Black Child Ordered By His School To Remove His Locs


HOPEWELL, VA — For the past four years, a Melanoid child by the name of Isaiah Freeman has worn his hair in locs–something that never seemed to hinder his outstanding academic performance as a student of West End Christian School. However, how little Isaiah chooses to wear his hair has posed a ridiculous threat to the school that he attends.

Freeman’s school informed him that his hair was too long, and violated the appearance codes of the private educational institution. His father Shawn has told the New York Daily News that  “it’s a form of not being culturally aware, a form of stereotyping”, and fully expects to have his son removed from his current school.

Although the school has allegedly decided to implement diversity training  by ‘reconsidering’ making changes to the hair policy next school year, Shawn Freeman refuses to allow his son to attend West End Christian School under any circumstance.

B. Clark

16 thoughts on “Black Child Ordered By His School To Remove His Locs

  1. it’s ironic that it’s a “Christian” school. That says a lot.

  2. MagnumBoom says:

    Nothing new. They have been sporadically doing this for years. It is a form of intimidation and control. They do it with clothing, i.e, the sagging phenomenon and they do it with music, as we all know. White supremacy is not some arbitrary, random concept carried out by some hick in a John Deere hat. That’s the image that they promulgate, because it makes people feel disarmed. That’s the lie. Imagine instead people with PHD’s who have dedicated their entire lives to the study and analysis of systematic White tyranny. They understand the nuances of psychological warfare even in its most minute forms. They are persistent, consistent, all-encompassing and thorough. Yes, even your child’s hair has been accounted for. This is one the silent weapons they speak of for the quiet war being waged. This incident and this young man is the latest casualty of that campaign.

    Again, nothing new.

    1. Brother Tom says:

      Very insightful and concise comment Brother

    2. Quizenotes says:

      It makes me think of movies like Maze Runner and the hunger games, fighting to get out of a system that has control and totally keeps itself in power using psychology and war. Black people are the Maze Runner. Black people are The Hunger Games. That’s our story right now. We are scattered and running while they keep us that way. It’s really a David vs Galioth story with us right now.

      The way everything happened to get blacks into ghettos and living ghetto lives, going to jail in record numbers, crack coming into the community’s etc. was designed, it’s basically the same as a engineer would create a micro processor ( they are smart in that science field) there is a real science to social engineering and it is much easier than creating a micro processor, that social science put blacks where we are now (the people that do it are smart in that field) read up on cointellpro and how they worked.

  3. Adam says:

    but why tough??

  4. Stringer says:

    Until we as black people open our own schools and teach our own kids this is unfortunately things were going to have to deal with

    1. john says:

      Thats already been done with disasterous results. Black people can’t run schools on their own. They need white people to do that.

  5. str8_talk says:

    Fuk dem krakkas we have worn our hair in locks for thousands of years who are they to tell us how to be ourselves we are not white people. That lil’ solja look like me when I was his age only my hair wasn’t in locks it’s uncanny. Keep ya head up young king and be who you are..

  6. @BroussardBeats says:

    diversity training? Lol fuck that school

  7. Brother Tom says:

    I pray Dr. Umar gets the FDMG Academy up and running. Everyone plz donate.

    1. john says:

      Owe here we go more donations, does it ever end?

  8. Jerome Watkins says:

    In this specific case, what is needed is.. to round up the ENTIRE school board, take them all to the nearest barn, lock them in, and set that MF on fire!! Then they will start to understand. ..maybe!!

    1. john says:

      They will understand what Jerome?

  9. ebi says:

    heII to the naw!
    pull that kid out of that school!

  10. john says:

    He should cut his hair. He looks like a little girl.

    1. Steph says:

      John, we know you’re a white boy, trolling on this website. No one here takes you seriously. Go troll on your white nationalist websites where you are clearly welcomed. Or maybe you aren’t taken seriously there either. Oh well!

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