Nazi Chic: A Racist Trend Across Asia


A disturbing Neo-Nazi culture in East Asia, Indonesia and Thailand is being swept under the rug

By Kenny Anthony


The anti-Blackness in Asian communities, specifically among East Asian groups, is an indisputable and irrefutable reality. A reality which has resulted in Black children (Latasha Harlins), being murdered by Korean store owners, Asian police officers such as Daniel Holtzclaw raping dozens of Black women, and Black men (Akai Gurley) gunned down with impunity by a Chinese-American in law enforcement.

The outright disrespect for Black people exists in all forms of Asian media with no restrictions. A company by the name of Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics, made an openly anti-Black commercial which caused controversy on social media.

In short, the commercial featured a Chinese woman being approached by a Black man attempting to take her out on a date. The woman then threw the Black man into a washing-machine, and once she felt like he was “clean”, she took him out and he transformed into an Asian man. Another example of blatant anti-Blackness in East Asia would be the anti-Obama piece written by the Korean Central News Agency. Here’s a statement from the report: “It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick for bread crumb thrown by spectators”.

To add even more fuel to the fire, native Asian teens and adults are embracing Hitlerism by throwing Nazi street parades called “Nazi Chic”. Many young children take part in these events, which means that adults are not only aware of this movement, but they’re funding it too. This growing craze isn’t limited to East Asia, it’s also happening in sections of Indonesia, Thailand and India. These countries have Neo-Nazi ceremonies, boutiques, entertainment, fast-food designs and Hitler-themed bars.

South Korean girl-band (Pritz), wear armbands which strongly resembles those worn by Nazi soldiers.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that racist symbolism has been sported by pop acts in Asia. People were outraged when Japanese girl-band, Keyakizaka46, appeared on stage in Nazi-era inspired outfits. Similarly, Japanese boy-band, Kishidan, committed the exact same offence in 2011, which led to their music label (Sony) making meaningless apologies on both occasions.




In Indonesia, numerous popstars collaborated to make a music video as a tribute to Prabowo Subianto, who at the time was a presidential candidate.  The video was filled with strong Nazi connotations, and Ahmad Dhani (singer), wore a military costume in the video which was worn by a leading member of the Nazi Party, SS commander Heinrich Himmler. He (Ahmad), didn’t seem remorseful when questioned on his choice of clothing, instead, his response to the negative criticism was: “We, the Indonesian people, didn’t kill millions of Jewish people, right?”. The answer he gave was a complete deflection and weak attempt to normalize his problematic political behavior.

In Bandung, a regency of Bali, Indonesia, a Nazi café recently closed its doors for good.
Indonesian customers at Soldatten Kaffe casually sitting at a table with World War II Nazi Germany gear

The café (Soldatten Kaffe), was forced to close two years after its opening because the owner, Henry Mulyana, received constant death threats due to the offensive Nazi portraits and memorabilia displayed on the walls. The café has now been refurbished and turned into a Karaoke Bar.





However, an important point that must be mentioned is that Henry Mulyana’s excuse in defense of the café was: “It draws a lot of customers from Europe, they are not bothered about the theme”. Europe was built on terrorism, exploitation, enslavement, bloodshed and genocide. So, it should not be a surprise that white supremacist euro-tourists find this type of scenery acceptable.
In conclusion, we see that multiple Asian demographics are proudly accepting their honorary white status. Their obsession with Nazi culture, and the fact that many Asian women have been in relationships with open Alt-Right white supremacists such as Richard Spencer, RamZPaul and Andrew Anglin, lets us know that they’re on team white supremacy.

48 thoughts on “Nazi Chic: A Racist Trend Across Asia

  1. MagnumBoom says:

    This is why I shy away from the fake all inclusive kumbaya people of color, minority umbrella. This is why intersectionality is bullshit. We stand alone in this, let the Asians and the Latinos hold their own nuts until and if those all inclusive terms are real not sound bites.

    1. Al says:

      Exactly. All of this MLK turn the other cheek has become such unter B.S.

