12 Year Old Black Child Murdered By Cleveland Police Because of Toy Gun


Tamir E. Rice, of Cleveland, died at MetroHealth Medical Center early Sunday morning after a Cleveland police officer shot him outside the Cudell Recreation Center on West Boulevard, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office said in a release.


The 12-year-old child had a toy BB gun with the orange safety indicator removed. According to witnesses, the boy was in the playground area of the center, playing with the toy gun and allegedly pointing it at people.

In a 911 call released by the police, a man reported that “a guy” was pulling a gun out of his pants and scaring people, but the caller said twice that the gun was “probably fake.”
“There is a guy with a pistol,” the caller said. “It’s probably fake, but he’s pointing it at everybody.”

The shooting happened about 3:30 p.m. at the Cudell Recreation Center on the city’s west side, officials said. Deputy Chief Ed Tomba of the Cleveland police said on Saturday that the boy had not threatened the officers or pointed the weapon at them.


25 thoughts on “12 Year Old Black Child Murdered By Cleveland Police Because of Toy Gun

  1. pharohnaj says:

    This is so sad.

  2. Monica Taylor says:

    This is beyond sad…that cop knew he/she was NOT shooting an adult…just saw color…DISGUSTING

  3. gmoneyyy says:

    Damn shame

  4. keyshea says:

    See this the problem when they in their badges and uniform they can do whatever they can do to ppl when they WANNA and how they want 2 !!!!

  5. Doreen. Smith says:

    If the child did in point the gun or theaten the officers why shoot . This is another Ferguson . The caller should’ve been more precise .

  6. JaccTrippa says:

    he got swatted. how many times this year have white people done this. theyre trying to make it so black people being in the presence of white people is punishable by death

  7. The Airmen says:

    it boils my blood to see the dominate society out murdering black children… that day is coming when the tables will turn

  8. Danny says:

    This caller lives in the same neighborhood with the black people he hates and fears. You live in this neighborhood but think you are better than all of the black people and look down on them. I hope they release the callers name and the two officers names. The caller acts like he lives in a mansion and is watching that neighborhood through a telescope. The world gets to see how much America still hates and fears black people. The world is understanding what hypocrites this country is when they wag a finger at another country and government. The media keeps calling the 12 year old child a “young man.” He wasn’t even a teenager he was a child/kid. No facial hair or anything. They act like calling him a young man justifies blowing a hole through his chest.

    1. Leon says:

      EXACTLY!!! That caller acted like he didn’t give a damn what the possible outcome of the situation was going to be. He just saw a black “guy” and hit the speed dial. Our neighborhoods are filled with old white bastards like these that constantly peek out their curtains with fear and hatred of Blacks smdh….

  9. JayBay says:

    And white people wonder why black people don’t care for the police. Guy shoots up a movie theater during a Batman premier. Doesn’t get shot to death. Two brothers blow up a marathon in Boston. Don’t get shot to death (one of the brothers only died because he was run over with a car during the escape). Black kid waves around a toy gun. Gets shot to death. Excuse me. I’m gonna go listen to Fuck the police by NWA now.

  10. Kelly says:

    I feel deeply sorry for his family. Would I like to say before black and white is the point. I’m a police officer and was threatened by a student that he would shoot me and I blew it off only to find out he was arrested later with a loaded hand gun. Just a thought, where is the orange tip and why was it removed. Often it’s removed to simulate a real gun and if the simulation is accomplished how do you determine if it’s real or fake. Do a police wait until the projectile leave the barrel and what if he didn’t act and child was shot. Regardless of what the caller said they still call 911 so they serious concerns because if they didn’t it would have been handled by them. As always readers listen to the facts not the story. The story is always sensationalized but the facts tell the truth

    1. Ron says:

      To the cop that left the last comment your are the enemy you coward that’s why you wear a vest if u don’t want to make those decisions don’t be a cop go work at a fucking grocery store so all u have to worry about is paper or plastic and when the police shoot your punkass we can say it was your fault

      1. M Smith says:

        Hi my name is Bill. I retired as a Police Officer In Cook County , Illinois. In 30 years as A Police Officer I arrested many criminals, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mexicans, etc. In all my years as a Police Officer , I never had to shoot anyone. I’m proud of that fact. One thing I can’t understand with this new breed of policeman. I always thought the job meant to serve and protect, not hunt and kill. If you are a police officer and feel you have to shoot first and ask questions later. Maybe you are in the wrong job. If you are so afraid to work in a black area, request a transfer. I’ve worked in Black ,White , Asian And Hispanic Areas , in and outside the Chicagoland areas. Never had to shoot anyone. What if the shoe was on the other foot ? I feel all Police Officers Should weigh the situation upon arriving at the call. If the call came out as a hot call, always ask for a backup car. Protect yourself with a vest and don’t jump out of your car trying to be a Badass. Use the car between you and the possible offender. Anybody can shoot first, the real Badasses don’t have to. I worked in a one man squad car, never got shot and never shot anyone. I’m retired now over 15 years and still alive. Exersise your good thoughts not good citizens.

