Asian Man Threatens Innocent Black Child With Metal Pipe In SoCal

Thug Christopher Qu


Tensions between Asians and African American citizens have been high recently due to the recent nationwide protest by many Asians who were advocating for killer cop Peter Liang. Liang was a New York cop who recently was convicted for killing an innocent Black man. Many in the Asian community protested against his conviction, and many people interpreted this as Asians fighting for the right to kill and harm innocent Black people with impunity, just like the white supremacists.

Further evidence of this mindset presented itself this week in Southern California. An Asian man was arrested for committing a hate crime against a Melanoid child at Irvine High School on Wednesday, according to authorities.

Irvine police said the incident happened in front of the school at about 12:50 p.m.

Though students were on spring break, police said a 16-year-old African American child who was a student at the school was waiting for his brother to pick him up after sports practice.

As the teen’s older brother drove up to the school, the student was approached by 24-year-old thug Christopher Qu, who was carrying a metal pipe, according to police.

Officials said Qu, who the victim did not know, began saying racial slurs and aggressively walking towards the child.

The student’s brother got out of the vehicle to intervene, but police said he was head-butted by Qu and struck several times in the arm with the pipe.

The siblings were able to get into their car and call for help. The 24-year-old victim suffered cuts to his face and arms and also bruising on his arms. His younger brother was not injured.

Authorities said Qu fled the scene and was found by officers and taken into custody.

A bloody pipe was recovered in the parking lot of the school, according to police.

Qu was arrested and booked for a hate crime, felony assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

72 thoughts on “Asian Man Threatens Innocent Black Child With Metal Pipe In SoCal

  1. JayBay says:

    These other groups are not your friends black people. I live in Asia and trust me, there’s a lot of wanna be white people out here. I was talking with UK born Chinese guy out here and he told me that the older Chinese people literally refer to us as “black devils”. Stop buying from them and giving them props every time they say they like hip hop or reggae and learn to support your own people.

    1. JayBay says:

      While we’re on the subject, start learning how to fight. Not slap box. Not fight like a bunch of coons on worldstar. Fight as in using the same techniques that are in MMA or the military. I’ve been out of martial arts for a few years but this story has inspired me to get back into training.

      1. ebi says:

        does tae kwon do count ? I started doing it because of excercise first, then later it turned into something I needed in my life as I’m a woman always alone in the craziest parts of town.

        1. JayBay says:

          Pretty much any fighting style has something beneficial to teach you. I did tae kwon do too actually! Learn from different styles and take what works best for you and whatever potential dangers you think you might face. Any other protection in terms of tasers, pepper spray etc. is good too. Better to be over prepared and have people think you’re too paranoid than be underprepared.

      2. Les says:

        Good move and good advice JayBay

    2. Jay B says:

      Yes. Their old dogs refer to Blacks as Devils and ghosts. Yet, Black women continue to make them WEALTHY! I don’t understand this logic. (Self hate.)

      1. Timsomor says:

        Boom! Words that should hurt and stick to people after they heal!

      2. Booboo keys says:

        Self hate or just ignorance?

    3. Victor Polanco says:

      We need to see video proof of this to spread around. We REALLY need it.

  2. Banker says:

    ” many people interpreted this as Asians fighting for the right to kill and harm innocent Black people with impunity, just like the white supremacists. ”

    This article is full of shit, it just tried to paint the mindset of the Asian community and label them as racist. Propaganda much? This is the type of pc bullshit , divide and conquer type of article.

    Judge it case by case, this article is being racist and all who agrees are also racist. This article claims that many Asians are thinking they have right to kill black people. That’s racist as fuck based on one criminals action, don’t you see?

    1. Brandon says:

      Banker is full of crap! He read the article and just like a suspected racist , he put his own spin on it . The article clearly stated that Asian people were PROTESTING around the country so the cop would not be convicted of murder! Which means they had all the facts about the case and still thought a cop should not be RESPONSIBLE for going against protocol before and after the shooting and lying about it!!!

      1. john says:

        Well black people would do the same for a black cop. Don’t say they wouldn’t.

      2. AW says:

        I live in los Angeles , and the Asian’s don’t fuck with us , !! They love white people , Asian women are told not to fuck with black men at all !! They run after white men like kids with candy

    2. JayBay says:

      Are you Asian yourself Banker? BTW you’re right I am racist. I put the wants and needs for my people above all others. Just like I’m sure you do for your people. The difference is I don’t want my people to start randomly attacking Asian kids in the street.