    2. Akan757 says:


  2. Jay Blaze says:

    Well Dr. John Henrik Clarke did say that we don’t have no friends. What more do we need to see? Non-white people want to be white so bad that they are willing to do anything to be accepted by the dominant Society. We are in big trouble. We already have to deal with our own people who are down with Becky and Tom now other non-white people? The white race is dying in are looking for a replacement to continue the terrorist acts on black people world wide. Time to start training.

  3. JayBay says:

    For all of you who still think that every other Asian EXCEPT the one you happen to be fucking is against black people, you’re in for a rude awakening in the long run. Remember, you can’t talk black and sleep white (or in this case Asian). Either stick to your own or don’t bitch and moan when Su Lin comes home spouting off about how great Hitler was and that he was just “misunderstood”.

    1. smith says:

      actually it does not matter who you seep with, what you DO is what matters!!

    2. Rick H. says:

      These days doesn’t even matter though. You can meet a sista and turn out she’s a Diamond & Silk/Omarosé/Sage Steel knock off bed wench. So many stealth coons out here, never know a person until you know a person.

  4. NAZI_1933 says:

    Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory

    1. Veronica says:

      You stand there and think we the strong black race are not prepared. We will take you all out. Come test us.

      1. Kenny wickman says:

        Keep fucking with us, and we will.

    2. TCHALLAA says:

      FUCK TRUMP!!!
      FUCK YOU!

    3. Deddy says:

      Death in the enemy!!!!! Death in the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kkraccahhs

    4. Cheryl says:

      Nazi 1933 seek mental help lol

  5. YouPeopleRIdiots says:

    This article is a load of shit. I love your examples of anti-blackness in the Asian community:

    Lateesha Harris: was shot by Korean store owners who were repeatedly and continuously robbed by African Americans (where is the talk about anit-Asianisn in the black community lol)

    Daniel Holtzclaw – a product of WMAF yet you are grouping him with Asians

    Peter Liang – he didn’t gun Akai Gurley down with inpunity. His firearm was accidentally discharged and the bullet richocted and killed Akai unfortunately.

    You make this too easy. Have an agenda to push?

    1. Anthony says:


    2. Disgusted says:

      Cherry picking. Someone can list 10x the number of anti-Asian crimes in the black community because y’all just love punching down, don’t you now? How about marshalling up some of that rage and focusing on the real fucking Nazis?

    3. Asai says:

      In the case of Peter Liang, if the gun went off, why didn’t he just say it was an accidental shooting. You are a damn police officer. How the hell are you able to say “your gun accidentally misfired?” Then, to add insult to injury, you try to cover it up? Nahhhhhh.

  6. You racist says:

    Dude these are so cherry picked it’s laughable. Out of nearly two billion East Asians, these are all the examples you can give? Many of those Asians you cited who shot blacks were doing it in self-defense or it was an accident. The one criminal Daniel Holtzclaw is half-Asian and self-identified as white, in fact asked one of his victims “how does that white cock taste?”

    You don’t want Asians to generalize blacks? how about you stop generalizing two billion Asians.

    1. Deborah James says:

      The woman in Los Angeles who shot the black girl in the back did not do it accidentally. There have been quite a few instances of racist behavior by Asians. No this does not generalize all Asians, like I hope this idiotic trend doesn’t either. Asians are stereotyped as being very bright but this takes stupidity to a new low.

  7. Axum says:

    By now you should be aware that Asian men and women worship white people. But also think this new theory of saying that black people civilized Asia and Asians are their descendants, without any evidence, is another reason why they starting to hate us. I’m yet to find any black people with actual evidence that his family was already in the Americas & was not brought over by slavery. That just makes Native Americans hate us too. Black people always trying to be something else other than African

    1. The Correction says:

      Um how do,you confuse African-Americans and the last 50 years of our culture as anything but identifying as African? Because you’re delusional and bigoted, that’s why.

      And we submit nothing without evidence. Unlike yourself.

