A Mysterious Disease In Philadelphia Is Targeting White People


A mysterious medical disease that is only targeting white people is being investigated in the Montgomery County, PA. area. Doctors say that it’s  a lung infection that has been linked to water. The disease is called Nontuberculous Mycobacteria or NTM.

It’s a lung infection, similar to tuberculosis, that is caused by a bacteria found mainly in water but also in soil and in the air. Doctors say the number of patients is growing.

The unlikely victims are white, thin, post-menopausal women who live in affluent neighborhoods around Philadelphia’s Main Line.

A study from the American Thoracic Society and the National Institutes Of Health identified 7 significant clusters of NTM around the country. One of the clusters was found in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area where significant clusters were identified in Montgomery County.

Doctors say African-Americans and people who are heavy tend to not get NTM even though the bacteria that causes it is everywhere.

So why do only certain people develop the infection? “We don’t know,” says Dr. Leah Lande, a pulmonologist at Lankenau Medical Center. “A lot of people are trying to figure that out now but that’s not really understood right now.”


Below is a video from a local news report about this mysterious disease.

160 thoughts on “A Mysterious Disease In Philadelphia Is Targeting White People

  1. rickrick says:

    Now if we can only figure out how to develop a disease to target Arabs in North Africa!

    1. Tyrek says:

      I bet your white

    2. Glo says:


    3. BellaRio says:

      Really 😒 The fact that Arabs only make up a fraction of Muslims. If you want to be the slightest correct with your absurd statement, say something like “Thd growing number of Black Muslims in North America” With that I may be just a tad offended but because you’re woefully ignorant I’d rather redirect my energy to something a little more positive.

      1. Michelle Lateef says:

        She said what she meant. Why are you trying to redirect harm to African Americans. She said Arabs. Deal with it.

        1. Black Facts says:

          White people KNOW that their race is on its last leg. All of the raping of other people and their lands, torturing, pillaging, murdering and sodomizing that you’ve done to other people of color is catching up to you people. EVERYTHING WILL REAP WHAT HAS BEEN SOWN !!! Remember, their his-story only dates back to a few thousand years meanwhile our DNA has been everywhere on Earth before they were even thought about. They want/take everything we have. They’ve stolen every last invention by Black chattel slaves with the help of Patent. Africa has been raped over and over again of their resources because of the cave simian and his greed. They’ve stolen electronic technology from the Asians as well as military technology from even their own people, the Germans. Amerikkka is undoubtedly the dumbest continent that still murders and steals from others, even ’til this very second as I type this truth.

          …….. and you people wonder why my people of color are waking up and no longer clouded under your White spell of kill and steal to be a better Amerikkka. The people you have problems with worldwide aren’t my enemies. My enemy is YOU, the oppressor of this hellhole Amerikkka.

          1. Diana adkins says:

            We are all the same just a color and rape is in all color and yes we all reap what we sow that goes in all humans god don’t like ugly no one can judge any one only god can

          2. hafeeza says:


          3. Me says:

            Wow .. racist much ?
            The fact is that certain heritages can develop different or more so in some conditions than others.

          4. Keith says:

            Nature is only beginning, the sun and the heavens. May be fighting back against the threats of Humanity. Those with High Nearandthal and various Animals DNA are being purged. Humanity will prevail. I bet that sounded good to some of you

          5. Yehosaphat says:

            Real talk

          6. Yeshahy says:


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          8. Khenti says:


          9. Cynthia says:

            Tell it like it is My Brother


          10. Kenneth Payton says:

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          11. Pickacracka says:

            👏👏👏 Facts!

          12. lynn hairston says:

            so……we are responsbile for the behavior of our ancestors????? convoluted thinking

          13. Bob says:

            First of all, only 1.6% of white people owned slaves. Second of all, Native Americans died from disease and it’snot like the entire Caucasian race was involved in what happened to the Natives. This was Christopher Columbus and his men who handed out small pox infected blankets. If you want a race to blame for rape and murder look no further than your own race (black people). You ruin every single city with crime

          14. red says:

            Yes yes!

