5 Ways To Spot A Cultural Appropriator

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At some point during the course of our daily lives, we’ve all come across certain individuals outside of Black Society who conduct themselves in a manner that appears…quite unique when it comes to how their respective racial groups generally abide by their code(s) of conduct. To some of us who are exposed to these non-Melanoid people, it’s amusing. On the other hand, there are some of us who find their behavior to be annoying, and oftentimes downright offensive. These people are known as “cultural appropriators”.

Although cultural appropriators have been in existence as early as the days when the ancient Greeks would be educated by the great scholars of ancient Kemet (only to steal much of the knowledge and claim it as theirs), it is imperative that our youth are informed about how to properly identify who cultural appropriators are. The reason for this is because many of our youth are in constant interaction with children and teens of other races–as their classmates in school, and their teammates in their youth sports leagues.

It has been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. We’d be remiss to acknowledge the world-changing effects of hip-hop (and general Black pop culture) in the modern era. However, let us also acknowledge the difference between imitation and ridicule. Here are a few examples to identify cultural appropriators, and how they “get down”.

1. Language

Have you ever come across a non-Black male who uses one too many “yo-yos“, and “‘nah means” in your presence as part of their vocabulary, yet you notice how they switch right back to the King’s English in the presence of their white peers? Do you know that non-Black female who refers to her Black boyfriend as a “triflin’ nigga”? These are examples of members of the dominant society who are cultural appropriators via the usage of Black colloquialisms. They are also masking white their supremacist tendencies to disarm their Black buddies by attempting to “talk down” to us.

2. Fashion

In the dominant society, there has been a recent trend that has gone viral which involves a longtime tradition in Black Society. What is the tradition, you ask? It is the tradition of wearing the durag. A highly affordable item that we as a people have worn on our heads for many years, it has now found its way to the mainstream media spotlight when it was revealed that white runway models were taking pictures for social media to show off their du-rags.

3. Music

This is an example which could serve as an article all by itself, but it has often been noted that cultural appropriation runs deepest in music. From Elvis, to Justin Bieber, it’s no secret that Black music’s influence has given birth to some of the dominant society’s most celebrated performers.

4. Media

Speaking of Black music, perhaps no other form of music is as influential as hip-hop. The genre has grown so rapidly, that it has become a subculture of Black culture, by itself. The culture of hip-hop has been embraced by people from New York to Tokyo. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by people in the dominant society who have bastardized the culture to create media platforms which has a primary focus on Black dysfunction and mediocrity. Some of these media figures look, walk, and talk the part (hip-hop), but their motives are ulterior. Instead of using their platform to highlight Black excellence in the culture of hip-hop, their only focus is to report stories about beefs (especially between Black artists) and deliver content only worthy of making the tabloids. This method isn’t limited to hip-hop journalism alone. This also occurs in sports media as well.

5. Religion

Are you familiar with that fire-and-brimstone preachin’, good word deliverin’ white pastor who does his thing on the pulpit every Sunday in front of a predominantly Black church congregation? For years, we’ve been led to believe that their status as the “man of the cloth” exempted them from scrutiny. After all, we’re all God’s children and bleed the same color blood, right? At least that’s what these white pastors of Black congregations tell us…but it’s now a safe bet to conclude that we can’t even believe that mantra anymore. Hopefully, Joel Osteen and Paula White taught us that lesson.

People generally have a right to like what they like, as is the case with the dominant society’s fixation with Melanoid culture. On the contrary, the tragedy of it all is that their seemingly innocent voyage into Black culture has become a predatory one, robbing us and insulting our intelligence in the process.

B. Clark

16 thoughts on “5 Ways To Spot A Cultural Appropriator

  1. Brother Tom says:

    I never let members of another race get close enough to be able to steal my stee-lo or flex with that fake shit and shame on the Black man/woman who are so infatuated and enamored w/ other races (especially white) that they give these monkeys a forum to act an ass.

  2. It’s funny how they’ll steal our shit and then repackage it under a different name as though they created it. It ranges from pick-up artistry (watered-down game) to boxer braids (cornrows). Furthermore, they’ll give shine to their own for shit we created—like naming Mylie No-Ass Cyrus 😀 as the queen of twerk. The Twerk Team has been twerking since 2007, at least.

