black women and the community. And furthermore, these groups are mixed in with one another.  Baffling isn’t it?


On social media black feminist have developed some nasty tricks to attack black men. The most popular tactic  is playing the victim when black men voice their opinions on black women. If a man types a message: “You look sexy babe” a feminist would say: “ Youre objectifying her. She’s more than her booty”. Which is not true. Women say guys are sexy too regardless of what their status or professions are.  Furthermore,  its just an honest statement of your preference which is natural for both genders. The name of the game is to over react with black men who make honest critique on black women and feminists.  One thing black men should understand is  that black men DO NOT have the dominant influence on sexist language. For every “Hoes” and “Bitches” there is “Men are hound dogs” and “Bitch N—gas”. So there is need to complain  black men are name calling because black women are name calling too. Oh and one must be living under a rock not to notice  black women often call each other worse names as well.

A term they use on black men online is “Misogynoir” which really  means black male misogyny. They use this false term often. So if this word is used to describe a black man on a woman’s social media post or as a hashtag, beware.  

Speaking of hashtags, another hashtag that attacks black men is #Sayhername. With the plight of racist police beatings and killings the in US, black feminists have made the hashtag to heavily imply black men do not bother about black women who were attacked by racist officers. Which is untrue. Black men do care whether its man, woman or child.  Almost all black men do care about the injustices on our people.  What these feminist witches want to leave out is, that from the beginning of US law enforcement,  racist police had always had black males as the primary target for abuse. Yes, black women catch hell too, but not as immediate and as often. Also black women are under less scrutiny. For example, If racist police officer  sees a group of black women in “the hood” hanging around a street corner he would more likely ignore them. But if that officer sees a group of black men, we know it’s a different story.  With that being said, it’s common sense that when racist police officers are stopped from discriminating black men as their top target, that would automatically mean the same for black women who are the second target. This is why there are” less protestors” for abused black women. And black feminists know very well racist police have that occasional “soft spot” for black women too. Otherwise a lot of spiteful black women would not call on police for false domestic violence claims would they? Just saying.


Nude pic fake outrage

Another deception that has to be addressed is the fake outrage of black men sending nude pictures to random women on social media. Black feminists(and feminists in general) love to  say it’s like a “sexual assault”, “offensive” or “sexually imposing”.  This is almost not true. Because even though there are sad perverts online, you can tell them a mile away. A d*ck pic is a result of certain factors in today’s society that feminists would not like to admit. Let’s deal with these factors.

First , the rise of sexual liberation in post modern society.  Its no use denying it. Western society has embraced and promoted sexual expression and sexual experimentation. And in some cases, sexual perversion.  It has gotten to the point some are a bit numb to it.  Black people along with the dominate society, waved goodbye to the conservative traditional culture and dived into the post modern world of sexual freedom since the 70’s. Although truth be told, it took a while for blacks to catch up to whites in terms of the sexual “freakiness” that’s now common knowledge. In this day and age, everyone is familiar with freaky people in real life and in the mass media (Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj). We even have female celebrities who are famous only because of leaked sextapes, which got so popular, it became a trend for D list celebrities.  And we have feminist backed “slut walks” that encourages women to wear the most sexually provoking clothes in public. With all of this, its not far fetched men will send  pics to random women online.   

The next factor is that black feminists and a lot of other women do not mind nude pics.  Its just they want them under certain conditions.  The clue is in the statements that they make online. We may read things like “No unsolicited penis pics” and  “No unwanted penis pics”. “Unsolicited” and “Unwanted”. Which means they don’t mind such pictures as long as they agree to it. So if such pictures are so offensive and sexually imposing why would they ask for it? And truth be told, some black feminists are very freaky.  The word has been around too long from different people for it to be a lie.  Who knows what they get up to behind closed doors. Pan African activist, Dr. Umar Johnson reveled  in a radio interview  around 4 years ago, that two black feminists, who were very vocal against what Johnson stood for, left sexual voice messages of themselves masturbating on his phone.  He then warned these weird  characters on air if they try to destroy his  reputation again, he would release those messages to the public along with their names.

There is also a big reason why black men (and men in general) send nude pics to women. It’s feminism. How is modern feminism to blame? Well, we have heard “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” right?  Society has pushed the ideology that men and women are more or less “the same”. Women can act like a man, think like a man. Basically, build highways, shoot missile launchers, drink a gallon of beer and fight Floyd Mayweather just like men can. Because of this social push, men like the idea of receiving nude pictures from women, so they thought women would like nude pictures from men. Since how genders are equal and all.