          15. BlackWomanonarampage says:

            The Ancestors . God’s,
            earth , universal energy , nature , Peace. Love . Frequency. Melaninated Nation. Vibration. Ancient Africans. Moors. Hueman. A Great Virus dominated killed and caused mass suffering upon everything it touched. The Earth is healing itself. Self Preservation. The Earth is naturally killing the Germs and Viruses. Amazing , All of God’s creations are created with a system of survival .Germs and Viruses of the earth. Farewell Goodbye. Today we tell our grandchildren the story of the desensitized virus that eradicated itself. The Earth which supported you also destroys you.. Peace on Earth..

          16. Gualm says:

            Say it man .. And to Bob below your an idiot – stating whites didn’t give Native Americans small box but Columbus did. Isn’t he white/ European you fucking moron.. That’s why I can’t stand my job bcse I talk to white idiots like Bob everyday who think they are so intelligent but cant form a full, complete thought …

          17. The cracker says:

            It’s sad your DNA is still sup par to whites considering Black people I have a 15% smaller brains than whites

        2. Marshall McFarlin says:

          Fuck the Edomites and the Arabs they are going into captivity as Prophesied. Deuteronomy 30.
          This is GOD getting ready to put down thwse sub humans these lepars and mutants. And thise he is saving for the Jakes he smacketh theie asses with the thickness because he knows qhat the Jakes like. We are not Muslims or christians, moors or African we are the real Hebrew Israelites that were already here who they called indians. Then later taught through qeed and slavery to call themselves African-American. Play find the Real Hebrews (JEWS) Deuteronomy 28:15-68.

          1. NinNetera El says:

            Exactly! Our-Story pre-dates His-Story by tens of thousand of years are far as recorded! We’ve been here before most of the trees. We are the true indigenous of the planet including all the Americas and Mexico. I am so tried of the pale-red Indian, asians and so forth taking credit for being the true indigenous of these land. Let’s Set The Record Straight!

          2. Cracker Crumbler says:

            Really? That must be why smartphones are so dumb. They are tiny compared to that 1996 386DX computer with a whole 64MB of RAM and a giant 60gb hard drive. Or perhaps that building sized refrigerator which used to sell ice to people with “ice boxes” in the 1940s. Or maybe that tiny dumb little SSD drive. That tiny little thing is FAR inferior to the big 100GB memory bank that used to take up half a floor of a building.


        3. Cynthia says:

          White people chicken cane home to roost

      2. Ronald Sanders says:

        Its not because theyre Muslims, its because theyre Arabs. They hate black people,and sell filthy, nasty cooked food (may have have shit on it) at their gas stations and we buy it anyway, because we are too stupid to see that they hate us. Theyd kill any relative they had who married or had sex with a black person. and be right in the eyes of their laws. I know a Muslim guy who was seeing a black girl, and he was as nervous as could be. He was talking about changing his name or faking death to be with his woman so his grandfather wouldnt kill him. I dont like them at all and wont patronize their businesses.

        1. MsShayla says:

          Wow! It’s sad that they feel this way about us. Heck, we’re the chosen people of Yah (God) according to the scriptures and they’re all jealous of us including the Hamites (The so-called Africans who they’ve tricked us into thinking we’re all the same). The scriptures gives a clear distinction between other Negro races… Sad!

          1. red says:

            Yes your right they are jealous of us and thats why it was against the law for us to read or write or to learn because it would open our eyes to their lies andd deception and from us discovering how who we really are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Rick joss says:

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      4. Tae says:

        😑 “ohh here’s my chance to reply with a comment even more tasteless.” You could’ve kept that “woefully absurd” 💩 right along with the one you replied too!

    4. Lou says:

      Hatred is wasted energy

    5. Q says:

      Racist as hell……but hey who am I to judge
      …hence the disease that’s targeting Caucasians…..lol

    6. zinzin du bled says:

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    7. Gonna b says:

      That’s why it’s targeting whites because of your hate

      1. Cynthia says:

        is targeting white people because their chickens are coming home to roost

        1. Dante says:

          Oh shit it’s spread by chickens?spread the word and don’t tell whites

        2. red says:


    8. Ronald Sanders says:

      I just think they can’t fight it off while others can,( but I guess we can still hope though!)

