Are Cops In Chicago Behind Many Of The Shootings That Are Blamed On Gang Violence?

Newspaper Story Reports Potential Secret Chicago Police Dept. Interrogation Site

This past Memorial Day weekend, many mainstream media outlets reported that 56 people were shot and a dozen died in Chicago. No arrests have been made, reports say.

For years there have been rumors and speculation about many of the killings that have occurred in Chicago. Many people in the Melanoid community suspect that police officers are really the ones behind some of these shootings. Chicago has become to go-to deflection talking point for white supremacists (and white supremacist supporters) who use the alleged “Black on Black” violence in Chicago to justify the violence and mistreatment of Melanoid people around the country.

So when we see these recurring reports coming out of Chicago every holiday weekend reporting that a certain “record” number of people were killed or shot  over a three day period,and no arrests were made,this raises many red flags with some in the community.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to suspect that law enforcement in Chicago could carry out such corrupt deeds because Chicago police has had a long history of corruption. And when it comes to white police officers interacting with Black citizens, the corruption is oftentimes excused, ignored or covered up. Recently, several stories have come out about corrupt cops in Chicago and their racial attacks on Melanoid citizens.

There was the recent acquittal of an off duty white cop who shot and murdered an innocent Melanoid bystander named Rekia Boyd.

The city of Chicago recently had to pay reparations to Black torture victims who suffered at the hands of police officers.

So if white police officers have had a history of terrorizing,and killing innocent Black people openly,and in many cases, doing it with impunity, is it implausible to believe that law enforcement could also be behind many of the reported shootings that we hear so much of in Chicago?

A few years ago Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis publicly reported that she had heard rumors in the community that police officers were behind many of the reported shootings that were blamed on gang members in Chicago. After she went public with these allegations,she was swiftly criticized by many law enforcement officials and conservative pundits.

So do you think it’s possible that police officers are behind many of the shootings in Chicago?

334 thoughts on “Are Cops In Chicago Behind Many Of The Shootings That Are Blamed On Gang Violence?

  1. Jacob says:

    Not only is it possible but I wholeheartedly believe it has been happening for years in Chicago.
    Many Whites in America see black people as animals.

    So shooting us is sport for them

    They are NOT gonna change because we ask them to.

    So the real question is….what are we gonna do about it?
    How do the people in Chicago protect themselves?

    1. Marcus D. Frazier says:

      Of course its plausible and I believe its truly the case. Anytime the primetime media and the so called reputable media-in-print repeat the same talking points its not by chance, its by design. As it relates to all the shootings in Chicago, either the police are utterly incompetent or its’ involvement with the shootings are evident. How is it possible that there have been no arrests especially when “their reporting” suggests black people are the perpetrators?

      1. pamela hanna says:

        hell yea
        that’s exactly black but when we (black people) mention this it was ignored

        1. pamela hanna says:

          typo whats happening

      2. Darryl says:

        there are many people who are racist.but who cares unless your racist.people need to just be more honest about things so GOD can do his part.point is police are humans there are good police and bad there are bad just pray that one day your not a victim and report any violence and dont lie about it!!make a difference in life dont make takes a person on self to get his self together whether your a police or not!!

        1. Quendalyne says:

          Yes i do believe so because in numerous occasions when they get somebody give them a pistol and they will be be let go throw away guns police be like plain clothing looking like thugs killing us its gets deep snitches keeps blocks working with cops homan and filmore harrison and kedzie crooked cops better know it harrassing citizens everyday dirty cops trust none in uniform no respect animals fuck the police i might come up missing i know so much about the police in maypole area crazy

          1. Don says:

            UIC professors Dick Simpson and John Hagedorn “traced police misconduct over 50 years and found more than 300 officers in that time had been convicted of serious crimes, a third of those for illegal drug dealing, weapons sales, and gang activity.” Hagedorn says it’s no wonder Chicago has a notorious gang problem. “The gang problem has always been serious in Chicago, in part, because the problem of police corruption has always been so serious.” He ties this to their “Blue Code of Silence.” Contact Dick Simpson and John Hagedorn for information about this situation. Use a assumed name and email address to protect you identity from crooked racist gangsters cops.

      3. FREE says:


      4. Karen says:

        It is obvious from your comment you have never lived in Chicago. When the projects were still habitable unsuspecting travelers that passed through were greeted with rocks thrown by children. When they would stop to scold the children 20-30 gang members would come out of hiding jump and beat them and steal their vehicles. There were certain projects the police would not even go into without heavy backup because they were too dangerous. I fail to see how incompetency has caused that situation. This article alludes to corruption and racism, but provides no research. I am sure that police in Chicago are in fear everyday with the call from BLM to shoot cops. There is not excusing that.

        1. Marie jean says:

          They should have beat your bass then.

        2. kal says:

          Fred Hampton is all the proof needed but there’s also the thousands of innocent blood spilled daily by racist cops across America if you weren’t so racist you wouldn’t have asked or made such a deliberate obtuse asinine statement

        3. betty says:

          Oh stop it excuses for these white cops, that’s one reason they do all this killing of blacks lock them up on framed charges…the fact that all these shootings and there’s never any suspects, no investigations, nothing something is definitely not right seems if the gangs we’re doing these shootings, surely some of them would talk or brag about it and someone would be arrested..nobody’s bragging nothing, and the police say they have nothing. Thats what make people suspect the white racists police..they know how to get away with it.

          1. seen says:

            I have to agree..How can you see me run a red light on a camera…but didn’t see who killed little Rae Rae who got shot on a corner that has four cameras…

        4. Fredrick Williams says:

          Don’t speak on a life you clearly have no clue about. I grew up in up in the projects and there was no such thing as children throwing rocks at strangers. We were taught to avoid cops when alone. I’ve witness cops torture and beat my brothers half to death in front of me at a young age. I was a victim of police brutality due to the color of my skin. I’ve witnessed cops plant drugs on individuals in my community just so they can turn around and lock them up. You truly have no idea of the atrocities the CPD have commited to people of color so stop spouting nonsense.

        5. Doug Morgan says:

          Sure blame it on BLM. You mean to tell me the cops are afraid to go into certain areas? Then that’s not the job they are suppose to have? I guess they should gotten security jobs at Toys R Us?

        6. Michael Henley says:

          What was you doing there buying dope? In that case you a mark. When blacks drive into White Naborhoods it gangs of Cops beating our Asses. So again what was you doing there.

      5. Orlando Coombs says:

        What’s happening in Chicago is that the city government and other powers that be that no one sees, primarily U.S. government and big corporations are practicing genocide on black people in Chicago are targeting our youth especially. You got concentrated gun violence, concentrated poverty, unemployment, food deserts, malt liquor, cigarettes, and crates of guns dropped off in alley ways in Chicago’s Black and Latino neighborhoods. This is all spells genocide. They’re practicing genocide on us, straight up. That’s a fact. And yes, I’m very positive that police are behind many of these shootings blamed on gang violence. People in Chicago are scared to speak to police cause it’s most likely the police are the ones who are doing the killings. I believe that the mayor and other people in key positions know about this but are staying silent to protect their own positions of money, power, and prestige. Police took the day off for Memorial Day this year amd all hell broke loose. The city government in Chicago is so full of shit. Cause it makes no sense in a city with so many powerful and affluent black people that type of mayhem is going on. Oprah, The Obamas, Jesse Jackson, Jessie Jackson Jr, Linda Johnson Rice, Jon Rogers, Les Brown, Kanye West, Tom Burrell, and many others, list goes on and on. All these folks live in Chicago and have the means of doing some great things for the disadvantaged black people, especially the poor black youth trapped in these poverty infested, crime ridden, and violent hellish habitats of violence, crime, poverty, and despair. The poorest of the poor in the black community, especially poor black children are left to fend for themselves. They’re thrown to the wolves and left to die out there. We need to change that.

        1. Unknown says:

          I SO AGREE ! TRUTH .. WELL SAID…

          1. Cola says:

            Well spoken
            I agree

        2. Mark jackson says:

          Amen Orlando

        3. R l smith says:

          Wow so true

        4. Marie says:

          Sad part is this has been done to us for the past 400 years.

        5. seen says:

          well said

      6. J says:

        oh yah absolutely and they wanna take our guns out of our hands so gotta make it bad to promoye gun control

      7. Jim Olson says:

        Probably because all black people look alike. (that’s sarcasm )

        1. Louise says:

          I know exactly what you’re saying, because all white people look alike to me.😆

    2. Robert Blue Jr says:

      I believe the only card we have left in the deck,Is to register to vote and start the recall(repeal)process.The only thing powerful people(elected officials)fear is the absence of power.We wait until Nov. to go vote.We don’t even have to go vote.Just register.sign petitions to recall any and all elected official we can.Marching,protesting,rioting,looting,how many times have we done this to no avail.The only answer is to start repealing these politicians.Power is their Mike Brown or Trayvon.You take it away and you just took something away from them,that they hold near and dear to there heart.Like we do our loved ones.

      1. tactics says:

        That is the same cars we have been playing. Politicians are bought. Voting is just the illusion of power that we have. Our real power is in ourselves. Keep the money in the black community and stop supporting everyone else. Have you ever seen a soul food restaurant in chinatown. Do you see black owned nail salons in little korea. They use their money/power to influence their quality of life as a community, but first they consolidate it. We give ours away.

        1. Correct. Sure, we can register to vote in a system where laws were designed to protect the interest of white citizens. Sure, we can march and protest to be included where we aren’t wanted. However, history has shown that Black people have been protected and provided for only when we do it for self.

          1. Justin B says:

            Abraham Lincoln didn’t protect and try to offer refuge? C’mon man, to say the only ones to stand up/protect you is yourselves is ludicrous. Stop trying to isolate yourselves. There are plenty of whites and even Hispanics who are on your side and even fighting the same battles. Open your eyes, racism is real you are correct about that, but you are not the only race that suffers from it.

          2. Bishop Jerry says:

            Well now the Judgment of God is on the world Justice felled in cop will reap what they did that s the word of God

        2. Cate says:

          Whites would be condemned if we kept the money just in the white community. Black supremacists need to stop being racist just like white supremacists or hispanic supremacists. This race war seed is being planted on purpose to pull us apart and stop all races to take responsibility for their individual actions. Take care of your actions and that will make the most difference. There are people and countless kids in other countries who only eat every other day or have heads cut off all around them, and Satan has Americans bickering and refusing to work together instead of seeing a bigger picture. I love all people for who they choose to be, not what they feel entitled to or afraid of because of appearances. Get to know someone before calling anyone a racist. Individuals make their own choices and no “group” can define an entire race or job (like cops).

          1. R8sing A Nation says:

            @ Cate you got a lot of nerve spewing that black supremacist rhetoric!!!Please get an understanding of white supremacy because then you will realize black people were not ever supreme at javk and currently are not supreme at a dang thing! Right now I don’t care what is going on in another country when Treyvon Martins killer walks free. When blacks folks are good here in the U.S than I can concern myself with others movements. Black people have wasted far too much time co signing other groups movements all the while our community has fallen apart. Half of America agreed that it was time to pass laws to allow gays to marry but over half of Americans believe the Confederate Flag represents history and not racism. That’s sad and that means black people got work to do.

          2. Laid back says:

            You totally have your thinking screwed learn more about racism and a racist before you talk up not take up but talk up for one as if you are one blacks don’t speak of supremacy only equality the moment blacks talk and move towards supremacy people around the world of other nations and nationalities would be shaking in their boots being that no one care or love us while everyone wants to be us

          3. Tjhaynes says:

            Not all whites are superamacist. Just like not all blacks are angry killing each other. So hatred is flaming out of control because people don’t look at hearts they look at skin color and judge (that’s the first mistake and why there are so many problems). We got to move past that and start getting along because the choosen division is destroying. Divided you fall united you stand to make the changes we wish to see. The black community is to divided and reacts from anger so the cops, politicians and 1% don’t care about them (this is the simple truth and that’s why they allow things to happen). It is horrific and wrong. We are people of God but how many follow what Jesup taught us? Things will never change until the mindsets change and we learn that it’s the powers who be and those at the top that cause the tensions, divisions and love to see the black communities with no hope. They want population control and certain people in certain communities to kill each other and they aren’t considers about finding the murders truthfully. So again I will say this is so wrong. The solution change the thinking, follow God and vote out these politicians who don’t give a damn if you eat or if you die or how hard they make you struggle. Things happen in masses not individuality like when everyone went out to vote for Obama. Yes we as all races especially us the poor and middle class have to demand recalls of those who seek to harm our families. But this is about rising about it, doing things the smart way and not showing them fear or anger because when they see that they don’t respect or hear you. I don’t look at skin color I look at the persons heart because as a Christian we are supposed to love all. So let me conclude by saying my need to pray and then we all need to get ourselfs to the polls to cast our votes. I for one see a great candidate in Bernie Sanders who has for so many years fought for the poor, middle class and equality, so let’s start here by putting in a president finally who will hear our crys and act on them. Be apart of the solution and become proactive.

