Baltimore Race Soldiers Execute Young Mother Korryn Gaines And Wounds Child

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Baltimore County police say they shot and killed a young Black woman and wounded one of her children Monday after what they claim was an hours-long standoff at a home in Randallstown.

Sources say Gaines 5-year-old boy involved in the race soldier attack was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. The child is expected to survive.

Police said earlier that the woman was armed and was with a child in her apartment. She was identified as Korryn Gaines, 23.

The suspected race soldiers posing as police claimed that Gaines threatened to shoot officers with a shotgun. But recent race soldier attacks have proven that suspected white supremacists will lie on a Melanoid citizen in order to justify attacking them.

Police have released few details of the incident, which happened in the unit block of Sulky Court. A news conference is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at police headquarters in Towson.


58 thoughts on “Baltimore Race Soldiers Execute Young Mother Korryn Gaines And Wounds Child

  1. Bonita White says:

    My Heart Just Broke…

  2. D says:

    Why is that precinct still standing?

  3. Jett Cornelious says:


  4. Andre Smith says:

    If you don’t stop with the violence we soon will be martial law . It is getting out of hand.

    1. John says:

      she shouldn’t have pointed a shotgun at them. WAKE UP

    2. Dion Klein says:

      Oo yeah, killing a young mother over licence plate issues is justifyble homocide…right?

  5. Bryan Ralph says:

    We have to seperate from these white people.. We need a solution, and that is unity.. This shit have to stop …😡

  6. Anonymous Programmer says:

    This may be the most intellectually dishonest, propagandized thing I’ve ever read.

    1. kimar says:

      I have to agree.

    2. kimar says:

      …to disagree

    3. Melony says:

      COWARD!!! U mothaphuckerz alwyz gotta hide!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This trash deserve it

    1. Melony says:

      COWARD!!! U mothaphuckerz alwyz gotta hide!

      1. Char says:



  8. Shooter says:

    Too Crazy!!!!

  9. Melony says:

    Blak Ppl need 2 come outta that comfort zone & start gunnin down these pesky cowards. Hell, if we gotta keep dyin senselessly @ the hands of these venomous cowards then they need 2 die also.

    1. John says:

      She tried and see what happened. Grow up. This is a piece of shit website.

    2. Joanne says:

      Oh it’s okay for people to point shotguns at police and not expect anything to be done about it. Please!!! Your part of the problem not the solution. Get a life.

  10. J. PEARSON says:


    1. Joanne says:

      If you read the article she was pointing it at the police officer’s and telling them to leave or she would kill them. Get educated before you comment.

      1. Char says:

        And it also says that in recent race soldiers attacks, white supremacist are known to tell lies.

  11. What says:

    Martial Law is declared, Obama stays in as President of the United States because of it and now we have our DICTATORSHIP…

  12. Fed up says:

    We need more heros like the sniper in Dallas.

  13. Fashesius the Yard Ape says:

    What the hell kind of mama drags her nigglet up into a gun fight!?

    1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

      Some nigga is happy he ain’t paying dat child support no mo not like he wuz in da first place

      1. Stephanie Clark says:

        This beautiful young woman has lost her life. Children will (hopefully) grow up without their mother, a mother and father have out lived their child and you Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka are talking about child support WOW!!!

        1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

          Bitch you want a smackin’ too?

        2. JayBay says:

          Sis, you’re getting trolled. By white people. This is what they do because between getting killed by terrorists and our people who are fed up with their shit on a global level, this is all they have left. Isn’t that right Conroe? Too bad you couldn’t be in France with your pasty brothers and sisters.
          Sis you have to realize that we’re in a war and that white people (yes, even the ones that smile in your face) are your enemy and they will use any trick they can to try to break your spirit. This is just one of their tricks from integration, to saying that you have equal rights, and so on. Just ignore them and keep the final goal on your mind.

          1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

            Nigga I’ll show you pasty when I slap you wif 12 inches of limp dick!

          2. NYC Boy says:

            Except no one is really “oppressing” Blacks in America…..Blacks are just doing poorly/badly compared to other groups in America and need to play the “everyone is against us” act to make them feel good about themselves….It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Harvard train Psychologist to figure this out…..You can say I’m wrong all you want, but deep down you know I’m right…..Instead of whining all the time and caring about what Whites/Hispanics/Asians think of them, Blacks need to actually DO something about their relative lack of success in America compared to other groups…..

            Start opening businesses….Start investing in land/property/stocks etc instead of stupid stuff like Jewelry and Depreciating assets….start valuing education etc etc etc….Do all that and Blacks won’t be doing badly in society like they are currently….

            If Blacks as a collective group feel that separation from Whites is the only way they can reach their potential…then DO that….It seems Blacks always talk about Whites holding them back, but then never do anything, but talk…..Go create Africa into a powerful continent….Africa has more untapped potential for success than any other continent/region…..Europe is tapped out (with the exception of Russia it is a small continent to begin with) and aging…..The Middle East/North Africa is filled with extremist idiots following a 6th century barbaric Religion…..Asia has to many people and always seems to disappoint…

            If you don’t wish to improve Africa then go relocate back to the South and turn the South into a “Black Mecca” since the SouthEast is the place that Blacks arguable “built” (not the entire US like alot of Blacks love to claim)…..Otherwise Stfu and learn to live with Whites…..