    9. ismail says:

      That, goes to show u that white people are not humans at all.

      1. Cynthia says:

        they are not human
        Just really look at them!

    10. Rob says:

      I agree with you.

    11. Edward West II says:

      No need. White and Arab are synonymous. As the definition of “White / Caucasian” and “Arab” is those who are indiginous to Western Asia.

    12. James says:

      You’re a demon I hope you die real soon

    13. John says:

      It’s nothing wrong with you educating and at the same time uplifting our people. I really appreciate that. However when I watch you commentating on the video I’m disappointed because you contradict your message by looking the way you do . I’m not talking about what God has created . I’m talking about you sitting that with a wig on your head . you say they’re recessive but you immulate them. Why?

    14. :D says:

      No I think I’d rather gene engineer this particular virus to be highly virulent and contagious then release it in major metropolitan areas around the world. Have fun being white, and remember that you brought it on yourself.

      1. 3D pecker says:

        Just like you did by creating AIDS by eating monkey meat.

    15. Asmaa Muhammad says:

      With the type of Hate you white people walk around with in y’all soul trust me pay back is a bitch and krama be handling y’all hateful ass when I read the story I felt bad for them because their human but reading y’all comment threw me off why would you wish illness on anyone White people the biggest hater’s I fucking know

    16. hank says:

      There is one it’s called racist white people

    17. hank says:

      I hope you get this one

    18. Sheron Tucker says:

      If only!! I like the way they state that “these people are from a higher educstional and income level” like that is going to prevent cos you got money. Well you all been poisoning The Indigenous Native Americans for hundreds of years. How do you like them apples.

    19. Mosesiyah says:

      😎💨😱no one would have never known you
      were stupid if you had just kept your mouth close 💨

  2. Clarence says:

    Great! They created AIDS and Eboli to get rid of black people. Now it’s there damn turn!! The less white people the better this world will be!!

    1. jhoes says:

      white people created 80% of this diseases but those same diseases come back to bite them in the a$$ haha

      1. Kim Fisher says:

        Drugs too!!

    2. Debora Demby McDonald says:


    3. Glo says:

      Really we don’t jump in dirty water

    4. Mookie says:

      Got that right.

    5. Ronald Sanders says:

      Yes ! From seed to harvest, and harvest is a lot bigger than seed (ha ha ha)

    6. Cynthia says:

      White people chicken cane home to roost

    7. red says:

      Yes the world will be a lot greater without them like it was before the devil created them!

  3. jhoes says:

    i dont want to sound evil or racist but i think white people have always had weak bodied!! they didnt want to mix race but all this other race that they complain about mixing with are the only thing that can fix them…



    2. Khenti says:

      That’s right..

    3. Deborah Urquijo says:

      Jhoes. Either you are evil and racist or you are not. And it does not make any difference how hard you try to hide it. And you, sir, are both..

  4. andre young says:

    Permit the know it alls, to figure this disease out. What goes around comes around.

  5. Sanko says:

    Well I hope it targets only the racist whites that would be a great thing

    1. Larry says:

      *All, idiot.

    2. ismail says:

      asshole, all whites are racist.

  6. Debora Demby McDonald says:

    Somehow Karma comes to mind. First instincts are usually the right ones!

  7. Glo says:

    Really we don’t jump in dirty water

  8. Janiero says:

    Could this have something to do with a lack of Melanin and global warming?

  9. Thomas Thomas says:

    75 to 95 per cent of human diseases come from animals.
    Hiv /Aids – the gray monkey, the most recent Ebola epidemic from a tree filled with bats, the plague- rats, anthrax -cattle, lyme- the white footed mouse feces must be ingested by white tailed deer and a tick from the infected deer spreads it to himans dogs and horses. Sounds like it could be a bacterial infection rather than a disease. Many infections are not diseases rather small organisms that seek to find a host, and sometimes end up killing or damaging the host.