    3. Jay B says:

      You’re full of shit!

      1. john says:

        Are you black yourself jaybay? I’m a racist too.

        1. Brother Tom says:

          CraKKKer John is a fuckboy twink ass trizZoll!

          Goddamn piece of shit, devil ass, weak, pink, pale mama humpin hillbilly BITCH!

          Swallow Black semen and choke on it ya fuck!

          1. JayBay says:

            Meh. Don’t worry about john, Brother Tom. He wants you to resort to just insulting him. John’s just upset that he and his people’s lives have lost all meaning. They’re population is shrinking, they’re genetically inferior to blacks (fun fact. The further you go from Africa the more weak you become. This means whites are at the bottom genetically), they’re not getting married or starting families and so on. Pretty much the only thing that keeps trolls like john from killing themselves is coming onto sites like this and trolling. Trust me. Esau’s rule is coming to an end. And there’s NOTHING he can do about it.

    4. Victor Polanco says:

      If there is one, there are more. A lot more. I’d rather be safe.

    5. Timsomor says:

      Ok Banker, on a case by case bases there is proof based on the interactions of Asians in the Black community that they have shown by actions for years to not like Black people!


      1. john says:

        Asian people don’t bother anyone. They mind there own business like the blacks should.

  3. RootyTooty says:

    Can’t everyone see that white supremacy will do its best to ensure that the nonwhite races will never come together. If that was a white boy instead of an asian boy, this story wouldn’t have run. Whites are now using asians as a scapegoat. As for the protesting in the asian community, they were upset that the whites used one of their own as a scapegoat. That still didn’t change the fact that there was a dead innocent black man that someone had to take responsibility for. I hope asians start waking up and see that they are and will never be white. Time for all nonwhite ppl to come together in unity to make a change. We did it once back in he 60s. We had the black panther party the white panther party, a mexican equivalent, and an asian equivalent (I can’t remember the names of those groups).

    1. Jay B says:

      Asians are racist as sh*t. But, continue to defend them.

      1. john says:

        They all look the same to me.

    2. Thatmelanin says:

      Rooty Tooty – Your the perfect example of black coons, always wearing others who clearly don’t give a fuck about us – think about your people 100% – I that’s the only way others will be fine ( we civilize ) everybody – start by caring about us 100% first for that unity shit you got going on

      1. Brother Tom says:

        Thatmelanin speaks the truth

    3. M.Garvey says:

      This person knows exactly what they are talking about,we can’t go to war with everybody.

    4. S. Kim says:

      Lots of Asian Americans didn’t like the Chinese community protesting on behalf of the Asian cop. If he killed an innocent black person, he should pay the consequences. It’s just too bad that the white community used a Chinese American cop to punish instead of a white cop, who always seem to escape imprisonment. The support that some segments of the Asian American community supported was not universal among Asian Americans , so stop spreading false ideas. Many Asian Americans were against the Chinese American cop. Also, I’m Asian American and I don’t know Asian Americans who want to be white. Stop painting Asians as all racists. I am Korean American and I have faced prejudice from African Americans too, because of my racial background. I am a former journalist who used to cover race relations and wrote many articles about race relations and the African American community. This news article is so full of personal bias and slanted (excuse my pun) toward one side.

      1. hernanday oleary says:

        “It’s just too bad that the white community used a Chinese American cop to punish instead of a white cop, who always seem to escape imprisonment. ”
        In otherwords, you oppose it, but you don’t really oppose it. Firstly
        Wojciech Braszczok was sentenced to two years in jail for breaking the SUV’s taillight window of a yellow man Alex Lien. He is a white cop, and he got 2 years in jail for breaking a tail light. That is much more than Peter Liang will ever see, so no, white cops do not “always escape punishment” and he was a DETECTIVE in the NYPD.

        I don’t think all asians are racist, just the majority. And the fact you couldn’t even go a single comment without taking a jab at african americans while conveniently leaving out all the white racism that happens against yellows shows your true colors.

    5. No_Name says:

      If I were you, I wouldn’t give a crap about Asians. Try living with them & you’ll learn to hate them. They seem like likable little aliens, but trust me they’re just like their white counterparts

    6. AW says:

      No ,your wrong , Mexican’s and others didn’t not march with Dr King , the wasn’t in the court room with Thurgood Marshall, the didn’t hit the ground fighting for us like Malcolm X , they was going though hell like Rosa parks, They did mourn Emitt Till death , they didn’t fight with us on the front lines in the war for America’s freedom in 1775, or the civil war in 1861 , nobody helped us but us , we need to unify with our own , take care of our own , we have been her for almost 500 years , we built america’s infrastructure and wealth !!

