Are Black Gossip Sites Being Used By The Dominant Society To Thwart Black Progress?

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Whenever people in Melanoid society chooses to empower themselves, the dominant society will usually co-opt certain sectors within Black society to try and discredit or sabotage progress.

We have seen modern examples of this with some of these questionable online publications that are supposed to cater to “Black interests”.
It appears that the white supremacist media has designated a Negro Shaming Committee. Many is this “committee” appear to be associated with  And another online “publication” that appears to be part of this committee is Madame Noire- who publishes ground breaking articles like “8 Reasons To Date A White Man’ and “Love Money & The Swirl! 11 Inter-racial Power Couples”- tries to fancy itself as a “lifestyle” publication, but it’s nothing more than another run-of-the-mill gossip site.

Since the release of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors documentary series that focuses on Black empowerment, so-called writers from Madame Noire has written several articles about the film and the participants in the film, that were filled with misinformation, gossip,and flat out lies.

A couple of the main culprits at Madame Noire are writers who many suspect of pretending to be Black “feminists”. One in particular is a person named Charing Ball-who many people accuse of engaging in yellow journalism and being a lazy writer, has written several slanderous stories about well respected activists and educators like Tariq Nasheed and Umar Johnson.

And recently another suspected “pretend Black feminist” and amateur writer Sierra Boone, penned an article basically lying about the content in the Hidden Colors films.

Sierra Boone

Sierra Boone


So the question we must ask is, are these people being used by the dominant society to discredit grassroots progress within Black society?

16 thoughts on “Are Black Gossip Sites Being Used By The Dominant Society To Thwart Black Progress?

  1. dc1969 says:

    This is sad and pathetic. Unfortunately, these “sisters” do not realize or really do not give a damn that they are being manipulated for racial sport by these white supremacists. I have known quite a few of these type of african,black,melanoid females at different plantations i have worked at and where i am right now. These broads will skin and grin at every word coming out of a caucasian buffoon’s mouth and then look at me like i did something dastardly to them. They are dangerous people. I avoid them at all costs,unless it is business related.nothing personal. Eventually,these so called writers at these so called black publications will have to learn the hard way about white supremacy and what it feels like to be turned out like the whores they are presenting themseves to be.

    1. dj says:

      Understand propaganda and you will understand your enemies…

  2. Shan Alston says:

    its a big ass possibility that they are use to discredit progress

  3. SkyChopper says:

    Obviously there’s a demand to spread/share misery, hate, and coonery…

  4. sam says:


  5. sam says:


    The Nigga Petition for White People:

  6. ebi says:

    every time I visit that site, the spirit tells me to leave. Multiple times I’ve had the internet shut off, power go off, freaking viruses pop up, distractions from friends and family visiting. Lol
    The very few times I’m able to have access to the site, I just can’t take it seriously. I can’t even take seriously when they attempt to empower the black community with articles like … influential black people in medicine.
    Madame Noire’s site is dead.

  7. K. Smith says:

    This is a no brainer b/c some of these black gossip sites have a few hundred thousand members, with tens of thousands being active. Not only do white trolls infiltrate the sites, championing interracial dating while lambasting black men who “aint s__t”, but the members (majority sistahs) spend countless hours discussing completely mindless and fruitless topics such as tv shows like love hip hop, and real houswives. Its a distraction of the worse kind.

  8. Jeremy says:

    And lets not forget all the white on black rapes…last year 2 white guys raped 2 black girls….and black guys only got to rape a little over 35,000 white girls last year…so the score is white girls 35,000 to black girls 2 …..keep pretending to be victims negros

  9. Jeremy says:

    And lets not for get the lil Angel Caleous Clay…dont know him? Thats weird cause he shot 3 white people……spent 4 years in jail and then was free….within a few days proceeded to rob, violently rape and light on fire a sweet old white lady just two weeks ago….wonder why we dont hear about Caleous Clay on the news? He’s black and his victim was white….the good news is shes survived…witness spotted her walking naked and bloody down the road with her legs still on fire…this just happened 2 weeks ago.. Black lies matter?

  10. Jeremy says:

    And look up Jamarion Lawhorn….white people keeping him down too…all that little sweet 14 yr old boy did was walk past a white trailor park and ask the young white children if they wanted to play…racistly the young whiteys said yes…do you know what they did to young black Jamarion? The young white boys brother brainwashed and tricked young gentle Jamarion through white supremacy that he should stab his white little 9 year old brother to death…Jamarion hid a butcher knife in the sand box to play with the white kids….Jamarion then called 911 to tell on himself through white supremacy brain washing……this just happened to poor Jamarion Lawhorn 2 weeks ago…you black people are too much…THE 14 yr old piece of shit black murdered a 9 year old white child for no reason and the media didnt even cover it….fuck you blacks playing victim

  11. Jeremy says:

    Blacks are doing horrific things across the country and you guys are sad cause you cant make more black groups…you made whites end segregation because of your constant whining…we ended and now you whine that you want it back…make up our fuckin minds you dingbats

  12. Jeremy says:

    Go on Youtube and type in black violence… videos everyday ….the only white violence videos are poor police officers having to deal with you out of control negros….more than have your population are violent criminals but the media covers up as much as they can…even they cant cover up all the black avalanche of violence

  13. Rebeca says:

    Tariq and umar have some great things to say, and I have learnt from them both. But what tey say about the disrespect of black women is true to an extent. However I do feel there is an agenda on those sites to encourage black women to date white men. Black men are already doing this more then black women. So at the same time it’s like what’s new. Hidden colours is amazing and so powerful so they try to discredit it.I see truth mixed with lies. Because there is disrespect of black women by both men, it’s easy for them to pick it up and add to it. Tariq encourages player behaviour, and umar jhonson wants women to share men, and thinks there road to their subconscious is in there vagina. You give a inch and people take a mile, most black women would be turned off by hearing those things. I take what I need and leave the rest. Morally right or not there are still things to be learned from these men.

  14. guest says:

    Add The Root to that list

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