    2. dj says:

      Kelly, that is a load of b.s. I was in the army and served in Iraq. I could have easily shot innocent children but thank god I was not gun happy like this officer appears to be. The child was not threatening according to the police. Yes, the orange piece was removed but you as a trained professional should know how approach a potential harmful situation and use a deadly force as a LAST resort. How come all of those mass shooters don’t get fatally shot when apprehended but innocent unarmed black children seem to always get fatally wounded? I have a few family members in law enforcement and from my military service I also know how it feel to wake up every morning and put your life on the line so don’t give excuses for that cop’s action.

    3. JayBay says:

      feel deeply sorry for his family. Would I like to say before black and white is the point. I’m a police officer and was threatened by a student that he would shoot me and I blew it off only to find out he was arrested later with a loaded hand gun.

      Ok. But in my previous example I showed some white people that actually DID kill innocent civilians and weren’t gunned down. And there’s even more incidents from school shooters etc who don’t get gunned down. Plus, the 911 call said TWICE that it was probably a fake gun meaning that the cops should’ve come into the situation with that mindset. And the reason that we’re turning this into a black and white issue is 1.these incidents have been occurring more frequently and 2.White people are GLAD it’s happening. Seriously. Find a video on youtube about this incident and look at how many white people will say that they’re glad the kid is dead. Yet when a white kid shoots up a school, no one wants to gun him down. They want to talk and be civil. I’m not saying this kid is an angel but don’t sit here and act like there’s no hypocrisy with the US with regards to black and white lives. The black kid always somehow deserved it. The white kid needs to be understood.

      1. dwilliams says:

        well in atlanta which is a rare the white male shooter was gunned down by the police even after the teacher calmed him down. police came in and blew his ass away. nevertheless i feel you on white folks sick demented view on police brutality and violence. always quick to point to someone else being violent but when it comes to their own its like he is troubled no asshole he is a murdering period.

  11. Kim says:

    Who really cares what these people think. The point..what the hell are we thinking? This holiday when you are breaking bread with families and friends during the course of the evening open up some dialog about the state and more hate shown towards blacks on all front. See where ur people’s minds are, because you might want to revaluate who you might need to join forces with. That’s the reality of where we are. And what’s to come…

  12. Gin says:

    I say we infiltrate the system and fight back. Excuse my revolutionary mindset but it seems necessary because obviously they feel and fear no repercussions for unjust actions.

    1. JayBay says:

      That’s not gonna happen. Most of the blacks I’ve met in the system will support it and throw other blacks under the bus if it means getting a pat on the head from whites. The solution is to do what the Chinese, Jews, Indians, etc have done and build and control our own economy. There’s a youtuber by the name of the black authority that can explain it much better than I can, but joining the system won’t work long term. The moment you start talking about benefiting blacks over whites in any way is the day you’re out.

    2. Roger Ramsey says:

      You must be talking about the black community. They are under the assumption that whites are all intimidated into being afraid to defend tthemselves because of being called “racist”. Then the blacks scream about getting shot, when they are so stupid as to make a toy gun look like a REAL gun, then “just can’t figure out why they happened to get shot. I’ll tell you,; if youforce me into making a decision on who I’m going to ptotect (me or you) you are going to come out on the SHORT end!

  13. Queen Annes Revenge says:

    and this is just one of the few cases they report… It should infuriate us to see, hear, know that this happens on a grand scale… It’s continued & habitually genocide… We are left with few options of action; economic base, militaristic base, spiritual base… Off with these treacherous dogs’ heads!

  14. Katerine says:

    This actually answered my problem, thank you!

  15. RR says:

    In this day and time we as black people should be more hands on in teaching and acting out scenarios with our children such as this. So that these tragic events aren’t taking place and we know that we have trained our children accordingly with a #CodeOfConduct. We CAN be proactive instead of reactive for our children to address things like this in a constructive manner. Sure he was a kid playing in the park but with these trigger happy RACE SOLDIER’S having the green light to shoot at anything black and or suspicious, then hide behind a badge. Nothing will happen to them. We have to remember they make the laws, so they can break them too. These people have to get re-elected by their communities, so that they can continue on with their legacy of white supremacy going from generation to generation.

  16. Jaime says:

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

  17. ChooChoo82 says:

    Them police officers rode up on that boy like he was 1 of their enemies that they’d been lookin for. They jumped out their car and immediately began to shoot. Terrible… and this is all on tape. SMH

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