Beyonce, & The Dominant Society’s Historical Love/Hate Relationship With Black Recording Artists


In the wake of Super Bowl 50, this week’s blazing hot topics throughout the country have involved more than just the recap of the actual game itself. More than a fair share of the discussions have been centered around one Beyonce Knowles-Carter, the multi-talented entertainer who’s captured the collective attention of the world yet again.

While many individuals have contributed their perspectives on whether her halftime performance (based on her newly-released video/song titled Formationwas a necessary gesture to highlight pressing matters in Black Society, perhaps the dominant society’s reaction to Formation should pose the REAL issue. For much of the past two decades, Beyonce’s star power has grown exponentially, and her extensive body of work has elevated her to a rarefied air that very few recording artists–especially Black artists–get an opportunity to experience.

Here are a few Tweets that highlight the white supremacists’ reaction to Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance.

The Tweets shown above are a drop in the bucket when it comes to illustrating the vitriol white supremacists spew toward Black recording artists when the artists don’t play by a certain script. Although these men have been deified posthumously, many seem to forget the amount of resentment that Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson received. Much like Beyonce’s smash hit song Single LadiesTupac’s California Love can be heard blasting on any given day in any given place in the world in the homes, cars, and social gatherings where large numbers of non-Melanoid people are located. On the flip side, Tupac’s revolutionary background has been highly scrutinized by people in the dominant society.

Creatively speaking, perhaps nothing was more revolutionary than Michael Jackson’s decision to put together the music video for the hit single from his 1991 Dangerous album titled Remember The Time.

To the surprise of many during that time, the video featured an all-Black cast, and not just a typical all-Black cast for a music video. Besides the fact that the video was laced with a star-studded cast, the video’s actors all depicted people in an ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) setting, which gave credence to the historical accuracy of the African nation. As expected, Jackson was ridiculed because of the video, which was also around the time when the assassination attempt on his character began–besides the fact that he owned half of the Sony Music catalog, but that is an entirely separate ordeal all to itself.

 Bob Marley, whose music has warmed the hearts of multitudes of people, was no exception to the aforementioned collection of exceptional Black star power.

The work that Mr. Marley left behind includes highly-celebrated classics, such as Redemption Song and One Love, and these were just a couple of his musical masterpieces that the world-at-large embraces. While the music of Bob Marley (and/or Marley’s group, The Wailers) continues to wax poetic in the ear and hearts of non-Melanoid people everywhere, it is no secret that Buffalo Soldier  was a song that spoke directly to the trials, tribulations, and untapped greatness of  people in the African Diaspora.

In the eyes of white supremacists in the dominant society, Beyonce is nothing more than a “trouble making” superstar singer/dancer who has offended (and disappointed them) by her latest act. In the eyes of members of many non-Black people, Tupac Shakur was a young and angry rapper who, in their minds, made it cool for them to reduce the originally brilliant concept of ‘Thug Life’  to an ongoing series of viral videos based on nothing more than various scenarios involving slapstick humor.

Michael Jackson too, was viewed in the same light as the other musical luminaries. It was more than ok for Mike to give the world Thriller and Billie Jean, but as soon as Remember The Time’s video debuts on national television, white supremacists now have a problem…much like how “cool” it is for  non-Melanoid youths to idolize Marley for the simple fact that he smoked weed–largely unaware of Marley’s Pan-African ideologies and Rastafarianism.

Is it up to us as Melanoid people to go to great lengths to convince the dominant society that some of their favorite Black artists chose to use their platform to convey progressive Black propaganda in their music? No. Is it up to non-Melanoid people to care that their favorite Black recording artist just might occasionally make a song filled with progressive Black lyrics? Absolutely not.

In response to white supremacists’ full-fledged attack on Beyonce for her latest performance/song, we must quote the words of the Late, Great Michael Jackson when he sang: They Don’t Care About Us

They don’t care about us, nor should we value how they feel about how we choose to express ourselves artistically.

B. Clark

19 thoughts on “Beyonce, & The Dominant Society’s Historical Love/Hate Relationship With Black Recording Artists

  1. Koren says:

    Great article.