          4. Donna says:

            Then, Cate, you need to clue some of your fellow brethren this. Whenever a Black person does something our entire race has to answer for it; according to some White folks. but when we get tired and speak out on it, it some how gets turned around to where we’re the ones causing these issues. You’ve seen what’s going on. Black folks getting shot in the streets for no reason and it’s justified. Where are the White folks getting gunned down in the streets? Far and very few between. I love all people too, but I’m not going to ignore the genocide perpetrated on my race.

          5. Alicia says:

            I would suggest you look up the word “supremacy”…..

          6. walt stawicki says:

            Its not racism but family…extended family that gets that community money “mutualaide” working. Our asian migrants are big on family, extended or immediate. We albinos are well cushoned from this too many with too much and seldom are we that alone in a zip code without “our” businesses. We really did a terrorist campaign last century. And the black citizen still bears the scars, they just cant see them or if they do not all know where they came from. Not all from slave times. Until we all work on undoing the effects of “dyseducating” the effects will remain looking like “normal.”

          7. Brittany says:

            We have to know our history, stay humble and embark on a black power movement to come together so that violence among us is few and far between so there is no disproving moral and purpose of the opposition. . It is true we must gain unity and power of our own political structure, wealth , quality of life no disrespect to any other race we just need unity and education trust and loyalty and love from every black person everyday and dedication to improvement & advancement of your life and culture. Black operations are necessary
            Black politics
            Black wealth
            Black history
            Black religion
            We need stability and growth!

          8. Jon b3ck says:

            So none of the actions inflicted over years with no results has any meaning. Innocent bystanders of crime and stereotyping etc is being done by one force . I have witnessed 1st hand, you cannot dismiss our truths. Be a victim before analyzing

          9. Carol says:

            Does that mean that a race of people cannot stick together and register to vote and be mindful or the power of keeping money in our race first? I think not.

          10. Eric Waiters says:

            Uhh, white people do keep their money in the white community. They don’t come in the black community to shop there. Tell me if you had two and one was hitting the other. Who would you chastise? The child that was doing the hitting or the child that was getting hit? We all see what’s happening, the aggressor isn’t being punished! If it was that a different child did the same to another child and this happened over and over again. Wouldn’t you begin to wonder why? Wouldn’t you notice a pattern? Out of all the things that makes the victim and the aggressor different. Appearance is what stands out not what’s on the inside! Now add color, the aggressive child is white, and no one chastised the white child and tells the child you did nothing wrong in front of everyone. The victim is a black child and everyone is telling the black child to tell someone, pray, protest, violence isn’t the answer, your a racist and all the peaceful things we tell black victims today. What are you teaching all the children when the stressors aren’t punished? Its only a matter of time before the victim responds with a greater violence than all the aggressors combined! ARE YOU READY FOR THE WAR!

          11. Beautiful Mind says:

            Please learn the actual definition of racism. Blacks are not in a position to be racist. Blacks can not control another race of people economically. As a black woman all I want is an even playing field. I hate the white ppl that refuse to admit racism exisit until they get an opportunity to say someone black is racist. U

          12. Yasmeen says:

            What? What black supremists? What are youn talking about. White people DO keep the money in your own community. Black and Latin people cannot be racists. By definition. We hold no power. Let me ask you this how has black supremacy or black racism negatively affected the white race/community as a whole?
            Ill wait.

          13. Ronald wevv says:

            Bo such thing….only whites can be racist!

          14. CHI-RAQ says:

            First of all Racism is the power to control once to control ones destiny. Blacks will never have enough money or power to control the outcome of race of people. White folk have stolen from every culture they have come in contact with.Killed and destory ever one who oppose or reject there practices of Evil. To say WHITE SUPREMACY is just like Black or Hispanic Supremacy is a play on words. Because there is no other culture that has the power to Oppress another Culture like the white Man . They Destroy everything they Touch.
            Indians,African, Chinese and Hispanics have never in our Past history have ever put White Caucasian into captivity or Oppression, not that they couldn’t, but it was not in there human nature.
            But the white Caucasian has committed all types of abominations to every culture that existed. The History of the White Supremacy is all in your American His-story.
            Where in history Did another culture proclaim some type of Supremacy? Oh yeah Hitler was a German with no Melanin in his skin (white ) . THAT’S why the white man is the Devil in Flesh. He seeks only to Lie,cheat, kill,and Destroy. HE’S has not done anything in the Name of Humanity and Peace.

          15. Will says:

            Too late! We’re going to start keeping our money in black hands! We’ll go out of our way if we must to support ONLY black businesses! Please and thank you! The only change mechanism is voting and money! We will bank at black-owned banks, and vote in those officials who are in line with the black agenda!

          16. 1truhebrew says:

            The white money is kept in the WHITE COMMUNITY. When the is the last time you have seen any white person shopping in the BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD

          17. Shauna says:

            Love it❤️

        3. Patricia says:

          Voting is just the illusion of power…I LOVE THAT…true statement!

          1. Zach says:

            Ready for war? You don’t want war trust me. You want peace!!

          2. REAL says:

            You people who think that whites are the only racists have never left the country. Go to India or the middle east and see how racist people can really get. Also research rwanda to see what black on black racism looks like. Racism doesn’t require power just ignorance like most of the comments.

        4. Juan says:

          100 I have been saying this to my peoples forever

        5. Janet says:

          Well said

        6. Real says:

          Many of us are still suffering from that rock that fell on us. We have had a serious mind job done to the extent those responsible act like nothing wrong had occurred, and many of us are doing the same because we don’t believe enough in ourselves to right the wrong, so we lie to ourselves that mentally we are ok while the condition in our environment proove otherwise. Until we individual and collectively access internally our need to connect/reconnect to what is real the external conditions will stay the same. Real 4 Real.

        7. Vicki says:

          Everyone in this nation can congregate together except our people. The police charge at us when we get together – they are fearful of our powers of togetherness. Black panthers got together for our causes and they killed them abd it landed more in their jail cells so they can watch them. Systemically keeping us from bettering our lives. They are planting guns in the alleys so we can continue to kill eachother; less killing they have to do.

      2. Reginald Fulton says:

        excellent proposal. how do we implement it though? I’ve tried to no avail to do what you said brothers and sister today are not on what we’re on.

      3. Yes they are and then blaming the shooting on other gang member so gang members can be at war with each other so tell me when gun is recover off the street or turn in by somebody’s else where do those guns goes in do the police department keep a series number of the guns they recover

        1. Connie Velez says:

          Well said!! Cuz that does happen..”I’ve heard cops blaming The other street gangs”

      4. miles2188 says:

        Well Said

      5. Wl boo says:

        Mr Blue you nailed it. If we could only get traction and make political changes.

      6. Janet says:

        Been there done that. .nothing changes. ..wake up

      7. Renee says:

        Been thinking this for a long time….especially since most have never been solved. Then they try to say it is due to no sniching codes…..naw!!

      8. Tammy says:

        I have always said that black people don’t hate each other ike they want us to beieve and that these shootings are a conspericy

      9. Nakesha says:

        You cant just vote people thats in there mess up. We need these kidds to get in education so they can run for office

    3. kellaine says:


      1. ninja Davis says:

        I feel you so real on that, the history is say the same as 1970’s, power to the people, we can’t do it alone.

      2. Vicki says:

        Fear of their lives is the textbook response to killing a black man without accountability.

    4. How do u make a comment about another race saying black people are Animals. Everyone should be treated Equally but Sometimes that not the case.Yes their are some police officers that are Corrupt,Crooked,& Some Whom just dont give a Dam but right is right and wrong is wrong People should respect one another and look out for another not look the other way when something Bad happens its not always about Gangmembers or Gangbanging. Its just wrong God Sees All My Opinion

      1. ninja Davis says:

        God can’t help bad cops, (0r) what goes on earth, it’s happening and where is your lord almighty.

      2. Allison says:

        Cops are a gang of their own, soooo, that being said, yea, it was gang members who did the killings.

      3. CHI-RAQ says:

        The Only good Good Cop that I Ever Seen was a Dead Cop.
        I Never meet a Respectable, and I got Black Sheriffs in my Family.
        I repeat I Never met a Good Police Cop. They all Brain Dead, with calisis over there heart.
        The Believe just like the military
        Sovilian ain’t shit and are expendable. But if you are part of the Government’s Authorities sector
        We will protect all of your Wrong doing in and out of the Public eye.
        Even if your evil deeds are on video tape. We “the people ” / Authorities will protect you. We hold this TRUTH to be self evidence . They are a Fuqin Gang ,just like Faturnities, crip ,bloods,Vice Lords, Deciples,Republicans, Democrats, Police, Military and KKK.
        Gang, gang, gang.!!!!

    5. Why can’t blacks admit that until they change, i.e. stop their children from killing each other, stop selling drugs to each other, stop harassing each other, then no one will believe BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! It’s sad that blacks refuse to simply solve their own problems by starting with Dedication, Determination, and Decipline, of those they have direct supervision over. It’s your children doing wrong but your asking another race to not be scared or act as they do. Switch your Race for one day. Watch the news and tell me what you really think about the so called Race of BLACK-AMERICANS! !! BLACK Senior Citizens on the South Side are scared to walk to the store in fear of being Attacked by other Black youth! !! Stop begging others to change, Beg your own!!! (Forgot, that ain’t working is it!!!)

      1. Stephanie C says:

        Yes. You’re telling the truth. Many of the Black parents are too busy engaging in their own lives to care what the kids are doing. Our morals and values have been flushed down the toilet. All of our kids are not bad. The media zeros in on the few who are. We have to clean up our mess by taking back control of our families. Put down the drugs, the beet cases, the liquor and the remote control and understand who is the parent and who is the child. But then I’m wasting my energy. But I’m tired of hearing gunshots.

      2. Antonio says:

        How about we try putting our own people in our neighborhoods to police our people you don’t see majority black police officers in a white community I am the youth I’m 24 an we’re tired of this shit to until you live in this economically deprived jungle don’t fucking comment like you know the story

        1. Stephanie Mitchell says:

          Thank you Antonio. Correcting coons is a GOOD way to do it. It’s a shame how some of our own people are sell outs. To throw out their own in order to score points with the enemy. But I do agree with you my brother.

      3. Lakinda Slaughter says:

        White kids sell drugs take drugs kill their parents n kids robbing n gangs. So why said it’s black people.I see both colors doing the same thing.

      4. Greg says:

        You are a faggot how many black are killed on daily basis In Europe coz now you chanting all this things you mentioned are highly done by the other races than blacks but just because of the color we have you stick us out like a stigma every 1 to 10 cops in the united state that are not from black race assaults black without no evidence of them commiting any crime what has that got to do with all what you just mentioned Chicago cops are the masquerades behind the killings in Chicago they are only lieing on the gang members can you just think for yourself every part of the United state protest whenever a black is been killed so you think they are not so wise enough to think black live matters this is 21century its time for the fucking white race to understand that blacklivematters

        1. Wow says:

          Can’t even understand what you just said. Please learn English.

      5. D.A.D says:

        there’s a thing called “white privilege, believe it or not…… the schools, the park districts, the neighborhoods.The funding from the Government is unequal. How many whites get killed on a “routine traffic stop” for a minor traffic
        offense??? How often does Whites get stopped for just walking down the street,harassed,frisked,talked down to , as if they’re not human.How many times do whites get profiled,followed, while just shopping at the mall….just because they’re white???How many whites get killed, while running away from the police, and accused of turning around and pointing a gun at officers, I’ll tell you this, put white people in our shoes, deny them loans, discriminate them for a job, based soley on race, take all things out of their neighborhood, like quality grocery stores, hospitals w/trauma capabilities,put nothing but liquor stores,barber shops, and cell phone stores, and no quality places to get healthy food for miles. Whites wouldn’t be able to take it…Whites feel entitled to be treated better than all other races, but I tell you this, GOD sees all, and our time is coming…….not in our time, but in GOD’S TIME. AMEN!!! DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD LIKE FOR THEM TO DO UNTO YOU!!!

        1. Stephanie Mitchell says:

          Preach it brother. Well said. Its not in our time but Elohim time. And YES he will repay them wrong doers back for all the evilness they have caused upon his people. May Elohim keep you strong.

        2. M.O.M. says:

          Do you really feel that way? Most whites don’t feel superior nor do they wish any ill will towards another race. Sure, there are some but not any more than those in any other race. Now 40 years old, I’ve learned a lot from life in general and from fellow Marines of color… all color.

