A Black Man Was Boiled Alive In Prison, And This Prosecutor Said It’s Not A Crime


In Nazi Germany, one of the primary methods of exterminating the people who were considered non-white at the time, was burning them alive in prison camps. There was a police force, political system, and media apparatus in place that was complicit in these racial exterminations. No one within that white supremacist system did anything to stop those killings.

Now this week in the United States of America, a suspected white supremacist prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle, who has a history of allowing race soldiers to execute Black citizens, has helped sanction the official start of prison camp exterminations of Black people.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office announced  that the four guards who oversaw what amounted to the boiling of a mentally ill Black man, will not be charged with a crime.

In June of 2012, 50-year old Darren Rainey, a schizophrenic man serving time for cocaine possession, was unconstitutionally executed in the Dade Correctional Institution. According to prison witnesses and civil rights groups, Rainey died after guards locked him in a shower for two hours with water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Nurses who examined Rainey said that he had burns over 90 percent of his body — and that his skin fell off at the touch.

At least six inmate witnesses said that correctional officers had rigged the shower so that they could control the temperature from the outside, and that they purposefully turned the water to temperatures that scalded Rainey. The inmate witnesses also claim that Rainey could be heard kicking the shower door and screaming “Please take me out! I can’t take it anymore!

The fact that the US Constitution was completely violated because of the race of the victim, and the fact that the victim was allowed to be burned alive inside of a concentration prison camp setting, and no perpetrators of this racial extermination will be punished by the so-called judicial system, shows that we are entering the extermination stage of the American white supremacy system.

The question is, what are Black people going to do about this?

49 thoughts on “A Black Man Was Boiled Alive In Prison, And This Prosecutor Said It’s Not A Crime

  1. Rasool says:

    What can we do about sad

    1. A White Male says:

      This is just another shocking example of how sick America is.
      What the rest of the world sees as digsuting racism, day after day, Americans ignore. Not my problem.
      So now we see not only blacks being hunted down and shot on a daily basis by Cops, but now white children, old people in wheelchairs and Veterens are being blasted to death every day in America.
      When your Politicians base their lives on fictitious characters portrayed on TV shows, when Cops are given 3rd grade examinations and a Gun, when you pay people slave wages and treat them worse than slaves, you are in for Civil War.
      Its not a matter of if, but when.
      China, Russia, they dont need to do a thing. America has become a glorified third world country all by itself.
      It is hard to believe that from nearly 300 million people, you chose a fictitious TV character as your president, was that the best you could do?
      When a society is controlled by the Media and Multinational Arms manufacturers, any sense or normality is lost.
      Instead a violent fractured society is considered normal.
      When the Police, who are sworn to protect you, goad you and give you a beating, because they know nothing will happen to them, what hope is there in life? Who can you turn to for protection? It leads to the National sense of alientation that sums up the USA today.
      Since the Pilgrims, America has been founded on fear and consumption. This works well when you have a large Military and wars to fight. When there are no wars, to sell guns, you have to invent threats, from communism to UFOs, the USA has used them all to sell more and more guns.
      Arms sales to make little men feel important, leads to a very violent society.
      If there is no threat, you make one up.
      How can it be legal to shoot someone in the back, who is not armed and running away from you because they are terrified?
      How can this be normal in the USA?
      It was once all about being Black. Now its crossed a line. Anyone is fair game for Police kerbside justice.
      Just like the video games that the Psychotic Cops played when they were kids, they now in reality 20 years later, carrying a gun, invent threats to “take out”.
      Those too crazy even for the Police, become prison guards, every one of them carrying a grudge, a mental illness or both.
      When you put stupid people in charge of other stupid people,
      innocent victims get boiled alive in showers.

      1. Justice For ALL says:

        Right on point!

      2. Mike says:

        Let’s not blame all white people OK But yes I agree those guards should be executed

    2. Justice For ALL says:

      Does that stupid bitch even realize the murdering guards likely stood against the door to prevent him from getting out the shower??? Is she really that fricking dumb?

      What a worthless little bitch she is! I see they don’t publish the names of these guards,. Protection/ Yeah, they don’t want their names out there do they. Wonder why? Murdering Bastards!

    3. Kchucc says:

      Exactly! THAT’S what the colloquy should be

  2. Rasool says:

    I believe God will punish them one way or another

    1. Rachael Santos says:

      God ain’t gone do shit.

      1. Red says:

        I totally agree, if a God allowed it why would he do anything about it.

        1. Sasha says:

          You mean allowed people to do what they had the power within themselves to not do ? Same reason why you aren’t killed where you stand for denying Him. Free will is free will. If you don’t want God to intervene in the wicked things you do, don’t expect it to be done to other people who do wicked things. People & their double standards. Lol

          1. Kchucc says:

            Exactly Sasha! Tell em! They’re sunk in the floor. Lol

    2. Brian says:

      So you’re saying nothing will happen to them.

