Because Of The Success of Hidden Colors, Fox Films is Coming Out With “Hidden Figures”


Conventional wisdom would lead many to believe that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. In the case of longtime racist media outlets such as FOX, imitation is the greatest form of mockery.

For the past five years, the Hidden Colors film series has revolutionized the way the masses view the nuances of African/Black/Melanoid history, culture, and general experience throughout the Diaspora. It has also played a pivotal role in the renaissance of progressive Black ideologies and initiatives. Because of the film series’ highly influential and successful nature, one would be naive to assume that this hasn’t caught the attention of members of the dominant society, namely white supremacists (and suspected white supremacists alike).

FOX  Films has released a movie titled Hidden Figures, which re-visits the real life account of the three brilliant Melanoid female mathematicians who were instrumental in ensuring that NASA astronaut John Glenn’s 1962 voyage into space was successful.

While the premise of the film seems harmless on the surface level, it must be noted that the film’s title–and plot–are eerily reminiscent of the abundantly informative (and inspirational) Hidden Colors film series.

With the 4th installment of the critically acclaimed series on the way, it’s a sure bet that the world will be watching–whether it be because they truly enjoy what the movie will offer, or because they seek to outdo the film for their own nefarious reasons.

B. Clark

35 thoughts on “Because Of The Success of Hidden Colors, Fox Films is Coming Out With “Hidden Figures”

  1. MoneyBett$ says:

    Fox never ceases to be on that BS! We know what it is. I can’t wait until HC4 comes out. Definitely The number one most anticipated movie of 2016 on my list!

    1. SkyChopper says:

      I agree… I also look forward to Jason Black’s follow up to 7 AM!

    2. Go get “Out of DARKNESS” it is the WHOLE “Hidden colors” series combined !!! It can be purchased most Black bookstores, online or through SABIR BEY.

    3. nickie says:

      I need help ! I am with, Mycasting.file, and I sing and have some training in acting. Was wondering if you could help me get referred for the new film coming out. Please look me up on Facebook. Thanks!

  2. Patricia says:

    I’m also ready for Hidden Colors 4. Having recently found out about the series, I downloaded parts 1-3 already. I’m very appreciative of this series, because I, like many, was very ignorant of the truth that’s been buried and abandoned. But hey, how would I know, without someone to teach me….

    1. DeJane' says:

      You just admitted that you downloaded the films illegally. Lol. You shoud really support the film and the movement by paying for them all.

      1. Peoples says:

        You can download the films from the official website

  3. House of Israel says:

    Hidden colors is just another way to keep the Hebrews from the REAL truth of who they are. Hidden Colors has a hidden agenda. Just let the blind lead the blind.

    1. V says:

      Hello n what do u mean by your comment or please elaborate.

    2. ReRun says:

      I disagree. Tariq has to tread carefully. If he just comes out and admits that we are the descendants of the original Hebrews then the Khazar Jews would probably have him killed. Its up to those of us who know who we are to tell everyone else.

  4. Sarai says:

    As a community, we need to do what we can to make sure that Fox’s effort to capitalize off the successes of Black people, namely Tariq Nasheed, FAILS!!!! Neocolonialism is not flattering. I liken it to THEFT.

  5. Andre says:

    Hidden colors is the shit drop died of you do like it waiting on the next one too come out

    1. Go get “Out of DARKNESS” it is the WHOLE “Hidden colors” series combined !!! It can be purchased most Black bookstores, online or through SABIR BEY.

      1. MaclDamage says:

        That “hoe tep” Nigga?

  6. James Middleton says:

    I think one of the Mathematicians is a Melanoid woman though.

    1. Nofool says:

      Knowing FOX the women will all be white in the movie.

      1. DConn says:

        Actually no they won’t. I know Taraji P. Henson is cast as the lead. She posted it on her If yesterday. Octavia Spencer was also cast

  7. Ol' school Moe says:

    At first I thought that fox was gonna have Tariq to do some stuff on a bigger scale. That would’ve been nice to see him being able to use more resources to really do great things cinamaticly!

    1. Jay says:

      are you f’ing crazy? since when do pro black people get vetted by white people?
      white folks only care or promote white supremacy or promote fith on the black community.

  8. QUEENMOE says:

    Middle Finger fox news!! Power to the People! OUR People!!!

  9. Carl says:

    Anytime something is on Fox News and they are promoting black people you know damn well there is a certain “agenda” behind it.

    1. Propaganda says:

      True story

  10. Propaganda says:

    HIDDEN FIGURES…..LMAO….😁 😁 😁 😁… Yo you gotta be kidding me doggy…LMAO 😂😂😂😂….HIDDEN FIGURES 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Yo that sound corny as hell. I’m not supporting it…lmao hidden figures….lol 😁.. Oh god lol….lmao

  11. Melanoid Scholar says:

    I know a thorough brother like Tariq Nasheed has the name trademarked and I know that he’s consulting with his lawyers to see if he has a claim for trademark infringement. If not, we know what FOX is all about and they can’t do anything to undermine Mr. Nasheed’s work. It will stand the test of time.

  12. lillian cohen says:

    I want to buy hidden colors 4 where do i buy it keep up the work

  13. lillian cohen says:

    I am happy with your work where can i buy hidden colors 4

  14. Timsomor says:

    Come on man, this is more like “Hidden Fingers, in your face!” Fox is on that BS….and they know it. I won’t watch it. PBS is showing there colors by making half truths of black experiences. Fox making a film about black greatness is like ole skool Nazis making easy bake oven commercials!

    Then even casted questionable chicks to me.

  15. Hassan Jones says:

    I’m not messing with Fox Hidden figure or whatever that bull is .I got all 3 Hidden Colors and weighting on 4 ! Fox is full of it as Christmas Turkey!!!

  16. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    No surprise. More thievery.

  17. vangie griffin says:

    All the more reason why we need to make sure all Melanoid kids watch Hidden Colors!!!!

  18. V says:

    It’s all about the search engine. Either on googel, bing or whatever…They want to make it difficult for people to find any info on hidden colors. Once fox documentary comes out they hope it will quiet the noise for the discussions on hidden colors n perhaps they want to cause confusion.

  19. M. Stapleton says:

    Octavia Spencer won an Academy Award for The Help. Queen Taraji is on Empire, a show specifically designed to mimic the success of 50 Cent’s hit show Power. They are both attached to the film to play supporting roles. White Supremacy sure is sophisticated.

    P.S. The good news is, this story sounds really dope!!!

  20. eco says:

    I took things a step further than falling for the smoke screen. The book’s author, Margot Lee Shetterly, is a Melanated Woman but not that this means much but still good in a way. Then I found archive material on NASA’s website about past racial relations b.s. I would advise MN readers to check it out anyway. Funny how the “hidden” contributions by Melanated People are always just that: hidden, until the system wants to either profit from it or use it as a deflection from their dirty deeds of the past. Goes to show you how significant and vital Black people have been to the success of this country.

  21. B-Lo says:

    So is he going to go to the government and get a cease and desist on this project like he does to fellow blacks? Or is that only for those who aren’t in positions to represent themselves?

  22. paballo says:

    I am a mosotho and just got all 4 parts of the hidden colors and brother this people are. Doing a great job keep it up POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

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