          – I’ve learned that we all have struggles but sometimes we’re too busy looking at our own that we fail to see those of others.
          – I’ve learned that some people will only see you as a white girl and won’t talk to you because of it! Shocked and surprised because I had never thought that of a black person. So racism and reverse racism does exist.
          – I’ve learned that some of my friends in the Marine Corps… that were the most honorable and most accepting of others were Hispanic and Black. They had my back and I theirs… and for that I’m eternally grateful!
          – I’ve learned that making excuses for myself doesn’t change the fact that there are consequences for everything I do or don’t do…good or bad.
          – I’ve learned that generalizing and lumping a group of people into one category is not only wrong but inaccurate as well! Saying all men are pigs, all blacks are criminals, all whites are racist, all women are gold diggers, all Asians are good in math, all Native American’s are drunk, all hispanics are (I don’t even know) or all Americans are arrogant is just ridiculous, mean and ignorant statements! When making statements or posting a comment, if we could all remember to put the word SOME in front of those kinds of statements or simply not make them at all… it may just eliminate some of the hatred, resentment and contempt some people feel towards others.
          – I’ve learned that the more I talked about how bad something is the worse it is.
          – I’ve learned that if I focuse my efforts on what I can change about myself and not on what others should change….I am a much happier and more successful person. Often times we can’t control what others will think, do, or say but we can control all of those things within ourselves. And if we stop focusing on all the wrong that was done to us in the past or done to our ancestors (because there isn’t a race or person that hasn’t had something terrible happen to them or someone way back in their family… just as there isn’t a person or someone in their past family that hasn’t done something bad towards another person) and start focusing on all the good that God has afforded us today and work towards a better life for everyone…wouldn’t life be so much more fulfilling!
          – I’ve learned that if you want equality, you must be willing to behave, live and work the same as the others you wish to share that equality with. We cannot expect to be treated respectfully if we are not willing to live a respectable life. We cannot expect to make the same amount of money as a brain surgeon if we aren’t willing to be a brain surgeon! We cannot expect others to respect us if we walk around like a snotty, uppity bitch, or an angry violent man, or a pants around your ankles kid with cuss words coming out of your mouth, or a mom out partying and leaving her kids home alone, or a man cheating on is wife or wife cheating on her husband…. Society has a general set of acceptable BEHAVIORS and when we don’t follow them equality and respect are not exchanged. NOW with that being said…. NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should be treated differently because of their race, religion, gender, sexual preference etc. As a society, if we’re going to treat others differently it better be because of the way someone is BEHAVING/ACTING rather than who or what they are! And that goes for everybody!
          – I’ve learned that when my husband left me pregnant and with a 17 month old, that if I wanted my children and I to live in a nice and safe neighborhood I needed to get an education in a field where I was going to make decent, if not good money…to my standards of what decent/good money was of course. And not only that, but be willing to remove myself from anyone or thing that may jeopardize my goal for a better life.
          – I’ve learned that working hard has its benefits! Working hard not only helps propel you in the direction you want to go, but it also shows others…bosses, teachers, mentors, police, family and friends that you are willing to put some skin in the game and that if they choose to invest in you that you will bust your butt not to disappoint them! This I believe is often mistaken as privilege or lucky and not seen as someone working hard. People, even strangers will help you advance if you show/give them a reason to want to. I say WANT because no one owes you or me anything! I owe it to myself to succeed and work hard and provide for my family! I didn’t use the excuse of “I’m a single mom and their dad doesn’t pay child support or see them” as a reason why others should have to help me. I helped & help myself! There’s nothing more gratifying than than succeeding on your own… handouts hinder…hand ups help…. doing it all by yourself is empowering! And almost everyone can do one of the last two.
          – I’ve learned that helping yourself requires sacrifice… sacrificing your time, sleep, partying, dating, cable TV, Internet, cell phone, manicure etc. so that your children can go with rather than go without! Yes, it’s tough but it’s doable….especially when you look at the big picture.
          – I’ve learned that we must police our own! That means if my now 17 year old son mouths off to a teacher and gets detention that I don’t go to the teacher and ask them… what did you do to provoke his outburst? And yes, if you’re not a parent that would do that…there really are parents that do! Or if he steals something from a store and runs from police and won’t listen to them and won’t take his hands out of his pockets and put his hands up… if he gets shot… my heart will break into more than a million of little pieces, but by no means would I defend his actions nor would I hold the police officer responsible. This is where actions and consequences come into play and it’s our responsibility to police our own. Now my son wouldn’t do either of those things… well there’s a very minut possibility he might mouth off (never has yet) but he’d get slapped silly if I ever found out!
          – I’ve learned that idol hands are the devil’s tools… so keep yourself and your kids busy. Keep your community involved so that gangs don’t take over.
          – I’ve learned that no matter how much you may want something, sometimes things just don’t go your way and that’s ok. It helps us appreciate what does.
          – I’ve learned that there are bad, cruel and even evil people in this world, but they pale in comparison to all of the good, kind, loving, giving, honorable people.

          And lastly…
          – I’ve learned that we often misunderstand others….especially others that we don’t know or don’t know enough about! We often misunderstand what they’re trying to convey whether that be through their words, music, art, actions, generosity or selfishness. We don’t know what they’re going through or have been through, or what their intentions are. We (some) are quick to blame or assume others intentions aren’t honest or good. Again, there are way more good people than bad…

          1. CURTIS says:


      6. walt stawicki says:

        Black community is too broke for all the drugs that is sold. Where you think $$$ comes from? Welfare food card ? Paycheck of blacks who do the job life not the drug life?

      7. I agree with you, however,we can also stop blaming whites for what black cops are doing, too. It seems white and black united in this case, to rob, rape and murder blacks who refuse to submit or blacks who catch them in their criminal activity. It is also true that whites who are not police are brazen enough to come into the black community and abuse and probably murder blacks because they will be mistaken for cops.

        1. M.O.M. says:

          Seriously? You really believe police are trying to make you submit? Submit to what? Or do you mean follow and obey the law like the rest of us do? Do they randomly stop and question people in the black community… I’m sure they do… just as they do white people! Maybe more in neighborhoods that have an increased amount of criminal activity….did you consider that? There are a few primarily white neighborhoods with high crime rates in my city and police spend more time in those neighborhoods than they do in my neighborhood…. why? Because there is more crime there… they are needed there… unless of course you’re telling me that they should just let people break the law and not submit!

          Also, do you really believe… deep down inside of you… that the average white person is brazen enough, evil enough and willing to take time out of his or her life to actually stop their normal day to day life, pretend to be a police officer and go into a black community and abuse and PROBABLY murder blacks? Seriously? Is that what you really think? That is such a ridiculous and presumptuous statement…. Why would a white person
          1) want to do that?
          2) what would they have to gain from doing so?
          3) how exactly would they abuse your community?
          4) do you have any actual proof that they’d “probably” commit murder in your community?
          5) do you really think the people in your black community are so weak minded, defenseless, and oblivious that they’d let some white person come into their neighborhood and allow a WHITE person abuse and probably murder one of their own without any kind of fight?

          If you really feel that way, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you haven’t encounter one kind, generous or loving white person in your life! To make such an acquisition is really insulting not only to all of the white people who are helping your community, paying taxes, donating their time and money but also insulting to the intelligence and strength of the blacks within your community.

      8. CHI-RAQ says:

        You sound stupid. Change your race for a Day? Change your mind for ever . I was Born in Raised in Chicago Projects. It wasn’t the best but it was Our Community. The reason it’s called a” Project “is because it was a Scientific experiment with Rats living in a Habitat design like the Building that are now or were the Projects. The science informed there affiliates at the end of their Project Housing Experiment. Some Rats killed the weaker ones ,others starved to death, some grouped together for survival. After a couple months scientist confirmed that the overall Test is a “Failure”. So they build them put poor blacks in them for generations after generation . So knowing the Outcome of the Project Experiment decided let give out section 8 vouchers and Knock Down all 30 or more projects throughout the city.
        Chicago didn’t become the murder capital overnight it was planned.
        You better think again. Senior citizens are scared because they no the truth that the police is not going to protect them period. They not afraid of there own people. They are afraid of the way the youth are responding back with Violence and Anger instead of a plan to overcome. Our Black Man have decided if you going to kill me anyway , I’m taking you with me.They see No way for a better Future .So we Live and Die in one moment in time. So give Us liberty we don’t give a Fuq about death!

        1. M.O.M. says:

          No one is forcing you to live in section 8 housing & no one is forcing you to live in Chicago! If you want a better life stop making excuses for yourself. I say that with the assumption that you’re an adult. And if you are and you have children…. move the heck out of there! Sacrifice and get your kids to safety!
          The entire… youth are responding back with violence and anger instead of a plan to overcome… really? why are they so angry and who are they so angry act? If they’re still living in section 8 housing, they may need to redirect their anger at their parents or the Democrats that fund those programs! It was a Democrat that started Planned Parenthood with the sole purpose to reduce the black population, not to help with your health care needs. Democrats are huge supporters of welfare, food stamps, free health care, section 8 housing, free childcare…. if you want to be angry look to those who want to make you dependant on them…liberal government! If you still want to be angry, be angry at yourself as you continue to accept those handouts! You don’t have to take them and you don’t have to live in those violent neighbors! There are always alternatives and you are SMART enough and CAPABLE enough to make it on your own…. so please stop giving your youth excuses for behaving with anger and violence….as you know, it’s not productive! AND it’s not a white thing or a black thing… it’s just a shitty thing you can either be angry about or take action and do something about it.
          So this whole give us liberty because we dont give a @!÷$ about dying crap is just that….crap!

        2. Energy says:

          Wow, you are a very good thinker…

        3. Divine Justice says:

          In TRUTH as a senior I have become more afraid of the police then I am of so called gang bangers. I don’t even see gang bangers nor am I bothered by them. but, I see the police all the time and it’s terrifying. I know if something happens I have no one else to call SMH

      9. CHI-RAQ says:

        You sound stupid. Change your race for a Day? Change your mind for ever . I was Born in Raised in Chicago Projects. It wasn’t the best but it was Our Community. The reason it’s called a” Project “is because it was a Scientific experiment with Rats living in a Habitat design like the Building that are now or were the Projects. The science informed there affiliates at the end of their Project Housing Experiment. Some Rats killed the weaker ones ,others starved to death, some grouped together for survival. After a couple months scientist confirmed that the overall Test is a “Failure”. So they build them put poor blacks in them for generations after generation . So knowing the Outcome of the Project Experiment decided let give out section 8 vouchers and Knock Down all 30 or more projects throughout the city.
        Chicago didn’t become the murder capital overnight it was planned.
        You better think again. Senior citizens are scared because they no the truth that the police is not going to protect them period. They not afraid of there own people. They are afraid of the way the youth are responding back with Violence and Anger instead of a plan to overcome. Our Black Man have decided if you going to kill me anyway , I’m taking you with me.They see No way for a better Future .So we Live and Die in one moment in time. So give Us liberty we don’t give a Fuq about death!
        As far Black children you have no idea. Even though you have under educated our kids they will out survive whites kids. There are more white kids dieing from Drug overdose than black. They commit suicide more, they commit Mass murder killing there Own kind. White kids have Fell into every Trap The White man put in our communities for Us BLACKs . So even though whites have a better Education, they’re not more Intelligent. They are the weaker species of Man. He the Caucasian man is the only Neanderthal that still exist. He steals other culture ideas and Claims them as his own,just like they did to all the intellectual slaves in slavery and exploited there talents.
        But the white man is unnatural that why the Sun reject them and the Earth Despise their presence on the Earth. He Is a Dis-ease .

        1. Cracker Joe says:

          Lol, yea that’s not racist… I can see how all the posts of how black people can’t be racist are true. There are plenty of black people that go to college, get out of the ghetto and live like normal law abiding citizens. So blaming white people for all of the black murders happening in you neighborhoods is stupid and racist. You chose to drop out of school, sell drugs and shoot each other, which is fine. I hope the gang members shoot each other until there aren’t any left. The people I do feel bad for are the law abiding black people that get racially profiled because of the ones that are criminals.

      10. Nakesha says:

        Well, well, well I wish you where disputable person. Yeah a lot of black people the fall to the way side. I’ll just speak of my family for instead of generalizing. We have 5 generations I can say yes Ive met my greatgrand mother. As a family what happed to her mother is tragic. As well as no solved. Thats the first stigma we have to overcome as a family. White people can do anything and get away with it. At least thats what my grandmother told me. She believes this because she was raped by white policemen and thrown on the side of the road and scared for her life. My grandmother in Illinois as she grew up was a maid. (Which I see rather polished up as more home care workers companies florish with mainly minorities working. Ill rather be a driver then to clean your grandmother ass) My mother was kinda sick could really ask her what successful was. Coming out a small town I thought you had to be rich or know someone rich to have something. And then its the caucasians, I met a lot of you in Illinois you small town peep are mean as hell. I moved to bigger city. I will be damned If I wasnt called a nigger for the first damn time. Now mentally at this point I trust white people, scared of the police. But me I want better for my life than what most family members have. So I keep trying even though I have trouble getting interviews simple because of my name. Make a life hard when you dont have money. We can all agree with that right? Any plain and simple every black person dont endure rejection in the mannerism as I. Some gave up after they realized how my great great grandmother died. After meeting a few of you guys. That wasn’t so nice. Lets just face it a lot of white people wasnt that nice in 1940’s. Thats to bad because some of the family decided there no point to try to do anything with there life. They feel they got get judge by white to get a job and they feel most black traded there soul for a job. They get high and have children that that decide there gonna get money they believe all what the parents say and sell drugs. (Because thats all they see) As a family where not doing great they had to sell great mother’s land because they couldnt get a loan after somebody torched the house to rebuild. My greatgrandfather built it with his own hands. Anyhow its hard to show people that selling drugs, thats not the best way when trying for the others want better experience some of the worst type of treatment. No one likes to be talk down to and everyone want recognition. Some people, some people there is no turning. I try to tell them white people kiss ass a work to, they dont believe me they’ll pass…Sometimes i would like to as well…just hearing some of you ass holes that are white. I dont like what a few members my family does tell i will admit. But you must say as a raise its time for you to admit these problems as well from your side….my opinion for today

        1. Honkey says:

          You ever wonder if maybe the reason you have been turned down for some jobs was because you write at 2nd grade level. I couldn’t understand half of what you wrote. Stop blaming white people. Maybe if you went to school and learned how to form a proper sentence you could get a halfway decent job. I can’t believe you’re a 5th generation American. That’s just sad…

      11. Ira says:

        Thank you. It’s very disheartening to realize that so many people feel that it is up to someone else to solve the problems of black people in this country. People don’t seem to recognize the futility of waiting for the group who oppressed you to save you. It’s time to re evaluate that logic. Warriors study the terrain and develop strategies based on their resources. We have brains and we have economic power but, as a group, we don’t seem to have the stomach, to fight the battle.