    1. Dante says:

      All diseases are many made with a patent. This my friend is Karma

    2. hafeeza says:


    3. Khenti says:

      Came from Crakkers….

  10. James Lewis says:

    THOMAS TERRY, Your own Government and Researchers would tell you that you are misinformed. there was no Ebola, swine flu, Hiv-aids, or any of these new modern diseases until the Pharmaceutical company’s started doing research to create biological disease weapons for the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT .

    1. Sondra says:

      Your one hundred percent correct and seems like there’s a new one created every 6 months

  11. Michael says:

    Damn people are so damn until just now that the answer is God is doing this or the most high YHWH

  12. Marvin says:

    Im just seeing a lot of hate and its ignorance both sides

  13. Marvin says:

    Im only seeing hate filled comments from both sides and its plain ignorance

  14. Jah says:

    Haha…for some reasons, my consciousness keep putting up biblical prophecies in my minf of the Last Days. And there’s a passage in the Book of Revelation where “guilty people” (White Caucasian Americans) will run to mountains or an “inside area” to condone themselves off from Earth and Mother Nature and pray for the rocks to fall on them as they seek safe haven from Mother Nature.


    Their deeds and sins have caught up with them for what they did to the Children of Israel: BLACK AMERICANS, motherfuckers!!

    You believe it now, White America??? If we was insignificant and irrelevant, how come our genetics are so super-humanly stronger than your recessive DNA??? All those lies you told my people about “color don’t matter”…….well, Mother Nature says, “bullshit!”

    Color MATTERS!

    If you are Black and with Melanin….you are made for this Earth and “chosen.” Outsode of that, you are apart of the Recessive Mankind. And when Mother Nature is ready to re-establish herself, she will shake off all the “junk DNA” attached to her….which includes your worthless caucasoid genes!

    Karma, bitch! Serves tou right for trying to kill us off with Aids and all kind of experimemtal viruses and diseases…..you hateful bastards! Now this Nontubercolsis Mycobacteria thingy is coming down to Earth with a vengeance against your racist, bastardize, recessive, cave-monkey ass!

    The Earth and Mother Nature HATES you. It’s spitting in your face like, “Who are you…why are you attached me??? Get away from me, you freak!”


    And guess what? The prophecy stated that when these calamities hits White Americans, you will CLEAVE to Judah! It didn’t say you will cleave to the House of Israel nor the rest of the world but that, you will cleave to JUDAH!

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    And since this diseases is only targetting White women, it will get worst and worst as it spreads and be a devastating epidemic with NO CURE. The only cure is JUDAH!


    So listen up, Whiteboy:

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    1. Sigh says:

      Um, if it’s affecting the women, there would be only white men left. So, must of this fantasy you just had is mute and void. Thanks for playing though.

      1. Jah says:

        Nope, wrong. If it’s affecting YOUR women, there is no more live-birth for Caucasian people.

        You need YOUR women to mate with to keep your Identity alive. Amd guess what? We, as in Black Men, will have control over that…..not you.


        1. Hana says:

          If only it could spread to all white areas but we know they’re doing all they can to treat/cure the precious and delicate white women. Unlike Flint, MI and other black metro areas.

    2. sha says:

      What about the Black man who deserted us just to get in between Becky? Don’t go blaming us for Y’ALL bullshit desertions

      1. j says:

