Black Child Charged With Larceny For “Stealing” 65-cent Carton of Milk


A Black child has been criminalized for taking advantage of something that he is entitled to, just like the rest of his peers.

Ryan Turk is a middle school student who attends Graham Park Middle School in Triangle, VA, which is near his hometown of Dumfries, VA. According to local authorities at the school, Ryan was combative with them after being confronted about “stealing” a small carton of milk–which he had the right to select via the school’s free lunch program.

The incident occurred on May 10, when he was harassed by the cop who accused him of stealing the 65-cent item. The young Melanoid boy is being charged with larceny, and is required to go to juvenile court. Ryan’s mother, Shamise, is disgusted by the atrocious accusations trumped up against her son, and said she was “angry” and “frustrated”.

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B. Clark

5 thoughts on “Black Child Charged With Larceny For “Stealing” 65-cent Carton of Milk

  1. dc1969 says:

    Over milk…….these race soldiers are very blatant with their overzealousness to enforce their bullshit.people better start arming up especially down there .

  2. R8sing A Nation says:

    Sounds like the “milk” incident was blown out of proportion because somebody at this school has personal issues with the young man.Very common in these situations very passive aggressive.

  3. Eric Mccray says:


  4. Thinker X says:

    We just have to tighten up. Period. The moment we started standing up and getting on this conscious sh*t you had to know they were going to pull out all the stops. We cant be caught out here slipping because it should be a given that they are going to try to throw the book at us, so we just have to be ready. No more sleeping. Get on your kids early about what time it is out here.

  5. Nancy says:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, for you yourselves are just as guilty of promoting unfounded hatred and racism to your own children! And you wonder why it never ends?

    The blame does NOT lie solely within the white race, as it appears so many here wish to believe. Point in case, take a good hard look at the tone and content of these comments. They are expressly filled with biased embittered hatred towards ‘whites’. They spout caucasian-intolerance, “anti-white establishment”, aggressiveness, violence, hatred, distrust, and anarchy against “whites” (or rather, as some of you ‘fondly’ refer to Caucasians, “race soldiers”, “white supremacists”, “honks”, “the enemy”, etc.). These are, in fact, the epitome of racism, and all of you who choose to harbor such beliefs and attitudes ARE, therefore, racists. Worse still, in demanding that your fellow people of African descent teach and instill these same hateful, despicable behaviors and erroneous beliefs to your children, and they to their children, you are being racism-mongers! And so, on, and on, and on it goes. It’s a vicious cycle! And people wonder why racism is still happening today?
    THIS is one of the BIGGEST hurdles we ALL face in the fight to overcome it. We cannot teach our children hatred, anger, distrust and intolerance, and then expect them to live, love, accept and tolerate one another as equals. So, stop it, already!

    By the way, had any of you decided to check into the full details of this story, BEFORE having jumped to conclusions and automatically declared it to be the fault of Caucasians -the “white supremacists” or ” race soldiers”, you probably would have had an entirely different view of the situation. Because what the posting editor failed to include here is the fact that both the accusing/arresting officer and the principal who took actions against the young boy in concern are BLACK!

    Shame on you all.

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