    7. hernanday oleary says:

      I wish you’d wake up and realize chinks will always hate Aframs. Non-whites can have no unity, we have no way to punish those who betray aframs. And no we did not all come together in the 1960s, the white panthers and guy aoki were fbi spies to monitor Aframs so they could bust theem down.

  4. D says:

    Some asian folks want to be white soo bad

    1. john says:

      I thought they were white. White yellow close enough. White people love asians.

  5. Chris says:

    An Asian thug with the name Christopher Qu. I wonder when he fled did he glide over buildings and trees.

    1. Jay B says:

      More illegal Orientals here than Mexicans. Forget political correctness. I am going to start referring to them like the white man did as Oriental. All of these groups are RACIST!

      1. hernanday oleary says:

        i prefer chink

    2. john says:

      That sounds like an oxymoron ( ASIAN THUG )

    3. dc1969 says:

      That shit was funny.

  6. minkpink says:

    I stop patronizing there stores about 2 yrs ago, I refuse to help put their children through college and pay there mortages. Wake up blk folks, they are so comfortable with you spending your money with them, they can reveal themselves and you will still come back.

  7. Tom says:

    I am African American and have been acquainted with every nationality there is. I have never known Asians as a whole as being enemies to African Americans nor most other nationalities. People are people. The good and the bad. This is a horrible article. The law sucks. Blacks threaten blacks and whites threaten whites, but when its threat against another culture its a hate crime. The writer is biased. Please never trust the media. It is controlled by the White Supremacist Brotherhood. With the help of our Asian Brothers Africa right now is rising. We have unity and strength together. Bad things happen sometimes. Don’t let one incident seperate us.

    1. Thatmelanin says:

      Tom – You are a supreme Coon – Sambo coon – yes massa coon when you were around the so called others – you coon – death to the coon

    2. JayBay says:

      Dude I’m telling you I’ve been around WAY more Asians that you have. There’s a line between public manners and what they really feel for you. For example, how many Asian owned businesses do you see in the hoods of America and how many of those businesses hire our people/ Better yet, how many of them don’t treat you like shite when you walk in the store despite the fact that you give them their money daily? The nigga wake up call is a hard thing to take but after a while it happens so many times that you have no choice but to wake up. Individually they might like you but on the WHOLE you’re either not important to them or they straight up hate you. All I’m saying is, start paying more attention to how these other groups treat your people because I guarantee it’s going to get worse over the next few months.

      1. john says:

        Why should blacks be important to asians as you say?

    3. Timsomor says:

      Tom, please keep in mind the law charged this guy with a hate crime not the writer of this article. There are cases which are clearly hate crimes yet the last or first comments made if the person committing the act is white is, “We do not believe race to be a factor!” Something to that effect is uttered by willing by the victims family or always some Lawd enforcement officer.

      Remember, it’s always about race……Being the only Black male/Black person at work…I try not to be places where some overacting white person will mentally see me. I do my assigned task and bounce! I bust out laughing….Africa Rising The Chinese are about to take over all that….very funny how people still can differentiate being conquered or a power play happening in front of them…Hey it’s Africa….and blind logic of coons like yourself

    4. M.Garvey says:

      see and I agree with you..asians even admitted they come directly from blacks in 2001,so I can’t really get behind a war with asians.

      1. JayBay says:

        Even if they admit they come from blacks on the whole they still think and act like they’re better than you. There doesn’t need to be any war of violence. They support one of their own when he kills a black person, we simply refuse to support their businesses. It’s as simple as that.

        1. john says:

          Asians do not come from blacks thats absurd.

    5. hernanday oleary says:

      Tom, if a chink lover ever had a more fitting name than a MUTHERFUCKING TOM. You fucking UNCLE TOM. Chinks disgust me,

  8. MagnumBoom says:

    I expected this. We are obviously appearing weak to outside groups. Vulnerable when it comes to our children. They have seen that when our children are harmed, we sing, we march, we pray, but we don’t put money into making sure that those that harm us will be punished. When we complain, we sound naive.