        YOU BLACK WOMEN HAVE BETRAYED THE BLACK MAN EN MASSE. I live in a major metropolitan city and I see it everyday. I often see black women with white men look at me with their corner of their eyes with a look to suggest that it is a virtue to be with a white man and/or to suggest that I’m somehow not relevant enough to be with them. But that NEVER upsets me because I REALLY DON’T CARE WHAT THEY DO. I KNOW MY WORTH AS A BLACK MAN AND KNOW THAT I’M NOT MISSING ANYTHING, BUT THEY ARE MISSING A LOT BY DISMISSING ME. What disturbs me and saddens me though is the fact that they are so BLIND to see that they are actually hurting themselves and tainting the black bloodline with the recessive genes of their oppressors to create a species that by nature HATE dark skin people. Race mixed blacks DO NOT like dark skin people. That is a fact. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE BECAUSE i HAVE RACE MIXED PEOPLE IN MY OWN FAMILY AND SOME ARE ACTUALLY WHITE AND TRUST ME, THEY DON’T LIKE THE DARK SKIN ONES IN THE FAMILY! The other thing that these black women don’t realize is that the oppressor has every intention of diluting the bloodline of the black race so that there won’t be any more pure blooded black people. Hollywood is being used to make the white man appear attractive to the black woman and the black woman took the bait, basically because the black woman is stupid anyway by nature. This is what saddens me, but of itself, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM OR THEIR WHITE BOYS. And furthermore, i would NEVER have sexual relations with a black woman who was ever involved sexually with a white man!!!–EVER!! I think it is disgusting to have sexual relations with any white person. AND I KNOW THAT WHEN YOU HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE WHO HAVE HAD MULTIPLE PARTNERS YOU ARE IN FACT HAVING SEX WITH EVERYONE THEY HAVE EVER HAD SEX WITH AS WELL. This is one of the reasons why God forbids FORNICATION and ADULTERY. I don’t know, that is just how I feel and i can’t help the way I think. I just think and feel that white people are nasty when it comes to sex. I don’t think that white people are dirty people, that is NOT what I’m saying. I just think that the though of having sex with a pale skin person is just nasty to me. it is the pale skin that disgusts me in terms of sexual relations. there is NOTHING about white people I find sexually attractive. So, what do I do since I do not want to be with a black woman because of her horrible, horrible ways? I remain celibate.

        1. red says:

          Very well said!!!!

    3. Kingdom of Dawid says:

      White people are not the enemy.
      It is pretty much heresy to speak like that Sir. You’ve got a right to be angry…. but when you lose your composure and just blurt out these awful things you just said…. not only does it make you look ignorant…. but it cancels out any right you have to be angry because it makes you guilty of the same things that you condemn.

      Then…. any argument you have regarding racism against people of color is also cancelled out because you yourself are racist. Not only racist but belligerent. How dare you bring up the good people of Judah… and anything in the word of g- d while speaking like you never learned any manners? Yeshua died for you to have a chance at heaven and you go and speak this…. this, heretical nonsense. On here disrespecting people that didnt do anything to you. Again.. white people arent your enemy. Maybe you should sit your angry ass down and read the word some more… and not just the first 5 books of the old Testament (( the torah)).

      See…(( oh boy somebody gonna learn today ))

      White people were decieved too. It is all based off of evolution and the bs idea that black people are lesser evolved than whites and need to be enslaved or killed off. G aint having that crap lemme tell you.

      Im sorry that everything happened the way it has happened…. but let me tell you, you wont get to heaven being all sour. Im going to leave this here like this because i have some things to do… but if you care to discuss this so we can both sharpen our swords and do what we are supposed to…. which is come together, im sure we can both learn from each other. Im down. But I just cannot read all that without getting offended. But instead of being a little bitch and calling you names…. im going to do what MY G- d has commanded US to do and thats check each other when we are wrong and be about saving souls. Im dead up when i say lets speak on it…. and ill be back. Thanks for your time sir…. its love for the above.

      1. Khenti says:

        You are the enemy…In fact you are PARASITES…………..

      2. j says:


        1. red says:

          Dam right they are and have always done the will of their father satan! White people are the evil parasites

      3. Lisa lewis says:

        We were sold to our ENEMIES for bond men and women! The Bible says you white man are our enemy! Damn what you say and think, you the one need to go back and read the TORAH right! Sorry the bible say don’t mingle with you or make you part of my family! Cut and dry! Bamm

      4. Sheron Tucker says:

        Kingdom of Dawid you must be partially white to be talking such BS. We actually do not care about your torah, bible Koran or any other Roman religion that is made up and used for slavery. What goes around comes around so you can keep your DOG Because we Indigenous Native Americans don’t need him. So Foxtrot Oscar.

    4. red says:

      Amen tell the truth!

