American Indian Activist Dressed In Blackface For Halloween


Terry Rambler is an activist of the Apache Nation who has worked diligently to lobby for the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change their name because it offends many Native American Indians. The campaign has gained momentum in recent years, with much speculation among many about whether the Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs–also of the NFL–should change their franchises’ names.

In spite of his understanding on the dynamics of race in America, Rambler celebrated this past Halloween in an interesting fashion. A photo has went viral which depicts him dressed as what appears to be the late Bob Marley. The most distinctive feature about Rambler’s Halloween outfit wasn’t who he was dressed as, but rather how he presented himself when doing so.

From the looks of the picture (which is the featured photo for this story), Terry Rambler’s face has been painted in “blackface”, the longtime make-up style used by members of the dominant society to ridicule and disparage the naturally darker skin tones of Melanoid people. Another thing to consider after reviewing this photo is the fact that Terry Rambler isn’t much lighter than the revolutionary recording artist was when he was alive. After painting his face, Rambler was much darker than Bob Marley ever was. If the aforementioned Rambler is aware of this fact–and most of the world is–then why would he paint his face in such a way under any circumstances? After all, doesn’t Rambler consider it to be offensive that many Melanoid men have suited up to play for professional sports franchises in which they had no say in determining the names of those teams?

Although Rambler has since issued an apology, this is just the latest incident involving non-Black people who dress up in stereotypical ways to depict Blacks. This incident also forces us to re-visit the topic of Blacks who try to latch on to other agendas outside of their own just because the people they support are “brown people of color”. Are “red”, “brown”, and/or “yellow” people in the trenches with African/Melanoid people as many of us claim they are?

B. Clark

16 thoughts on “American Indian Activist Dressed In Blackface For Halloween

  1. Nik says:

    Bob MarLey is was a light skin black man obviously the clown in the picture above is in black face for his personal vendetta the irony indians of all ppl

  2. minkpink says:

    Some people.smh.

  3. MindMuscle says:

    I’ve grown up around many so called Native Americans and they are just as racist toward Black people as White people are. I’m not at all surprised by this.

  4. That’s cause all other races can recognize an animal when they see it. Even the native Americans know your just a bunch of dirty animals that need to be euthanized

    1. TAbrafo says:


    2. Israel says:

      Yeah but your women love us white women are jumping the fence

      1. jpg says:

        uh no, the vast majority aren’t.

    3. MIKE says:


    4. Mustapha says:

      You dirty cave dwelling facist racist mf will need the help of whatever God you pray too we will crush you culture stealing bastards to the last one of you rotten dig smelling bitches ante up ho stop hiding on the internet with your racist as bitch made ass

  5. Nothoughts Kahunna says:

    i look at it like he is admitting that most of us were already here in america before 1492,just an observation though.

  6. Don’t feed the monkeys….unless a cyanide bananna

    1. dc1969 says:

      Good morning,creampuff! You still trolling on here? You need to go and get a cup of coffee. Also,while you are at it, put some rodent poison in it and die a slow, painful death. You silly person.ha,ha! Take it personal,sunshine!

  7. bree says:

    if they ain’t back stop caping for them. black ppl we are on our on

  8. Ebi says:

    i pray one day, you’ll get the reversed micheal jackson disease and walk around in your little reservation. I bet you’ll gain no entry.

  9. unapologetically black says:

    The 5 major tribes of native Americans that were leftover after the atrocities.committed by the American government, all had slaves. They fought in the civil war alongside the succeeding (southern) states, because they had a lot at stake too. They stand to lose revenue from having slaves, their main assest(s) taken away from them by Lincoln and most of the northern states. This topic is rarely explored when the discussion of slavery in the US.

  10. Ted says:

    Wow I bet this guy thought he could dress up as Bob Marley because he isn’t white. Little did he know that he is not in the club. Another thing that needs to stop is these white kids who get dreads and dirty clothes and then start talking about ‘one love’ with some appropriated Jamaica accent. It is pathetic and embarrassing. Also these white kids that talk and act like they are gangsta thugs. Then these people wipe out mom’s credit card to pay for thier Starbucks on thier way to xyz state College that daddy paid for. But I have to listen to them talk about oppression and the man. Not a one of them knows what it’s like to be hungry and homeless. What it’s like to be waiting for some damn food stamps or the stares you get when you try to spend them. The shame you feel when a cashier tells you that you can not use your food stamps to buy something and then pulls it out of your food pile and puts it to the side. Or what it is like to beg your neighbors for enough money to get your dad out jail so child services doesn’t force you back into the system. Don’t pretend to be what you are not. It is offensive to the people that are.

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