    1. Walt says:

      Word up

    2. Brother Tom says:

      U hit the nail on the head brother

  9. Thatmelanin says:

    Rooty Tooty – Your the perfect example of black coons, always wearing others who clearly don’t give a fuck about us – think about your people 100% – I that’s the only way others will be fine ( we civilize ) everybody – start by caring about us 100% first for that unity shit you got going on

  10. Thatmelanin says:

    Tom – You are a supreme Coon – Sambo coon – yes massa coon when you were around the so called others – you coon – death to the coon

  11. Walt says:

    We are a lost people. Go back to African spiritually and watch things change

    1. MagnumBoom says:

      We are also a defeated people. This is war. Spirituality won’t save us. A financial campaign with a specific agenda and goal is the only thing that will change the paradigm. We’ve prayed. We’ve forgiven. We’ve begged and pleaded. Unless we stand up and demand our rightful place, any hope for our survival long-term becomes more bleak.

      1. john says:

        And what is your rightful place? I would like to know.

    2. john says:

      Yeah go back to the homeland.

  12. Eric Mccray says:

    Gosh!! Now Blk people have to be on the look-out for Asian people too??? Blks are on the ‘ Most Wanted ‘ list for real !!!!!!!

  13. Faatimah says:

    Rooty tooty- do your research on all those so- called multi racial panther groups, the BLACK PANTHERS were the only group to be targeted for murder and jail time! name any of those non white PANTHERS groups who suffered that! Why do you want to believe so badly that these non white groups have empathy for us? They hate us as a whole just as much as the whites! Ask any non white group what there race thinks of black people as a whole and if there honest every stereotype the cracker says about us they will say the same thing! The only time they want to join with us in a struggle is when they are getting there asses kicked! Look at how Trump has the Latino and Arab groups running scared! now they want to link up! But when we go through our shit as a people where is all your non white friends then ? Fuck them and stick with black!

    1. john says:

      Did you ever wonder why everyone hates you?

      1. JayBay says:

        Because we’re better than them? Tell ya what, let’s have God say what’s going on.

        55 All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because thou madest the world for our(Blacks, hispanics, Native Americans) sakes

        56 As for the other people (any group outside of the ones I mentioned earlier), which also come of Adam, thou hast said that they are nothing, but be like unto spittle: and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel.

        57 And now, O Lord, behold, these heathen (This is John and these other nations) , which have ever been reputed as nothing, have begun to be lords over us, and to devour us.

        58 But we thy people, whom thou hast called thy firstborn, thy only begotten, and thy fervent lover, are given into their hands.

        59 If the world now be made for our (blacks, hispanics, native americans again) sakes, why do we not possess an inheritance with the world? how long shall this endure?

        As long as we continue to worship and try to emulate these other groups we will continue to suffer. That’s why we need to separate from these groups and keep the commandments. Half of white people could be wiped out tomorrow and God wouldn’t care. And neither should you.

        1. JayBay says:

          8 And he said unto me, From Abraham unto Isaac, when Jacob and Esau were born of him, Jacob’s hand held first the heel of Esau.

          9 For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.

          Esau is white people. Think about it for a second. Ever since white people have been in power has war, oppression, corruption, pollution, and just general sin decreased? Nope! Things have gotten worse and worse. And they’ll continue to get worse. These things (I can barely call them human based on their actions) have caused death and destruction wherever they go but have the audacity to come onto OUR website and tell US that we are the worst thing that happened to the planet. They’re the devil the bible speaks of.

      2. Big money says:

        Cause we are better idiot why hate someone for no reason

    2. hernanday oleary says:

      Agreed. Funny how all these white panthers and chink panthers weren’t getting their brains blown out and framed up for crimes they didn’t do like the Black ones. Guy Aoki the nip panther from jap land was an FBI INFORMANT.

  14. Niggersuckdasiandickanwhitedickanalldadickscuztheyinferiortoeveryone says:

    HAHAHAHAH you can see how the niggers here are so full of hate and fear being ruled by their amygdala’s aka reptilian brain. Which is why the average iq here is 60, reading all these comments makes me feel god like because the conversations are as intellectually lacking as 2 piles of shit attempting to converse with one another. Fucking hell you negro’s are dumb as shit and not proving your race to be very superior. Superior races don’t get absolutely fucking owned and make to be an inferior races bitches. Everything to make your idiotic comments is made by white people, internet, computer, and all the means by which this information is transferred is owned and managed by white people. If white people wanted to we could wipe your degenerate race off the planet, and asians would join as they hate your race even more than we do as everywhere you go your race is a walking tumor waiting to infect and degrade civilized societies. What delusion must you suffer from to think your race is superior, HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKING HELL. Living in shit huts in Africa, The ONLY country that is doing good is South Africa aka creation of white people! Every where else is shit, the only country in Africa that isn’t is of course the country created and maintained by white people, if it were not for white people it would be a steaming pile of shit like every other African shit hole. Go back to your countries and live like kings if white countries are so bad and racist. I bet you that you won’t go back to Africa and will continue to live with your supposed oppressors because you know that you guys got it good, and that whites tolerate your bullshit and you get to whine about oppression while having it a million times better than your nigger brothers in shitfrica. LOOOL You guys hate whites so much yet refuse to go to your own country!! HHAHAHHAh what does that say about you? I love this shit! So much fun exposing you niggers idiocy and degenerate behavior! It’s great to be the obviously superior race! As I have evidence and history on my side while I get to laugh at the idiocy you guys spew trying to claim superiority while your country is complete shit and you bash white people while reaping the benefits and living off the white government!! HAHHAHA

