Meet Andre C. Hatchett: Real Estate Expert & Founder of Buy Black NYC


When it comes to gentrification, New York City has been one of the most–if not the most–discussed areas affected by it. One native New Yorker is doing his part to own his share of the city.

Andre C. Hatchett is a real estate expert and founder of Hatchett, also known as “Brother Dre”, spearheaded the Black Business Challenge on social media that gives the call to action to encourage Blacks to patronize and promote Black owned businesses. Mr. Hatchett is a testament to what someone can accomplish if they instill discipline, hard work, and long-term planning into their lives. Hatchett bought his first home at the age of 22, an age when many individuals are usually still getting their financial house in order. If that wasn’t impressive enough, He bought his second home at the age of  23.

Hatchett leveraged his knowledge as a homeowner to become a Business Consultant, Professional Coach and Real Estate Sales Expert. In 2005, Hatchett launched Priority Notary, Inc., which services 50 states. Here’s what Dr. Boyce Watkins has to say about Andre C. Hatchett:

Andre C. Hatchett has proven to be a pillar of the community by using his extensive knowledge and skills to uplift Melanoid people on a large scale.

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by B. Clark

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  1. Gerard says:

    I would like more info on black real estate investors in nyc.

  2. BONITA SHAW says:

    Mr. Andre Hatchett I just bought your standard Notary Starter Package. I’m not sure if it went through as I was trying to set up a PayPal account and poof everything disappeared. You know how sensitive these smart phones are! Please send confirmation if you received my payment. Thank you

  3. Swole Violets says:

    Trying to Get in Touch with Him.

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