America’s Racism In The International Spotlight


The non-indictment verdict in the case of  white officer Darren Wilson and the subsequent uprising of African American freedom fighters in Ferguson and the entire country this week ,has put America’s long history of systematic racism against Melanoid people back in the international spotlight. Headlines are coming in from news sources around the world that give commentary on the situations surrounding Ferguson.

The international press is pointing out the hypocrisy of the U.S  when it comes to race relations, and many commentators have taken the opportunity to question America’s credentials as a human rights leader.

The death of Michael Brown, whose killing sparked the unrest, is “a stark reminder for Uncle Sam that there are a lot of human rights violations on its own soil,” says China’s official news agency Xinhua.

“It should first fix its own problems before criticizing other countries.”

Xinhua adds that few other countries are “as self-righteous and complacent as the United States when it comes to human rights issues, but the Ferguson tragedy is apparently a slap in the face”.

Iran’s Press TV dedicated all of its morning programmes to the Ferguson clashes, showing what appeared to be “live” video from the protests.

Press TV reported that attorneys for Mr Brown’s family had said that the “grand jury process was rigged to clear the white officer” who shot him.

Iran’s State TV said the grand jury decision “indicates the existence of racial discrimination in the USA”.

The protests in Ferguson are also one of the top stories in the Iranian press.

The conservative newspaper Kayhan carried a collage of pictures from Ferguson, including a US flag being set on fire. Its headline said: “A rebellion in 90 American cities as a result of the non-indictment of the murderer policeman.”

Javan, another hardline daily, carried a report headlined, “Non-indictment of a white policeman; anger engulfs 90 American cities”.












Middle East
The story also features on the front pages of several Arab dailies.











Al-Wafd sums up the widely-expressed view in the headline “An uprising against racism in the USA”.


Al-Watan says US cities have been denouncing “lethal racism”, and Syria’s official Al-Thawrah newspaper notes that protests against police violence and racism are on the increase.

On social media, some Arabic-language posts have been mocking the US government and even gloating over its mishandling of the case. The Twitter hashtag #USAprotests in Arabic has been used more than 4,000 times since Tuesday.

The #Ferguson hashtag is also among the top 10 Twitter trends in Russia, and press articles have drawn parallels between Ferguson and the Maidan protests in Ukraine.

Ren TV plays on the racial aspect of the Ferguson protests and also brings in the Ukrainian crisis, describing the demonstrations as a “colour revolution” and “an attempt to start a civil war in the US”.














The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung argued that the underlying reasons for the violence in Ferguson are deep in American society. “The fact that racism exists in America is indisputable — but this racism is not only directed in one direction”,the paper wrote.

“Potentially the Grand Jury has indeed examined all evidence comprehensively and impartially. But the fact that so many people between New York and Los Angeles are convinced that justice has not been administered is another tragedy,” the paper wrote. “Gestures of respect and reconciliation will be indispensable to bridge the gap between the police and America’s black population. But even that will not be enough.”

Frankfurter Rundschau, made a similar argument: “The Grand Jury’s decision has not surprised anyone — which explains the full cynicism of this system.” The newspaper blamed the grand jury for having looked at the evidence with a white worldview. “Secret hearings do by far not meet serious interpretations of the rule of law.”


Liberation newspaper says: “Ferguson is a long way from being the post-racial America dreamed of by Barack Obama.” “A predominantly white jury chooses not to pursue another white, accused of murdering a black in a predominantly black city,” the newspaper wrote, concluding that Ferguson raises yet again the question of racism and police brutality in the United States.













Pere Vilanova writes in El Periodico that “perhaps the symbolic value of the election of a black man as president in 2008 has been overestimated and inter-communal wounds will never be healed”.


La Stampa’s New York correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli says the discussion has become one about the race problem “connected to inequality and economic disparity”. He notes that some of the white demonstrators in New York and Los Angeles wanted to broaden the debate in that direction.


In India a reporter for NDTV, the cable news channel, said that “the case epitomized race crimes in America” and that the photos of protesters evoking the images from Tiananmen Square were a “symbol of the challenge the greatest nation on Earth faces today.”

N. Korea

The North Korean government issued a  statement following the Ferguson verdict: ” US is kingpin of human rights abuses”.

South Africa
Writing in South Africa’s Daily Maverick, Richard Poplak finds that images of officers facing off against enraged citizens show “an American city aping South African archival footage”.

“It’s a reminder that in divided countries, with histories of institutionalized racism, reconciliation without actually reconciling… justice is not just impossible, but a massive cover-up, a ruse used by power.”




32 thoughts on “America’s Racism In The International Spotlight

  1. Danny says:

    Thank you so much for posting these because the traditional media wont do it. Even allegedly liberal MSNBC doesn’t talk about how the world sees this and understands what hypocrites America is on foreign policy when you treat black people less than humans. The world also noticed that Ebola has been around since the seventies but a cure magically appeared to save the Americans who contracted it this year. Over 100 cities protesting on the same night is history. Fox news and others are proud to be on the wrong side of history by defending that murderer cop. He received almost a million for that interview and has received over half a million in donations. He is still on paid leave so murdering a black teen was the best move of his life financially and the world sees how much he has profited. America is just as racist as ever and the world needs to keep hearing and seeing evidence like this.