            I don’t have a racist bone in my body towards any race or group, so don’t even think about going there….

          3. JayBay says:

            @NYC Boy
            I don’t have a racist bone in my body towards any race or group, so don’t even think about going there….

            Coming from a black guy who grew up in the suburbs around white people and has gone to majority white schools I can tell you that you saying you’re not racist doesn’t really amount to much (met plenty of low key racists who said the same thing to my face). That being said, I’ll agree on the other points. Black people need to separate from these groups and actually put their money where their mouth is. Stop celebrating holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas) that have nothing to do with you. As for the “trinkets” like rims and such, that’s just nigga shit. I know Japanese people (I’m typing this from my apartment in Tokyo) who do the same thing. HOWEVER, we can’t just ignore history. White people have this “woe is me” mentality about blacks. As if we haven’t historically built our own towns (Rosewood, Black Wall Street etc.) that were burned to the ground by white supremacists. As if the schools don’t try to get black kids hooked on ADHD drugs from a young age to stunt their development and keep them docile. I agree that blacks should start taking action and building their own stuff. But I’m not stupid enough to ignore decades of my life that I’ve spent reading the history of how blacks and my people (Latinos and Native Americans get treated like shit too) were treated and constantly screwed out of treaties on a GLOBAL level. My people wherever they are, whether it’s Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, are constantly getting screwed over by whites and there’s too much history on that for me to just ignore or pretend like it can’t happen again. My overall conclusion for my brothers and sisters is, take action and separate but don’t think for a second that white society isn’t going to try to call you racist or disrupt the progress that you try to make for your people. Only a fool ignores hundreds of years of history.

          4. david Williams says:

            wow jay i lost all respect for u, i read a couple your comments seemed you was right, then i heard the same BS racist rants from black man. how about u stop pretending to care about black people. if u did you woudnt be sistting here incouraging OLD BS that no white man actually gives a damn about. black people kill more black people in American than any other race. so u don’t need whity killing u. your doing a good enough job yourselfs. WHITE PEOPLE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR BS RACIST RANTS, WE DONT GIVE A DAMN IF U THINK WHERE RACIST MATTER OF FACT WE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR RACE JUST LIKE WE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT KILLING A BLACK MAN, we are americans. people like you are the reason racism is still active in America. its not just white people that are hating on black people its black people hating on white people. too! u gotta see that u cant have it one way! WHITE PEOPLE DONT CARE THAT YOUR HERE ANYMORE we haven’t given a damn for years. now you stop all this racist BS you sprewing from your mouth

        3. Char says:

          I had the same thought. Small minded people obviously.

  14. Orlando says:

    This storys got more holes in it than a colander,designed for maximum trouble stirring.

  15. Eddy O'Myte says:

    Play stupid games………Win stupid prizes.
    Good shot Officers!
    I hear the clean-up afterwards was nasty, that sow soiled her britches.

    1. JayBay says:

      Boring comment Eddy. Now you really wanna see something great, how about all of your pasty brothers who got ran over recently in France? Now THAT is justice of the highest order! A bunch of racists (and racists in training) getting wiped out.

      1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

        Nigga I think you might just be the man himself trying to get all up in our biddness, ain’t that right pinky?

      2. Orlando says:

        This chumps definitely a Muslim playing a black dude.

        1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

          Yeah I bet dat mofo is govment and shit. Ain’t foolin dis nigga!

        2. JayBay says:

          Why is it that white people always assume that any race that doesn’t like them HAS to be a Muslim (btw, Muslim is a religion and not a race. There are black, white, and asian muslims in the world)? They seriously cannot comprehend for a second that black people might have have hard feelings against them for all the shit they’ve done? White arrogance at its finest!

          Actually, I don’t follow the Koran but I do follow the Bible, which actually is my people’s (blacks, hispanics, native americans) book despite how you whites have attempted to claim it for yourself over the years. Here’s a little prayer that I’m fond of with regards to my nation’s enemies

          Psalm 109
          They say about me, “Have an evil person work against him,
          and let an accuser stand against him.
          7 When he is judged, let him be found guilty,
          and let even his prayers show his guilt.
          8 Let his life be cut short,
          and let another man replace him as leader.
          9 Let his children become orphans
          and his wife a widow.
          10 Make his children wander around, begging for food.
          Let them be forced out of the ruins in which they live.
          11 Let the people to whom he owes money take everything he owns,
          and let strangers steal everything he has worked for.
          12 Let no one show him love
          or have mercy on his orphaned children.
          13 Let all his descendants die
          and be forgotten by those who live after him.
          14 Lord, remember how wicked his ancestors were,
          and don’t let the sins of his mother be wiped out.
          15 Lord, always remember their sins.
          Then make people forget about them completely.

          1. Jacks says:

            Wow,you one messed up hate filled individual,seek help.