  15. Luna says:

    Everyone knows the American government created aids and intentionally passed it on to Africans & blacks and for what so then the United States would generate money due to all the research and all treatments and medications they stand to make billions and billions from that….now they got their own cuz they have no other race they can target and for the same reasons because the United States is so much in goddamn debt that the Americans dollar ain’t worth shit to what it was worth maybe 20-30yrs ago….so now they come up with another disease….the United States is about money a business think how much they make in taxes all over the country when pharmaceuticals make money and the keeping them employees with jobs hospitals doctors scientists etc….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$……united states is corrupt as fk…..j/s

  16. Shelley says:

    Wow most inciteful angry talk ive seen in years:/ I’m sorry your so angry it’s sad ur so hurt like this . I hope as human being in general that tou find a way of turning those feelings into something more beautiful 💕 must hurt to feel that way X

    1. James says:

      I now there’s going to be some haters out there, but, don’t forget GOD is in control here, He’s the one that’s in charge, remember the black plague that killed millions, this could very well end up doing the very same thing, you gotta know that white people are afraid of the consequences of there past, they know what they’ve done was wrong when it comes to the treatment of blacks in this country, killing, raping, etc, it’s about time they pay with lives like our ancestors did in the past, I don’t feel no way sorry for none of em, because they show no remorse during our captivity as slaves.

      1. red says:

        Very well said!

  17. JayBay says:

    Wow, all these white people suddenly suffering and going through so much hardships……(deep breath)

    1. K says:

      Wow what a angry raghead you are,you should go put a IED under your armchair.

    2. j says:

      What hardship? this is only happening in Philadelphia. This is not a nationwide problem.

      1. red says:

        Its spreading and they say its in the air everywhere and the ingredients for it could jump off anywhere at any time and whites got hell to pay when it does!just being real!

  18. JayBay says:

    You know what’s funny is that whites love to go on and on about how they’re the most “evolved” race on the planet yet here’s a disease that will (hopefully) wipe them out in the hundreds or thousands while our “less evolved” people will be fine. All praises to the Most High for letting out his righteous vengeance!

  19. Kimmy says:

    A disease that only targets “affluent white women” and the more healthy and fit they are the more likely they are to contract the disease?? I call bullshit. Remember when Hiv/Aids was a disease that only affected “gay white men” but then all of a sudden became an epidemic that coincidentally started affecting millions of blacks in Africa and america? I think They’ll infect a couple whites just to bring the disease to the spot light so they can then work on infecting a large population of non whites next. I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. Could be a hoax just enforce more deadly vaccines..

    1. Yuki Esme says:

      Kimmy you could be right and that is very scary.

    2. j says:

      hmmm. Interesting point.

    3. Lisa lewis says:

      Same about this medical marijuana, there’s no doubt in my mind they spraying that chit with something that will take people out! Don’t trust nothing if Government involved a bunch of hypocrites, pedophiles, and theives!

    4. Sheron Tucker says:

      Kimmy. Do some research!!!! European Troglodytes cannot stand anything Natural or Pure(which they are not). Why on earth do you think that the government is poisoning everything. Nature will always correct itself one way or the other. The sun is killing them too or did you not know that either????

  20. Suzi12 says:

    It’s pathetic that people could be happy over the suffering of anyone regardless of race. The sins of the past are alive and well in all races. It seems as if we just can’t see each other as human beings. While this illness scenario is far fetched, it still exposes the hate that exists in the world today. Very sad for humankind.

    1. JayBay says:

      No other race has committed NEARLY the amount of sins on a global level as white people especially for their low numbers. If black people did 1/10 of the things that white people did throughout history the planet would be destroyed.

      1. red says:

        Very true very accurate and on the money!

