Ball Games and White Supremacy: Decoding the Attacks of Donald Trump on Black Americans


A comprehensive essay on the motive and cause of the attack of white supremacy and current leader Donald Trump on Black Athletes.


Written by Tiffany Tubman

September 23, 2017

Updated September 26, 2017


The latest attack on Black athletes has been brought to light by the National Anthem of the United States. The anthem, written at a time when Black Americans were not considered equal to White Americans or granted the same inalienable rights of citizens, has become a way for all citizens to show respect for America. The stated purpose is to evoke and eulogize the history, traditions, and struggles of its people. In America, this is played before all ball games.


The US National Anthem Lyrics



However, we are living witnesses that to be Black in America is not to be free in America. We are constantly under attack and are left alone to uphold the Constitution and defend ourselves. White supremacists and race soldiers have quietly infiltrated every area of people activity including the legal and political system leaving us with no safe place to turn. As a result of the local, state, and federal government sanctioned killings of all non-white people in America, the professional athletes and commentators have joined all other members of society in speaking up and taking a stand against injustice.


Most notably, Colin Kaepernick has lead a movement encouraging all people to “Know Your Rights” and has been blackballed from the National Football League. In a televised rally in Alabama last night, Trump made the following comments: “We respect our flag. Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, say, “Get that son of a bitch out, off the field right now. He’s fired!”” Trump disrespecting NFL players and mom




He then repeated them via Twitter on Saturday morning:

























Constitutional advocate and anti-racism strategist made observations such as this:
























However, if we have been studying our survival kit materials for every Melanoid family member, this should come as no surprise to us. This is not just a game, it is about survival. Do you hear anyone making a big deal about a game of “Uno” or “Connect Four”?


In “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors” written by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing and published in 1991, we are able to review the life written life work and essays of a world-renowned scholar, medical doctor, and psychiatrist whose love of her people and passion for justice spoke in volumes over the course of her career.


Dr. Welsing has medically assessed that in the white brain computer there is a dominant association between “balls” (testicles) and contests of power. In other words, the name of the real game-the power game-is continuous worldwide control of the testicles of all non-white men by white males and females as the only means of ensuring white genetic survival in a world where the melanin-producing genetic material of non-whites is dominant.


In her essay “Ball Games as Symbols” written in August 1976, she left strong messages for us that are clear and relevant in 2017. The most important message in her essay is that the last 100+ years, the white collective has simply moved from the overt sport and entertainment of lynching and castrating Black men (removing their testicles), thereby controlling their “balls”, to a more highly refined series of symbolic representations of the same act: ball games.


All of the sports games are played mainly by men, are centered on who has the ball and are concerned with who finally controls the ball when the game (of power) ends. We are then taught the “ball” fantasy in the white psyche to be best stated as, “If the balls are controlled on the court or the playing field or through the white ownership, they can also be owned and controlled in real life”.


Ball games merely reflect the white collective’s admiration and fear of Black testicles, their contempt for white testicles, and their willingness to fight-no matter how violently-to maintain control of the balls on all fields and courts, which symbolize every place on Earth.


By decoding and translating symbols, we confront those aspects of reality that generally we would prefer to ignore. “The axis on which world history turns is symbolism. The axis of world history is making conscious the unconscious.”-Norma Brown’s statement in “Love’s Body”


Ball games=war of the balls=war of the testicles=war of the genes=race war (RaHoWa)

As a reminder, there are 4 Battle Phases in the ongoing attack on non-white people, African people. We have discussed being in multiple phases at one time, we are currently in Phase 4 in addition to the other phases of battle.


  1. Humanity-Battle Phase 1 where Melanoid people fought to get non-melanoid people to understand we are human. We are not property to be bought, sold, traded, or inherited for their demonic purposes.


  1. Liberty-Battle Phase 2 where Melanoid people fought for freedom from slavery.



  1. Equality-Battle Phase 3 where Melanoid people fought for the end of Jim Crow 1.0, desegregation, and items that non-melanoid people lumped into a term called “Civil Rights” that includes basic human rights.


  1. Survival- Battle Phase 4 where Melanoid people currently fight for survival against genocide through the attacks of both overt and covert white supremacy.


We must survive! The phases of the battle correspond to the stages of white supremacy, which we know are happening in different areas simultaneously.

4 Stages of White Supremacy-Dr. Neely Fuller


Stage 1: The ESTABLISHMENT of white supremacy.

The sum total of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to dominate (through the practice of racism) those persons “classified” as “non-white”

EXAMPLE: Invading the lands of non-white people


Stage 2: The MAINTENANCE of white supremacy.

The sum total of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who practice racism (white supremacy), and who seek to continue the practice of racism, at all times, in one or more areas of activity.

EXAMPLE: Enslavement, colonization, apartheid


Stage 3: The EXPANSION of white supremacy.

The sum total of all speech and/or action by those white persons who practice racism (white supremacy), and who do so in a manner that directly, or indirectly, helps to promote an increase in the number of non-white persons made subject to racism (white supremacy).

EXAMPLE: Use of economics, laws, religion, education, entertainment, labor, war, sex, politics


Stage 4: The REFINEMENT of white supremacy.

The sum total of all speech, and/or action, by those white persons who practice racism (white supremacy) in a manner that improves the methods that help make the practice of racism more efficient, and/or, more ‘acceptable’ to the victims.

EXAMPLE: Use of non-white people speaking in support of white supremacy


SOURCE: “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Textbook/Workbook for thought, speech and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy” by Neely Fuller, 1972, p.31


In the United States, especially under the leadership of President Barack Obama, we have been operating under Stage 4. However, it was feared by many white supremacists that Black people really bought in too much to the illusion of inclusion and with the refinement, become unaware of the established white supremacy that they demand intact. This has caused a shift to earlier stages of white supremacy to “Make America Great Again” currently lead by Donald Trump.


The American brand of patriotism is capitalism. Prior to 2009, the USA National Anthem was not sung throughout the NFL because the financial payments to the government. The government wanted a commercial and wanted the players to come out for a show and sing the Anthem. Kaepernick deciding to use this for our commercial was brilliant.


If we think critically on all the other uses of the flag and codes we ignore, we then have to question what is truly behind this current “showdown of patriotism” or “war of balls”.


Flag Laws: Article Outline Flag Laws


Currently acceptable flag actions to date in the United States of America:


SS8 SS10 SS9 SS11
















Requirement at this time: #TakeAKnee #TakeBackYaBalls

SS13 SS14 SS15














Solutions: Black men MUST take their balls “testicles” back! Start by taking a knee in any and every game after today. For non-players, continue to boycott the NFL and their sponsors.

Invest your money wisely so that when and if the day comes that you lose that job, you are in a position to start your own business, generate your own wealth, and provide an income to other victims of white supremacy.































Remember what this movement is about and do not allow the dominant society to steal our narrative. Stay on code by being honest, telling the truth, voicing our needs and seeking to create a system of justice. We are living in a society that lies so much, they have to pretend to remind each other only when swearing in for court to “tell the whole truth, noting but the truth, so help you God.”








Right now, the mainstream media is attempting to hijack the narrative and re-purpose our movement.


Our code is to have self-respect and uplift our children and our family. We must keep and protect each other. We must be honest with all people. We must commit to not steal or kill each other because it is JUST US for Justice.




Tiffany Tubman

Twitter: @montswife16



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