    6. bobby-jimmy says:

      Yup, I agree, and I think Slavery of the black man is a myth and was made up as an excuse for people to be lazy and violent. All of these conspiracy comments have some valid points……

      1. A myth? Ok. That’s laughable and utterly disrespectful at the same time.

      2. kelz says:

        very true.

      3. Gloria says:

        If Slavery was a myth then the Holacaust never happened and there was no Hitler.
        But No, you would never, ever say or make such a dumb, idiotic comment like that about the Holocaust. Your comment is pathetic, and it’s indicative of the mindset of so many dumb buttholes out here. SLAVERY DID HAPPEN because Caucasians were too doggone lazy to work in the hot cotton, sugar cane fields, etc. My slave ancestors endured a horrific, unimaginable, inhumane voyage where millions died at sea from disease, committed suicide, were murdered and raped by barbaric White men. And that happened on the voyage here… there is not enough time and space here to talk about what they endured after they got here. Blacks BUILT THIS COUNTRY. IT WOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE WHAT IT IS TODAY IF IT WASN’T FOR BLACKS, AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT. WE ARE SURVIVORS, WE PERSEVERE, WE ENDURE AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO SURVIVE BECAUSE WE WERE BUILT FOR ENDURANCE…IT’S IN OUR DNA.
        If Caucasians went through what the Blacks have gone through there would be very few around because the majority of them would have committed suicide. So, you need to take a Black History course and open your small mind. A Myth…SMDH!

        1. walt stawicki says:

          Gloria where to start. How about what i know? Our fruit trees are full of browns not whites and not blacks. Our grapes are tended by browns not whites not blacks. Endurance? Those broke down victims of crack look real enduring sad to say, or is it just turnover . and you crow about built to abuse! Where to start? A couple thousand sports heros that endure unto first place in that rigged game? More dyseducation.

        2. Val says:

          Well said!!!!!

      4. walt stawicki says:

        That says nothing about history but tells me nearly everything about your sad self. Are you a Kamelia Knight or a Knight Rider Knight ?

    7. I am smarter than all of you says:

      Wow….you’re a special kind of stupid, ain’t ya?

      1. kelz says:

        My great -grandmother lived to be 107 and died in 2013. She lived in LA and told me when I was a teenager that the blacks who were slaves wanted to be and that there were many free blacks in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. So, there is some truth to slavery being a myth.

        1. Dee says:

          You sound like “The Water Boy” “my mama she say” ……… By the way since Slavery was abolished in 1865 with the passing of tge 13th Amendment, I guess that would mean that ALL slaves were free in the late 1800 early 1900 hundreds. I am nit sure about slaves “wanting ” to be slaves as mist slaves actually freed themselves during the Civil War. Perhaps you misunderstood your grandmother? I sure hope so.

          1. walt stawicki says:

            No he didnt misunderstand her. When she was a young girl in L. A. there was an election where the candidate bragged of being local grand wizzard KKK because he knew it would get him votes. Klan values get passed down the clan line.

        2. melanin rich says:

          Slavery “ended” in 1865 so of course in the late 1800s and early 1900s people of African descent were free. Any person who wanted to stay a slave was simply exhibiting Stockholm syndrome or cognitive dissonance. Slavery as a myth is utterly disrespectful and shows you have no understanding of history

        3. Greg says:

          I ain’t gonna insult you coz I don’t know who the fuck you are am not an America am a black from Africa and my family name hails from Germany tell me about that shit are we having the same culture because my family had a long history of slavery issues beside how can someone accept to be a slave take your time pick up your passport and travel down to the Western Africa ask question and you will be enlightened more about slavery not been a myth you will be showed the places your white folks built for slavery market and all so when you don’t know nothing stop coming on here and making lame comments on post you know nothing about

          1. Karen says:

            The slave trade was not started by white people. The slave trade originated with Muslim.

          2. Clive cunshot says:

            Tarzan freed the slaves ,haven’t you seen the movie.🙀

        4. herain says:

          @ kelz – How on earth could your great grandmother who was born in 1906 (if she was 107 in 2013) know anything about the reality of slavery? Unless your great grandmother was born at least before 1865 you have to be some special kind of idiot to believe she was around during slavery! You and your great grandmother are beyond belief about anyone “wanting” to be slaves. Do some reading about the history of slavery in America fool!

        5. Mocha says:

          Chicago is becoming the worst City in the world. No one trust the cops because one way or they other the assailant usually find out who told. Not only do that occur on a regular basis but i have witnessed plenty of violent crimes occur and i have called the police and the police never came. Or they arrive after everything is over said and done.They write up a report while eating donuts, meanwhile they stalk cars with tail lights out while people are constantly dying. They also see the same drug dealers everyday standing out on these corners and never search them or make an attempt to pull them over. They know exactly whats taking place in Chicago but don’t give a damn cause they go home to thier cozy little homes after an 8 hour shift

    8. andy says:

      This is complete crap and sickness of attacking cops ignoring black violence is a disease

    9. kellaine says:


    10. yaphet k. jamal says:

      I have been following the police involved shootings as far back as 2004, as they were reported on the local news here in Chicago. Several times a year, in each of those shootings, the police spokesman always claimed “The suspect turned and pointed a gun at police.” Even up to the current year (2015) the script is the same. The police are telling on themselves right in our faces. With probably as many as 3 to 4 of such shootings each year where the police version is the same, what do we need to ask for a federal investigation. Abc,Nbc,Cbs,Wgn, etc. have the tapes in their files as evidence to support what I’m saying. Let us get those video tapes of their reports for the last 15 years.

    11. Tecordea says:

      Polices get away with all kinds of Criminal Activitie everyday. Technology has been upgraded to hi-tech for them not to be having no suspects? Why don’t they spend more time looking for those who are killing? The Authorities have always been crooket and sneaky. Trust me,my father is a State Trooper!

    12. Bailey says:

      Yea that’s been going them bastards used to do drivebys on people in the early 90’s & it seems that shit has not changed

    13. Jane says:

      10-10-15 Justice or Else all roads lead to DC

    14. Mike says:

      Reading these ridiculous posts, it shows who the real racists are! Always blaming someone else….

    15. Mikemike says:


    16. Timothy X Williams says:

      Word to Life Brotha! The Nation of Islam will show and tell You what to do and how to do it.

    17. Black China says:

      I have been saying this for years yes the police is doing all the killings in Chicago of course they never solve not one murder so yes I strongly agree with you I hope the FBI investigate these crooked and corrupt Chicago Police Officer

    18. Jacobisahomo says:

      stfu you stupid little dindunuffin piece of trash , not only are most of your family criminals that pray on other blacks , you are a welfare buffoon that thinks you cant be blamed for what you do …why dont you stop blaming others for your lack of actual intellect or manhood …hmmm? oh and bring your non shootin arse to my hood and spew that WSH crap , this brotha will put your ass down permanently cuz your not stealin my stuff

    19. tipsy says:

      Not all white people, you’d be very surprised, the media just makes it seem that way because they want to keep people from coming together

    20. Anthony johnson says:

      Yes they are

    21. Cali says:

      Strap up or continue to BEND OVER !

    22. TeamdreaO says:

      We talk about this in my new interview with Chicago artist Lil Herb

    23. Kneischa Mirphy says:

      As it was said, I think this has been a way to get “rivals” to continue to kill one another. Blame someone else for the White cops plans to turn is against one another

    24. Countrt says:

      I hope Louis Farrakhan shows up

    25. Ronny Whaley St says:

      I agree, but who am I! I can talk, but my voice is shut out., as another person saying the same thing!,

    26. vanessa says:

      Yes that’s why they just announced a few day’s ago that a lot of chicago cop’s are quitting and the reason is they know the body camera’s will reveal everything they do so they’re trying to quit before the law sets in for the body cameras before a lot of them start getting caught doing durt

    27. Andre says:

      Start 🎥 they asses.

    28. Jamal says:

      Gtfoh…you people need lives

    29. David mason says:

      It’s not them they self but they do get young guys to do it for them for instance if they catch a guy with drugs an let him go now he owe them a favor …smfh but it’s so true it happened to me an I moved out the city 1700 hundred plus miles away

    30. jeff jenkins says:

      rid your community of white and racist cops control your own streets and stop letting get away with murder if the courts free them then the black community needs to bring justice on them
      by all means

    31. Ebony sims says:

      Good question how is it possible if the people have no power

    32. Michael Snow says:

      I think more of the question here should be, are all these shootings Black on Black or are they just reporting the number of shooting and leaving it up to the people to believe that only Black people kill each other in Chicago?

      Are we not seeing the media’s role in all of this too.

    33. John Doe says:

      U really think this is what Martin Luther King Jr. WAnted for us to turn on other. Cops shooting blacks for sport. Are u serious?

    34. It’s possible, no arrests no suspects. No leads no nothing. So yes it’s possible and until it has been proven otherwise they won’t get my trust.

    35. John Coleman says:

      Yes I think some of the police in Chicago has a lot to do WTH gang violenceat this time this city is corrupt will bad police

    36. Ernestine King says:

      It’s been the in the minds of many for a long time that this is a real possibility.

    37. Kenneth harris says:

      I even seen it with my own eyes . I also witnessed them plant jrugs on people because they were mad because a person ran or they felt like they was pushing jrugs and they couldn’t catch them with it . That’s freeking crazy !

    38. Karen says:

      The non-gang bangers in Chicago protect themselves by not going into or being caught in bad areas. A good hint is to stay out of areas where all the windows have to have bars on them to prevent break-ins and invasions. Contrary to your comment many white people have left that “black people as animals” mentality long ago. But thanks to the Pouts it has a resurgence.

    39. Orlando Coombs says:

      I believe it. It wouldn’t shock me the least bit. Cause White America has a long history of this kind of violent racism. And police have done this many times before. I have believed for a while now that much of the violence in Chicago is staged. That would explain all these random shootings in Chicago everyday and every holiday weekend and every summer in Chicago having an astronomical murder rate similar to Iraq and Afghanistan and no witnesses and no arrests. Every weekend multiple people shot and killed and dozens more wounded. Almost 2000 people shot and wounded and no one coming forward to say anything. I’m sorry, all 2000 plus people aint staying silent. All several hundred witnesses to these shootings ain’t keeping silent out of no silly ass no snitch code. Hell no. Everybody aint that deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. No snitch code goes out the window when little children are being killed. Cause you see how fast the community came forward in the murder of Tyshawn Lee, even a jailhouse informant, a convicted felon came forward and turned the killer in. Cause aint no one standing for that. So if the people are scared to speak to police it means that the cops are probably the ones doing the killing. Cause it no way possible in the 3rd largest city in America, the most powerful nation on earth, that multiple killings can happen almost daily and skyrocket on any given weekend, a holiday weekend especially and no arrests made and no witnesses come forward. I don’t think so. Aint no way the city gonna allow all that random killing on all day long with no arrests. Aint no way possible for all that killing to go on without some dirty cops being involved. People need to stop and question some things. So yes, its no doubt in my mind that cops are behind these killings. Cause how you gonna a murder to the people who are doing the killing? So Yes, cops are in on this.

    40. Jake from state farm says:

      Dont say many whites. Because the small faction doesnt speak for the majority. I dont blame all muslims for ISIS. And we dont blame all christians for the KKK. I dont doubt there are police sholting people. But its not just white people doing it.

    41. Money Mike says:

      That’s a retarded idea. The people living in the Ghettos aren’t hiding the fact that they shoot each other. They all carry guns and brag about getting into gun fights. The police have no reason to come into your neighborhoods and shoot you. You do it to yourselves. They just sit back and make sure the violence doesn’t spread to the white neighborhoods. It’s just a shame when children and innocent people get caught in the cross fire.