    2. j says:

      I hate to say this, and I hate the fact that i feel this way now, and I have NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE, but honestly, I WOULD NEVER CARE FOR A SINGLE WHITE PERSON IF I SEE THEM SUFFERING AND DYING. After all the killings of unarmed black men by law enforcement in recent years (the Laquan McDonald killing in Chicago will FOREVER STAY WITH ME TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!!!), and how they got away with it and how on social media whites always justify and always mock the death and destruction of black people just took from me the LAST vestige of love and affection I have ever had for white people. I long for the day when God will no longer allow them to proliferate as much on this earth because evil should be kept in check. Anciently, God use to destroy groups of people for the benefit of the whole because of their terrible evil and wickedness. WE ARE NOW SEEING THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVIL IS PERMITTED TO FLOURISH. WE SEE THIS PERFECTLY WITH THE WHITE RACE. When I think about HOW EVIL white people are it just takes MY BREATH AWAY!!!

      1. Ahmed b says:

        I hope all the white people who have raised and donated money for African charitys for the last hundred years read your comments and realize your not worth helping

        1. j says:

          white charity to africa? there might be some, but it is EXTREMELY MINISCULE. Africans are doing fine without white charity. What charity, as you call it, is actually a take-over plot. AFrica don’t don’t need white charity. WHITES need to stay the HELL AWAY FROM AFRICA!

          1. Ahmed b says:

            Band aid ,live aid,Biafra and many more.

      2. red says:

        Very well said! They are the most evil in history and get mad when told about theirselves!!!!!!! And black people are called racist when they stand up for themself and its impossible because whites hate because of race and blacks only hate whites because of their evil deeds they did and is still doing to blacks and thats it! It has nothing to do with race therefore we have never been racist and who would love a race that has done the most horrific things that whites have done to people of color! Calling their selves white and us black only proves how racist and evil and better they think they are than blacks or so called blacks! You call a person from Germany a german and person from Russia a Russian and so on so where is the country called black or white? There aint one and its just a way to say we are white and pure and you are black and unpure! Thats bullshit when whites are the most black hearted race on the planet and they are known worldwide for their black evil deeds and have no right to name another race black ever!!!!!!!!

  21. Love says:

    Shoes on the other goot. Oh my…

  22. Love joy says:

    Shoes on the other foot. Oh my…

  23. Darkgold says:

    The earth has had enough of the fleshly Devils,, and has selective them for extinction, about time. No pill or antidote will save them.

  24. Joy31608 says:

    Wow, at least they will spend our tax dollars finding a cure quickly. If the bacteria are “everywhere” there should be a natural immunity in everyone. I will watch the updates carefully for a hint as to what is really underlying these “outbreaks”

  25. MagnumBoom says:

    I can see the scientist at DARPA now…”aw shit, wrong vial. Hey Joe, could you pass me the Negro sample, it’s right next to the Ebola and HIV vaccines…No that’s the cancer cure…the Negro sample I said!”

  26. William says:

    I have 2 Theories about this. Which are just my opinions. Either this is a hoax and these WS’s have something more sinister planned and this is going to be used as an distraction for black people. Sacrificing their own people by doing it. Or, if this is a real disease killing off white people then these Racist White Supremacist are going to turn up the extermination of melanoid people. If this is an authentic disease Black Man, Black Woman, Black Children. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Arm up seriously! Especially those of us in the South! Get as many guns as you can and all the ammunition you can buy. Shit is going to hit the fan. And sorry to say some of our own people going to have to be taken out.

    1. Ronald Sanders says:

      You are right about that. Blacks keep giving up their guns to hear the Winans and John P Kee sing , and they need put that gun back in the drawer because the guns go to the kkk because Bush deputized them. Obama signed all those executive orders, knowing the white man will enforce them when he’s out of office. We’re basically a blood sacrifice. All they have to do, is give ebola to a few black people and blame the disease on us, and then Bill Gates will get the government to have mandatory deadly vaccines in lieu of cutting the blacks off SSI, welfare and stamps, and that would account for millions of deaths, and they’d never blame it on the vaccine. Theyd blame it on your color and try to get all blacks to get shots.

  27. itswhatimsaying says:

    KARMA!!!! Caucasians have done some dirty shit to ALLL people of color worldwide you privileged bastards are FAKE, racist, cold, heartless, XENOPHOBIC, paranoid, disease carrying, no hand washing, recessive gene having, no melanin possession, calcified pineal gland Muthafuckas…GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD…BITCHES!… and you all know this to be true

    1. concernedRealist says:

      Some of the most vile and racist shit I have ever heard coming from this site. I go to look this up and Google brings me here. The kkk is alive and well but it’s you guys. Your liking in so much self awareness that you can’t even see your hate for what it is.

