Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Finally Admits To Being A Fake News Satire Site


The propaganda “news site” The Daily Wire, which is headed by suspected white supremacist Ben Shapiro, has finally admitted to printing fake stories under the guise of “doing satire. ”

The Daily Wire has already been added to a Blacklist of “news sites” that are considered fake and unreliably bias. (Read the list in it’s entirety here)

This week the Daily Wire published another fake story with a deliberately misleading headline that read: “Outraged Celebrities Apologize After Finding Out Obama Said Almost Exactly What Ben Carson Did About Slaves–Oh Wait”

The bogus article proceeded to attribute fake quotes to producer Tariq Nasheed, rapper Ice-T, and others:

“Almost immediately following the Free Beacon story, the celebrities and commentators who castigated Dr. Ben Carson took to social media to apologize.

Tariq Nasheed said: “Wow. I guess I should have thought about it more before I called Carson a c**n. I’m truly sorry.” ICE-T offered a similar apology, writing: “I hate eating crow, but admitting fault is the right thing to do. It was very foolish of me to call Ben Carson a dumbf***. So sorry!”

At the very end of this fake news, click baiting article, the writer Frank Camp attempted to put a disclaimer at the very end of the false story that stated:

“Oh wait–none of that happened. No retractions; no apologies; no mention that Carson’s language directly mirrored Obama’s.”

Ice-T called out the fake article and the writer on twitter:


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.56.01 PM




When Tariq Nasheed called out the phony article on social media, the writer Frank Camp claimed it was satire:



Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.54.45 PM




And the head of the fake news Daily Wire website Ben Shapiro took to twitter to insult and antagonize Tariq Nasheed for pointing out their cowardly, yellow journalism:



Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.56.35 PM



According to Tariq Nasheed, this isn’t the first time the Daily Wire has printed false stories about him. Here is a past Daily Wire article about Nasheed, which made false claims about his Castro comments, and here is another bogus Daily Wire article that claimed Nasheed was “crazy” and that he “went nuts” over the shooting of an immigrant.

Here is yet another fake news article from the Daily Wire where they falsely claim Nasheed is a “Black Lives Matter advocate”, when Nasheed has repeatedly stated that he has nothing to do with BLM whatsoever.

This type of deceptive, racialized propaganda coming from these fake news sites like the Daily Wire is indicative of the “alternative facts” mantra of the current Trump presidency. And it has no place in the fight for truth and justice.



28 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Finally Admits To Being A Fake News Satire Site

  1. Tumblrinaction says:

    You do realize that you should read the entire article before coming to a conclusion right? -.-

    1. Aaron Gayden says:

      Wait, so if you’re reading an article and it SAYS, ultimately, that the article is satire you should conclude that the article is satirical, and therefore you should take it as such?

      So, you’re saying read the WHOLE article, then?
      Because it gives itself context…

    2. Melanoid says:

      No he doesn’t. Everyone is a suspected white supremacist or a race soldier no matter what. He refuses to have a rational conversation with a white person. What’s a word we use when people judge others based on their skin color?

  2. Trayquon Jones says:


  3. Dustin says:

    If u think Ben Shapiro is a white supremacists you need to put ur meth pipe down go upstairs from ur mom’s basement and purchase yourself a brain with some common sense. News articles like this are the reason trump got elected. Keep up the good work…… praise alla for ur safe spaces you morons.

    1. Nan Brian says:

      Well said. Daily wire is more accurate than CNN NYT or WAPO any day of the week. Ben is Jewish. Impossible for a Jewish person to be a white supremist.

      1. Dar says:

        He’s either of Russian of German descent. The word “Jew” comes from the Greek slang word meaning Greek/Hebrew. Jews are not to be confused with “Judah”, or really Just which is a fictitious biblical tribe of Cushites who lived in old Babylon (Nimrod). Cut the bullish.

        1. Jeff says:


      2. troy says:

        This notion that Jews could never be racist/white supremacists is complete bullshit. History has shown that many of the biggest racists have in fact been white Jews.

    2. John says:

      Exactly…… can’t call or fake news if they say it didn’t happen…. jesus wept.

      White supremacist?……. really? How about someone with common sense!!! That’s fake news and falsely labelling someone without the facts to Base it up on!!!

  4. Nunt Cugget says:

    Fake news calls reputable site fake news because they flippantly mocked hypocrites. Proceeds to call a yarmulke wearing Jew who said he’d never vote for Trump a white supremacist. Keep up the good work guys.

  5. Yo Mama says:

    melanoidnation is fake news.

  6. Dorion says:

    Why do WHITE SUPREMACISTS hate being called WHITE SUPREMACIST, Blacks don’t mean being called niggas. I Think they should rejoiced that word, since coming out of the Dark Ages they Whites have stolen other people’s knowledge to subvert them and dominate them, that ain’t a small feat, being Evil and killing-oriented does not come to anybody, not everyone can be a psychopath and a hypocrite, they should be proud to have to innate skills and not be angry when they’re called what they are WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

    1. Mark says:

      Dude nobody likes to advertise their true colors

  7. Simon says:

    Read the list; the daily wire is listed as bias, not fake. Just because the news is written in a satire, doesn’t mean it’s false.

  8. The daily wire being called fake by these sites is so funny ben would tare them alart in a debate . He is not a white supremacist .

  9. TxKevin says:

    People may not agree with Shapiro but to call him stupid advertises profound ignorance. That guy is scary smart.
    He is one of the most fair and sensible guys I have ever heard. Sorry, stating the truth does not make one a “suspected white supremacist”.

  10. Brian says:

    Fake news says someone is fake news

  11. TB says:

    The first time I heard Ben Shapiro, he was using the internet argument that the NBA being dominated by Black players is proof systematic racism does not exist.

    He wears the headgear as a shield so he can spit “anti-semitism!” while spewing white supremacist talking points.

    No need to spend too much time on him.

    1. Oliver says:

      Not even remotely true. He used the NBA analogy of saying we aren’t born equally. That statement of yours alone lets me know you don’t listen to him with an open mind. Unlike others who solely give an argument, Ben likes to back what he says with data from peer reviewed sources.

  12. Jeremiah says:

    Meloidnation….Really? Maybe you guys should try cooking or something cause you guys suck at this news article stuff.

  13. Mike says:

    So it’s ok when the Onion does it but not the wire? Btw calling a Jewish man a white supremacists is not smart on your part

  14. Bobby Mugabe says:

    Damn That article just blatantly lied. Most people dont read to the very end and they know that.

  15. Truth speaker says:

    Too many white supremacist using I’m white and I say so Daily wire is noting more but a fake white supremacist site

  16. Muzlink says:

    love what brother Tariq is doing, I’ve watched hidden colors 1 – 4 and I cant wait for the new documentary about the Haitian revolution.

  17. Bill says:

    Shapiro a white supremacist, that’s pretty fucking funny. You lefties are fucking terrified of anyone who tells the truth. You are bullies and nasty nasty people, you lefties. How can you call a white person racist, when you are killing your own people in numbers that high? Fucktards.

  18. Bill Payer says:

    Melanoid Nation must be legit, The easiest way to spot a troll is to read a site where someone got caught (in this case printing fake news, predicting people wouldn’t read to the end, then calling a man you misquoted “stupid” because getting caught left him desperate for an angry response to ride out on). Watching people defending this deceit is a clear sign that the “dominant” society needs tactics like this to be men. When they name call it is for two reasons 1) They think Ben is a guy who closet racists listen to, so when Ben is call a SWS they feel like their intentions for listening to him are exposed 2) Some of the slower ones still think we are in an age where whites saying something is stupid means something. Those days are gone.

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