    42. Angela Davis says:

      I too wholeheartly think that the cops are behind MANY of the fatal shootings in Chicago. WE HAVE TO DESTROY THEIR LAW SYSTEM!! COMPLETELY. It’s all about LAW my friends. We get from under white law, we gain REAL FREEDOM! Their law system is EVERYTHING to them though – it allows them to be the rulers of everyone else. It allows them to keep oppressing. It allowed them to conquer the world! So they are gonna fight to the teeth to keep their law system the law of the land so they stay in power. Yes, my friends, it’s ALL ABOUT LAW!

      1. Orlando says:

        hopefully they pop a cap in your dumb ass ,without law your pimp would steal your crack.

    43. ttI blacc says:

      Black panther party up plan and simple

    44. LC Molett says:

      Good question Jacob. What are we going to do. I grew up in Chicago and Gary area. I remember how corrupt the police were up there in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember when they used to come down onto the Dan Ryan and get people for speeding, especially people with out of town plates on their cars. They would tell the people that they could pay them right there to avoid going to court. Oh hell yeah I said it. They were some dirty SOB’S! So you dammed right, they are capable of doing it.

    45. Michael says:

      We all consider race to be an issue every time something between the CPD and our community. Let’s be real about BEING REAL. We provoke them alot of times because we have issues with authoritic figures even if they wear a badge. We love to put up fights we they try to arrest us and we run when asked to asked to stop. We reach for our pockets when told not to which will lead them to believe a weapon is present and then are forced to shoot without question. Maybe if we stop being violent and do right…maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.

    46. Amber Radke says:


    47. VERONICA says:

      Besides studying facts A people’s history. Organize read and disrupt destroy each possible lie. Organize with close friends and family block by block wall by wall free their minds..Kwame Ture was right. Racist european miseducation if you tell a lie long enough the truth your future seeds needs of course cops are behind militarization of police murder black african people..

    48. Betty Walton says:

      Yes having many murders across the USA unsolved. Knowing that many NUBIANS do not have these issues and people not involved in any gang, good students, respectful, Could not understand why they were killed.
      My own son Olanders Walton killed 1993 no one arrested, had called numberous times, new investigator each time. Never calls back, no information. I feel if the USA can find Murders around the world but can’t find in the USA is very strange. Men in jail for Murders not committed. I have one been Kevin Fuqua in jail 31 years for a crime not committed. Had people come forward said he was not one of the persons. How can he feel remorse for WHAT? To get considered for release he must plead Guilty.

    49. Chamika says:

      I being saying this I truly believe that the CPD is behind all these shoots that are arrauting in Chicago

    50. Lisa Cobbs says:

      No I don’t think white cops are brhind some of the killings of PPL OF COLOR, IM 💯% CERTAIN THEY’RE BEHIND MOST OF THESE COLD BLOODED MURDERS, i’ve been saying this for a decade, I am happy to see my people waking up to that serious fact. Technology has exposed quite a bit of it, but they are still not found guilty, but there is a justice higher than that of the Supreme Court .

    51. tony says:

      the real animals in america are the white devils, f/u satan

  2. Jacctrippa says:

    These cops ARE doing these random ass shootings. Its always shootings but no arrests, then you find out recently how dirty these cops are. Trust me, 50 years from now the FEDE are gone declassify a report on how they were killing all these black folks. Thats if we still here

    1. Jacobisahomo says:

      ignorant bitcharse

  3. Hilda says:

    To be honest anything is possible when it come to policing like any other profession …

  4. chitown resident says:

    What a stupid thought, I live in Chicago and its NOT the cops. There are no arrests because the people who know information wont come forward. So, the shootings can’t be solved. The killers are protected by the scared citizens in fear of retaliation. Don’t be sheep

    1. Teflon Don says:

      This is oh so true. I’ve witnessed 8th district white cops shoot at gang members making them think it was the other gang. People want to keep a blind eye to this & other gang members have told me the same thing.

      1. TeamdreaO says:

        We talk about this in my new interview with Chicago artist Lil Herb

    2. Raekwon says:

      You must be a cop of some kind or a non melanated individual.
      No one denies that a lot of people don’t talk to the police (not just black people). However you should ask, why don’t folks talk to the police?
      I have the answer to save you trouble. The police victimize people just as much as REGULAR criminals do. When police commit crimes they get impunity in a lot of cases. And, its generally impunity against the most heinous crimes, such as murder, and torture. So when someone doesn’t talk to you, I mean the police, just know there’s a 50% chance the people may be just as afraid of the police as they are of the REGULAR criminals. #noVictimization

      1. Betty Walton says:

        The police will go as far as to have witnesses moved to another state. And silence hired investigators. I’ve had that experience and seen others go through the same. Or put under the witness protection moved change their names and not to contact Family if they do concequence can be set up to be killed. Or will create false statements in the community putting their lives and families in dangers.

    3. Lezlie Bishop says:

      And you know this how? Have you heard of the old saying “the pot calling the kettle black?” Maybe the sheeple is in your mirror.

    4. Chicago resident says:

      Obviously you don’t live in a area where this is happening! Cpd is completely corrupt! They mess with people just for the sake of messing with people! I have seen them plant drugs on people just to make their quotas! So the idea of them killing people is completely relevant!

      1. Chi says:

        Police don’t have a “quota” it’s actually elligal for a police department to have one.

        1. walt stawicki says:

          Oh, id really like to accept that bag o cash,,,but rules is rules

          oh, you are a fine lady but if we just pulled my squad car into this alley for 5 minutes id be dishonoring my uniform wife kids and country so ill have to say no on that… And just take your sweet self in for booking.

        2. VERONICA says:

          Read NYtimes newspaper with articles on “testilying”

      2. Jacobisahomo says:

        so full of shit it aint funny ….go get your snap

    5. Anonymous says:

      It’s not a stupid thought! I used to live in Chicago and know from experience how corrupt the cops are! I also know when they want to find out who did what they know exactly how! Get real! I also know (just as the police know) there will always be snitches! Word on the street travels and rival gangs get wind of info and snitch themselves! So how come there are so few arrests? I’ve seen the police beat info out of people and also set people up. Obviously you’re not from the hood, never stepped foot in the hood and don’t have a clue!!!

    6. Lavell says:

      The Chicago Police Department…Has been killing members of so called Gangs…Since the mid 60’s.. Doing Peace Treaties…that would be put in place by members of the group’s themselves…A ranking member of a organization would be murdered…and…those treaties would collapse…It would usually occur in the Woodlawn or Bronzeville areas of the city…this is not New news…

    7. Say what? says:

      You are part of the problem protecting a crooked sysyem. No arrests on record number of deaths? The world would be better without people like you.

    8. ninja Davis says:

      Are you stupid, (or) is it you can’t pull your head out of your ass? Ninja motherfucker.

    9. Chicago Resi says:

      Are you out there, have you every heard or been arrested before?. You dnt know what them crooked ass police will do. black and white. I heard them talk like they was raised without love and respect. Don’t be blind by society and public official, just wait until the tables turn on your ass………..

    10. Tim says:

      You don’t have a clue boo

  5. Flynn says:

    I’ve been saying this not only Chicago but Baltimore also.

  6. Shabaka says:

    I believe they are. I also believe we haven’t seen nothing yet, everything has an evolution process. They kept killing blacks in cold blood, then we have something that finally get the UN on the misuse of black people, which resulted in having states and federal govenment come in to put in place something to get a handle on things. I believe as time moves along we will be finding out about more serious matters than what we see now. White cop gets caught shoting a black man in the back in cold blood in the day time. Mark my word, the evolution of whites killing black people just because they hate us, is upon us, their time after over 500 years, is here, it will culminate slowly, and when it reach the point they still don’t get it, it will speed up. They have gotten away for a very long time, and feel they will get away with it forever. Same thiong in Afuraka.

  7. PAEL from the POLE says:

    Although I am Caucasian, I have been in and there are people I love in many part of Chicago and I have seen all of her faces. While crime and violence do run rampant throughout the city, the most disturbing and evil faces I have seen have belonged to some of the people assigned with preventing these things. As a youth and as an adult I have witnessed quite a bit of behavior from the CPD ranging from indifference to down right villainous acts This is not a theory that should be dismissed as paranoia. This sounds absolutely plausible and considering the CPD’s track record for at least locking SOMEONE up (regardless of guilt) for violent crimes committed in the city the fact that here have been NO arrests is super suspicious. Be careful out there… it is all of our responsibilities to ask questions… social injustice has no color.
    PEACE #killthebeef

    1. Raekwon says:

      Yo know Pael, I understand what you are saying, but I must give you piece of advice. When talking about issues of racism, indifference, and villainous acts against any group of people, if you know it to be true, which we do, then speak it as the truth. Don’t go along just to get along. Speaking truth, that will bring peace.
      I do appreciate you.

    2. cosmo says:

      Yes its true I lived in Chicago and had friends on both sides of the people and folks and cops would take opposition players to the others to kill or beat the crap out of them and did kill to keep gangs fighting.

  8. The Airmen says:

    O trust me we are still going to be here weather it be financially saving ourselfs or savings ourselfs by combat ethier way im down for my people

    1. ninja Davis says:

      You sum it up, love you on that statement.

  9. lash boles says:


    1. I agree with what your saying

    2. Southie says:


      1. Reginald Fulton says:

        Southie, you being from the south says a lot about you. I’m from the south too….TEXAS. that Willie Lynch shit was ppl amaze me. the white man is the devil. you have fuccd over every race of ppl on earth (even your own) . you lie and manipulate history and claim “in God” you trust. GTFOOH MORE WHITE N’ s than anything

    3. Jacobisahomo says:

      im aiming for you not your man , while hes busy taking it up the butt at 26 and cal

  10. Propaganda says:

    And let me take it even further. I suspect this In Baltimore, and Newark also. The recent bodies in Bmore made me immediately suspect police. I’ve seen some shady stuff in Newark also. Random murders and shootings with no arrest.

  11. Pamala says:

    No, it’s not possible. That is merely wishful thinking, unfortunately the truth is more painful to accept. We are simply preying on each other. Monique Davis isn’t a politician that should be depended upon for reasonable, salient thoughts or statements. When given a forum she chose to use it for nonsense, as she often does. Her time would be better used to address her own problems.

    1. Say what? says:

      You are lost.

      1. Chicago Resi says:

        No your ass is, if u think the police is all here to protect people.

  12. jody says:

    My goodness, I was just saying this at work today.Yes, Yes, and Yes the police are doing the majority of the shootings or have knowledge about them. There is always a report of a black suv going down the alley..this is bs and anyone who can’t see it is crazy. They figure no one will notice because of “black on black” crime. Monique Davis should not had let them scare her.she was on to something. .Chicago is a beautiful evil city with these crooked dirty cops..God will have the final say so with all this injustice

  13. Marcus says:

    Yes I believe they are I herd cops will dress up like rival gang members and take out another gang member just to keep the war going

  14. gdkfolks says:

    Trust me the police is with all the bull shit

    1. tvln says:

      man we need to put da guns down gds bd tvl cvl insanes moes Spanish lords Spanish folks all of us need to cum togetha. Form a black panther group. So we can wipe out da cpd bcuz gangbangin is so old.

  15. Pamala says:

    The off duty that shot and killed Rekia Boyd wasn’t white, he was Latino.

    1. ninja Davis says:

      It doesn’t matter, the asshole is blue.

    2. Chicago Resi says:

      Has nothing to do with white, are u black if not you dnt know how the hell we are treated in some cases and arrests. The police is ignorant as well, better stop believing in this country. America is gone fall for the shit they let go on, and doing, this country is for people to live free to SIN…………… WHAT A SINFUL CITY AND COUNTRY WE ARE IN.

  16. Joy says:

    It is unusual for murders to go unsolved because of the opportunity to put another Black person in prison. Given the “Dark Site” scandal I wouldn’t put anything past the CPD or any other PD. (BTW I doubt that Chicago is the only place where people such a site exists, I wonder 1. why this one was “outed” and 2. when the next one will be revealed)

  17. nika says:

    Black men are so weak this would never happen with any other race. The arabs indians Chinese men etc don’t play that’s why they are left alone. White people know who’s the weakest links

    1. badmon says:

      Fuck u we not weak they fuck with everybody else stop talking through ur ass

    2. ms. robinson says:

      U really pissed them off. When u said that black men r weak. But that is true. So many of them run across the police and tuck their tails. If u gonna die take some of them m…..f…… Out too. Our black people run around here killing each other for stupid shit. Take the iniative and stay two steps ahead of them. Come together and stick together when this shit hit the fan. Have a little bit of book sense and use it to your advantage.

    3. ninja Davis says:

      And with that statement you also is full of butter milk bullshit. The Chinese was force to work on the railroad tracks when the black man refuse. Get your history shit together Bitch.

  18. Jessica Dunlap says:

    I think it’s definitely happening! Back in the 70s the Fbi had ppl who look just like us (Black) go out and loot, incite riots, frame, kill etc. Operation Cointelpro never ended

    1. ninja Davis says:

      You seems like a smart person.

