6 Ways To Identify “Coon” Behavior


First and foremost, we’d like to appreciate you, the reader and supporter of the Melanoid Nation Foundation in addition to this very site where you receive your news and information on all things concerning the global Melanoid family. Over the life span of this site’s existence, you–Melanoid Nation–have proven to be an extremely well-researched and intelligent group of people, so the topic at hand should be all-too-familiar with many of you.

However, there may be many of you who may not be familiar with the term “Coon”. Although at first glance, it appears to be a nickname reserved for those pesky stripe-tailed rodents who terrorize homes and property, we’re referring to a “coon” in a different sense. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of who coons really are, and their characteristics.

1. Regurgitating White Supremacist Rhetoric

As Melanoid people, we are clearly under attack on all fronts from the system of racism/white supremacy. One of the methods of attack is through propaganda. This includes media, academia, and any other platform that allows a group of people to spew their venom towards the global Melanoid family. One example of such venom spewing white supremacists would be Rush Limbaugh. “Brothers” and/or “Sisters” who choose to engage in such talking points are clearly playing for the other team.

2. Shunning African/Black Culture

Regardless of whether you’re from Boston or Botswana, if you ethnically and biologically identify as an individual of African descent, then that is how the dominant society views and treats you. There are Melanoid people who attempt to distance themselves from their African roots, whether it be by their actions or their shared ideologies. Whenever you come across a Melanoid person who says they’d rather be caught dead than to attempt to embrace–or even acknowledge–their African ancestry, then

3. Making Excuses For Other Cultures’ Mistreatment Of Melanoid People

From the Middle Passage of the 1700s, to the miseducating institutions (called “schools”) that our children are enrolled with in the 2010s, to acknowledge that we as a people were mistreated could actually be an understatement. Surprisingly enough, there are more than a few Black people who actually try to justify our pain and suffering as if it were preordained.

4. Playing The “Shade Game”

It’s true that all families partake in the occasional banter with each other, but when that family accepts those jokes as the gospel truth, then it becomes a house divided. The global Melanoid family is no different. The banter we often engage in is the longstanding “Shade Game”, aka the “dark skin/light skin game”. You might not quite be familiar with the term “coon” yet, but you’ve certainly known another Black person to pick on a lighter-skinned Melanoid Brother because they felt he wasn’t “real enough” or “man enough”. You might’ve also heard other Black folks make jokes about darker-skinned Melanoid Sisters because they feel she’s “not pretty enough”. Either way, the “Shade Game” is pure coonery and extremely detrimental to the advancement of Black Society. On a lighter note, it’s apparent that Malcolm X and Naomi Campbell (thankfully) didn’t receive these “Shade Game” jokesters’ memos!

5. The Black Gender War

This is one aspect of cooning that is arguably the most prevalent. This could be a Melanoid man’s unsubstantiated anger towards Melanoid women as an escape clause for him to date outside his race. On the flip side, this could also involve a Melanoid woman drinking the the Black male despising feminist kool-aid only to be hit with the “Black men ain’t sh–” drunkenness. This is a bottomless pit that we as Melanoid people should avoid falling into, because it eventually gives way to serious systemic perpetual issues such as perpetual cultural dilution and reduced birth rates in Black Society because of the lack of trust respect among Black men and Black women.

6. A False Sense Of Obligation To An Openly White Supremacist System

It’s evident that we have to move and shake in this system of racism/white supremacy on a daily basis, but some members of our Melanoid family have gone above and beyond to kiss the feet of the dominant society by making open declarations of their love for the dominant society. Some have taken their loyalty to a Jihad-like level to preserve the religion of white supremacy.

B. Clark

17 thoughts on “6 Ways To Identify “Coon” Behavior

  1. Sirseanathan says:

    Stephen A Smith showed all of these signs on First Take today.

    1. Jay says:

      SAS lost his way when he got on First Take. His cooning is quite pathetic and truly sad.

  2. M.GARVEY says:

    Man!The last link of this black guy protecting Bundy….WHAT IS WRONG WITH BLACK PEOPLE?

  3. dc1969 says:

    Unfortunately,we all have coons in our family,friends and acquaintances as i have learned the hard and sad way. Too much post traumatic slave syndrome shit has been passed down from generation to generation amongst our people. But when you think and start to question this white,pale,caucasian supremacy bullshit,you are looked upon as a rabble rousing radical militant. So fucking what! To the coons and coonettes: stop being scared. Just because you may kiss white ass does mean you will not get a “n—-r” moment eventually.stand for something and stop bowing and scraping.

  4. JayBay says:

    With regards to coons, at this point I’m like “meh. fuck it”. You can’t save everyone. Some people are gonna be on the fence or searching for some sort of answers or leadership (like I was up until a few years ago) And then some people (like Dylan Roofs black friend) are gonna defend blatant racism to the death. Let em be stupid. As long as we have enough wisdom to kick them out of any gathering of intelligent black people, we should be ok.

    1. recordtwist says:

      You can’t save everyone. That’s real. Sadly many blacks will be charged to the game.

      1. JayBay says:

        Exactly! We waste too much time trying to convert idiots. If you can’t see that this society is messed up after everything that’s been going on, I can’t do anything. All we can do is point it out to you. What you do with the info is up to you and you only.

        1. Thomas Royamotos says:

          You cannot convert anyone they don’t want to be because its their life and their individual right to be whomever they want to be. You can’t play God with people’s lives.

  5. sam says:


    1. Thomas Royamotos says:

      So a black person who has white friends but also supports his own race makes he or she a coon?

    2. Coon landings says:

      Yeh man we should wear a suit like black hoods and leather pants.

  6. dj says:

    I agree with y’all…leave the 99.9999% of zombie coons alone and let us focus on ways we can come together and fight for our empowerment with $ and loyalty…

  7. D One says:

    This coon problem is a serious one that needs to be addressed before Afrikan Liberation (Abibifohodia) can be achieved! As Dell Jones put it, “Afrikan people all over the world are meeting discussing how we are going to deal with the peckerwood, but nobody is discussing how we are going to deal with the house ni__er!” Irritated Genie of Soufeese catergorizes coons into 2 different groups: The Lost – coons that just behave like coons and know not what they do; Mobutu’s – Coons who know they are coons but who aide and abbet white supremacy to continuously fuck Black people around. (Joseph Desire’ Mobutu – Appoitned as General to the Congolese Army by his friend, Prime Minister of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, whom he betrayed and murdered at the behest of the Belgians and the U.S.) Coons are race traitors and in most civilized countries treason is punishable by death!

    1. Lukester says:

      “Africans all over the world”…ain’t meeting to do shit lol. Look at just about every Black majority and Black governed country in the world today…Blacks can’t even govern themselves and feed their own people. Places like Zimbabwe either murder or kick all the Whites out and now the farms are in ruins, the fields lie fallow, and the people are starving. Black folks mount a revolution? In your dreams perhaps.

  8. lissen_up says:

    I say we need to unleash some Desaline on these traitorous self-hating niggas..

  9. Caretta says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable information that you give!!!!

  10. Lukester says:

    You folks be funny. All these words that mock your independence and intelligence and you think you are so clever for using them. Nigger. Coon. What is next? Jigaboo? Since you folks seem to love the word so much I thought I would provide a link to the Classic Darkie Minstrel “All Coons Look Alike To Me” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vs05Wf1W_7A

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