  2. Garrett cole says:

    I hope our pan afrikan brothers and sisters and supporters of human rights will continue civil disobedience for an further extent in the future.

  3. Geechiedan says:

    I find it so strange that The Murder had all these news media interviews on the eve of the announcement..nonetheless the world sees the hypocrisy how can a nation declare liberty and justice for all, start wars and kill people based on human rights and not give those same rights to its own citizens? Massive Hypocrisy…

  4. MoorMauri says:

    This is an awesome article. I already shared it on my facebook page. Good to know that this isn’t just another crime that’s being swept under the rug. Let see how America dances with the whole world getting a peak behind the curtain.

  5. Great Article. Nice To See The Movement Gaining Exposure.

  6. Jay says:

    Wow..Excellent Article!

  7. The Airmen says:

    North Korea kept it 100 lol

    1. Brothercongo says:

      Word they went in , less is more

  8. TheKing_65 says:

    I love the backlash! :-)

    1. nzinga zindua says:

      Malcom X said, “The chickens have come home to roost.

  9. Calvin says:

    Now other countries get to see how America really is.

  10. Sunjata Jombe Yooku says:

    This blog is so amazing its almost like a dream. What true media can do is this site

  11. tabF says:

    International community already has a deep seeded hatred for america their just using this tragedy to now point the fingers back. america has a long history of interfering in other countries business for their own gain. This country was built on lies deception robbery immorality murder blood rape etc……and that treason is celebrated every thanksgiving

  12. tabF says:

    Excuse my typos “have”

  13. A Lamarr says:

    We can not depend on the US Police to Police themselves. Blacks police brutality in America is out of control, extremely and racially biased. We want the world to know that America has no moral authority to judge other countries, they need to look in the mirror at themselves first…

  14. Hunting_Jin says:

    American media is currently trying (and failing) to create a narrative of the ‘Unreasonable blacks’ in the international forum,articles like this prove they are failing, keep it up melanoidnation.

  15. Queen Annes Revenge says:

    N.Korea hit the nail on the head. Malcolm was making that step in the right direction as well with the human rights cases, lawsuits etc… Until then, give us liberty or give us death! Off with their heads may be our only retaliation/retribution since talking & pleading do not work ya land lovers…

  16. m1 says:

    Meanwhile, Joseph Walker a Black police officer was heavily prosecuted for killing drunken racist white criminal Joseph Harvey. Walker saying “I feared for my life, he came charging towards me, I had no choice but to shoot him.” Got him 1st degree murder and other charges. Four months after his acquittal of all charges. Walker still hasn’t been reinstated as a LEO.

  17. Chris40 says:

    With Ferguson in the spotlight internationally l I bet Obama must feel like a “jackass” about now!!!!!

    1. emory says:

      Fuck OBAMA

  18. nzinga zindua says:

    The World hates pale Amerikkka. 9/11?

  19. MindMuscle says:

    Melanoid Power!!!!

  20. tmack says:

    This is a great piece. We need to know that we are not alone. This will help all people of color unite to demand justice for all. Please remember that white people are the true minority on the planet earth. They understand this, this is why they use divide and conquer strategy to stay in power. They know if we wake up to this reality we can easily defeat them and they will have no where to go. It’s time to stop being afraid. They have done all they can to destroy us. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Those who insist on white supremacy must go! We want justice for all.

  21. MICS says:

    Best article by far.

  22. tabF says:

    Obama is a sit in coon in the whitehouse

    1. emory says:

      Hell yeah

  23. JD says:

    Tmack please know that white people arnt even the minority on earth. A simple google search wouldve told you that lmao. Keep living in your fantasy world. In the future they might be, but definitely not right now

    1. JayBay says:

      Google searched it. Yep. White people are still the minority dipshit

    2. emory says:

      Oh yes they are but are what you aren’t saying which also takes a simple Google search is how white status doesn’t concise of just pale police and that even latino,Asian, Arab and dark Africans as well as American moors are claiming white status.pale skin however are only eight percent in the entire world, Google that.

  24. Black Capital says:

    Racism and lies will destroy this country. The glory of this country was built on lies and on the backs of others. Our present economic system presently operates this way. Think about it some old White man is the CEO of a fortune 500 company that ships jobs off to India to pay workers pennies so he and others at the top can retain millions. But America will praise and glorify the position of CEO as one of hard work and success. Ignorant whites will blame the loss of jobs on affirmative action. Well the new minority quotas now consist of Asians, Indians and White Women. Blacks are not on the list.

  25. Michael M says:

    – White isnt a color but an attitude.

    With that being said its amazing that so many countries are using this situation as an example that we are a country that is still deeply divided on race and finance and also a country that is unwillingly to do the right thing…which is truly give “Justice for all”.

    Donation to melanoidnation was done again. Websites like this outlining our causes and exemplifying our struggle around the world is needed.

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