  19. The Barber says:

    If we continue to make ourselves look ignorant, killing us off makes it seems justifiable in the eyes of some white people! Have pride about who you are and treasure your life. Its the only one you have! Peace

  20. NeedMoorScience says:

    Not only are Chicago Police hunting black people like Deer, they actually had a black drug suspect dress up as a Deer in a hunting photograph with 2 Chicago Police. See below:

    CPD cops posed for photo standing over black man dressed in antlers

    1. Yes they are responsible for a lot of things that goes on in the city of Chicago and have been reported but nothing still haven’t been done it just gets worse and worser but u get blamed if you try to offend yourself I know I have seen the corruption

    2. Daxter Clark says:

      Inevitably, what’s going to happen is either black/melanoid people get our combat skills together and be ready for real shit or be taken out. The ass kissing and cowtowing to everyone that disses us will have to stop in order to be respected. And real talk, forget religion and praying for these lowlife,inhumane creeps to like and love us. Always remember, as i had to learn as i have gotten older, whenever other groups do so called nice things for us, there is an ulterior motive. No sincerity comes from them,unless they’re in a no win situation. Believe that!

  21. Javier Candelaria says:

    Let me let you win some information in a little secret. Years ago when I used to hang around the wrong crowd. Cops used to tell rival gang bangers to “go ahead and shoot we will arrive at the scene late!” A few times I was picked up by the police and told “why don’t you just shoot those fucking n$$g in the head !” I wish I could remember their names but that shit scare the crap out of me I was young and dumb. I never looked at the cops the same way again.

  22. yourshootingeachother says:

    Wow, you’re stupid.

  23. wow says:

    Well I’m not surprised in the least. I may live in Chicago and love it but I surely DON’T love the corruption that goes on. I always thought it was weird that they’d say people got shot and died yet no arrests were made???? And they RARELY even talk about it the next day!
    I was always wary of the police and now I have a good reason to be. You wouldn’t see this happening if the roles were reversed. White America would have had quick justice compared to any other minorities going through this same thing. Yet people still make up excuses for these disgusting pigs. Even more disgusting when half of them don’t realize they’re cheering on the KKK in cop uniforms. It’s doubtful anything WILL change, black people will have to make sure they do absolutely nothing, not even act like themselves, when it comes to being around police. God forbid they act fearful of the police when they’re constantly profiled!!! It’s almost like its the right way to react when people judge you for the way you look when you aren’t doing anything and they don’t like it.

  24. Dave says:

    you people that think the cops are responsible for all the shootings need to stop smoking that shit and look at your own neighbroods. Guys want to instill fear in everyone by carrying guns and shooting each other over dumb shit.

  25. Peace be still says:

    im from Chicago the police will beat u with no hesitation and once it escalates from there they will shoot u and if u run from them they will beat ur but and they will plant a weapon on u drugs and drop u off in gang territory all the way on the other side of town give u tickets and its going now and been going on for years

  26. Vanessa says:

    Look, if they could sell drugs and be gang members. Why could they not be behind some of the violence in the city. Not all of them are there to serve and protect. And that’s sad, because they take an oath which means nothing to some.. because it’s just a job.

  27. Jason Bradley says:

    Yes! I truly believe Officers are behind these Random Acts of Shooting. I been saying this for years. Isn’t it Ironic that they can never Find out who the culprint is until one of there own has been murdered? They will know who killed there own in less than 48 hours. But anybody else,,,,the world will never know. Please explain this Theory. .. things that makes you go Hmmmmmmm. Think About It

  28. SAK says:

    Cops and government death squads have been doing these killings in black nieghborhoods since the 60s. A lot of the gang wars were initially instigated by police and government agents to destabilize the communities and drive down property values for eventual gentrification and ethnic cleansing. We have to institute governments in black areas and nationalize ourselves as a black asiatic federation to survive, or else we will be wiped out

  29. TIFF says:

    Obviously a black person wrote this…hahaha

  30. Steven says:

    If you worked in a juvenile prison, this post is would laughable and at first I thought it was a satire. Never once have I met a kid who thinks he was framed by the cops for killing someone, and more that 50% are in there for gang related violence. Get a real education and stop believing everything on the internet to support your own bias attitude and opinions, specifically these retarded conspiracy theories. Accept responsibility for you own actions, and stop blaming white people for everything! You’ve been living under a rock if you don’t realize how bad the gang violence is in chicago.

  31. Gloria says:


  32. Gloria Garcia lp says:


    1. Gloria Garcia lp says:

      No, I don’t believe that nonsense. Blame those who have chosen to be reckless and violent.

  33. Dean says:

    I can certainly believe that, it would exsplain so much. I have no love or respect for law enforcement, but let us not get confused black officers can be just as bad, or worse than there white counter parts……I call it pleasing the Master Syndrome.

  34. christopher says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments, the police are out of control that cop that shot that dude in the back running from him had no problem knowing he would not get into any trouble. How many times has this happened the past 20 years it is sick they say they are in fear of their life what a bunch of pussys one day hopefully soon the black man will get tired of getting gunned down like a sick dog and bring it to these racist people I grew up in Reno Nv and seen the shit the racism the disrespect all of it and could not believe it I am white and am disgusted with some folks of my race who are all cool face to face but horrible behind closed doors I make it a point to pull the veil away when I can
    And can not wait for judgment day

  35. bex says:

    You people are fucking idiots!!!

  36. Jabari says:

    Whoever wrote this article obviously isn’t from Chicago. If they are, they definitely aren’t hanging out in any of the neighborhoods that these shooting happen. I’m from the South side. I see how these dudes interact with each other on the daily…beating each other down in the middle of the street, running down alleys shooting at each other, selling drugs, colors, the whole nine. This isn’t third party reporting or he said she said, I see this shit every day.

    This article does a great disservice, as it distracts from the real socio-economic problems that exits. The Mayor already diverts the problem to “guns”. Instead of attacking the real issues, he passes more useless gun laws (as if a criminal, who by definition doesn’t obey laws, is going to stop because another law was passed). Now we have more distraction with BS articles like this.

    Spend like one whole day in Englewood, then come back and rewrite this nonsense…

    1. kj says:

      I so agree with you on this.

    2. Alex says:

      Thank you! I know there are some dirty cops and all, but this is stupid. I know when I had a gun at my face at 4 years old it wasn’t a cop. I know when I am dealing with gang members vs when I’m dealing with cops and I know come 4th of July it isn’t the cops just going around shooting people. While I know not all gang members are bad and have met or are friends with perfectly nice ones, there is a gang problem in Chicago, and for all you out of Towners all you need to do is look at a few rap videos, and you’ll be able to see them bragging bout there gang and what they’ve done.

  37. fras says:

    I do believe the cops are behind some of the shootings, and I do believe they orchestrate gang violence as well.

  38. Rex5050 McClendon says:

    I really don’t think it have anything to do with race anymore its all about GOOD vs EVIL and GOD doesn’t make mistakes i know nobody would admit it but we’re all racist in our own way face facts!

    1. fras says:

      I am not racist. Maybe you are, but I am not. And, it has everything to do with race.

  39. SHERM says:

    Yes they are behind all of these killings they pose and shoot/kill people.They put us in the media like animals.When performing their investigation they’re torturing Blacks.I have seen cases where the CPD has knew two people who have had differences that have left smoke in the air,a fist fight broke out both individuals walks away.A few days later officer rides up puts a individual who was involved in that confrontation days earlier,pats him down as usual pretends to be looking for drugs/weapons and provides the gentleman with information about the fight days earlier and he heard the other man beat his A….Of course this had angered man he had detained. He tells the man that the person whom he had that fight with was planning on shooting him.Hours late the two men crossed paths and another confrontation occurs.The guy that had been lied on is now shot 5 times.While being peeped for surgery the guy states the same officer had warned him he was gonna shoot him.

  40. SHERM says:

    No they don’t like blacks especially BLACK MEN they are HELPING us kill one another so there will not be enough BLACK MEN around to protect our BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN Wake up MY BROTHERS

  41. kj says:

    Are you serious? And the fact that several people agreed with this mess amazes me. My boyfriend is an officer with CPD, do know they are not walking around shooting ppl. What is really going on is ppl, gang members etc are shooting rival gangs, drug dealers etc. and random bystanders are getting shot as well. When the CPD gets there although there were several witnesses at the time of the shooting no one saw anything when the police begin interviewing witnesses. So at that point when you have “no witnesses ” you have no arrest. This will continue to happen as long as ppl witness crimes yet refuse to cooperate to help identify anyone . Ppl are so quick to blame someone when they are not walking in the shoes of those they blame… please go spend a day walking the streets of Chicago and you will get a first hand view of WHO is really doing all the shootings, I just hope you don’t catch a stray bullet being an innocent bystander in the process.

  42. Pat says:

    The ones to blame are the people doing the shootings. It’s mostly black on black crime so blame them not the cops .

  43. Mark Daniels says:

    Not only is the article one of the dumbest things I’ve read, the comments after are THE dumbest ever. . You people are fuckin morons and deserve everything you bring on to yourselves.

  44. ish says:

    Not surprised at all. Chicago has long been a place of violent criminal activity perpetrated by WHITE THUGS. These peoples planted the seeds of street crime. Do some historical research on chicago gangsters. People like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, etc…Also events like the Valentine’s Day Massacre spread fear among citizens and lead to Federal government involvement as the activities among these white THUGS became a national security threat. What’s ironic is that people like the ones mentioned are applauded, romanticized as heroes by some, and have films and documentaries made about them.

    1. Ranger says:

      That was 30’s 40’s were talking about nigger thugs of today. Today these people are applauded, romanticized as heroes by criminals, felons, and thugs in the form of rap music.

      1. Pernell says:

        What’s this about “Nigger thugs”? I am 54, in school and have worked the last 40 years, but I will give you my address. If you live near me, we can meet up and I will kick your motherfucking ass! You are racist and your words show your ignorance. I will fuck you up.

        Pernell Parham
        162 North Maple Avenue
        East Orange, NJ 07017

        Come see me bitch!

  45. Tomma Bunns says:

    Hahahahah break out the tinfoil hats for this cast of comments. You people folks are so far off the deep end Charles Manson is shaking his head at you.

  46. Fenris says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read all week.
    So instead of taking responsibility of the criminality that plagues this demographic and trying to change the culture of violence that is promoted and admired in young black communities, this writer tries to explain random shootings on police officers? Wouldn’t any witnesses in the black community be more than happy to jump at the chance to expose them? Or does the culture of not snitching also extend to cops? SMH…

  47. I am smarter than all of you says:

    Holy crap! You lot are some of the dumbest mofos I have ever had the displeasure of reading! Sure, the cops are killing everyone. Fucking idiots….take responsibility for the culture that YOU have created glorifying crime and violence.

  48. tony says:

    To the moron that wrote this article, man take a grammar class, this was laughable..this site is a joke…if you idiots take this dribble serious your as stupid as the guy that wrote it. ha ha ha

  49. cananarticlebeanymorestupid says:

    Anyone believing this pile of manure needs to get their head out of their azzes. You are killing each other and can’t even look in a mirror and see it, so you follow a article that is beyond ignorant stupid. You live in a world where quote “snitches get stitches”. Now you want to blame the only factor that probably keeps most of you from getting a toe tag! Wake the f— up and take responsibility for your own men who are killing each other over drugs and turf! Unbelievable..

  50. Robert says:

    If you notice there is a number of shootings that the victims only get shot in the arm or leg or none vital body parts.
    One week something like 29 people were shot and only 1 died (shot in the head while on a bicycle), all the others shot in the leg, arm or other none vital part of the body, highly coincedental.

  51. Vince says:

    It far easier to blame the police than it is to look in the mirror. It just HAS to be the police. No way could it be a broken culture that protects and glorifies criminal behavior. If the citizens cared so much, there would be a far bigger turn out to vote. Nah, that takes time and effort . Far better and easier to blame the system.

  52. Rex5050 McClendon says:


  53. James says:

    There are many reckless people all over this country who perpetuate violence on a regular basis. I can admit that right now. I can also say without doubt that there are so many crooked cops and departments with a hidden agenda it’s not funny. My county hasn’t had a sitting Sherrif in 16yrs. The last one died in federal prison for drug distribution. I know and have seen how dirty police are and can be. People better get real talking about “good cops”

  54. Joe Zingher says:

    NAW! Who could believe that of the people who gave us Jon Burge?

  55. Benji says:

    I say it’s half n half. I reported cops trying to kill me for no reason. But a witness was outside after placing me in cuff . The white cop said I was going to blow your head off if this lady didn’t step outside. He wrote down my address from my state id . Followed by placing a gun in my hand while in cuffs because I left my hands open. I reported it to IA. 3 WEEKS LATER THAT SAME COP CAME TO MY HOUSE PARKED HIS CAR TWO BLOCKS OVER A 3AM FLASHING LIGHTS THRU MY BEDROOM WINDOW. HE WAS ALSO OUT OF HIS DISTRICT. MY. MOTHER SAW THE LIGHTS AND APPROACHED HIM. HE GAVE MY MOM HIS CARD AND TOLD ME TO CALL HIM TO FIX THE SITUATION ON THE REPORT. I REPORTED THIS TO IA ALSO THEY ALL SAY HE COULD’VE BEEN A ACCIDENT ON HIS BEHALF.