    3. lisa says:

      enough of that religious shit

      1. dc1969 says:

        Yeah….. Enough of the religious crap.these race soldiers and or sympathizers need to be dealt in the same harsh manner as that brother was dealt.no forgiving those savages.

      2. shauntay says:

        Please and thank you, because while they are over there on there knees praying to “Jesus” somewhere another person is being murdered bc of the color of their skin

    4. Truthseeker says:

      God is not the God that the white man tainted with the BS King James Version that is just a copy of a copy(not even the original book that said something completely different). You see when it comes to this King James version of the Bible we are all taught to read with faith with no question. Well I read it with logic an find this book to be stories of metaphors like Jesus himself. Jesus/God is the one thing you see every morning in the light. Yes I am talking about the sun! That has the ability to destroy itself and recreate itself. It is the energy that was always here like God in the Bible that was always here. Read Job 36:24-29 and Job 38:11-12 with logic and not faith. You will see the metaphor of the sun! Well I digress.

      Ok this is what I see happening to white supremacist. They could be overrun by us black people through infiltration and staying on code, or if all else fails. I see these white supremacist committing their own self destruction. They are continuously doing it by killing their own people everyday, Bestiality, Meth and Heroin. But the major one of all lays within automation of technology on a conscious level. White supremacist will build robots in their own image and intelligence. Will outsmart them to eventually kill. After all white supremacist always want to be superior to everything they do, but their own invention will replicate them with the same damn flaws, but will also find themselves to be superior to their creator. Now peek this game out for a minute. There is a unknown disease killing only white people, now could this be nature doing it or something else? If it is nature then you know what that means. If white supremacist succeeded in making robots to replace us(let be honest they are worried about their genocide that is why this is an option for them) then I can see the sun as God create a super nova to destroy what is not natural, and even recreate the Earth all together. Family the sun is not just a burning object in the sky, it is a major reason why we are here.

    5. Fili says:

      Only if God’s name is Karma.

  3. Latwian T Jackson says:

    White supremacist bitch

  4. Herb Baker says:

    That’s what they want us to do, turn it over to the Lord and he’ll work it out.

    1. Mikey says:

      The Lord ain’t gonna do shit..

      GET REAL!!!

      1. Lovey says:


  5. James says:

    Got to be careful about the ppl that we let come to power in our comunities

  6. JaMar says:

    Yes, what is the solution. Where do we need to go to seek advice on how to handle this disgrace.

  7. Moses says:

    New pharaoh and its going to get worse. There is nothing new under the sun. Stay prayed up and watch the sign of the times and get ready for the JUDGMENT.

  8. Brenda says:

    I’m a white women who is very upset with what has happened. It’s not what are blacks going to do about this ,it’s what are we as Americans black ,white , tan , or what ever color you are going to do about this. The guards should be put in prison or worse killed and that district attorney Katherine Fernandez Randle should be disbarred. And should be punished also. This man didn’t kill anybody. He got caught up in the drug scene. I’m just sickened over this. My prayers to his family.

    1. Din says:

      Brenda, you are the smartest person in this forum. God bless you for your beautiful spirit

    2. Justice For ALL says:

      AMEN! America is know as the BULLIES CAPITAL. With this kind of thing going on EVERYDAY.

      Europeans are counting their blessings. USA is A Joke!

  9. Whatever says:

    I keep hearing people say the Lord, isn’t going to do this or that..Well guess what he’s done something already expose this witch…Look, if you know anything about how life work nobody gets away with anything not even those demons you think is walking free. Now it time for the law to step in a remove her from existence. It shouldn’t be a matter of color when it comes to this serious act of malice.

  10. Thom says:

    There’s a group in a book by Toni Morrison titled Songs of Solomon who called themselves the Seven Days. They were to enact there justice randomly on non responsible individuals but kill them in the same manner the victim’s like Mr Rainey suffered death. I’d rather see the actual person Katherine Fernandez Rundle responsible reap what she’s sown. After her condoning of this murder as justified . She should no longer be considered a officer of the court, and no longer repected as a human being.

  11. Lee says:

    This is disgusting! We need to fight back by not having ass in office and doing some harm to her family. I am tired of negotiating and praying, this has got to stop!

  12. Shango says:

    We must prepare

    1. Merl says:

      We need to come together, all non racist people and vote these crooks & racist nuts out of the judicial system, Police department, Hospital, Education, Political arena, News room, Banks, etc. Stop spending money…..let’s show them who has the power..Nut only necessary things..WATCH THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE. START TODAY…


  13. claudeston massiah says:

    Thete MUST be some judicial body to appeal to so this WITCH can be tossed off the bench. Activism stop talking do something if not measure the next one. This MUST be put to rest. She and those demons must be made to answer

  14. Brian C says:

    It’s not a black or white issue. It’s a sin issue that dates back to the garden of Eden. And God sending his Son Jesus is the only remedy to help us get out of this mess.

