Another White Supremacist Attacked A Random Black Person With A Machete

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CLEARLAKE, Calif. – A white supremacist terrorist is in custody on numerous charges for stabbing a random Black man with a machete in a Saturday night.
Anthony Robert Hammond, 34, is being held in the Lake County Jail on $1 million bail for felony charges of aggravated mayhem, battery with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, felony resisting executive officer, hate crime and two outside agency felony arrest warrants, and two misdemeanor charges of battery on a person, and obstructing or resisting a peace officer.

According to police, Hammond had been yelling racial slurs at numerous Black people located in the parking lot of a Clearlake apartment complex.

Police said Hammond returned to his apartment, and then exited while holding a large machete. As he continued yelling racial slurs at one of his victims, Hammond struck the victim on the shoulder with the machete, causing serious bodily injury.

The victim of this terrorist attack was transported from the scene by paramedics to Adventist Health Hospital Clearlake, according to reports.

After a standoff that lasted several hours, Hammond eventually complied with officers’ commands and exited the residence, where he was placed under arrest.

This is the latest in several racialized attacks made by white supremacists around the country. In Portland Oregon, a similar attack was committed by another white supremacist terrorist that lead to the death of two people.

Many of these white extremists have been radicalized in Trump’s America, and they feel like they have a green light to go on a racial war path. So Melanoid people are going to have to protect themselves and be on alert a all times in this white supremacist terroristic environment.


White supremacist terrorist Anthony Robert Hammond, 34, of Clearlake, Calif.

White supremacist terrorist Anthony Robert Hammond, 34, of Clearlake, Calif.

21 thoughts on “Another White Supremacist Attacked A Random Black Person With A Machete

  1. lisa says:

    why didn’t anyone sock him in the face when he was throwing racial slurs?????????? the fact that people let him get away with THAT, gave him the green light to attack

    1. Rio says:

      Look at the racial demographics of Lake County, that may answer your question.

    2. knighthonor says:

      problem is we have no group of legal people to help protect us. Only rich blacks can afford lawyers that actually fight. Attacking him, he goes into victim mode. No attacking him gives him time to get a weapon and harm us more. Its lose lose situation. Unless you have acquitted solutions

      1. John says:

        Acid, That’s all you need. No body No Case. Sources: Mafia

    3. Logan says:

      That’s the most ignorant response I’ve ever heard. You’re saying that a black man let a white man attempt to kill him with a machete.

      What do you think would have happened if a black man punched a white man for yelling racial slurs. Seriously, most of the cops in America are just as racist as this white terrorist.

      1. Bill says:

        Most, please your bias is showing. Most police officers are not racist, but people doing a difficult job that could get them killed.

        1. Jesse Howell says:

          The KKK has infiltrated law enforcement ever since the Civil War ended!!

    4. LB says:

      He STILL woulda went for a weapon. So…whats the point? And maybe someone did, which is why the mofo went for a machete! lol

    5. Ruth Doriscar-Cook says:

      I bet if a Black person attempted to have 2 minutes Stand off with the police without a weapon they would have been shot, like so many others already..smh

  2. lisa says:

    if you don’t know how to throw a punch PEPPER SPRAY HIM. that’s what i would do!

  3. Opus X says:

    Thank you Tariq. Keep putting these animals on blast because the main stream media is keeping these incidents on the hush. We have a serious problem right now in this country. Time for us to start protecting ourselves because no one else will. This is how Trump wants to make this country “Great” again.

  4. Rothel Pleasant says:

    Great Read Minus A Typo In The Article.

  5. Tutny pi says:

    If i was in prison i’d be waitiin on him! Soon as he gets off the bus we blasting him they want war give it to them even behind the wall

  6. John Scott says:

    That white supremacist should’ve been in the same spot where that white supremacist had his confederate flag burned in West Oakland, in front of that wash house, behind McDonald’s, at the corner of 7th & Market. He would’ve been beaten to a pulp & burned alive. Then, the media would’ve reported being drug related. Why? Because the media don’t want to show these white supremacists getting that work.

  7. Mr Hunt says:

    Plan of action/Protective Measures: If the gun laws in your City-State PREVENT you from arming yourselves, then RELOCATE asap! (I did a year ago). Otherwise, you’re easy prey and your coward enemies know this. Now a bullet proof vest, lethal and non-lethal ‘tools’ are my everyday wear. Yes, I get funny looks from suspected white supremicists, but this is war- and they know it. So act like YOU know. Peace(within).

  8. Lee says:

    Thanks brother Tariq for putting these people on blast!

  9. Tyson says:

    I am starting to feel like you shouldn’t leave home without a gun

  10. Mike says:

    Black people if you can not carry a gun please at least be in shape and know how to defend yourself against a weapon and please carry a taser

  11. Yolanda says:

    Could you write about the two kids in Philly that suckered punched a mentally disabled man working at a supermarket? It would mean the world!

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