    2. ProudAmerican says:

      Axum it’s not a “New Theory” All you gotta take is a world history class this Fall Semester. Africans came to Asia, it’s a fact the oldest budda statue have notty dreads, of course the Asian with time will change history to be with league with the Euro-Killas lol, and for Africans in America it’s been proved it they was Blacks/ Africans in Hawaii, and even if they were , “the Powers that be” WHite Government wouldnt let that info be known. And i dont know anyone Black American to pretending to be anything else.

    3. Deddy says:

      Read the book ivan vanserta wrote which highlights the olmecs artifacts that proved some factions of African Asiatic tribes we’re here before but we already new this was the poorest part of our earth without natural resources to offer hell we exiled the Indians and ran the white lepercy having caveman across the hot burning sands so look it up study it for yourself

    4. Renee says:

      If that is how you truly feel, then let it be. However, this So called New Theory Of black people civilized Asia is some made up white people mess. No Black person has ever said that “we civilized Asia.”Now there has been some discussion about what the science and religion. Where science says that as people we all lived in the country now that is called Africa. When we as Americans were taught about how the world was actually one solid piece of land. As per your second comment have you ever asked a Black person to show you their family tree? I have traced my mom’s side of the family all the way back to my ancestors and yes, my ancestors were slaves from Africa, however, I have an ancestor who’s Dutch Irish and his wife was Native America to be exact she was Blackfoot Indian to be specific she was from the Siksika tribe. To be honest I probably have more European blood in me then most white Americans. All of the black people that I know are not trying to be any other race than what they are American. Yes we have ancestor’s who are from Africa but that doesn’t make us any more or less African, than my Dutch Irish blood makes me Dutch Irish. I can’t just can’t clam one piece of my heritage and deny the rest because it all makes me who I am. When you look at me the first though would be ” oh look at that black girl!” making assumptions based off the color of my skin but If you ever saw me standing next to my grandmother i but you would ask me “who is this white lady with red hair?” no knowing that she’s is actually black and my grandmother. The same woman who produced my mother and all my Aunts and uncle. My families skin tones range white to brown and we all share similar features, but that’s not where your minds go. People assume that my uncle who looks like my grand mother or my mom’s younger sister( Who has Sandy-blond hair blue eye’s) who could pass as white woman married into to this family of black people and not “oh what a good looking family! I’m not trying to be anything but me, A good human being!

  8. Deshawn says:

    Blacks need to just unite worldwide. Asian have always worshipped white people.Nothing new.

  9. Michael says:

    have these Fools heard of the One Drop Rule & Law

  10. Michael says:

    have these fools heard of the One Drop Rule & Law!

  11. Deborah James says:

    Do they have any idea of how asinine they look?

  12. Joe butta says:

    But y’all wanna come to America so….. But the only reason Asians are allowed in the country and get jobs is because you’re nothing but a tax write-off so y’all just like black people but you’re just beneficial FACTS Foh

  13. Woody says:

    It is all propaganda. Most Asians do mot have the quality of life, freedom, or time to care about or hate blacks. Given the societies they live under today, what we see is what their governments want to project and/or what folk in our country would have us to believe. It is all propaganda. The bigger question though is so what? So far it is misdirection away from the domestic hate and related violence against black people here in our own country. Neo-nazis real and imagined abroad in substance or fashion do not change the socioeconomic and racial/cultural dynamics here in the USA. So what? it is a propagandist distraction for the alt-right.

  14. Ed says:

    Yo wtf we humans are sick these white nazi don’t like no body Asians are in for a rude ignorant is a bliss all blacks have to do is organized we are far superior and far wealthier in Africa than all the continents put together fuckk everyone else like they do us..

  15. Henry says:

    Device & Conquer is still being used. In the end we are all Human. I do not agree with everyone. But Please be aware the media pushes agendas to confuse all and thus is the process of control

  16. im glad they hate blacks i hate them too and thats my freedom of speech right to say this!