  56. ish says:

    Not surprised at all. Chicago has long been a place of violent criminal activity perpetrated by WHITE THUGS. These peoples planted the seeds of street crime. Do some historical research on chicago gangsters. People like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, etc…Also events like the Valentine’s Day Massacre spread fear among citizens and lead to Federal government involvement as the activities among these white THUGS became a national security threat. What’s ironic is that people like the ones mentioned are applauded, romanticized as heroes by some, and have films and documentaries made about them. Today, instead of pinstripe suits and tommy guns they have police uniforms and glocks.

  57. BEULAH says:

    Those who have witnessed the shootings should be of some help! Or are there ever any witnesses?
    Black communities in Chicago were these shootings are taking place should be wising up, taking special precautions.
    Any responsible men in these areas should be policing or patroling their own neighborhoods.

  58. Matt says:

    I live on the south side of Chicago n these are niggas shootin niggas….startin to think u a race baiting agent

  59. JarJarBinks says:

    U people r CrayCray! Hope u can survive the anarchy.

  60. Ranger says:

    I sat down for an hour and read many of these comments and I have come to the conclusion that our education system or at least in Chicago must be non-existent as your grammar is horrible. I can’t even understand what many of you are talking about. What’s going on is black gangbangers versus black gangbangers shooting indescriminently at one another as well as innocent citizens over the drug trade the black community has taken over. I suggest many of you read a book called “Gang leader for a day.” It’s time for the community to internally help one another, raise your children correctly, and stop blaming others (cops and whitey) for your own problems.

  61. Mama Grizzly says:

    I believe it.

  62. R8sing A Nation says:

    Ahh the old if blacks could”raise their children correctly” rhetoric.
    Tell me what does raising our children correctly look like? Because my understanding of human development is that there are no guarantees. Hence Dylan Roof, Colombine shooters, Andrew Luster(Max Factor heir and serial rapist) John Wayne Gacy,Jefferey Dahmer,Charles Ng,Greenriver Killer,Unabomber,Oklahoma City Bomber,Cathloic Priests that molested countless children… were they all raised bad due to poor black parenting?
    Your condescending comments smells a little of “what about black on black crime” . To that I say” what about all that white on white crime ” also what about the largest drug lord destroying millions of lives ..the American Pharma Companies. Not to mention what are all the white people going to do about this big enormous pink elephant in the room called meth?? Meth labs are springing up left and right in affluent white neighborhoods as well as middle class suburbs putting hundreds if not thousands of people lives at risk. Black gangbangers and black drug dealers is such an easy acceptable cop out to dismiss any grievances or concerns that black people have about what goes on in our community..the next cop out is blame rap music. Your comments and reasoning are so kills me how people act like all white communities are Mayberry and white people are like people off Leave it to Beaver.
    But please post your guide to raising good black kids and tell me your secret as to how this rearing will keep them free of systematic white supremacy, racial profiling ,and marginalization

    1. IM BLACK says:

      Thank you. Well spoken.

    2. Playafromthehimalayas says:

      Very well stated!!!

    3. Pernell says:

      I love this post. Those fucking racist bastards FORGET they do crime. Even the FBI stated that whites were more likely to be involved with drugs than blacks, but aren’t harassed by cops. The tide is turning and the legal system will soon be made to lock the white trash up too. Look at the white girl busted for selling meth, coke, weed and ecstasy. WHO do you think she was selling to. I don’t think it was Black People. They say she used “entrepreneurial spirit”. How come she’s not a thug? You hypocritical bastards!

  63. Zoe Spencer says:

    I am surely interested in the relationship between the escalated “unsolved” and “random” murders (that those of us from the hood know don’t usually happen like that) and the organ harvesting industry that is highly prominent and reported on in Chicago, specifically with hospitals in Chicago being some of the world renowned organ transplant hospitals. If I had the resources, I would do backgrounds on those who have been murdered to check for recent arrest records or encounters with the government where dna samples have been taken.

  64. BlahBlahBlah says:

    Someone said black on black crime is a myth. Haha!! Cops are doing it, Mike Brown was a gentle giant, it’s the white mans fault, politicians pay people to kill blacks, the government forces is to abort 730,000 black babies every year, it’s because we are angry from slavery that we never experienced because it was abolished 200 yrs ago, etc etc etc… Masters of deflection. Blaming everyone except the guilty will only work for so long. Eventually there will be no one left to blame. Stop reading conspiracy theories and spend time with your children. #BLACKLIVESMATTERWHENITSCONVENIENT

    1. Pernell says:

      Your name says it all. You are full of talk and shit! Blah blah blah

      Spend time with your own kids, dummy.

  65. ALB says:

    1st of all I just want to say yes, racism is alive in USA as well as many other countries.Anti Semitism is still very much alive in Europe. Look at what ISIS is doing in the middle east wiping out Christians. 2nd of all, this is the most ignorant and racially biased article I have read. Everyone in this damn country is so worried about the color of their skin or their national ity, it’s the USA the most ethically diverse country in the world, wake up! Look at what the government is doing they want to distract everyone from the corruption and undermining going on behind closed doors. We are the citizens of this country there’s over 319 million of us. Have you ever asked or sought out the answer to how many people run our country, if not the answer is 511. We outnumber them, what our country really needs to do is unite as one against our corrupt government regardless of race/ethnicity/religion and take the power back! Stop letting big government drive the wedge between US as US Citizens.

  66. Mike Victory says:

    So, the author offers no specific items as to why he thinks this, just a suspicion and everyone just follows without asking questions. This is the problem with us black folks…We still won’t take responsibility for our actions and look to blame others…this is sad….

  67. Drink the kool aid says:

    The black community is the only community that will allow drug dealers to sell drugs on the corner to their own children. This was a statement from the actor James Earl Jone.

    1. R8sing A Nation says:

      @drink the kool aid..sounds like you be been chugging gallons of kool aid. That was the most stereotypical comment I’ve ever heard..not to mention it is completely a lie. Quit acting like white people are characters off of the Andy Griffith show. The Miami today was built off of the cocaine era. Cocaine that was bought and used by mainly white people dr,lawyers,politicians,soccer moms,teachers,cops.The banks even knew drug lords were using the banks to hold their money,they weren’t telling the police,real estate developers knew they were being paid with drug money and they weren’t telling. Some of the biggest cocaine dealers were white, I didn’t hear of white people blowing any whistles. Meth is ruining middle class white communities and I don’t hear too much about white people turning them in.

      1. Pernell says:

        Thank You! But those RACIST dummies won’t listen. They forget that they are 10x more criminal than we are, but to deflect, they have to make it seem like BLACK PEOPLE have a monopoly on crime.

    2. Playafromthehimalayas says:

      Are you referring to the white bitch marrying James Earl Jones? Come here mulfocka, I got some imported kool-aid from Jonestown, compliments of Jim Jones for your ignorant ass!

  68. TheUrbanGrad says:

    Yes Ive been saying this for a very long time. The bigger question is how do we catch/stop them?

  69. Aliyah says:

    Yes I think alot of all this killing is the police fault and I blame them because it is crazy that they got away with alot of killing n also killing innocent people

  70. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am a firm true believer of this after my experience last night. Last night I witnessed Chicago police gun down a young man across the street from my home the young man had nothing in his hand and was not posing a threat. There was no warning, no “Freeze”, no “put the gun down”, no “stop right there”, nothing but 9 to 12 shot rang off as the young man lye down on the floor lifeless… I couldn’t do anything but cry, couldn’t reach for the phone or anything. Not even two seconds after the shots rang off there was blue lights out no siren or anything. Within three minutes there were over 18 police officers surrounding The crime scene. Three white shirts blue shirts and four detectives One in which was the individual who pulled the trigger he can no longer be by his partner so they sent him away afterwards the police officers all gathered around Huddled making conversation killing off time there wasn’t a pursuit of an individual or anything. This experience has me in shock and in fear for my family and friends in any young African-American man in this country and especially in the city of Chicago. This experience truly has me thinking how many of these so-called gang shootingvictims I actually by gang members I am totally convinced the Police is the largest gang and the most powerful… This happened July 8th, 2015 between 1:45 am-2:15am in the 3200 block of Huron Street. If anyone knows the family please share this with them.

    1. R8sing A Nation says:

      @concerned citizen….if what you say is goodness how awful. I say document what you saw. I have no advice as to what to I think I would tell a local news station and lawyer up.I’m from Cali that what we do lawyer up…

    2. Mike Victory says:


  71. Vennie says:

    Just the thought of them never having any suspects has me concerned. So I think it’s very possible that they’re behind some of these killings, and furthermore, they’re too busy booking drug dealers to look for homicide offenders.

  72. D Oz says:

    This has to be the dumbest shi on the Internet

  73. shenna says:

    I think they are behind half of these killings because why is it that we pay city taxes for camera’s on every block and when a shooting takes place , no one is in custody nor do they have leads….why is IT that they are “beefing” up officers on holidays but have multiple shootings AND KILLINGS and no officer is present?? CPD NEED TO FIRE THERE WHOLE SQUAD BECAUSE AIN’T NOBODY WORKING! START OVER…..HIRE PEOPLE WHO WILL DO THE JOB, AND NOT TURN THEIR HEAD WHEN A SHOOTING IS REPORTED ON THE RADIO….AT LEAST TAKE THESE CAMERA’S DOWN SO YA’LL CAN STOP LOOKING SO WEAK, BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALL THIS HELP….

  74. Debbie Do-Gooder says:

    New York destroyed “Manhattan’s first prominent community of African American property owners” to build Central Park. The corruption is REAL and longstanding!

  75. Miss faith says:

    well I’ve heard guys on the streets say that some police are selling guns back to the streets

  76. chicago one says:

    The police have been doing this for years I know as I have had one cry on my shoulder telling me how sorry he is and that he was told it was the right thing to do

  77. K3v says:

    No shit been saying this for years and it’s every where

  78. brenda says:


  79. Wendell says:

    I believe they are. Some of these lawless thugs are driving around in unmarked vehicles shooting people and leaving the markings of rival gangs behind to pin them on, orchestrating more black on black gun violence. It’s a modern-day lynching. These white people here, probably cops, calling blacks violent need to look in the mirror. This is the only country on earth spending upwards of $700 Billion a year to weaponize its hate around the world, and will sit here and never believe that people who look like them isn’t exacting the same hate on its own soil in black communities. When the shit hits the fan, I don’t to see or here of any of you evil bastards having a dumb blonde moment because we told you then and we’re telling you now – You people are EVIL.

  80. CRAIG JACKSON says:

    This is simply the culmination of teen-parenting and morals gone wild until you actually comes to grips with the fact that children are raising children in a sexually permissive and morals lacking society you’re going to keep getting this drama while the rich and influential the usual saviors of the underclass sequester themselves further and further away from the madness in their own enclaves of privilege while urging the pols they support to lock up the erstwhile offenders and take away whatever rights they may have to the pursuit of happiness because they are poor and have no education sad but true.

  81. Tasha G says:

    I think this every time I hear the news. Like Cmon now, how is it that when the number of police go up the number of “gang violence shootings” also go up? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the city spending so much money in the last few years on these police? Because I remember them recently making a big deal about how much money they spent to up the amount of police and everything only to follow up with record breaking shootings and gang violence across the city.

  82. Lesa says:

    …some good, some bad, some just evil as hell, I just know if any one of mine die by the hands of an officer, imma tear this mf city down brick by brick, it’ll look like a GD apocalypse hit. I tell my son now, don’t worry about the gang bangers, be careful of some of these officers because they wake up with that BS on the brain. One was writing a ticket for a car across the street, but kept looking at my son all crazy and all my son was doing was wiping the leaves off his car, he came in the house and said imma just wait til he go cause he looking like he wanna start some mess. Don’t get me wrong, I have MUCH RESPECT for the ones that actually try to protect us and make communities better, but I can smell a dirty cop a mile away and I hate foul odors… These MFs walk around here like some got damn power rangers, they 4get they bleed the same color as everyone else and not no gold liquid. What they don’t realize is the MANY people getting fed up, after awhile, folks gone stop posting, stop talkin, stop rallying, stop meeting with CAPS… and just start silently moving and its sad, we’ve already lost a few officers, some good due to angry citizens. But it is what it is, you get what you put in and when Karma comes around, all bets are off… If I greet you with a smile, greet me with one, don’t pull that tough guy BS with me, in the end we all gonna “look at flowers”

  83. I have been saying this for years now I also have been a victim of this evil I got shot in the foot the police were sitting at the light on 57th and Ashland on the one way going West form Justine, I was on 57 and marshfield my self and friends when a Gray car came up 57 street going east bound towards the police on the one way facing west in our direction they shot out the window of the car multiple times the driver of the car going straight towards the police one of my friends ran towards the police sitting in his car and told him that they just shot out of that Gray car going south bound down Ashland they didn’t chase the car I got in one of my friends car to go to the hospital for a gun shot wound to the left foot going in the direction of the car that shot and the police chased us thinking we were going to chase after the police that shot out the window of the Gray car they chased us from 57 and Ashland to 79 and Ashland thinking we would catch the police pig’s in the Gray car corrupt bitchies

  84. NOT A PIG says:


  85. jeff w says:

    go Look ppl it’s no such thing as a. Black supremacist blacks never thought they were superior from any race it’s white supremacist oh yea n how do they go by racism t

  86. jeff w says:

    Ok ok ok ppl ok to gotta quick question ok how does white racist adversely impact the lives of black ppl as a whole??? I kno thru power I mean dat because we all know uncle Sam (white Man) is da figure head of our gov’t rii ok so with dat. Being said majority of white supremacist r apart of gov’t dat power they have affects black ppl becaus they decide where u live how u get educated where u get educated health care law enforcement employment so .yes it’s very much bout race in these white supremacist don’t want to see black ppl make it afrihow u think drugs got to the hood huh just sayin African Americans are a lost race Africa see us as Americans but America portrays us as animals

  87. jeff w says:

    Even Jay-Z can have all his assets wiped out with the push of a button look at Bill c

  88. Chris says:

    Not likely. This is a huge stretch and seems to be trying to redirect black on black crime to be blamed on cops also. This is a black problem and until we address it as it needs to be addressed and stop putting the blame on other people it will never be resolved.