    1. Supreme Black Universe says:

      It’s proven that progressive Original People can do without white people. We don’t need nothing from you or the system that controls you b.u.t SEGREGATION! You’re looking for trouble with us with your need to feel important when in reality you’re inferior to God’s Nation.

      God never became the Recessive white Gene, God became the Dominant Melanin Gene indigenous to HUMANITY! You recess the ability to be civilized.

      You’re on a Melanoid Newsfeed because you’re fearful, jealous and angry about your own failure in human civility due to your own procrastination and you’re superior hahaha

      You war in your Devil mind over the Nigger Culture because you’re a Nigger-Race Baiter with no knowledge of God.

      People like this troll can’t live without being antagonistic because you have the mind of a devil.

      You want to talk about history?? Let’s go back to 1865 when the Buffalo Soliders who we’re apart of the union bombed and killed you’re Confederate degenerate ancestors because of their weak.. If it wasn’t for Abraham Lincoln establishing systematic oppression you’re ass would be grass!

      We destroy your disrespect for human rights with precision. The only reason systematic ignorance of black people’s Human Rights exist because it was put into Law….

      Go back to Africa??? At least we have some where to go when the system collapses. You have no where to go…. Individually speaking you’re education level would never equal Power, remember that !

      1. JayBay says:

        I laugh at the white supremacists that come on here because they know their time is over. Keep trolling all you white guys! All you do is prove our point on how you’re scared of the future!

    2. AW says:

      First off , you are as dumb as dumb can be lol, white people , are dying out world wide , second south africa been black for since the first màn walked though africa, the white man & women create chaos where ever they go on the planet, it was white people that was on thier hands and knee’s in the cave’s of EUROPE, unwashed, living like wild beasts, until we gave them life !! Everything they got they stole, even till this day, you know there are 50 million blacks in the USA, and we are not going back to africa , we are sending our money to africa, and bringing back to the USA , to untie our people !! The 6000 year rule of the white man is almost up !!!!

  15. John says:

    You people need to look at the facts before you rush to judgement. If convicted, Christopher Qiu will probably be the first Chinese American ever convicted of a hate crime in California. My guess is that he was probably high on drugs and was just looking for somebody to beat up. Asian Americans, like other minority groups, are more likely too be the victims of hate crimes than perpetrators. I am a Chinese American, and I see other minorities — blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans– as the same colored people who are readily discriminated by the majority white people as us. I am personally grateful and feel indebted to the African Americans in this country. If it were not for their struggles and sacrifices in the Civil Rights Movement, we Asian would not have enjoy the success and equality in American Society that we enjoy today–as compared to our ancestors who first immigrated to this land and suffered discrimination and oppression.. Let’s learn from history, United, be grateful and know who our friends and enemies are.

  16. black power says:

    John. Thank you for being appreciative to black people and recognizing the struggles and sacrifices we made for equality, but don’t sat he was probably on drugs and looking for someone to beat up as an excuse for he’s racist remarks. Keep it real.

  17. black power says:

    You white Boys are illiterate. A bunch of white trash is what you are. You can say nigger all you want. It doesn’t bother us at all. You white BOYS are cowards. y’all know better not to say it to our face. Y’all will get subtracted and erased. So I know y’all wet dogs are happy y’all can post your little comments here so y’all won’t get y’all ass beat. Cowards, hiding behind sheets and fabricated. Tell the truth. Y’all are made because all of moms grand moms sisterss girl counsins and auntie s want black men. I bet your not laughing know Are you? Well I’m laughing my ass off. Haaaaaa haaaa.😁 how does it feel to know that does it feel to know that a black man is deep deep inside of your sister maybe mama beating her sweet wall’s passing her back and forth to he’s homies. Ha ha

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