So is this defending black men sending nude pics to random black women? No. Because it’s a silly desperation move. That’ s how women view it. Furthermore such an image is too blatant. It leaves nothing to the imagination. However black women love sexy images that SUGGEST sex.  So some pecs and abs would make their day.

One thing black men have to understand about sex and social media is women like sex and even porn but just in a different way.  And lets be honest here, women, especially black women talk about a male’s “hung package” mostly when men are not around. Also when in an argument you may hear a women say you have a pencil d*ck. This means they know a male’s penis is included in a women’s judgement of a man’s sexual prowess. So black men and men in general should not be fooled  about women being “traumatized” by d*ck pics from a horny man who is just trying to show off.  

So lets end this. Some might say this an attack on black women. Some might say its finger pointing. Its neither.  In fact this is to stop certain black women and black feminists pointing  their fingers at the black man for decades.  Yes, black men have their faults but they have never formed an official group backed by the US government and the media to differentiate themselves as “better” than black women. In this day and age there is no need for black feminism. Never was a need. It needs to be destroyed. Spat upon and set on fire. Black feminists reading this have a choice to make. In the era of MGTOW, IBMOR, SYBM, The Blackmanosphere and the “red pill rage” forums (Google them), DECENT black men are not messing around. Its either continue the black misandry which is black feminism or improve the state of black people.


  1. Ava Duvernay says:

    Tariq and his alter egos are full of it.

    Mr Nasheed stated his feelings quite clearly in the original Hidden Colors when he said “women’s rights were not being jeopardized in the black community. Our first problem was racism”.

    Just as he ignores male privilege, he ignores class privilege and pretends he is in the same situation as every other person of color on the planet.

    Credit where it is due: Hidden Colors has some good information from the elders.

    But Tariq also has no problem teaching dysfunctional relationship and sexual behaviour in the black community for personal profit as evidenced by his dating books.

    Black chauvinists better learn to #holdyourownnuts.

    1. Misanoir says:

      Black men have been holding their own nuts for a long time now.
      The notion that black women are “there for us” hasn’t been true for decades .

      There is more profit in slandering and vilifying us.

      A dead black man is worth a million dollar pay day at least.

      More to black feminist/LGBT groups like BLM in exposure and donations.

      1. Ava Duvernay says:

        There are black men that do not stand with black women and black women that do not stand with black men.

        The notion that black women have not been there for black men for “decades” is bull.

        Black women have taken on the “traditional/patriarchal” role of black men while retaining all of the responsibilities and duties of black women.

        In fact, many black women do not need a husband. What we need is a wife. Someone to do all the crap work that gets dumped on black women.

        If black men want to maintain patriarchy, that’s cool.

        Just don’t forget to #holdyourownnuts.

  2. Angela Davis says:

    “Now it’s my time to talk. Of course you took in your son. My son. Our son. And you taught him what he needed to be a man. I give you that. Because most men ain’t man enough to do what you did. But that gives you no reason, do you hear me? No reason to tell me that I cant be a mother to my son. What you did is no different from what mothers have been doing from the beginning of time. Its just too bad more brothers wouldn’t do the same. But don’t think you’re special. You may be cute, but not special” – Boyz in the Hood, 1991

    This quote is what black feminism is—A backhanded compliment to black men”

    Well maybe you should blame the black male writer for a poor depiction of a black woman.

    You certainly don’t have an issue pointing out when white media pretends to be black media.

    But when it comes to black men writing as black women, you get quiet and play dumb.

  3. SWS says:

    hey tariq made up another fake name…i gotta say him pretending to be a woman(tiffany tubman) is pretty fucking moist

  4. Joe Freeman says:

    Preach Brother!!!!!

  5. Jemele Hill says:

    If Tariq does not want to be judged on every single thing he has said (or written) about women, he would do well to not judge every black women that disagrees with him.

    It would demonstrate an ability to be self-critical which is a catalyst for growth.

    What logical reason is there for black women to fight white supremacy when black men do not have our backs?

    The only way to win this war is for black men and women to stand together.

    But if black men think they’re going to do it doing what they have always done, good luck.

    Real black men respect a strong black women and vice versa.

    Tariq would do well to learn this.

  6. Noam Chomsky says:

    The ghetto grammar is burning my retinas.

    Someone get Mr Nasheed an editor.

    The English language is a privilege, not a right.