    Why is it so hard to believe that black people are killing other black people. It pisses me of that everyone will get up in arms when a police officer abuses a black man but everyone ignores it when a black man kills another black man. We have to stop placing the blame on other because this is our problem and we need to do better.

  89. lmfao! says:

    Black people will never stop blaming white people for their anomalistic behavior and the killing of each other. Its a behaviour that monkey mammy’s pass down to their young.

  90. jawandaz says:

    Dam I be like OK I baleeves errathing iz read. But then dang I be like all my cuzins an ther cuzins auntees brothaz be shootin eechotha over dumbazz shit! So I dunno. Anywayz I support me sum nigga on nigga crime cuz all us sistaz in my family just get mo free shit live guvament cheeze an shit!

  91. Chiraq, Baltimore, L.A. etc.

    Gangs came 2gether n Baltimore & suddenly murder rates escalate

    Rumor is leaked on social media 2 gangs n L.A. make a bet to k!ll 100 People (100Days 100Nights)
    Days later 11 People get k!lled; 1/2 of the shootings have NO suspect but they’r blamed on gangs

    # of police shooting People is highest n 40yrs; # of so-called gang shootings highest n 40yrs

    The same way the u.s. sponsors terror abroad they produce it domestically
    police military & gangs they have influence over

  92. BlksBstupid says:

    I think the cops in Chicago are doing a wonderful service to white kings and queens! If in fact they are doing what you “claim” which I highly doubt then the respected police officers deserve a medal! Look at it this way if it helps you poor things feel better. Their just helping you zoo escapee’s kill each other off a lil faster than you do to each other. Hope that helps just a little.

  93. Monkeys are behind these gang shootings!…..woops..that would be you mongaloids. Lol

  94. Randy says:

    Cops aren’t doing it but they also don’t care thats its happening. The communities where it occurs are their own worst enemies who condone gang behavior and the selling of drugs on every street corner in their neighborhoods. They don’t cooperate with cops to clean any of it up and cheer when the father of a six year old future gang member is killed and doesn’t help police solve the murder. So now this gang member father will kill those responsible and get himself killed doing so. Do i care , HELL NO.

  95. Robert Johnson says:

    Thank God for social media, this has always been an unaddressed reality for blacks, being raised in the inner city, I have countless stories / experiences of extreme police brutality, from false imprisoonment to extreme beat downs, to murders!! Before social media, there was no way to prove the shootings of innocent unarmed blacks at the hands of police, no media coverage, no complaints addressed. It was what ever the police put in his report, which always ended with prison or death!

  96. Willie holmes says:

    Well let me see ok i saw it is true the most racist corrupts things on this earth enuff said

  97. Freddie Goins says:

    Ok, first off I will say that we have corrupt cops out there. Just like every other profession under the sun. But the garbage some of you are spewing is just an excuse to keep the light off of the mayhem and destruction in your own neighborhoods. Like the story of the thug terrorist in Charlotte , NC at Northwoods Mall here recently. This worthless human was already out on the streets with numerous arrests from resisting arrest to shooting a 12 year old young man. Yet he was allowed to walk the streets and when he got into a tussle at the mall with rivals, he started shooting. An off duty police officer approached the guy and from what the reports say pointed at the officer and the officer defended his self and killed the guy. Now his parents got on national news and claimed that their son was a good boy and if that cop would have asked him to put the gun down he would have. Now here is where so many of you lose me. No matter what the criminals do, so many defend their actions. If somebody goes to rob or do a home invasion or murder someone and it don’t turn out good for them and they get killed, how dare any of you get on social media and run the garbage of, ” Oh they could have shot him in the leg. They didn’t have to kill him.” And yes, I’ve heard people say that crap. Now all of you armchair quarterbacks want real change, I suggest you stop talking about it and be about it. The police academy I’m sure is taking recruits. Go be the solution and not the problem. Any questions?

  98. Freddie Goins says:

    Here’s a video of bad cops. Unlike so so many. I live in a place called reality. And please watch the entire video and comment.

  99. Freddie Goins says:

    Want to know why the main stream media didn’t run this one? Let me tell you. This gentleman that died, was white. Killed by a black officer. That doesn’t fit the narrative that so many want to get pushed out there. Again, I live in a strange place called reality.

  100. Arthur Webbs says:

    There should always be a black and white Police officers together in the same squad Cars together it should not be allow for two or three white Police officers traveling together without two or three Black officers with them.

  101. I AM GOD says:

    I don’t see why blacks try to explain or validate themselves to white people; they are NEVER going to understand. They have a privileged complex that was bred in them through their Neanderthal ancestors; funny thing though the pink fuckers come from us -WHITE PEOPLE are the most violent people who ever walked this earth read your history and remember my people taught your (white folk) people how to live a civilized life ; before we came along you were in the cave of Europe crawling on all fours like dogs WE (BLACK PEOPLE) taught you how to walk upright you devils stole everything you know from us and by the way Africans were never monkeys we were always HUMAN BEINGS 100% WE WERE HERE WHEN THE EARTH WAS CREATED ONLY CAUCAZOIDS HAVE THE NEATHEDAL GENE……..==………… LOOK IT UP

    1. Goofy says:

      You’re retarded as fuck and the reason racism still exists.

    2. Thank you, I Am God…#BOOM

  102. Goofy says:

    If that was true then the city would be cleaned up already. They wouldn’t be targeting low level mfers that just turned.

  103. Black Men says:

    If king would of die before Malcolm we would of pick them guns up best believe killing all power whites in the rest would die behind them black just need too find a way too reunited in execute it too the teeth we could of been took over this land a long time back in Nat turner days if only if we had the perfect person too follow but I know it will happen again we will have a good leader just hope he don’t be no soft leader someone that more hard core then M.L.K POWER TOO THE PEOPLE

    1. Ramboo says:

      @black men. And you wonder why you get shot,here’s your answer .

  104. Rob says:

    Oh God well idk

  105. Henry says:

    The white police not all have for many many years…. use the power tht have to oppress this slave mentality off n over the people of color …..
    Look at the stand up police in New York

  106. It’s on the Nationa News today May 21, 2016 5:30 pm., changing police chief, a stupid/dumb-cop killed a young woman because she was claimed to be in a stolen car…. A stolen car they don’t hang anyone for stealing a horse anymore, what the hell, and these stupid-cops, are everywhere and are even smiling all the while the TV News cameras are on this mental-case retarded dumbass, and stupid-cop say’s, “looks like I just lost my job” after shocking to death a young teenager, now this is the fucking trash working as peace keepers, when they are the enemy of the state, acting at the demands of the British Crown. Now does this sounds a little familiar … I mean, We the People will have another “Merging of the Magna Carta” of 1512. And it was an is We the People that did provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare to ourselves and are posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America. Yet here in the Good Old u. s. of A, the lower circuit courts are sweeping all their evil child rapping ways under the prosecutorial rug. The sick an ill judge Jay Conley, at 301 Washington St. 54153… Oconto County circuit court judge, must be reported by We the People when such horrifying acts against the good an lawful citizens private children and family and property. When you see this sick-fuck Conley, you may not find him crazy, but that he is a complete lunatic. Robert Kolkowski, was arrested and put in jail for not paying a fine for operating a salvage yard, when there is absolutely no salvage yard, but only a lot of farm machinery, 5 tractors, 2 front end loaders, one wood skidder, 4 hay wagons, 1 chopper wagon, 4 pickup trucks that are all licensed, registered, 3 sami trailers which too are registered with DOT… yet Robert Kolkowski was arrested again for refusing to lie and except a violent act against me and my family, and that we don’t have cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, and grow are own cattle food,

  107. It’s on the Nationa News today May 21, 2016 5:30 pm., changing police chief, a stupid/dumb-cop killed a young woman because she was claimed to be in a stolen car…. A stolen car they don’t hang anyone for stealing a horse anymore, what the hell, and these stupid-cops, are everywhere and are even smiling all the while the TV News cameras are on this mental-case retarded dumbass, and stupid-cop say’s, “looks like I just lost my job” after shocking to death a young teenager, now this is the fucking trash working as peace keepers, when they are the enemy of the state, acting at the demands of the British Crown. Now does this sounds a little familiar … I mean, We the People will have another “Merging of the Magna Carta” of 1512. And it was an is We the People that did provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare to ourselves and are posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America. Yet here in the Good Old u. s. of A, the lower circuit courts are sweeping all their evil child rapping ways under the prosecutorial rug. The sick an ill judge Jay Conley, at 301 Washington St. 54153… Oconto County circuit court judge, must be reported by We the People when such horrifying acts against the good an lawful citizens private children and family and property. When you see this sick-fuck Conley, you may not find him crazy, but that he is a complete lunatic. Robert Kolkowski, was arrested and put in jail for not paying a fine for operating a salvage yard, when there is absolutely no salvage yard, but only a lot of farm machinery, 5 tractors, 2 front end loaders, one wood skidder, 4 hay wagons, 1 chopper wagon, 4 pickup trucks that are all licensed, registered, 3 sami trailers which too are registered with DOT… yet Robert Kolkowski was arrested again for refusing to lie and except a violent act against me and my family, and that we don’t have cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, and grow are own cattle food,

  108. What says:

    I wouldn’t rule it out, Gentrification may not be moving fast enough…

  109. Yes and in little rock too. All over the world but this is home land why we can’t be free all black lives matter l blame the them but I can be batter the put the laws down to keep use down I see open my mouth the well get u down here the police’s with get u

  110. SnapOytOfIt says:

    This is mostly ridiculous. There’s no arrests because cops show up after to find out what happens and either people didn’t witness the crimes or are too scared to talk or don’t want to “snitch”. Also, gangbangers would rather take action in their own hands then testify in court against a rival gang. Imagine a member of BGD in court testifying against a 4 corner hustler with some associates in the court room. These gang members think they have their own justice system and we are swing it in the streets.

  111. ripuree says:

    Agree with article.

  112. WaGwanDe says:

    Damn what a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit. Have you ever talked to a policeman? Or a EMT, a fireman, a 911 operator? Because if you did, you’d know that despite that they’re understaffed, underpaid, and have to help a community who hates them but still absolutely need their services, they still do their job.

    We as blacks made our own neighborhoods no-go zones, and black on black crime IS the reason we have such a high mortality rate in our communities. My uncle was a cop, and I can tell you straight from the horse’s mouth that they don’t show up until the crime is commited because people around jus don’t call the cops or we say we didn’t see or do nothin when they do ask questions. It’s a dead end case every time.

    It’s our fault as much as bad police work, and we need to stop making excuses for fucking everything we have up.

  113. Haile haile says:

    Yes, to all the ppl all we can do at this time is keep our eyes wide open and our camera’s on

  114. Dan O'Toole says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL !!! I can’t believe I just lost twenty minutes of my life that I’ll never get back reading this ignorant , non-responsibility accepting , buck passsing whinny ass bullshit . Fucking spare me !!!

  115. Grammer says:

    After reading many of these comments, I’m really afraid that all correct english and grammar will be gone within a few years!!

  116. Larry Smith says:

    what is particularly curious, is with all of Chicago’s Finest Officers out there, no arrest is ever made. It has to be an outstanding crime. But these shootings, no one “seems” to get caught

  117. Dion says:

    I think the premise of this article is by far the silliest thing I’ve read all week thus far. A lot of these shootings take place in broad daylight, with witnesses. The reason there are no arrests is because community members refuse to step up and hold those destroying our communities accountable. You want a conspiracy theory? There it is…our communities of color are being destroyed because the members therein refuse to take a stand. No great mystery. When people actually begin to pull together, and taking back our communities, we’ll see greater peace.

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