    1. Pat says:

      Boo Twerkin been around since the early 90’s with the group Too Short lol

      1. Kizzle says:

        The group, “Too Short?” Too Short is a solo rap artist, btw. And um… “twerking” originated in New Orleans in the 90’s and matriculated throughout the country.

  3. I know that twerking has been around since before then. I mentioned them because they’re the 1st ones to make videos of just twerking and get 1M views for it.

  4. No_Name says:

    I don’t find it at all amusing when white people steal our shit because we work very hard to get recognition. They dismiss everything we invent, until their youth start liking it, then it becomes cool. Example hip hop, in its early days white people hated everything about it, fast forward to 2016 & they are trying to steal it just like they did rock n roll. Even our slang is considered idiotic until a white person starts using it.

    1. John Doe says:

      Caucasian Americans didn’t steal Rock n’ Roll, that was a style of music developed over many decades by multiple people in multiple countries, no race involved. However, Jazz was a style of music developed by African Americans in the United States and is the only music made in America where as other types of music are adopted. I know many people on this site will say this, and say that, but the majority of history has been white dominated, as Africans were sill tribalistic. This Modern Era is the time of peace and equality, no matter what anyone tells you, we are equal. In the eyes of the law, God, and me, we are equal. Spread the love, brother.

      1. JayBay says:

        Yeah,no. Hell. Fucking. No. Everything from the fact that the people who built the pyramids were black, the fact that blacks ruled Europe and whites were living in dark damp castles and refusing to bathe(don’t believe me? read the book Nature Knows no Color Line for an in depth explanation) to the fact that Jesus was black (Revelation 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace (meaning he was extremely dark skinned); and his voice as the sound of many waters.) the fact that have all been changed and re-packaged to make blacks think that we were living in mud huts while white people were building society. GTFO. Your ENTIRE history is built off of stealing, raping, killing, and changing people’s history. Your people have oppressed my people (hell, pretty much every other group too to some extent) on a global scale and yet look at us as if we’re evil? And then you wonder why so many groups are killing you in your shopping malls and concert halls. I have ZERO interest holding hands with you people and if you think I’m racist it’s fine because I put the well being of my people above you evil Edomites.

        1. William Boe Boe says:


        2. blacks sold blacks as slaves says:

          Come try it fuckwit if you’re so great why didn’t your people go back to that shithole Africa when Abraham freed you low life fucking shitskins, huh? Answer that Jamal, you’re nothing without white people and you Will never amount to anything without us so long nigglets this site is cancer

        3. Paul Jenkins says:

          Yeah mother fucker come get some GODDAMN IT. I BET YOU DON’T AMOUNT TO JACK FUCKING SHIT and that’s why you want to blame whatever the fuck you can on whoever is easiest and unfortunately in our society today we’ve got a bunch of goddamn libtard whites too blind to realize most of you fuckers actually think the way you just expressed on this racist ass website. Fucking hypocritical piece of shit… I grew up around black people hell I’m in college now but the majority the friends i used to chill with after school everyday were black. And i speak with certainty when i say they’d join me in beating your goddamn ass have you EVER said some shit like that in front of us. I’m sick and tired of hearing about all of this white privilege bullshit while im taking out 30k in loans to pay for my college and working an almost full time job to pay for my $700/month piece of shit student apartment. While at the same time watching people who got FULL FUCKING RIDES PURELY BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK AND THEY HAVE LAZY ASS PARENTS WHO WON’T GET OFF THEIR ASS AND GO MAKE SOME MONEY and then throw that shit away because they don’t give a fuck about anything besides the present moment they’re in. Yeah there’s shitty whites i’ll be the first to say it but I guarantee you don’t have the fucking balls to say that shit to a grown ass 30+ year old white man mother fucker… And i go to U of SC, i dare you to bring your ass down here and say that shit you good for nothing piece of shit

      2. G-Shmoney says:

        Incorrect sir, blacks created rock and roll. Do you research! The term rock and roll even has origins in the black community.

