4 Cops Shot in 24 hours in 4 Cities, And Blue Lives Matter Plays The Race Card

Florida attempted murder suspect Jon Hay

Four white police officers were shot in separate incidents on Sunday in four different cities across the U.S.  Out of the 4 shootings, two suspects were Black and two suspects were white. But white supremacist group “Blue Lives Matter” has made a point to focus on the two Black suspects.

On Sunday Nov. 20th, a San Antonio Tx. officer named Ben Marconi was shot and killed by a Black suspect, according to reports. As of now, the suspect is still at large.

On the same day in Sanibel Florida, a 49 year old white man named Jon Webster Hay was arrested for shooting officer Jarred Ciccone.


Florida attempted murder suspect Jon Hay


In St. Louis, Mo., a Black suspect ambushed a police officer sitting in his patrol car. The officer survived, and the suspect was later killed by police. Also in another part of Missouri, in the city of Gladstone, a white male shot and wounded a police officer during a traffic stop. The white suspect was later killed by police.

The media has gone out of it’s way to focus primarily on the shootings that involved the two Black suspects. In fact, most articles that mention the shootings in Gladstone Mo. and Sanibel Fl. committed  by the white suspects, quickly mention the shootings by the Black suspects in San Antonio and St. Louis.

The racial hate group Blue Lives Matter have also chose to use social media to engage in their usual selective outrage about these shootings. The Blue Lives Matter movement has been justly criticized for only focusing on cases where Black suspects are accused of retaliating against police officers. Yet they are usually completely silent on the epidemic of white males who kill police officers and an extremely high rate in the U.S.

As a matter of fact, in the past few weeks alone, there have been over 11 police officers killed across the country at the hands of white males.

White suspects recently arrested for killing police officers

White suspects recently arrested for killing police officers



White supremacists are quick to try and blame “Obama” and “Black Lives Matter”, whenever a Black suspect shoots an officer. But they should be focusing on all the cop killing thugs in their own communities. If they did, more lives of innocent police would be saved.

31 thoughts on “4 Cops Shot in 24 hours in 4 Cities, And Blue Lives Matter Plays The Race Card

  1. JayBay says:

    To be honest, as long as it’s not one of my brothers or sisters that does it I don’t concern myself with cop shootings. White supremacy has nothing to do with whether we’re peaceful or not. I will say though that if you black people are STILL celebrating Thanksgiving this week I don’t wanna hear shit about how sad you are at being oppressed. You have nothing to be thankful for when you’re prisoners of war in a foreign land.

    1. Len says:

      I am a black person and I agree with you sir. I do respect what the police do for us every day, but I also hate the racial divides and discrimination. And no, I don’t celebrate thanksgiving because it’s not my holiday. Peace out.

    2. Len says:

      I’m a black person and I totally agree with you. I appreciate what the cops do for us every day but I’m tired of the racial divides and racial bias especially in the media.and no I don’t celebrate thanks giving because it’s not my holiday. Peace out.

  2. Patrick says:

    Well i can’t comment on the media but I can tell you that as long as black lives matter isn’t a terrorist organization Blue lives mayter isn’t a “white supremacy group” it’s laughable you’d call it that.

    1. SwtTea says:

      Patrick, you were done when you said you don’t know about the media. The article TOLD you about the media!!!! And how can you say a group that swears that they are about Blue Lives BUT, only focuses on Black killers is not a racist group??? Black Lives Matter makes no such fake claims, it’s DEFINITELY ONLY for Black people!!!

      1. Cassandra MacDonald says:

        From what I see most cops are very racist

        1. jstevens says:

          Very true

        2. Noggo says:

          I know yall cops keep hassling me for no reason and takin my crack out my ass plug.

      2. Shane says:

        And militant against white peoples D sponsored by a white billionaire named Soros, whose agenda has been pushed for decades by the Clintons and the Democratic Party. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate”. This is a class struggle not a racial one, everyone with open eyes should be able to see that. It’s not a blue lives black lives issue it’s a people matter issue.

