And So It Begins: Suspected White Supremacists Gear Up For Halloween In “Blackface” Costumes

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DECATUR, AL — On certain occasions, people will celebrate the culture(s) of others by donning the clothing worn in that particular culture. For instance, whether celebrating other cultures involve dressing in a kilt or a kimono, the people wearing the traditional garb of these two (Scottish and Japanese respectively) generally do so as a sign of respect to these cultures. This same thing cannot be applied when members of the dominant society attempt to “dress like Black people” during the Halloween season, which is now upon us.

One white man–and a school district employee at that–made the decision to celebrate his Halloween this year by dressing like music superstar Kanye West (as shown in this story’s featured photo). As harmless as the concept of dressing like West may seem on the surface, the teacher took his costume idea one step further by painting his face in the traditional “Blackface” style indicative of the old racist stage performers of years past.

ray rice

White couple dressing in “Blackface” as Black NFL player Ray Rice and his wife, Halloween 2014.

A white trick-or-treater who dressed himself as the unjustly murdered Trayvon Martin.

White trick-or-treater who dressed himself as the unjustly murdered Trayvon Martin.


The school official, named Heath Morrow, was accompanied by his wife Shannon, who shared the photo of them via social media and other online platforms. Shannon Morrow was dressed as Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. In typcial “slumming” fashion, she added prosthetics to her backside to make it appear larger, a la Kardashian.

This behavior isn’t new, as it has now become a Halloween tradition. Many white supremacists and suspected white supremacists alike use this celebratory day practice overt racism without the concern of being reprimanded for doing so. It is a day that emboldens them to act upon deep-seeded insecurities and malice that may be harbored as it pertains to Melanoid people…under the guise of fun, games, and humor…except no self-respecting person in Black Society received the memo to laugh along with these bigoted provocateurs.

Here is a link to the story.

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15 thoughts on “And So It Begins: Suspected White Supremacists Gear Up For Halloween In “Blackface” Costumes

  1. Moe414 says:

    You know what we as melanoid people should start a white face naw I love my skin and love being envy

  2. D says:

    They all make me angry but that one with Trayvon makes my blood boil it would take alot to not flip out on that dude if I ever saw him or someone disrespecting our brother that way…disgusting

  3. Lindsey says:

    Ignorance at it’s finest, you know you must be really sad and up happy with your life if you have to belittle someone because of their ethnicity. I’m ashamed and pray for all of these sick people that live in this world may the Lord not have mercy on their souls.

    1. ebi says:

      hahaha, lol.

    2. dc1969 says:

      Yeah,but don’t pray for the enemy,

  4. Ray says:

    They hate who they are so they do stuff like this…simple and plain. There’s a reason us Melanoid people don’t even THINK about doing mess like this. We love ourselves too much to dress up as one of them, EVEN on Halloween.

      1. truth101 says:

        Are you saying that we dress in white face as frequently as whites dress in black face? Lool Don’t be intellectually dishonest by cherry pickin the one or two occasions we’ve dressed up in white face, and even when we do dress up in white face it’s never in a demeaning manner as in to offend the white society but the creation of black face was purely to demean and provoke black society. You can’t find a black guy dressing up as Oscar Pistorious, Dilan Ruth or the columbine shooters but fools like the one displayed In this story dressed up In black face with the pure intention to offend. I mean that Trayvon Martin one is just evil.

  5. SkyChopper says:

    Smh… I’m at a loss of words!

  6. Camille Coley says:


  7. Camille Coley says:


  8. dj says:

    well, do y’all really expect anything more from those caspers…

  9. Bruce jenkins says:

    That is why they were called Devils

  10. Michael Cooper says:

    Did any couple (interracial or not) dressed up as a murdered Nicole Simpson and OJ Simpson? Whites go ballistic when you give them a dose of their own medicine.

    1. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

      good one

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