  2. JayBay says:

    Ha! I love it when white people show their true colors. If you’re pissing off a large group of white people and you’re black, chances are you’re doing something right. Good for her.

    1. Sharon says:

      A very good article. It’s sad when a certain number of white people would stoop to spewing hateful, racist remarks towards those who are just honoring and celebrating their heritage. For that matter, shame on the people of our own race with their negative remarks.

      1. dc1969 says:

        Stop it,sharon.what we do is defense to their offense. Fuck turning the other cheek,sharon

  3. Melanoid Scholar says:

    Beautifully written article!
    I will be sure to discuss this with my class this semester!

  4. Sha says:

    Fuck all this u ignorant matha fucka ✊✊✊✊✊✊ fight the power bitch

  5. August Noone says:

    I don’t get this. Black people constitute 14% of the population. White people make up 77%. The numbers are about 40 million vs about 245 million. Where’s the threat? White society is the dominate society. How do we threaten that? There’s not enough black people in Amerika to affect anything. These people are batshit crazy. At the very least they’re bullies. At the worst, they’re racist Nazis. Black people rising up against white Amerika would be like an elephant getting stung by a gnat. We will be a lot better off as a people when we realize that we are dealing with an insane race of people.

    1. JayBay says:

      Don’t sell yourself so low. We’re the Israelites that the bible speaks of. All you have to take a look at our history in the US and across the world and realize that we excel in EVERYTHING that we put our minds to when we come together as a people. That’s what they’re afraid of. That you’ll start to love your fellow brother and sister and reject them and their ways.

    2. dc1969 says:

      True.but Caucasians are the minority worldwide.hopefully by the projected year of 2040,they will be the minority in this u.s.of assholes.

  6. R8sing A Nation says:

    Great article I will be sending this off for many of my family to read. You brought everything full circle and kuddos to you. I have been very much a critic of Beyonce only because I felt the content of her work should have evolved and it seemed to have went to the left in many ways. But that is just a matter of taste and she hands down is a style icon and an extremely talented performer that has paid her dues. I gather her and Jay have counted their fuck you money and they claim to be Bonnie and Clyde and I believe they will ride this out together how ever it goes. I know they sprung folks out of jail in Baltimore and they are giving a lot of money to help the kids out in Flint and because of that I will rock with the Carters just like when everybody was coming for Tupac about the trumped up rape charges I rode for him. Tupac had a giving kind spirit and cared about kids, that’s why he is loved out here in the bay.

  7. R8sing A Nation says:

    Oh on a real quick side note I saw a trailer for the new fake Gods of Egypt movie what a total joke. I’m thinking about printing out a small flyer of what real ancient Egyptians looked liked and placing the flier on the windshield of people’s cars in the movie theater parking lot…I don’t know crazy idea..

    1. dj says:

      you are crazy…they are going to arrest you for telling the truth…

      1. R8sing A Nation says:

        Lol maybe not ppl print fliers all the time and leave them on the windshields of cars. Such as advertisement fr local concerts , Watchtower booklets, strip club features, resturant new menu

  8. Caish god says:

    This article is on point. Black power

    1. Black2TheFuture says:

      Yes indeed.

  9. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    The racists/white supremacists have been out doing themselves. The racists/white supremacists make racist remarks and say Formation by Beyonce Knowles is an attack on police. Meanwhile, the racists/white supremacists who say they love police have been silent on the eight cops that have been killed since January. Four over seven days. All of the cop killers have been WHITE.The racists have been silent on this. Beyonce Knowles sings a song about police issues = outrage. White cop killers ACTUALLY attacking and KILLING cops=silence.

    1. dc1969 says:

      Fuck these insecure caucasian,asian,hispanic etc.supremacists.everybody thinks that we’re. All complacent,bowing,religious suckers. Nah,bitches. Karma is coming soon and it is coming hard.

  10. M. Stapleton says:

    I would have loved to see a hyperlink to hate Bob Marley got while alive. It was surprising to read a man that concerned w/ love had that kind of hate.

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