    2. bnick1203 says:

      It’s not laughable because there is a mode of common sense in knowing “blue lives” only “matter” when the suspected killer is Black. When the suspect is white, there is no upheaval in mainstream media as well as from the so-called movement/organization itself. To have integrity or not to have integrity? That is the question.

      1. jstevens says:

        So true

    3. Johnny Love says:

      How is BLM even remotely a terrorist group? Blue lives matter was created solely to disrespect the murders of black people by the race soldiers masquerading as police. Race soldiers are getting paid leave to murder unarmed blacks on camera, and Blue lives matter represents them. The police are the enforcement arm of white supremacy, regularly flexing their power on video for the world to see. Who has Black lives matter MURDERED? Or do you believe that ANY black person who kills someone is a part of BLM? Your logic is faulty kid….back to storm front for you.

    4. Vido says:

      How the fuck u think BLM is a terror group?

      1. JayBay says:

        Because, as Tariq often points out on his twitter, “I’m white and I say so”.

    5. Ron says:

      Well, as long as the kkk ain’t labeled a terrorist organization, BLM couldn’t possibly be labeled one! The hypocrisy of white people like you. It’s called cognitive dissonance!

  3. Janie says:

    Sad people are dead and all anyone see is skin.What about the children who lost their father?? The wife who has to raise her children are child alone??Do us all a favor grow ushitWe are sick of this racist shit.

    1. SwtTea says:

      Yeah sad…Tell me the last time you said that about a cop killing a Black person? Maybe then I’ll care.

      1. BlackNArmed says:

        Exactly don’t fall for their crap. There is another article on here on all the black people that have been executed by cops in the last 2 years and nobody gives a dam. In a matter of fact people are making fun of the black victims in that post. So fuck them and fuck dead cops too I hope they keep frying those disgusting pigs.

        1. C. Turner says:

          I agree. To hell with cops. The hunters have now become the hunted.

      2. C. Turner says:

        I love your responses.

    2. JayBay says:

      Oh I’m sure their kids will develop into fine white supremacists without their dads around. It takes a village (of white racists) to raise a child.

  4. Robert says:

    The fuck? Only a stupid n*gger would write some dumb shit like this.

    1. Paul Frank says:

      You mad because your mother lay with one!

    2. C. Turner says:

      It’s the truth.

  5. Las Casas says:

    I am a Black Man , The Cops didn’t do anything for me !!!! They has done more against me then for me !!! My tax money , my sisters and brothers are in the pot before they sign his check for the Work he signed in to take , just like the mail man or Sanitation or Fire Department , they are no good , I am not even going to defend the good cops , all I know !!! If they were so many good cops , that many black men unarmed got killed lately . No one held responsible ? Doesn’t show that or means nothing to those family ”s in question.

    Remember when the police were not allowed to shot a person with a knife, or shooting people in the back ? What Happened ? There you can find the answer to the evolution of Cops killing .

    The Police are doing other Work then policing , the people realized it ! Now no Lives Matters .

  6. Heru says:

    Occupational hazards

    1. Jonathan says:

      Fuck all cops white n black they killin everybody white n black so fuck em

  7. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    I’ve been pointing out this hypocrisy for 2 yrs.

  8. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Speaking of cops. White Rapist Racist race soldier Daniel Holtzclaw has become a cause of race soldiers who call themselves conservatives. There’s a documentary that says” What if he didn’t do it?” There was a billboard that had to be taken down for suggesting his innocence. This kind of false white victimization will increase now that Trump is president.


  9. Cmon man! says:

    Y’all can’t be this gullible. “Before I write my all lives matter comment, I must FIRST state that I am…..in fact……BLACK”.

    Because, that’s how we all speak on social media.

    5 out of 10 on the fake commenter scale…..Russians need to go to the hood if they really hope to pull this off.

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