Black College Football Players Go On Strike To Protest Racist Activities On Campus

university of missouri

Fifty-eight of the University of Missouri’s 84 football scholarships go to Black players…all of whom have decided to boycott playing because of their call for the removal of the school’s president, Tim Wolfe.

A statement has been released via Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians group on Twitter, showing their stance on the matter.

The players are wanting Wolfe gone because of his alleged negligence in dealing with the slew of racist incidences occurring on campus, one of which involved Missouri Students Association president Payton Head–who is Black–called the n word by whites on campus. Many of the university’s students have used the hashtag #ConcernedStudent1950 to show their support for the ongoing movement.

Here is a link to the story.

B. Clark

30 thoughts on “Black College Football Players Go On Strike To Protest Racist Activities On Campus

  1. jeff says:

    us as black people have to stuck together in situations like this, because we have the power to make a difference in everyday society. imagine if the NFL WAS ON THE SAME PAGE….

    1. dj says:

      instant cosign…

  2. JayBay says:

    FINALLY! Some athletes with some balls. After that whole Donald Sterling incident where all the athletes did was wear black socks and wear their jerseys inside out, I was starting to think that all our athletes we’re either coons or spineless. Hats off to these guys. .

  3. Ryan says:

    Is there a gofundme type of thing set up for these gentlemen? This needs to be heavily rewarded. This should get more that what their scholarship is worth. I think it would be great publicity for MN to start this donation.

  4. Kenneth Wallace says:

    Great idea Ryan.

  5. Lissen_Up says:

    I love seeing young black folks actually standing up for themselves. Show the cowardly adults who coon and buck dance to the system that them & their slave massas won’t be tolerated..
    One big issue I’ve never seen get addressed is how schools have been stealing Billions! of dollars of the wealth generated by black athletes in College, High school & Universities. These students need to start raising holy hell! about this parasitic behavior by these whites. The students continue to live in poverty despite giving their blood, sweat and tears to these bloodsuckers who look down their noses at them while living high on stolen money..

  6. Nick says:

    This is an example of leadership and forward-thinking!!! As commented above, if black athletes in pro-sports would follow this lead every time an unarmed black American was killed AND all black men and women stopped supporting the NFL, NBA etc…buy buying apparel, tickets and merchandise… This country would have no choice but to prosecute race-soldiers and create a true system of justice and equality for us. The businesses that need the black dollar would not be able to sustain themselves otherwise.

  7. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. bbking says:

      Just go back in your cave…no one cares about what you think.

    2. crazx says:

      you don’t matter…the system will be broken.

    3. dc1969 says:

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      1. dc1969 says:

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    4. Vampire Hunter G says:

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    5. dj says:

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    6. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

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  8. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. Vampire Hunter G says:

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      1. unapologetically black says:

        On point

  9. BlksBstupid says:

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    1. dj says:

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  11. Genesis 6 6 says:

    We are all one race–the human race! Eye color, skin color, hair type–these are super tiny differences. All humans have the same digestive system, circulatory system, skeletal system, vision…we are not dogs, birds, fish; we are humans. Marvelously created. About 5,000 years ago, “the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.” Our hearts grieve, feel pain, as we look around at the hatred people have for one another–not all people, just some messed-up people. Like the sick person who says they are glad when black people die. Craziness! I am white (well, a combo of Middle Eastern/European but AMERICAN for several generations) and I sure the rest of you realize that BlksBstupid DOES NOT REPRESENT the typical white American!!! Jesus still changes hearts, minds.

    1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      there are Humans and Humankind…we are not the same at all .

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    1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

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    2. unapologetically black says:

      Then leave us the fuck alone. Please

  13. Lissen_Up says:


    The question one should raise is when will the racist Caucasian American people take responsibility for what their ancestors have done & the racism that continues to exist alive & well today.
    They benefit shamelessly from the white supremacist system & pretend otherwise.
    It is somebody’s fault simply because we did NOT place ourselves in this situation it was done by another & that other smiles in your face but does NOT make U whole from the damages they caused.
    The nation was made rich & powerful due to generations of free labor.
    Then when these victims try & were thriving the racists destroyed their works unto the point the victim wants to stop trying, then the racists use this to make it look like the victim isn’t trying to improve themselves.
    This is a wicked & evil trick ! it’s amazing how a racist such as yourself call someone uncivilized while your history shows nothing but Rape, Murder, Wars, Theft, Confusion in gender, Dope addicts, Drunks, Child molesters, Porn fiends, have sex with animals, Cannibalism, Human blood drinking, Necrophilia, Homosexuals etc….
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  16. unapologetically black says:

    I’m really proud of u, Mizzou. Thank u for your diligence and the manner in which u displayed resiliency.

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