      There is no superior race. We are all humans and color don’t mean shit. Sure based on where your ancestors lived you may have some distinct traits like skin color or immunity etc… but that’s it.
      MLS must be turning over in his grave hearing this talk… this wasn’t the dream… this is bullshit!

      Blaming the very small number of Americans for slavery is also bullshit, it was happening all over the world. White people went to war to stop it, led by the newly created Republican party I might add. Under 2% of the population owned slaves, mostly English and French with a few Africans sprinkled in. Most of the white people here now where immigrants from Germany, Italy, Russia, etc… they came after the civil war.. but sure just go ahead and generalize everyone based on skin color.. kkk does that too..FYI (which btw there are less than 1500 kkk members alive).

      The bottom line is, are you a slave now? Do you know any? No? Then this isn’t an issue anymore. We should all be United as a people an American tribe per say. All the divide and conquer bullshit fuels hatred on both sides and does nothing but power the elites.

      1. j says:


    2. Khenti says:

      That’s right………

    3. red says:

      Yes very true,death to them all!

  28. Edward West II says:

    Lol, all I got to say is “Outbreak Zero” coming into fruition:


  29. karl said it says:

    Natural Selection at its best

  30. Frank says:

    Better watch out the evil Albinoids are probably working on an airborne sickle cell virus for us.

    1. Noggo says:

      I hope they don’t poison my crack coz luv dat shit

  31. 2nd_Amendment says:


  32. Crystal says:

    This is not true it is in Westphilly my Two neighbors have Vocal tremors from sewer gases &they live in two different houses & no-one will help them…Omg someone please help them

    1. Crystal says:

      And they are Black

  33. eeeddduuu1@gmail.com says:

    yes black power

  34. eeeddduuu1@gmail.com says:


  35. eeeddduuu1@gmail.com says:

    strong genes melanoid people

  36. marcy says:

    Well coming from a slim African American woman White just stop exercising so much and puttin down some our wonderful meals mmmm greens w/some pork fat, candied yams lots of butter brown sugar and one of my favorites flour fried pork chops throw it on some good whiteboy bread lots of mayo tomatoes lettuce 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾☺️ All jokes aside put in apha order look the top reads African, first, first here, first you come from Genesis, Danield, Revelation describe our master God Hair white like wool, eyes like fire aka brown, skin as it had been in a furnace aka Black… but our people are being punished for being disobient too self for wondering too do what those who instill evil have done and taught them,there’s much suffering of those who are good of all races, but mostly evil come from those who have pale skin. You have wiped out the naive indians,,enslaved africans raped Africa and harm many, many people and it’s going too take a power beyond man to too rid of you who are still full of hatred for he said everything he made was good but you took over gods role to exclude those who don’t look like you. I believe there’s gonna be a price on your head in the coming days that you feel you’ve got the whole world in your hands because if your whiteness.

  37. Omar Greene says:

    Until a person can Rid himself of the Bondage,Fear, and lies that this world has put on them, you will never see who the true enemy is. Thus, you can’t effectively fight until this happen’s!

  38. Paul says:

    A disease that targets just skinny white women? I thought that disease was called “men from third world countries”!

  39. Debbie says:

    White people have done so much to harm and kill Black people. It is so sad we just elected a President that is a racist and only use people of color for his desire. Everything I ever learned from being with White people was that if that can’t use you then they want nothing to do with you if you of color. If a White person think I know too much then they have demonstrated to me that they are fearful of me and then turn around to see if I would put them above me. I am a older Black woman and never considered any White person a friend of mine. Thank you for taking time to write the article and I agree with you. I will never trust White people.

    1. Bob vagisan says:

      What about willy wonky?hes got lovely chocolate.

  40. Debbie says:

    If they are dying then it must be karma.

  41. Marco says:

    nature’s revenge

  42. annonymous says:


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