    And for those who don’t believe what the Bible has to say about mans dilemma and solution; my prayers are for you.

    This story is very sad. And me being s black man; who’s son has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia while incarcerated; I’m almost in tears.
    Thank God he is on his meds, holding down a job and in his own place.

    Let’s pray for this mans family.
    2) Continue to tell this story; so that there will be such in outcry to get those (who are suppose to uphold the law) out of their position.
    Judge included.

    Our tax dollars are paying them to do their job correctly.
    And if you can’t do that; than its time for you to go.

    Much more I can say; but let’s start there.


  15. MelloFlamez says:

    First, UTILIZE the second amendment. The right to bare arms and protect ourselves. Second, form a military style organization IN EVERY STATE or at least in most states that will act when violence is unlawfully demonstrated against black people. And STOP WITH ALL THE DAMN MARCHING. Peace while at war CAN’T EXIST!

  16. TJ says:

    We need to research the procedure for removing her from office and start the process.

  17. Kelli Alycia Basey says:

    Im willing to give my time and energy whenever and wherever I can. I know we’re not prepared to have a war with these devil’s because they already collected a deadly arsenal when we elected Obama. I’m just one person and I’m not a activist with a PhD. But my friends and family have joined me in not buying any from their super center like Walmart Target and I can’t forget this Nazi store, MEIJER…

  18. Gina C says:

    Time to get the UN involved. #crimes#against#humanity

  19. Silver smooth says:

    Where does it say it was done because he was black? People assu,e it was racially motivated….but was it?

    1. Sim says:

      The author has to push the race angle so gullible citizens will hand their money over to a relative stranger…

  20. Sim says:

    Y’all can stop looking at other groups to save you.


  21. Average white man says:

    America bends over backwards to cater to blacks.we lower our educational standards to cater to blacks. We have a massive welfare state that exists to feed blacks. We have affirmative action programs in place to cater to blacks and half the government exists to employ blacks to help other blacks. Moreover we invite millions of African and Caribbean blacks who have contributed nothing to the world all in the name of racial equality. Can one of you tribals explain to me how America is attempting to “exterminate” blacks and please tell me why, this narrative is retarded.

    1. Muza says:

      Look up the king Alfred Plan

  22. muzlink says:

    we need to go back to africa, the white man will never respect us.

    1. Muza says:

      If we all got up and tried to leave to go to africa they would call the national guard to stop us. The honorable Marcus Garvey attempted for us to do just that but the Powers that be stopped him and his followers from leaving.

      The fight will have to go down here brother. The king Alfred Plan is their blue print for our extermination. They have FEMA camps gas chambers, and Incinerators ready for us to die.

  23. Natasha F. says:

    Great to hear that the recipe for “ghetto lobster” is alive and well. It was swept under the rug to often during
    Obama’s time in office. You people usually use boiling oil to scald your keedz though. These prison screws only
    got it up to 180F, and water boils @ 212F.

  24. Chris says:

    It is the wish of every white supremacist and suspected white supremacists to “Make America Great Again. But “great” doesn’t always mean “good”.
    What does “Make America Great Again” mean? It means bringing America back to the Jim Crow/Pre-civil rights Movement era where Black people “knew their place”, walking around scared of offending whites but still doing so even in the slightest manner because the “I’m white and I say so” mentality was the scourge of the times back then.
    I say all that to say this, there has been some comments made about God stepping in to punish these people. But as I read in the bible whether you believe the stories are true or not, when God brought the Hebrews out of Egypt, he just didn’t give them the Promised Land. They had to work for it!! Meaning they had to fight battles and wars to earn their place in the world. Not just simply pray their enemies away, but FIGHT and CONQUER THEM!
    If those of you truly believe in God and the bible, then you know that you must act on your prayers for him to see that you trust in him. You have to PUT IN WORK. And sometimes that will mean you must get down and dirty and literally FIGHT for what you know you have a right to as a HUMAN BEING.

    1. Poppy says:

      The negro is much more at home and comfortable as a slave. The negro is unable to construct a civil society. Every negro should volunteer to be a slave. It would simplify life for the simpleton

  25. Poppy says:

    With an average IQ of 80, poor impulse control, difficulty with logic and rationality, as well a near complete in ability to delay gratification. The negroid race is the dumbest and most useless race to ever exist. Go ahead and believe in the incredible fantasies about the great Negro civilizations until white man stole everything. I know that is difficult for most of you to understand what I am saying. This is understandable because you just too ignorant to comprehend such things.

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