Age of Law and Order Makes an Official Comeback

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By Amy Lukau

The Department of Justice (DOJ) will resume doing business with private prisons. This announcement came Thursday, as attorney general, Jeff Sessions wrote a memo saying phasing out private prison use “changed long-standing policy and practice” and “impaired” the ability of the Bureau of Prisons “to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.”

The directive issued by the Obama administration instructing the DOJ to curtail the use of private prisons is officially obsolete.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union private prisons hold approximately 18 percent of federal prisoners and 7 percent of state prisoners.

Sally Yates, former deputy attorney general indicated private prisons “simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources; they do not save substantially on costs; and as noted in a recent report by the Department’s Office of Inspector General, they do not maintain the same level of safety and security.”


6 thoughts on “Age of Law and Order Makes an Official Comeback

  1. Kill em All says:

    As Khalid Mohammad said:The white race is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace. No other people on the face of the earth have been able to get along with white people since white people have been on our planet.

    1. Rita Martin says:

      Arm to that

    2. RacistAmerikkkaExposed says:

      Ain’t that the truth.

  2. Rita Martin says:

    Amen to that

  3. mahoghanybrown says:

    We should get ready and protect ourselves the white supremicist are in power, the are going to activate concentration camps, use martial law to enforce the patriots acts to take civil liberties, it is be design, they want population control and they see u and i as direct threats, the natzi’s called this the decline of the useless eater’s, They enslaved us during skavery and they want to do it again. These people are wicked and pure evil and no different, they are natzi white supremecist .This is just another way to decline the population and control blacks and any other’s who oppose them. Get ready martial law and new world order is not new, the difference is now they are moving to enact the grandfather laws and the patriots act to imprison you !!! be it prison or concentration camp !!!Prepare ….the worst is yet too come this is just the begining. take a look at the clip of whats going on in North Dakota

  4. d.g. weston says:

    Law n Order aint never went anywhere. It was at the state n local level. But its just returned to the national level wit Trump. But it was a Cleveland mayor that 1st used that word law n order before even Nixon did n that’s what he picked up on it. Mayor Daley was sayin it as well n so this was always started @ the local level.

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