  5. MagnumBoom says:

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Theft and appropriation are not. One day, the greatest hip hop artist will be non-melanoid. One day, the greatest RNB singer will be non-melanoid…wait a minute…one day? That’s now!

    When you control the narrative, anything that you say will be held up as Gospel. Adele is greater than Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston…you just wait for that affirmation, if it hasn’t already been made. We know better today, but will history tell the same story?

    Columbus discovered America. Edison invented the light bulb. Euclid was the father of geometry. All misrepresentations, all lies but evidence that controlling the story is what shapes history, certainly not the truth.

    The dominant society was established using the appropriation tactic. From education, to medicine to the arts, food and culture the dominant society has, admittedly shrewdly, adopted and incorporated the achievements of other cultures and societies as their own.

    Nothing has changed. Do not expect it to change. Would you change a winning strategy?

    There’s only one way to turn the tables. Take control of the narrative. Tariq Nasheed has created platforms for Melanoid people to begin to reclaim the Melanoid story. I make comments on many other sites, this is one of the few sites that is unashamed to speak the Melanoid truth. WE MUST SUPPORT IT. However, more importantly, we must duplicate it.

    It’s harder to appropriate something that has an established narrative. The dominant society knows this. They understand how IMPORTANT the story is. The first amendment of the US Constitution, the first thing that they sought to establish and protect are the rights to speak about and to write their own story. Think about that for a moment. Before they decided to document the right to protect their very lives (the second amendment), they thought first to protect the story written about it.

    We want to stop the appropriation? We must write and control our own story!

    1. Paul Jenkins says:

      so you think you mother fuckers invented that shit??? living in fucking tribal huts in goddamn africa… where yall were so fascinated and entranced by our boats and “boom sticks” that you couldn’t even put up a fight to keep shitting in the little holes you were digging with your hands… get the fuck out of here… go ahead rally up all the “melanoids” and go to war with the “dominant society”, see how well that works for you, you no good piece of shit.

      yeah my ancestors treated your ancestors very poorly to say the least, but the only way that has affected YOU, was paving a road of fucking free benefits and special opportunities so that you can put in 1/3 the effort to be successful in life. Our society today begs for diversity, hell state ran universities LITERALLY GET GIVEN FEDERAL GRANTS TO ACCEPT MORE BLACKS. That means they’ll turn down a “dominant society member” with a higher gpa that worked harder in high school simply because they’re white. NOW TELL ME WHO’S THE FUCKING RACIST YOU, PIG.

      Also I’d like to point out you literally said at the end of your own post “we must write and control our own story” after condemning us for (apparently) doing the same thing. Even though your claim holds not the SMALLEST shred of fucking merit. The only one’s riding off of the back of anothers success is you, motherfucker. you’d still be in Africa where you hopefully wouldn’t have lived long enough to become the ignorant piece of absolute trash you are today. And every insult I’m saying to you comes purely at you as an individual not because you have more melatonin in your skin because i couldn’t give a less of a fuck about that.

      And as a side note this forum looks like it was coded by a fucking high schooler, if that.

  6. Paul Jenkins says:

    Like holy shit big deal you guys invented a genre of music but the majority of the population were white and came from a different culture so we didn’t really care for it. Until some white person came along that understood our culture but also had a passion for said genre, therefore with the influence of both in the music “said white person” created it appealed to larger majority more than it had in the past. It wasn’t a fucking heinous mean spirited thing where we all sent secret memos saying we weren’t going to support anything that blacks tried to do. Elvis is mentioned more than little richard because MORE PEOPLE LIKED HIM. people call him the king of rock and roll (not the creator) because MORE PEOPLE LIKED HIM… if you guys care so much about educating the people for all of these petty little ass achievements that don’t mean shit then fucking leave America and go back to Africa where you’re the majority culture… OH WAIT YOU STILL WON’T BE AGREED WITH THERE SO STOP BITCHING AND MOANING AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE… DO SOMETHING USEFUL, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, FURTHER SOMETHING IN THE REALMS OF SCIENCE. because that poster not implying but implicitly stating that all of the great scientists through history that were white were complete frauds that stole achievements from “melanoids” is a fucking lunatic who has wrapped himself in a warm blanket of lies so that he feels better about being the racist he is, to sleep easier at night.

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