    1. BlackXMessiah says:

      Then why did you white devils go across the world forcing it on people who didn’t want to learn your disgusting language in the first place?

      Get the fuck out of here neanderthal……

  7. Viola Davis says:

    Tariq made his money profiting off the mess of black America and then does what too many black men do: marry white or marry light.

    And then hides his dark daughter from Instagram while showing off his light wife and children.

    The self hate is deep.

  8. joe says:

    Everything in this article is absolutely true. Black women are infatuated with white men and it has been that way for hundreds of years. These are the same women who watch a bed wench show like Scandal every week. Black men are finally starting to wake up to the truth.

    1. The Barker says:

      Negroes love distraction. It’s really simple. You’re either awake or you’re not. If you’re not talking Pan Africanism, all else is garbage. There is no black feminist movement that has any value. Same for Black LGBTQ, Christians, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, etc. we all got black problems. Can you negroes please get your heads in the game and stop letting your personal bull hinder the collective?

  9. Truth says:

    A lot of black women are sleeping with racist white men. The bed wenching is at an all-time high.

  10. Bug Shelton says:

    Funny you would say that brother took my wife out for her birthday and we looked to the table next to us and a sister her dude and two European couples were there and this sister was in full fledge coon mode never shut eyes popping from her head it was ugly you could tell her dude was embarrassed

  11. angie says:

    Absolutely agree with this article. Its important to address the fuckery of black women within the system of white supremacy. Just as black women have been given a platform to overly critique black men. Both sides (black men/black women) need to take accountability and responsibility for our behaviours while been oppressed. We have both done wrong to each other. Its time to move forward and come up with a plan to succesfully create a better society for our future children. Its time. White supremacy/rascims is getting deadly by the day.

  12. Mr. Mitchell says:

    There’s a gif/meme floating around that I saw somewhere on the net: It depicted a black female engaged in sexual intercourse with a white male; the black female was lying face down on her belly with the white male on top of her. The message on the gif read: “Your black queen, his dirty chocolate whore.”

    Far too many black females are secretly engaging in sex with white males. And many of these black females do this to spite black men.

    The black females who you think would be most loyal to black men are the ones who are engaged in secret intercourse with white males.

    And by the time these black females are ready to settle down, they come back to black men after they’ve allowed themselves to be tainted by white males. This act, of giving herself to a black man after years of being sullied by white males, is blatant disrespect to the black men they marry, and rest assured, they will cheat on their black husbands with white males.

    The sooner black men quit calling black females queens, the sooner their ascent to self-respect and high self-worth. Black queens are non-existent. Love yourself black men. No one will ever love you more than you love yourself.

  13. shon says:

    Wow there is so much truth in this atricle. It’s just gives you a chance to take a look at yourself as a black women and make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes. These comments are ridiculous, you’re everything he says you are in the article. If we want real change we need to take a long deep genuine look within ourselves. Seriously.

  14. Nell Irvin Painter says:

    ““Yeah but the statistics say black men marry out of their race double that of black women” Some might say. Yes, thats true. Statistics are important, but the funny thing about statistics is, information as to be recorded.”

    If double the number of black men marry out compared to white women, in what parallel universe is this evidence that black women have abandoned black men?

    Cause and effect.

    If fewer black men married out, it follows that fewer black women would look to marry out.

    If black men want fewer black women to marry out, they should not look to marry out as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    And, as others have pointed out, marrying light instead of marrying white is a sickness from which too many black men suffer.

    Tariq and his pseudonyms have made it clear that he is perfectly comfortable with patriarchy and his position within the global capitalist framework.

    To borrow from my sister above, black chauvinists can #holdyourownnuts.

    1. truth says:

      There is nothing easier for a white man than getting a black woman to take her clothes off. Every white man knows this.

  15. Blooman says:

    Can I get the source about the black women and the panther dynamic and the black women and the kkk dynamic. I want to see the details or maybe Tariq can speak on it.

  16. Pam says:

    I have never read so much utter and complete bullcrap in my entire existence. Black feminists care about women’s well-being, quality of life, and their economic, political, and social status under a patriarchal system. If that is something you do not care about then so be it. However, trying to demonize those of us who do clearly indicates an agenda to discredit everything that feminism stands for. This article is stupid and despicable.

    1. El negro muy guapo says:

      Question. Umm, how exactly are black men effecting black women economically, politically and socially ?

      1. Pam says:

        If you are replying to my comment (which I think you are), I never said anything about black men specifically.

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