    1. Deddy says:

      That’s why you’re race of weak bloodline people are dying out and will be almost non-existent in a few days white bitch👍👌 so please keep hating ya nothing ass hoe

    2. Jasmine Steele says:

      Erica Warnock wish I could see your bitch ass say it to my face in a dark alley. I’d be punching fucking pulp when I got through with you.

    3. Cheryl says:

      You need mental help haha

    4. Renee says:

      Legally that is not freedom of speech, It’s called Hate Speech and is not a protected right.

  17. Jasmine Steele says:

    Wtf?? Don’t they know Nazis would have blasted their yellow asses as well?? Some people. It is also weird because I can’t tell if the focus is more of a fashion statement or a way of believing. I am black, white, and native american and find many asians that have more “ethnic” features than I do, are darker than I am and I am pretty much 50% black yet they don’t have the common sense to see that after the nazis go after the jews and blacks they are next! I honestly believe that the real test as to whether people are dumb is whether they are racist!!

    1. Cheryl says:

      Jasmine you got that right lol

  18. Cheryl Brown says:

    These people need attention just grow up

  19. Joo Hee says:

    Honestly this doesn’t represent most Asians. There’s racism in Asia and among Asian Americans but many really aren’t racist towards black people, especially the younger generation. Some worship whites, many hate whites. And a lot of Asians hate each other if they aren’t from the same country, tribe , religion or whatever. The older establishment I feel is more racist and the reason being is that they are not exposed to black people. Their only exposure are negative images in the media. You have Asians who participated in the civil rights movements and you have those who think opposite. You have Asians who fall for the myth that white people are better, and you have those who don’t. We all come from different countries and classes and even in our countries we have different ethnicities. Not all Chinese are ‘Chinese ‘ – there’s a lot of different ethnicities languages and religions in China – so don’t assume all asians are racist. In America they were considered the model minority – but that was a racist political ploy and the government wanted broken relations between blacks and Asians and hispanics – a ploy to dismantle affirmative action. And everyone fell for it. Asians struggle in America, economically, they struggle in education. But we all fall for what media tells us. And if our few experiences with some asshole Asians are negative – then guess what we all believe the stereotype that all Asians are racist, they all want to be white etc etc. Just like Asians in Asia shouldn’t believe the negative images about black people – the same goes vice versa. And just remember when you have black , brown and yellow all hating each other – it just helps one cause – the cause of the white racist capitalists who rule everything and want to keep things status quo. Don’t fit everyone into one box.

    1. Renee says:

      Tell them Joo Hee

  20. Lionel says:

    These poor Asians don’t understand that if the Nazis would have won WWII, they would be marching them to ovens too! Asians don’t seem to know much world history because if they did, they would know that the Nazi Master Race was blond, blue eyed and white. And certainly didn’t include Asians! The German Nazi Master Race certainly did not fit the description of the average Asian! Not unless they dye their hair blond, and wore blue eye contacts! No amount of white skin lighteners and hiding from the sun would have saved Asians from being executed by Nazis! And they are very xenophobic people too. The one thing I know living in Asia is that Asians from one country hate Asians from another country! It seems that 3000 years of culture has not taught them much about caring for other human beings other than themselves! Also, they are racist towards one another and love the White man of course! The White man and money are their gods! Whites they love you because you are what they want to become! Celebrate in your glory knowing that Asian people love you and see you as their God!

    1. smith says:

      i have always wondered about this, these fat, stupid white guys have these fine asian women !!

  21. Lynda Duke says:

    This is a culture of sick hate! These young people don’t seem to understand that the symbols they are wearing…support Hitler’s regime. Hitler’s Gestapo would have placed these people in gas chambers and the ovens, skinned them bare to make lampshades. The girls would be used as sex objects, and horribly mistreated. THERE’S NOTHING GLAMOROUS ABOUT NAZISM

    I PRAY the Chinese govt take these young people to the side and explain what those symbols truly mean.

  22. Derek says:

    Every action has a reaction,we black as u call us shall react.

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