Armed Black Citizens Shut Down White Supremacist Protest In Dallas


After taking cues from the recent string of Donald Trump rallies across the country, emboldened white supremacists in Dallas organized an Anti-Muslim rally in front of a mosque in South Dallas.

Upon receiving the news of the white supremacist rally in-the-making, the Dallas chapter of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club intervened, aligning themselves with the New Black Panther Party and the Nation Of Islam to ensure the safety of the worshipers who attend the mosque in South Dallas. The members of the gun club exercised their constitutional rights by defending the innocent people in the mosque, bearing arms in the process.

The  white supremacists who planned to promote their anti-Islamic views belong to a group known as the Bureau of American Islamic Relations–otherwise known as BAIR. 

For more on this story, watch the video in this link.

B. Clark

41 thoughts on “Armed Black Citizens Shut Down White Supremacist Protest In Dallas

  1. Mr black says:

    welcome back black warrior class

    1. dc1969 says:

      This is needed all over this country.i mean all over this fucked up place.standing our ground!

      1. jerome says:

        I agree

      2. E says:

        Unfortunately, if black men did this in accordance to their constitutional rights across the whole country, you know Congress would have new anti gun laws put in place within the week.

        Sad truth…

        But it could be a potential catalyst for the real changes that we need as a nation. I respect to the right to bare arms, but when the constitution was written, they only had muskets, not damn ak47s.

  2. Profit30 says:

    Glad to see some of our ppl standing their ground! Now if that spirit can spread to the rest of country, we may be on to something!

  3. MagnumBoom says:

    Finally. Let this be an example of our ability to embrace solidarity. Let this also be the first of hopefully many more acts of opposition to the racist White supremacist agenda. They aren’t hiding anymore. Their most militant and extreme have gone mainstream under the auspices of the RNC front runner Trump who has done no less than foment and exacerbate the FAKE and contrived race war they keep talking about. Interesting, but this smacks of irony, since there has been a so-called race war against Black Americans for a hundred plus years. Tariq is right when he points out that we have nothing to fear from a Trump presidency with respect to racism. It’s here… it’s been here. Consider this, could a Trump presidency trump the Tuskeegee experiment? How about Planned Parenthood and their legacy in the Black community over the last 60 years? Trump couldn’t outdo Margaret Sanger’s treachery even if he devoted his life to doing so.

    There is no overcoming people! There is no utopia of love and peace between all nations and races waiting for us down the line. That is fiction. Instead we can look forward to more of the same. Maybe worse. This is why we need to abandon the notion of making a broken and slanted racist system work but instead begin to build an infrastructure for ourselves, in spite of the circumstances, regardless of them. It starts by standing our ground against the injustice imposed on any and all of us. Taking up arms if need be. No more backing down. Our lives aren’t worth anything if we won’t stand up and demand what is rightfully ours. The supremacists will put it all on the line for their liberty. We must resolve to do the same.

    1. It is a fact,we as Black people in AmeriKKKa ,have been in a race war since 1455!The only thing these racist understand is violence! They are deathly afraid of Black men with guns! They turn tail and run like the cowards they are! They attack in packs like rabid dogs!They love to murder the innocent, but are afraid to be killed! Why are they so afraid of us, could it be because they know who we really are!That’s right, we are GODS, we have to be! Who else could take all this injustice and still be surviving!

      1. AlphaOmega says:

        Indeed brother absolutely right..they know more of who and what we are then we do and have been knowing it for a long long time. And spend and invest millions of dollars a year to hide it and keep us from knowing to remain on the highest level..they have to go all out to survive and to dominate because they know they are weakest link.

      2. edward says:

        God made man in his likeness and image.mans origin is in africa. Black people can produce all colors of people even white albino. Blacks have made many inventions in this world. God is Black.

    2. Gina says:

      Well said!

    3. William brooks says:

      Very poignant synopsis

    4. jay says:

      Agreed with every syllable in this post. Only to add, lets not only take , necessary ‘ by any means possible’ Stand. Lets rid ourselves of the slave religion’s that’s kept black minds incarcerated for generations.
      Throughout history, No Oppressors Religion’ never brought liberty to the Oppressed! unless this Head is severed also, Black folks will serenade themselves right back into Comatose !

    5. Gogetter68 says:

      Totally agree!!!

    6. VReid Hairston. says:

      I agree.

    7. Conrad says:

      Real talk

    8. Conrad says:

      Pac said one teach two two teach four four teach more we could run this s### its time real talk

  4. Gneeva says:

    I’m proud of this group for protecting the mosque. I also agree with previous comments regarding the solidarity of these groups. I’d like to extend that to our communitis and develop a cooperative economy so we can keep our money there instead of supporting businesses outside our communities. It’s not like we haven’t done this before. Look at Greenwood, “Black Wall Street,” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rosewood, Florida, and Slocum, Texas, all thriving self-sufficient communities. And there were many more that were destroyed by hate or urban renewal. I believe if we can unify like the brothers and sisters did in Dallas, we can bring back the thriving, cohesive communities we once had.