          2. JayBay says:

            I’m perfectly sane. I don’t condone any of my people going out and murdering anyone.

            Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

            Besides, if I’m the one who’s crazy then what does that make white people? I don’t want my people to kill anyone yet whites as a group bring death and destruction wherever they go? So who’s fucked up? The one that prays to God for vengeance for his people or the people who go out and rob, rape, and murder.?

  16. Sweet Tea says:

    I stay distracted with these videos. I can’t dig into these hard ass equations in this textbook. These shootings are really distracting me. What should I do? I’m trying to master my craft here so I’m going to ignore all this for a couple of more years otherwise i’ll never get anything done.

  17. Char says:

    I don’t think I could live in such a racist country. All you hard mouth folks of the opposite color should come here to the Bahamas and try that shit. Really! And so ignorant

    1. Conroe Da Cracka-Smacka says:

      It’s all these dumb crackas tryin to fucks wit us. Only good white man is a dead white man. Time getting close we start killing these pinkies where dey stand.

      1. Jacks says:

        Do everyone a favour and just kill yourself,

      2. david Williams says:

        martin luther king would smack u for saying that. your a hypocrite. u call a white man out for saying racist shit but here u are talking about killing white people. lol why over some bad cops? damn, that means that black guy that stole my lawnmower makes all black people thief’s. oh how about that black guy that raped that 13 year old. that makes all black people rapist. i think you know where I’m getting at.

        besides this story, the cops went to the house to serve her with a warrant for arrest. she HIDEN behind her SON! with a shot gun in her arms. pointed it at the police. they got relatives, of the women. they got many others try to talk her out to come peacefully. but in the end the cops had to do there jobs. when they went in she raised the gun the officer shot her. shot gun blasted as well as she missed the officers.

        let me explain the threat. when u raise a weapon past the belly button towards a officer they are threatened to fire on u. she made that choice.

        they are still unsure if the officers shot at the boy or it was a pellet from the women who shot the gun off in the home. she had NO RIGHT to hold that child in that home as a hostage. she hid behind a child. HE SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN IN THAT Situation his mother put him in.

        your a dirt bag to put your kids in that sutuaton even if the police was in wrong which they where not. BECAUSE THATS THE LAW! u abide by it or U CAN GET THE HELL OUT THE COUNTRY!

  18. Eddy O'Myte says:

    A few years back, when I used to hunt, I commonly used scent lures, for both deer and varmits. There used to be some of those sidewalk preachers, religious groups or whatever they were spewing their nonsense to shoppers on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. I remember the cheap purple outfits these imbeciles were wearing, using a bullhorn to spread their horseshit and probably begging for money as well. They said they were Jews, but they were all black.Very annoying, Oy Veh!
    We squirted some coyote in heat urine on their pants/costumes. I retired to a gyro stand to watch the fun. Dogs came a running from all over. Little dogs on leashes, muzzled pit bulls on chains, even a stray or two. The dog’s owners could hardly keep the hounds from going after these purple clad imbeciles. One dog even started humping one of those clown’s leg.
    Some old guy (a real Jew, not one of them phonies) said he never saw them pack up their stuff and leave so quick. I just smiled, but I do wonder if one of those secret pork chop eaters was that old jailbird Elder Nathanyel.
    He ought to be ashamed of himself for talking all them old ladies out of their meager savings.

    1. JayBay says:

      Sure you did Eddy. Whatever you want to tell yourself to make yourself seem like a big-boy! Lemme guess? Some guys tried to attack you but then you whipped out your Iron Man suit and fought them all off since you’re also a secret billionaire right? I said it before and I’ll say it again. The moment that a white supremacist resorts to gay/toilet humor they’ve basically run out of things to talk about and try to make themselves look tougher than they really are. Why do you think that the default comeback that white people use when arguing is always some variation of “suck my dick” or “yeah, I just whipped out some piss and sprayed them”.

      1. Claude McDermitt says:

        You want a war boy? You come here and spew your shit and see how fast you get a bullet in your guy and a boot in your ass.

      2. Claude McDermitt says:

        You want a war boy? You come here and spew your shit and see how fast you get a bullet in your guy and a boot in your ass.

        1. Claude McDermitt says:


      3. david Williams says:

        lmaoo that’s some funny shit. lmao i wouldn’t call that all white people. just the dumb fucking ones. the ones that don’t know what the hell there talking about period. that is still funny as hell though. i was gonna say how fucking stupid he was but u did one better.

    2. Connor says:

      Do you sell this coyotes urine??i need a new aftershave for da honeys

  19. david Williams says:

    this is about as worst as a black hate group website. you all should feel ashamed yourselfs. your part the problem not the solution. most of you are causing the racial divide by just thinking white people actually give a damn about shooting you still. WE DONT CARE TO SHOOT YOU. black people do that well enough on there own. so stop all you’re racist rants on this KKK alike website.

  20. zach says:

    Do you people actually believe this drivel? The police where trying to serve multiple warrants at her apartment and she pulled a shot gun on them. The police tried for over 30 minuets to get her to calm down and come quietly. She refused. There is video of this. She threatened them first you fucking tools get over it.

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