Black Businessman Creates New Movement To Empower Young Black Males


Back in March of this year, we here at Melanoid Nation featured a story on a young Black entrepreneur by the name of Andre C. Hatchett, who is a real estate expert, and the founder of Buy Black NYCa website which serves as a directory for Black-owned businesses in the New York Metropolitan Area.

So far, his credentials have proven to be impressive, defying the stereotypical labels placed on Melanoid men. He now wants to see to it that other Brothers aren’t victims of their circumstances as well. In addition to the other irons he has cast into the business world fire, he has now launched ‘Black Men Doing It!’, a platform created to let young Melanoid males know that success isn’t defined by becoming athletes and entertainers alone.

In the following video, Mr. Hatchett discusses the the mission of Black Men Doing It, and why it is important to the development of young Melanoid males:


In spite of the concerns that there is a lack of positive venues that help our young men, here is a shining example of a Brother who has stepped up to the plate to do his part in being a proud “member of the village who will help raise the child.” To donate to this movement, follow the link below.

by B. Clark

5 thoughts on “Black Businessman Creates New Movement To Empower Young Black Males

  1. shane says:

    That’s something I’ll donate to

  2. henok says:

    am henok i am in ethiopa jon faloshep

  3. Micha Nixon says:

    Dear Andre C. Hatchett,

    We’ve identified you as a game changer in your niche and would love to have you on the Black Business University radio show.

    Our audience will love you, and the best part is that getting booked on the show super simple. All you need to do is click the link below to select an available day and time. Note: Appointments are Central time zone

  4. Tyrone says:

    Great information about what need to be done with in are community .

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