    1. wendell says:

      I agree with you 100% on that.

  5. errick says:

    We don’t play here in Dallas it’s a lot of F up things going on but enough is enough wish more of our brothers an sisters would wake up

  6. Betty says:

    Stand your ground…we are sick of it…Proud of Dallas…now let everyone else get on board💪💪

  7. Jon says:

    Rural middle aged white guy here….Right On! Black folks should organize and arm themselves. Unarmed you are subjects. Armed you are citizens. You all had something going there with the Black Panthers. That is why it was eliminated all James Bond style, some twisted stuff. The folks against you are armed, and they are already organized. Fortunately for you all, fear is what drives them so you are inherently up against cowards.

    1. Carl Lucas says:

      Well said … Very well said ” all James Bond like” = COINTELPRO / Counter Intellegence Program . The systematic dismantling of the Panthers / Every Native American group / with a few White groups as well . There is A 700 page PDF floating around the internet detailing every step using declassified FBI documents … Everyone should read how the government really feels about its citizens … And you are totally right . Unarmed we are citizens with the knowledge that if they wanted to on the real they could pretty much wipe us off of this continent just us alone … But we aren’t alone … So

  8. Stringer says:

    Yes strong minded black people starting to stand up yesss

  9. Carla says:

    RIGHT… ON! im all about this and hope they continue. Be safe out there boys and girls!

  10. Kush Mungu says:

    Yes indeed my brothers. Protect yourselves and practice the 2nd amendment right. #PewPewLife 🔫🔫

  11. Crystal Durham says:

    This is not a revolution for black people alone. We all need to come together and unite; we have a common enemy. Glad to see this!

  12. Timsomor says:

    Stayed home from work on Monday and the cops were literally conducting military operations in the Sand-Town Winchester area of Baltimore City. There were lots of SUV’s several with DC Plates! Not sure what the mayor is doing here. Seems as the thug callers from DC….Obama and Governor Hogan have doubled down on cops and ever Black guy is a potential cash cow for the private prison system here.

    Wish we could open carry here in Baltimore….The double standards are serious here!

  13. Eric Mccray says:

    Well, the Blk Muslims can show solidarity and stand up for themselves, let’s see if the rest of Blk America can do the same !!!

  14. Warren K Dunlap says:

    thats whatup

  15. J.B. GAINES says:

    The Back Panthers actions were legal. These ‘white supremacast do not know what is their Religion.
    I bet they did not know that: islam is the religion of GOD, which means: PEACE., and no Other will be accepted. I bwet that theh did not know , that: All Prophets of GOD, Were Muslim. and they cannot name a: (a) christian, cathtolic, Budhast, or any other Prophet.

  16. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Good article. I guarantee that you will NOT see this pro gun group in websites,that claim to be for the 2nd amendment.


    Can anyone tell me what day or days Tariq does his radio show? I’m not getting email notifications.

  17. yungworldz says:

    This is needed in every city that has black people..

  18. Steven says:

    It is great to stand up in armed assembly. As a white man I agree with how this situation went down. What I don’t get is how you stand with those who would disarm you.gun laws are and always were about disarming the nondesirible. The democratic party has always fought to disarm the negros and contain them in the ghettos under the force of armed police. Does the black man not deserve equal rights to defend themselves? This worked out great in a Republican state that believes in equal gun rights under the second ammendment. Try this in chicago, new york, Los Angeles, Oakland or Sacramento where the Democrats have succeeded in illegalizing the black man from carrying a gun. Yes you can get a permit to carry in those places if you have not been caught in the system designed not only to strip you of your 2nd ammendment rights but your voting rights as well. If you tried this assembly in those cities armed swat teams and nation guard would disarm you by force and make you all felons and non voters if you live. The 2nd ammendment is the equalizer in our Constitution that puts every man and women of any color on the same level. Democrats constantly assault your rights and the black community embraces them as their saviors. Just a little bit to think about.

    1. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      I agree with you about the democrats. But republican run Florida exonerated white George Zimmerman for self defense. Not black Trevor Dooley for self defense.

    2. Bill says:

      The answer is voluntary segregation. Period.

  19. ebi says:

    yuuuuuuuussssss, welcome back protectors of a justice system.

  20. Don says:

    Your claim of a white supremacist group is bullcrap! They are an anti islamic group. BIG DIFFERENCE! You are fanning the flames of racism for political gain with your claims. I hope the blood in the streets comes from your hands and not the hands of those who are listening to you. I would stand with you if it were a white supremacist group but your lies turn anyone with an open mind away. It seems that, like Hitler is to the Jews, the KKK is to the Americans of African descent. In that you have to claim white hatred of black people, whether true or not, to get your meager point across. Sad, very sad!

  21. Truth says:

    0 Tolerance

  22. Mary Miri says:


  23. Whitepower says:

    Whites will always be the Arian race. God is white and that’s why we are superior

    1. Black Power says:

      You mean Albino race? God is not White. And Africans are the reason you are here. Other than that,you would never exist. Read the origins of the white race.

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